Dean and Cas at their royal wedding! Fanart for one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE FICS Not Part of the Plan by the incredible no-gorms; i’m currently re-reading it for the third time i love it so much

(and now all i want a bajillion shitty tabloids covering this wedding and gossiping about various family members’ cameos and silly hats and all tHE CUTE PICTURES OF THE NEWLYWEDS, UGH)


Take care, my brave son, or you will bleed for a girl who will never be yours.


~I fixed it~

Otp superhero au
  • -person A still doesn't want to admit their feelings and person B is constantly trying to hit on them-
  • *while having a showdown*
  • Person A: *mockingly* do you know what my suit is made out of?
  • Person B: *glaring*
  • Person B: *smirking* boyfriend material