The Loyal Subjects Power Rangers (MMPR) Random Single Mini Figure Packs are now in the Toys R Us system:

Toys R Us Item Number: 423183
Price: $12.99

The Toys R Us site is also just now getting the images uploaded to their image server.

These are on order and may or may not be coming to Toys R Us soon.

More info: Non-Bandai Power Rangers Toy Listings

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My Top Ten Favorite Power Ranger Series

1) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

2) Power Rangers Inspace

3) Power Rangers Timeforce

4) Power Rangers Ninja Storm

5) Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

6) Power Rangers SPD

7) Power Rangers RPM

8) Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue

9) Power Rangers Dinothunder

10) Power Rangers Dinocharge

  • (Listening to the commentary track on The Legend of Korra - Book 4 — Balance is quite fun)
  • Zelda Williams:Also, those, by the way — those buildings — I know they're probably based on like a lotus flower thing because they open. They also remind me of the egg in the Power Rangers movie. The purple egg that like hatched, and there was a villain inside of it.
  • Michael Dante DiMartino:That was our main inspiration.

excerpted from his private journal


The Fast and Furious franchise is about a team of friends who fight bad guys with cars, sort of like how I am part of a team that fights bad guys with dinos. Much like my team, they consider themselves a family, and also their leader’s dad is missing, presumed dead! Maybe in the next Fast and Furious movie they will meet Vin Diesel’s dad, and he will spend the day with his son catching up and that will be the whole movie??


Paul Blart, a great big fat man, is leaving the mall he lives in to protect a casino from bad men. Will he be able to protect the casino and all of it’s important money, or will he get distracted by eating too many hamburgers and pizza pies? We will all find out this summer, in clean, well-lit movie theaters across the country!


Avengers: Age of Ultron is a movie about Iron Man and his robot son, Ultron. Ultron was made to protect the world, but he goes all bonkers and tries to destroy it instead, which I can relate to. The power of a god coursing through your veins, unthinkably powerful weapons at your disposal, and an enigmatic, distant dad. But at least Ultron knows what his purpose is! I look forward to seeing this movie in an air conditioned movie theater because all the heart-pounding action might get me a little hot under the collar!!


Pitch Perfect 2 is a movie about an acapella singing group from America that goes to Europe to fight with singing in a music competition, or “song war.” In this battle I am rooting for Anna Kendrick and all of her singing friends to show Europe that the good old USA is the best country in the world. If they fail I will throw my delicious pop corn on the ground and never see another movie again.


This movie takes place in an alternate universe where dinos were resurrected as clones instead of big robots, and they all live at a crazy zoo island where a handsome man with a motorcycle is friends with them. Maybe he teaches them tricks, who knows? Maybe he talks to the young dinos and says hey, I know your dad is missing, but here is a fun trick you can do to pass the time until he comes home. Maybe they will juggle. A bunch of juggling dinos – that’s a movie I would watch! At some point a woman with red hair makes a bad, new dinosaur. I would easily kill this dinosaur the way I would any other monster. I would feel nothing.


Ladies, gentlemen, and nobility of other genders, may I present to you the literal perfect casting choice for Li Shang in Mulan: Yoshua “Yoshi” Sudarso.

Some fun facts about Yoshi:

  • Was born in Indonesia, but is ethnically Chinese
  • 26 years old (b. April 12, 1989)
  • Worked as a stunt double on the Maze Runner
  • Also worked as a model for several years
  • Has martial arts training
  • Currently starring as Koda on Power Rangers Dino Charge
  • Is a massive nerd and fan of Disney (Big Hero 6 especially), Free!, Spider-Man, and Power Rangers
  • Said in response to fancastings: “I’ll make a man, out of you! Waking up to all your fancastings and kind words really made my day. Of course it would be amazing to portray such a strong Male Asian lead, but I would be humbled to at least score an audition for Li Shang. So thank you for spreading the word and giving me such amazing exposure, maybe Disney will take notice, I love you all! And remember you must be swift as the coursing river!”

If none of that convinces you, then maybe this picture will:

In summary, Yoshi Sudarso for Li Shang 2k15.