Not only does this scene introduce Erin as Shelby’s best friend from kindergarten who has a nasty habit of taking credit for the things Shelby accomplishes, it tell us something about Chase and Shelby’s friendship.

In this scene:

  • Shelby reacts negatively to Erin taking credit for her song
  • Chase watches her reaction and notices that Shelby is upset by what Erin said
  • Chase goes out of his way to ask Shelby what’s wrong
  • Shelby doesn’t think twice before she tells Chase why she’s upset

To understand why this is so important, we need to remember that Chase and Shelby have not always been the best of friends. Like, do you remember when in the first episode Chase hit on Shelby by calling her the wrong name despite the fact they’d been working together for a long time? Do you remember that episode where Chase made fun of Shelby for liking a boyband? Shelby and Chase’s friendship had a rocky start and has gone through hard times because of Chase’s unintentional meanness.

But over the course of the series, Chase has had numerous chances to grow and become a kinder person, especially towards Shelby. And to his credit, he’s taken them, apologized for his actions and learned from his mistakes.

What makes this scene special is that it builds upon all this important character growth to illustrate how their friendship has evolved. This scene shows us that Chase has gone from someone who belittled Shelby’s feelings to someone who is attentive and compassionate of them. It also shows us that, as a result of these positive changes Chase has made, Shelby has come to effortlessly trust him with those feelings.