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[MONSTER] Takumigami.

Japanese name: タクミガミ
Romanized name: Takumigami

Alignment: Dark Shadow
Type: Tsukumogami
Inspiration: Arquebus, factory, matchlock, Gouraijin
Status: Defeated.

From: GoGo Sentai Boukenger - Episode 5


  • “Takumi” (匠) means “artisan” in Japanese.
  • The Biopanzer was a remodeled Skulldon prop from Jikuu Senshi Spielban.
  • Takumigami’s character design is based on Gouraijin from Hurricanger.
  • He was temporarily revived in the Boukenger movie The Greatest Precious.

Source: tokumonster.tumblr.com


With the unprecedented success of Power Rangers came unprecedented criticism from parents, childcare experts, and media watchdogs. 

Power Rangers had always been willing to preach to children, to tell them what adults with an opinion in the matter thought children needed to be told. What the creators of the show never wanted to apologize for was its violence.

That compassionate but ultimately remorseless attitude is articulated strikingly in this ad for the 1995 TV special Talkin’ It Out. Because Power Rangers is “only pretend,” any negative viewer response is a symptom of the real problem: an inability to cope with the dangers that exist in real life. 

In this fashion, the creators of Power Rangers were able to pacify the show’s critics while also denying any wrongdoing of their own, along with any need to censor the show or change its content in the future. 

While there was surely an incentive to defend Power Rangers’s highly profitable  formula for entertainment, that the show preached to its viewers from the start suggests that its creators also wanted to defend their own identities as responsible providers of children’s entertainment. 

Beware the Spoilers

Hey Ranger Fans! Just wanted to let you know to beware of Dino Charge spoilers from other PR Blogs and Sites.

Morphin’ Legacy will not be sharing any spoiler images or videos until Dino Charge resumes here in the USA. I know I will probably be spoiled but I’d rather my followers not be spoiled.

However, the images may be added to our Dino Charge database along with new information. Be sure to avoid any spoilers until August 29th if that is your choice.

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