• Tommy:So, Kimberly is the woman I've been seeing recently.
  • Kimberly:...Why are they looking at me like I'm a zoo animal?
  • Ethan:Well, Tommy sort of acts like the dad of the group, so emotionally, this is kind of like being told that you're our new mom.
  • Kimberly:But you know it's nothing like that, right?
  • Conner:Absolutely. Do you cook macaroni?

First time doodling animation~ Animated fan-art of Lauren Shiba morph into Red Samurai Ranger. . . #fanart #powerrangers #powerrangerssamurai #powerrangerssupersamurai #laurenshiba #redranger @powerrangers @powerrangersalways

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apparently theres a new live action power rangers movie coming out in 2017??? i literally just googled it after seeing the poster on my dash and its actually real

and the cast is so beautiful????

Naomi Scott (british indian girl), RJ Cyler (african american guy), Dacre Montgomery (token white dude), Ludi Lin (chinese canadian guy) and Becky G (mexican american girl) like omg????

bye im stanning the power rangers