Introducing The Pink and Yellow Tradition ficathon!

The lovely kathillards and I were so utterly disappointed in Dino Charge’s lack of a pink and yellow duo that we decided that drowning ourselves in fanfiction about pinks and yellows being great together was the only way to tide us over until Sentai decides to step up its game. And what better way to drown in fanfiction than to have a ficathon!

This ficathon is focusing on relationships between pink and yellow rangers–romantic, platonic, or anything in between. We just want to celebrate the great dynamics between these two colors.

Signups close September 19th at 8 p.m. EST.  Assignments will go out shortly after that and are due November 28th at 8 p.m. EST. Check out the page linked above for more details. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, shoot either me or kathillards an ask!


[VILLAIN] Sir Kauler.

Japanese name: サー・カウラー
Romanized name: Saa Kauraa

Alignment: Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess, Alien Hunters
Villain Type: General, outcast
Inspiration: Yoshio Harada
Status: Dead.

From: Choushinsei Flashman


  • Sir Kauler was based on the rebel characters portrayed by the late actor Yoshio Harada. Kauler’s costume was a simplified combination of armor and a space suit.
  • His actor, Joji Nakata, also played Great Professor Bias in Liveman.

Source: tokumonster.tumblr.com

anonymous asked:

I know this is super random, but what about a Power Rangers AU/crossover, based on their eye colours?

Admin Notes: Saving the world from weird aliens is just an every day job for the Gokuto Power Rangers! But I wonder if they’d be able to save the world from aliens if they’d have to save the world from themselves! -Admin Hirahara

The typical normal day in Tokyo was not something most people would expect. Besides the normal bustling of city goers and the sounds of traffic in the streets, there was occasionally one or two aliens that found their way to terrorize the city. But again, it was nothing out of the ordinary (it was Tokyo, after all). Although the fear and panic had long since subsided as attacks seemed more frequent, the citizens actually loathed the cleanup more than anything else. That’s why they all secretly wished the superheroes in charge of taking down invaders would kindly do so outside of the city.

“To think that during your last mission, you all nearly took out the Tokyo Tower…” The commander with red eyes scolded. “How much trouble can you six possibly get into?” The six rangers, gathered in their base, looked down in shame. Rokkaku had it to about the roof with this sort of shenanigans from his team.

“Would you care to explain what happened this time?” The slate eyed man next to the commander asked, looking through the damage sheet that he would eventually have to pay for. Saitou, who was never really pleased with these letters, usually enjoyed the excuses that the rangers tended to come up with. This one, of course, was sure to be the most interesting. “After all, you can’t just try and knock down a national symbol, can you?”

“It wasn’t like we were doing it on purpose…!” Kinoshita spoke up. “Ah… well… maybe Hirahara did try on purpose a little…” The golden eyed ranger averted his eyes when he was mentioned.

“Why don’t the aliens ever get blamed for the destruction of the city?” Tagami asked, although he already knew why. They all knew why. They’d been through this the first ten times Tokyo was in ruins after an invasion.

“Just tell me what happened, please,” Rokkaku said, pinching the rim of his nose. Of all the rangers I could have picked… He sighed, listening as all his rangers spoke at once trying to summarize the day as a collective mass of voices…

That morning, the teenagers had gone to their high school regularly to attend classes as usual. None of them happened to have the same classes, except for Hirahara and Tagami, so they met up during lunch. Nearly the entire day passed without any trouble occurring, unless Kinoshita getting caught with alcohol counted. It wasn’t until after school activities started that the six teenagers had gotten an urgent call. Kirishima had been in kendo club, Saeki was in orchestra practice, Tanizaki was in the gym, Kinoshita was doing something in the chemistry lab, and Tagami was sleeping at his desk while Hirahara was trying to stealthily draw on his face.

“Gokuto Rangers! This is urgent! It seems that there’s some sort of alien that’s appeared in Tokyo and is causing a lot of problems in the Shiba-koen district. Please go immediately to the area!” It was Saitou, contacting them being part of his job. With the message recieved, the six quickly met up in the school yard to plan how they would even get to the right district. 

“I think there’s a train we could take in five minutes.” Kirishima pointed out. “If we run to the station, we can make it.” They did not make it. Along the run, Tagami was sluggish, Hirahara went the wrong way twice, and Saeki nearly tripped down the side of a hill. They had to wait another twenty minutes for the train to Kamiyacho Station.

“How about we just run there?” Tanizaki suggested, but was turned down right away. No one wanted to run the two kilometers from their high school just to fight an alien right afterwards. “Well, we aren’t just going to wait twenty minutes for a train.” He crossed his arms.

“Tanizaki’s right; it’s a lot of trouble if the alien is destroying anything right now.” Saeki sighed. “At times like these, there’s only one thing we can do.” He pointed his fingers at the other five. “We’ve got to morph here and go with full power towards the enemy to save time!” With that, he pulled out his morpher from… well, no one really knew where he kept it, but activated it right there. “Cyan Ranger Power!” He exclaimed, the proper apparel appearing.

There was no choice now, everyone might as well hurry and get changed. Hirahara, always ready for something fun to do, gladly followed suit. “Yellow Ranger Power!” He cheered, appearing in his ranger suit as well. “Come on! There’s no time to waste!” After Kinoshita morphed to the Green Ranger, Kirishima to the Blue Ranger, Tanizaki to the Purple Ranger, and finally Tagami to the Orange Ranger, all six of them stood there for a moment, unclear of what the point of all that was.

“So… we still have to wait for the train, right?” Kirishima asked, looking at his watch. “We still have fifteen minutes…”

“Let’s… let’s just run.” Saeki sighed, running off in the direction of Kamiyacho Station.

The lion headed alien was currently having a very fun time trashing the area. Although the people all seemed to have evacuated already, he had no problem entertaining himself by shaking a few building structures or blowing a holes in a couple of walls. So much for earth’s defenders, he thought, reminded that at some point his fellow lieutenants were defeated by some masked heroes. He was just eyeing the Tokyo Tower when suddenly, he was knocked directly in the head with a shovel.

“Ya~hoo! We made it in time!” Hirahara exclaimed, landing heavily on his feet. The rest of the rangers panted behind him, still trying to catch their breath. “Eh…? You guys are really slow…” The Yellow Ranger complained. Although no one responded, they all stared daggers at Hirahara.

“Oh, so this is earth’s defenders.” The lion head shrugged. “You guys don’t look that tough.”

“H-hold on…” Saeki said, straightening up after he caught his breath. “We didn’t do the full introduction yet…”

“No time!” Tanizaki decided, never liking saying his stupid lines. He charged the lion head and threw his kanabo forward, nearly smashing the alien into the ground. Unfortunately, he was faster than the swing and came out unscratched. The others all took swings with their weapons too, but the alien didn’t seemed very bothered by any of their attacks. This one was different from the previous monsters they’d faced. He happened to have more of a brain.

“You guys aren’t that tough.” The lion head decided, yawing as if he was bored. “It’s surprising to think that you defeated all those generals before me.”

“It’s no use…” Kirishima clicked his tongue. “Separate attacks aren’t going to do anything to this guy.”

“Yeah, we’ll have to combine our strength…!” Kinoshita agreed. While the six were getting ready for their ultimate move, though, the alien continued pondering the Tokyo Tower.

“Say, I wonder what it’s like from the top of that.” After saying this, the lion head started climbing the Tokyo Tower like the side of a cliff, making it up rather quickly. Hirahara was the first to notice.

“Ah! He’s trying to get away!” He exclaimed, rushing over but just missed hitting the enemy in the leg. “Let’s shake the tower until he falls down!” Just as he was about to smash one of the iron beam supports, Tagami managed to throw his pick ax in time to stop the Yellow Ranger from continuing anything stupid.

“We’d be in big trouble if we broke the tower, idiot.” He sighed, picking his weapon back up. “Come on, we’ll meet him at the top.” With that, he started scaling the tower as well, complete disregard for the stairs they all didn’t seem to want to use.

The climb up was probably more complicated than it had to be, but somehow, all six rangers made it to the top, waiting for the alien menace to make it up as well. When the lion head set foot on the stable structure, he was rather surprised to see earth’s defenders already there in front of him. “We, the Gokuto Rangers, will stop you!” Saeki pointed. “Alright, we’ll combine our efforts to take out this lion headed general!” With that, the volley of attacking began.

Is it me, or are they getting faster? The alien thought, narrowly missing being axed in the face by the Green Ranger. Or is it that working together really has made them stronger? As he was stepping back from nearly getting shot with a bullet, he was surprised to realize that the Purple Ranger had managed to get behind him and was already pitching back for the swing. With a solid motion, the lion head was launched from the ground and into the sky.

“Alright, Hirahara, Tagami!” Saeki instructed, and the Yellow and Orange Rangers gripped their shovel and pick ax a little tighter. With a strong leap, they both pushed themselves into the air, both hitting down on either side of the alien.

“Back to you, Kirishima!” Tagami called, as the pair landed lightly on their feet. As the alien slowly came down from the sky, just before he made impact with the tower’s surface, Kirishima threw his sword forward, piercing the general through the chest. He gave a devastating cry as his life slowly slipped away, and like most of the aliens they fought, he disappeared after his defeat.

“…and that’s how Tokyo Tower ended up the way it was.” Saeki was the last one to finish talking, and he only stopped at that because he was a little embarrassed to be the only one left speaking. Rokkaku, at the end, just nodded, having somehow made a consistent story while everyone was talking over each other.

“I see, well, that’s still not okay to wreck the city every time an alien comes down.” Saitou noted. “Next time, why don’t you all try leading them away from populated areas and fight in… a more remote location?” None of the rangers could make that promise.

“Well, whatever, I suppose you all did your jobs…” Rokkaku sighed, trying not stay angry, “go rest up for tomorrow.”

“Yes sir!” The six said in unison before departing for their various homes and their various lives. Rokkaku and Saitou were left at the base, looking between each other. They’d have a lot to have to clean up, now that this event was over. Of course, nothing less was expected from the previous Red and Silver Rangers. They decided that later that night, they’d hurry to go fix up Tokyo Tower before any of the civilians had time to complain.