So while I was at work, we lost power due to wind. That means heat lamps were off. That means my boy was not doing ok. But luckily, my roommate cranked up the heat when he got home and cuddled pagoda until he was ok again! If he wasn’t there, I’m not sure what would’ve happened.
Lizards like bearded dragons cannot product their own heat.
If you have your own stories like mine, or suggestions for what to do in case we lose power again, feel free to let me know!!

This has to be the FUNNIEST thing I’ve ever seen on Charmed.

Demons have resumes.

Do they write it by hand/claw, or do they have to fight with layouts and fonts on Word?

Do they have a summary at the beginning?

Do they list references?


I mean this is fucking hilarious. Is this really a thing in the Underworld? Is there a filing system? Or did Cole make his potential employees write one up, considering he’s lived so long in the human world?

If that’s the case I can totally imagine Andras getting rage-y himself while trying to do one up. Maybe it’s unfocused because he doesn’t know what a resume is, Cole.

Johnlock Love Letters

(AKA - JL3 Declarations of Love from fan fiction) #870

Something to Break the Ice by fearfully_beautifully_made


The motors in the panel office are designed to be run on A/C or D/C power. In fact, there are actually two motors contained in one housing: a squirrelcage A/C type, and a shunt-wound D/C motor with commutators and brushes. The A/C portion of the motor does not have a starting capacitor or shaded poles, so the motor must be started on office battery, then transferred over to 230 volt A/C.

Last night, we had a momentary power outage at the museum. Astrid and I were eating our dinner, and we noticed the lights flickered, and then went out. Emergency lights came on, and at the same time, the motors in the panel office transferred from their A/C windings to D/C. The change in pitch and tone was quite noticeable! After 5 seconds or so, the diesel generator kicked in, and A/C power was restored. Immediately, there was a satisfying *CLICK!*, as the motors transferred back to A/C. The panel switch stayed in service 100% of the time.

Having read about this, it was really interesting to see it happen. All of the motors transferred perfectly, without any blown fuses. Such a good girl <3

Written Works Masterlist [Updated 6/27]

BTS (Bangtan):


Between Fae and Human [Park Jimin] [On hold / on-going]:


Multiple Members:

Kim Seokjin [Jin]:

Min Yoongi [Suga]:

Kim Namjoon [Rap Monster]:

Park Jimin:

Kim Taehyung:

Jeon Junkook:


Kim Seokjin (Jin):

Kim Taehyung (V):

other groups are below the cut due to length of list:

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Please fire me. The power went out at work today, and my boss asked me if I could fix it. I thought he was joking—apparently he was serious. I’m a part-time secretary.  He’s a member of MENSA with a PhD.  

One time all the power in the school went out and all the other classes just hung out in the dark and goofed off. But come on, band practice is never canceled, no matter what. So of course we went outside, what else would we do? Not play? Ha, you make me laugh.