Rangers Round Up: Lightspeed Rescue.

(photo credit: Butters101)

Show Title: Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Air Time: 2000 (1 season, 40 episodes)
Run Time: About 20 minutes
Produced by: Saban Entertainment 
Watch it on: Netflix
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After many years of a flowing story line the time had finally come for a new group of Rangers, independent from the stories from the past to carve their own path for Power Rangers in the future. With this new chance came challenges as this meant they had to strong, relatable character built from the ground up, to this end they decided to work on the popular military shows of the time into the Power Rangers formula, and the result was Power Rangers LightSpeed Rescue.

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apparently theres a new live action power rangers movie coming out in 2017??? i literally just googled it after seeing the poster on my dash and its actually real

and the cast is so beautiful????

Naomi Scott (british indian girl), RJ Cyler (african american guy), Dacre Montgomery (token white dude), Ludi Lin (chinese canadian guy) and Becky G (mexican american girl) like omg????

bye im stanning the power rangers