hiressnails  asked:

The Episode of Dino Thunder where they're literally watching Abaranger is too Meta. I love it.

Honestly. same. “Lost and Found in Translation” is in my top 10 favorite episodes of any show. The best part about all of it is that they didn’t really change all that much with their joke dub of it. Sure they tack on a “greed is bad” morale that wasn’t really present in the original (it’s especially out of place making Yukito the one involved considering in the second episode of the show he literally says “give me 2 million dollars to be an Abaranger or go fuck yourself” but they had to work with what they had) and aside from some of the added jokes not being that funny it’s pretty faithful to the original episode, it helps that the original is a totally absurd episode that doesn’t even make sense within itself.

My favorite part though is how the entire episode is basically a “fuck you” to all the people who are super annoyingly elitist about being only into one version and not both, essentially saying “they’re both the same just shut up and watch them both” (granted this backfired and made arguments worse but still)