My friend ran a new system called the Nostalgia Series, where the GM is more of a moderator for everyone else’s wacky ideas. His first session was Power Rangers themed. 

I just had to be the villain. My character was a Rita Repulsa-esque witch named Roboza. Roboza is a mech-witch who makes mech themed monsters. She was a part of a forgotten fortress on Mars that manufactured vehicles and robots for previous villains.

Oh, the little guys are Can and Bomb, her obnoxious whine-y lackeys.

Who is the greatest ranger?

it’s up to YOU to decide! in honor of reaching our next follower landmark we want to hold a survey to determine who our followers think are the top 25 rangers ever. you can vote as many times, for as many rangers as you want! you have until we hit 6k followers to vote, then i’ll post a gifset of each of the winners!

i didn’t include most of the “auxiliary” rangers but there is an “other” option so you can write in whoever you feel is worthy ;)


anonymous asked:

Yes, Tommy/Kim was obviously a typical teen crush. Like i've been there. It's the person you fall in love by just looking at them, and everything is cute and you think you'll be together with em forever and stuff. But it's not true love. They were attracted to each other the moment they met, there wasn't any development like there was with Kim and Jason or even Tommy/Kat, which was a lot more developed than Tomberly.