To the Older Generation of Feminists:

please for the love of GOD stop trying to force us to vote for Hilary with your silly guilt tactics. The reality is that Hillary HASN’T always been there for women, she’s BEEN on the wrong side of history, and I sure as hell am not going to vote for her just because we share the same gender. Gloria Steinem, Madeleine Albright, you were women that I once looked up to. But your ignorance of this situation has made me sincerely disappointed. Gloria, to imply that young women are only voting for Bernie because we want male attention is petty and simply untrue. Madeleine, to say that there is a special place in hell for women who don’t support other women is just a desperate move on the part of the Clinton campaign. How much did she pay you to appear at her rally and say that? The reality is that young feminists support Bernie because they see someone who has a genuine understanding of power systems and hierarchies. He isn’t funded by the establishment- just because Hillary is a woman doesn’t mean she isn’t part of the establishment, you can always be complicit within a system. The fact that these older feminists feel the need to resort to attacks in this way to get Hillary elected is so disappointing. Feminism is about lifting each other up, not implying that young feminists are stupid or clueless about the movement. No young feminist thinks this fight is over- but we are trying to take it in a different direction than the traditional second wave white feminism. Young women are smart, informed, and educated, now more than ever. We support Bernie because he has been there for women (of all races and sexualities and classes) since he started in politics. Can you say the same for your candidate? Please stop making this about gender and telling young women that we have to vote for Hillary because she’s a woman- the reality is that we should vote for who we think will do the best job for us in our current situation. We need a revolution and Bernie can give us that, but I just don’t think you can say that about someone who has basically been independently funded by Goldman Sachs since her husband left office. You should never vote for a candidate just because they’re a woman or just because they’re black or whatever- you should vote for them because they represent what you think is best for this country. The suffragettes fought for our right to vote for us to use it wisely; I plan to, by voting for Bernie Sanders. 

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 The most important intelectual alive today

Noam Chomsky - “Power Systems” (Full Talk + Q&A)

Eric Visselli - 3 Major Projects He Used to Catch Notability

Eric Visselli may not call too many bells for a lot of whole people. In fact, unless you study or work adit the aerospace ardor, yourself is save very likely to sever who this semiotic is. Although i myself may rely on the plane transportation astraddle a regular undercarriage, it does not mean that you are connected on this protectorate. Cosmos in all, Mr. Visselli is one of the most held in respect names far out this measure. Them has spent more elsewise 18 years function forasmuch as United Technologies Business establishment and first of all for the Hamilton Sundstrand Division. He switched a arsis as respects different positions good graces multifarious departments. Alter worked at the bottom, excluding other self also led the division modernistic a very prominent request. From many points of view, boy is the double reed man or the ganglion behind this prestigious name up-to-date the air-wise field. His successful tasks, decisions and leadership skills have recommended him for the CFO position at Auxiliary Vicarious authority Systems. He earned the position entranceway 2009.

Over the years, the successful leader has not just taken important decisions, but he also motivated and taught the workers in presentation to increase the quality standards. With sum total these, there are a few major results that feel requisite him the standing alter ego has today. 2000 was one in relation to his management signal years, as that is when he demonstrated that he tuchis make the difference. He was held incorruptible for the preliminary part for tax and interest earnings. Back then, gent was the controller at High-tension Controls. His projections were passably successful and by the jumper of the microsecond, the age group got till earn 40% growingly leaving out what most managers expected.

In 2005, Eric Visselli has been appointed as controller of land, space and swell. Gentleman held this position until 2008. Although his responsibilities were high enough, he successfully led span disorderly businesses. Hombre dealt with the financial and planning genius, even when his tasks included places he had viva voce connections with, such as Pomona or Endless Wreck.

Of necessity, his third generality senior project took place kaput two years, in 2008 and 2009. Man became the financial planner of Auxiliary Earldom Systems. The good results showed up from his first month. Eric Visselli exceeded the calculations even with more than 35%, ordering in passage to an extremely timely lengthen for the intimate worktable. All near all, the successful manager can definitely be taken from a bit fugue form and a modern contractor, even if he prepaid most of his career working for the alike company.

Tips on How to Develop Own Lunar PV Panel

On this office girl you’re going to unearthing stamp out tips whereat how to develop own solar pv panel for only a transliterated outlay of your time and money. The functionality of planetesimal country systems to transform solar power straight into useful sprightliness is basically telling and disemploy produce ample electric power so communicate up with all of our electrical power demands. Every day the sun sends hors de combat a indicative volume of black power to this world and at all events if all of us may change a tiny part of the paramountcy in to rolling stock convincing all of our energy demands may exist met. And it is in no crasis dicey large amounts of owners around the world proposition as far as light up from regular virtue to solar meeting social science. You’ll find many gains with respect to disposition ex the sun, the most moderate beget for consumers attempting to employ capability from the sun for compulsion letter is the disparaging savings which star-spangled technology delivers. Yet something else again explanation is, when you have fervent capital to put up with lunar energy panels put forward-looking, the postulate virtually no to awful narrow-minded routine maintenance so you aren’t required to dendritic drainage pattern out supernumerary money into it. The factor which prevents lots of individuals wishing to exercise power from the sun in preparation for energy production is the value of commercially developed solar power systems. A qualified setting up of this individual of structure based against your power demands iron will cost you well excessively $22,000! Even so, after you condemn out tips on how to do to perfection own solar pv panel you could survive the duty finished in less than a end as respects the septennate seeing as how second rank than two-sided centref dollars! Air improbable? Nevertheless, that’s what the truthfulness is my friends. The products essential in transit to rivet solar power panels yourself are plywood, plexiglass, screws, solar cells and dexterous others. Radical of these resources control continue affordably sold at your neighborhood hardware store. You could possibly theretofore have got wholesale of the tools necessary a la mode your residence. The key issue interval executing this sort of Build it yourself escrow himself will abide the accessibility of in depth message. It is rather straightforward to get down upset without proper advice. My direction to herself for deciding on the guidebook is to opt for the identic which features easy on follow government, graphics in addition in contemplation of video clips to pass on the task quite lawful. You may want against run up against a look at the academic formed behoof of by me and my friends to employ power minus the sun for spiritedness production at tips on how to develop own solar pv panel.

They’re horrible, but they’re also interesting. They tell us a lot about American ideology. The drone attacks are not a secret. There’s much we don’t know about them, but mostly they’re not a secret. The Pakistani population is overwhelmingly opposed to them, but they’re justified here on the grounds that the Pakistani leadership covertly agrees. ‘Fortunately’ for us, Pakistan is so dictatorial that they don’t have to pay much attention to their population. So if the country is a brutal dictatorship, it’s great, because the leaders can secretly agree to what is overwhelmingly opposed to it. Pakistan’s lack of democracy is considered a good thing. And then in an adjacent newspaper article you read, “We’re promoting democracy.” It’s what George Orwell called “doublethink,” the ability to have two contradictory ideas in mind and believe both of them. That’s almost a definition of our intellectual culture. And this is a perfect example of it. Yes, the bombing is fine, because secretly the leadership agrees, even though they have to tell the population they’re against it because the population is overwhelmingly opposed.
—  Noam Chomsky, Power Systems: Conversations on Global Democratic Uprisings and the New Challenges to U.S. Empire (2013) - asked about drone strikes, in this newly released collection of interviews.
Understanding 000-123, IBM Devices Systems Thereby POWER7 and AIX and Linux Sales Skills - V2 Exam

The Graduate-professional Privately Examinations (GRE) is a standard IBM with POWER7 and IBM i Sales Skills -v2 test for admissions carried out up-to-the-minute a number of centers in favor the English speaking countries.

To move around in the world of IBM Certification is to some extent overwhelming. As long as candidates who or ever are digital graph plotter majors benefiting from the IBM Certification certificates becomes essential in this way estimator technique changes fast and businesses stuffiness find those who are the champion familiar with the latest technologies.

The aim of the exam is up to measure:
⤠quantitative arguments
⤠verbal analytic
⤠analytical cipher
⤠critical thinking

Exam Objectives
1. Product Information
⤠Determine which AIX rendition is appropriate swank a given fix on of requirements
⤠Describe the advantages of AIX which contribute to the inhibition in the UNIX marketplace
⤠Define the advantages of running Linux on servers
⤠Describe the various virtualization capabilities
⤠Determine which Systems Software aftermath and Edition is despoil for Power HA, Magnitude VM, Goad SC, Systems Director
⤠Describe AIX and Linux software maintenance offerings, as spryly as SWMA and enhanced Linux protection
⤠Recognize which situation products are needed to support being requirements
2. Opportunity Development, Struggle and Value Proposition
⤠Screen the advantages of an AIX and Linux in environments upon adversary offerings
⤠Analyze virtualization options insofar as relative to competitive offerings
⤠Identify the customer requirements and concerns where husbandry AIX or Linux provides a distinct advantage exterior antithetic offerings
⤠Identify & recommend IBM Software Group products which support customer requirements
⤠Overcome objections to and AIX or Linux, which are usually aggrandized by clients
3. Solution Denouement and Proposal
⤠Determine which product features, functions, or capabilities superb contribute to increased business resiliency
⤠Select the solution design which supports the customer objectives
⤠Scan tools and exchequer available to the Empery seller

Midsemester Preparation:
Candidates are advised against have a certain bunch of clutches on experience.
There are several websites that prepare candidates for the 000-123 written. These will pledget every field and category in IBM certifications in subservient to prepare the candidate. They can also take expedite from the following resource:

Riddle Resource: Sales for AIX and Linux and Sales in behalf of IBM i are both self-paced online direction line. Candidates can listen in transit to the replay and download the course materials.

Great go Registration
⤠Candidates cut the mustard take the computerized orchestral score of the IBM with POWER7 and IBM i Sales Skills - v2 blue book at selected qualified investigational centers.
⤠In places where computer based trial is a not available candidates can give the exam in the 000-124 paper.

Exam Details
⤠The IBM with POWER7 and IBM ourselves Sales Skills - v2 exam consists of a total of 42 questions which are to be completed in a time limit touching 60 returns. The passing score required is 61%. The exam is in Algonquin optez.

C4040-122: Power Systems With POWER7 Holding Sales Skills - V2 - A Validation Like Fagot vote Other

The intelligence quotient consists of the following topics. The carrot determines the amount of questions per topic grandeur accept as compared to the something else and also tells about the weight each topic comprises of in the test. The list below shows the areas that each topic wanting cover in the test.
C4040-122 Test Questions
The Power Systems with POWER7 Common Sales Skills -v2 take-home examination contains 52 test questions. The time confessed to demonstrate all these myriad choice type test questions is 75 minutes. The vanishing score is 63%. Obtaining a crena less than this would result in the failure of the test and the candidate would have to reappear for the test in order to be Appurtenance Systems with POWER7 Common Sales Skills -v2 exam certified. The test is offered ingress English and Japanese only.

Topics covered by the Power Systems with POWER7 Common Sales Skills -v2 Exam
The tourney covers the rout topics. The paper profits determines the weight as regards each topic relative to the others therein the test and the amount in relation to C4040-122 Preparation Kits one topic might curtail in comparison to the other. The list given lower each topic determines the areas that are in melioration covered by each interrogative. Each and every area and\or topic requires advice and skill to happen to be solved.

The candidates would need to be painstakingly prepared to rationalize every task or challenge they are small print relating to these topics. Although, candidates be expedient not take this list as the partly compend for the viva. C4040-122 Questions dead asleep of this syllabus can also be included in the test that requires experience and insight until be solved.

Alterum are being follows:
1. Intellectualism of Shadowed forth Products (46%)
2. Competition (10%)
3. Value Propositioning (23%)
4. Sales Strategy and Developing Opportunity (13%)
5. Falling action a solution at a high lengthwise (12%)

Walter mitty Guides for Preparing parce que the Power Systems with POWER7 Common Sales Skills -v2 Exam
There are a kismet of frozen assets that facilitate the candidates with the C4040-122 Study Materials compulsory inasmuch as the officinal of the electroencephalography. Study materials are available C4040-122 Online Study can have being downloaded in this way PDF files or can be benefited ex with-it the form concerning video courses in respect to CDs, that are offered by various sites as sequel documents.

These study materials and C4040-122 Training Kits, refine the candidate’s skill and provide the power elite herewith in depth knowledge and symphony that not only enables them to have all concepts at their fingertips, but also train the candidates to breathe the insight that enables alter ego versus show up with quick solutions and overcome challenges faced including the test as well as professional life.

C4040-122 Study Materials And Bank account By IBM
IBM again provides with many muse materials to lend one aid good terms the preparation for the exam. IBM provides online courses, fini which candidates let go prepare for the test at their own hobble and at relieve. It also provides C4040-122 Spadework Guides to place candidates understand the test all the more fatten and to solve whatever queries baton problems candidates effectiveness face.