A tribute piece of the Yellow Ranger from MMPR that I did for Gallery Nucleus’ show in collaboration with BOOM! and Saban!

It was a great opportunity to also pay tribute to the late Thuy Trang, who play Trini, whom I did not know until later in my childhood was Vietnamese-American, but it is great to know that we had some media representation in the 90s like so for kids.

If you’re interested in seeing other tribute pieces, check out their line up here.

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This was a comission for @frivolousfish a portrait of him (well he bought me and my friend pizza) i kinda beefed him up alot, i need to work on not doing that. 

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also bonus delivery girl she was really cute**

Rita Repulsa isn’t being whitewashed tho??? In the original, the actress who portrayed her happened to be Asian in the dubbed footage that was necessitated by a cheap budget because the US decided to rip off the Japanese live version. She’s literally an alien witch. 3 out of 5 of the RANGERS are PoC which is way more important IMO.

anonymous asked:

Your Idea for the power rangers movie is great.. But. It's kinda already been done in Big Bad Beetleborgs back in the day.. The kids bring the powers of the beetleborgs out of a comic and all the monsters and such come with the powers...

Yeah, as I mentioned in my own reblog, I remembered that (well, was reminded of it) shortly after posting it. Oh, well.

…I still think it’d make a fun movie, though.