Date a girl who’s dream job is to be a real life Power Ranger. The Green Ranger because girls can like other colors other than Pink or “that other color”- mostly because “hot pink would’ve made more sense” and yellow irritates her to the point she’ll rip her hair out if she doesn’t break every yellow crayon in half and throw the bottom away before she colors with any of the others.

Ch. 3 - Trimberly fic, “Been There, Done that”

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Springing up out of her covers, Kimberly rolls over to Trini and starts gently shaking her shoulders.

“Trini, Trini wake up!”


“Trini, I swear if you don’t wake up this instant I’m going to slap you.”

Trini grumbles and pokes her head out sluggishly. “Kim, I love you and everything, but please leave me alone.”

“No, Trini get up. This is important.”

“So is sleep.”

“Trini, if you don’t wake up, someone’s going to die.”

Now that catches her attention.

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  • Mick: *holds up Preston* VIERA!
  • Viera: What do you want?
  • Mick: You can't just shove someone off of a roof!
  • Viera: Why not?
  • Mick: This is a regular human. He isn't like you. He's fragile and soft.
  • Preston: Hey! It's not like a six pack is going to save you from that height!
  • Mick: You could have seriously hurt him!
  • Mick: ...Preston, you have to excuse Viera. She's far away from the other aliens and still has a lot to learn about us.
  • Viera: No I don't!
  • Mick: Yes you do!