I absolutely love this pic of all the up to date red rangers

Power Rangers Cyber Corps (aka Power Rangers 21)

From the archives comes the third and final installment of my trilogy of ultimately unused Power Rangers pitches (see part 1 and part 2).  Having grown up watching the show as a kid, eventually coming to work on the show, becoming its head writer, leaving it and coming back (a few times now), I developed a unique insight into this long-running series which got me sucked back into the show’s orbit like Michael Corleone more times than is probably healthy.  Having left the show for good (again), my notes on how to adapt Go-Busters for Power Rangers have sat around unused for over a year gathering dust.  With the recent announcement that the Go-Busters season will be skipped in the US, I thought I’d brush them off and share them here.  Grab a seat and buckle your seat belts because this one gets a little crazy.  Here is a glimpse into what might have been with my final unused story for Power Rangers…

(Link to part 1 of this can be found here.)

The year is 2015.  The place is ETERNITY CITY.

Eternity City is a thriving metropolis of the Power Rangers universe not unlike the cities of past seasons.  There are parks, schools, malls, gyms and juice bars just like the sort of cities previous Power Rangers seasons took place in.  One big exception is the several towering ENERGRID TOWERS scattered across the metropolis.  The Energrid Towers are essentially power plants, providing virtually limitless, clean energy to the people of Eternity City and powering the city’s defenses.

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Monster-making One-upsmanship

“Finster, I made my own monster, and it’s winning.”

-Rita Repulsa

“There will be no more of Rita’s inferior monsters.  I will create one of my own to be reckoned with”

-Lord Zedd

“Stand back!  I’m going to create a monster that will put all of Lord Zedd’s creations to shame!”

-Master Vile

-“Power Rangers”