who thought giving superpowers to those kids was a good idea

*trapped on the edge of a cliff, surrounded by putties*

Trini : At times like this I ask myself what would Kim do?

Zack : Not the time to be fantasizing about Kimberly, T.

Trini : *ignores Zack* Then i do the exact opposite cause if she were here, she would throw us off the fucking cliff.

Here is what a Power Ranger looks like: If all know who Kamen Rider is, it’s a huge hit TV series in Japan that is known to be the original Power Rangers. It has been bothering me that the new Genji’s skin is based of a “Power Ranger”.

Here is what a Power Ranger looks like:

Here is what a Kamen Rider looks like:

As you can see, Genji’s skin is more alike to Kamen Rider then to Power Ranges

Therefore: Don’t get mixed up with Power Rangers and Kamen Rider and don’t say that Genji’s new skin is a Power Ranger!!

prompt from @captainhoyw:

“trimberly dance class prompt. just. the idea of like trini being into hip hop and smoother spanish music (check santana) is like so embedded in my mind at this point and i need a fic where trini either decides to, or has been, going to dance classes and then the rangers tag along at some point and its gay”

this inspired me to do research and i found this video of a hip-hop and jazz dance group’s routine to smooth by santana and i was impressed to say the least. this was so much fun to write–thanks for the prompt!!! (honestly i had so much fun with this i’ll probably make it multiple chapters ok hope y’all don’t mind)

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“You’re in a dance class?” Zack asked, laughing out the question. The Rangers had headed to Krispy Kreme after training, and he had nearly choked on his doughnut when Trini revealed why she needed to leave soon.

Trini scowled at him. “My mom figured that if I was in an extracurricular I’d be less likely to start fights with, say, an annoying fellow superhero.”

“I’m sorry,” Zack guffawed. “I gotta ask. Do you wear a tutu?” He doubled over and slapped his hand on the table. To Zack’s right, Billy winced and scooted nearer to the edge of the booth.

“I used to do ballet,” Jason mused from his spot at the head of the table. He had pulled up a chair, and Kim and Trini shared the other bench at the booth.

Zack stared incredulously at their leader, no doubt imagining him in a leotard.

Trini flashed a small smile at Jason, thanking him for taking the attention off of her. “I gotta go,” she said, gesturing for Kim to move from her spot on the outside of the bench so that Trini could leave.

Kim didn’t get up right away. “Hang on,” she started. “I’ll drive you. Meet me out front?”

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Trimberly James Bond AU BECAUSE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL IMAGE (by @smallandsundry

The man goes down quickly, a clean shot to the center to his forehead, forcing the woman behind him to step out of the way to avoid his falling body; she doesn’t scream or shout or make any noise of distress, which is refreshing, but when she glances back up, she looks anything but pleased.

“You have got to be joking.”

Kim holsters her weapon and smooths down her suit, but the grin spreads across her face before she’s completed either action — even, in fact, before the man’s body hits the floor.

“Hello, darling! Isn’t this a pleasant surprise?”

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I was at a meeting for a job yesterday with my friends and I had on a power rangers shirt. and this cute girl starts talking to us about it. my friend mentioned that our squad assigned whos who from PR (2017) because they fit us all perfectly. And her eyes go wide and she goes “which one of you is trini?” And I raised my hand and she grabbed both my hands and went “GO ON A DATE WITH ME” and gave me her number so… that was the best moment of my life (she totally reminded me of kim so it makes sense)