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Just picture Trini latching on to Kim when it's team bonding movie night. Even going as far as to kick Zach from his spot to be next to Kim. Then snuggling into to Kim's side and falling asleep on her.

Trini: *pushes Zack off the couch*

Zack: ??? what the fuck???

Trini: you’re in my way

Zack: ??? i was sitting at least three feet away from you??

Kim: not anymore *smirks and snuggles even closer to trini*

Zack: *shrugs and decides to cuddle with jason and billy*

Hear me out:

The rangers taking turns bringing Zack snacks when they train because Zack usually forgets to feed himself, too concerned about his mom to worry about himself.

They also pitch in to help pay for her medicine and groceries. Zack hates that because she’s his mom; his responsibility, but they do it anyways. With their help, his mom slowly gets better.

He takes them to meet her when she does, and they all immediately fall in love with her and she asks them if they would like to come over again later that week and cook dumplings.

They all immediately take up her offer and on Friday night, they’re all crammed in the kitchen listening to music as she listens to Billy talk about school or how much he likes Zack as a friend. Trini and Kim help her cook and tell her that Zack is one of their closest friends and that when she’s not around, he talks about how awesome she is all the time. (Zack doesn’t even deny it, he just goes “Yeah, Mom! I let them know how cool you are everyday!”)

Jason nods in agreement, and adds, “He’s such a mommas boy.” And all of the Rangers are mumbling in agreement.

Zack’s mom can tell that Trini and Zack are really close, and for a while she thinks that Zack might have a girlfriend until Zack accidentally lets it slip that Trini has a crush on Kim. (The next time they’re over, she notices that they come in holding hands)

Zack also explains to her that Billy is autistic and she still loves Billy as much as she does the first time she met him because “He’s a very charming boy.”

Sometimes after training they go to Jason’s house and Zack teaches them some basic Mandarin so they can communicate with her easier.

She thanks The Rangers for helping her and taking care of Zack when she couldn’t, and they all get a bit emotional.

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headcanon that billy's role model is bil nye (cuz they have the same name) and all the rangers find out so one time when billy does some cool shit they all just burst out into song and serenade him with the bil nye theme song (it was all jason's idea)

I LOVE THIS OH MY GOD. Just imagine Billy’s smile, I’m crying.

A cute convo between trini and kim
  • Set Five Years in the Future (they've been together the whole 5 years)
  • Kim: hey whats your last name?
  • Trini: its been the same for my whole life honey...
  • Kim: maybe its time that changes... *gets one one knee*
  • Trini: are you fucking kidding me that was so cheesy try again kim
  • Kim: *confuzzled* what?
  • Trini: *rolls eyes* that was so corny but go on
  • Kim: We have been through thick and thin together. We have fought weird rock monsters, a donut lady and a giant made out of gold. We have supported each other through friendship, hardship and all the other kinds of ships. I love you and i always will. Now I want to go through the rest of our loves hardships and everything being married. Will you marry me, Trini?
  • Trini: *with tears in her eyes* *long pause* you have the audacity to propose to me without saying sorry for throwing me into that chasm?
  • Kim: *exasperated* really?
  • Trini: very.
  • Kim: *rolls eyes* ok im sorry
  • Also i used that beginning part because i thought it was funny that trini doesnt really have a canon last name so yeah i thought it was clever...

Can someone write an AU where Trini goes to Krispy Kreme with Zack one day and spots this gorgeous cashier (Kim ofc) so after that day Trini goes there daily and orders a donut even tho she hates them (I know she doesn’t but let’s pretend) just so she could see her and eventually find the courage to ask her out?