So I am finally sitting down and catching up on Power Rangers Dino Charge. And…

Chase? What are you looking at? Your eyes kept flitting down during this conversation. I know Riley is looking good in his work out clothes…but what’s with all the up/down eye movement?

Seriously Chase? Again? I know you are supposed to be looking at whatever paper Riley is holding but your eyes are totally in a different direction.

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How Power Rangers villains are created
  • Ranger:This random item is really special. My *relative* let me borrow it so I have to be super careful with it.
  • Lord Zedd/Rita:Oooh, little *Ranger's name* has a *random item*. I'll turn it into a monster mwahahah!
  • Ranger:*walks away from item*
  • Lord Zedd/Rita:*turns it into monster*
  • Ranger:OMG it's gone. Where's my *relative*'s *random item*?
  • Random item monster:Mwahahaha. Die Power Rangers!
  • Ranger:Oh no, it's a *random item* monster.
  • Zordon:Lord Zedd/Rita made *Ranger*'s *relative*'s *random item* into his new and deadly monster the *lame name*.
  • Power Rangers:*defeat monster*
  • Random item:Reappears where it was last left in perfect condition, as if it didn't just get blown up by a giant robot

Flynn McAllister - “I’m Scottish”

Just watched AT4W History of Power Rangers, and this line made my laugh my ass off. I just love I when someone uses their Nationality as a Badass Boast.