Only been in my new adventure mobile a few weeks and I’m already in love. Somedays I do miss my FJ60 (which I’m keeping forever) but this dreamboat feels like a little home, so cozy! Going from tight quarters to a space I can stretch out in makes me smile every morning. I think I’m gonna call it Delwood ☀️

After living on the road for so many moons here’s my short list of what I was looking for my ‘close to ultimate rig’. The biggest question you have to answer is do you want 4x4, if you never go off-road you can get a 2wd van v cheap.

So here was my list!:

Classic car aesthetic / boxy
Space you can stand up in
Permanent bed area
Dedicated water storage
Power inverter
15+ mpg

First: Since it is the reason that I was away yesterday . . .

The new Power Inverter works!

The freezer is chilling down now.  The computer is running off the same inverter.  That will shut down my Internet, letting me know when it draws the batteries down and they need to recharge.

For those not familiar with solar power systems, the solar panels use the Photoelectric Effect to generate direct current electricity.  This is stored in deep cycle batteries.  To use the electricity from the batteries you either need appliances that run on direct current or you need to convert the direct current into the alternating current that most electric equipment uses.

The power inverter is the device that turns the direct current into alternating current.  To do it right, at the power levels useful for things like my freezer, the units are neither simple nor cheap.

Luckily, the one that failed was under a warranty.  I just had to spend the morning yesterday, disconnecting it.  Then I had to drive to Harbor Freight, my favorite toy TOOL store, around 60 miles (about 100 Km) away.  They exchanged the Inverter and transferred the guarantee to the new one.  Then, I JUST HAD TO PLAY um SHOP for goodies um NECESSARY TOOLS!

I got home with some sun left.  By the time that I had it all hooked up and tested, it was long after sunset and there was not enough power to test it with the freezer.  

This morning, using the ARG (Amazing Redneck Generator), I got the freezer started.  So far, everything seems to be working fine.

That was my Yesterday and this morning.  Even if you have to be there for a bad reason, any day spent in a tool store is a GOOD DAY!

I hope that your days were good, too.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

i love hero/villain ships where the baddie is like “your moral purity and ability to kick my ass without even trying has made me question and relinquish everything i hold dear. i will now follow you around in the hopes that i may be able to earn my place in humanity. show me the way to the light.”

and the hero is like “i have no idea how this happened but i’m just gonna roll with it?”

like, not even redemption by love, just redemption by example. a brave pure heart who inexplicably ends up with a weeping former evildoer in battered livery following them around, marveling in amazement at their humanity. 

because it can be hilarious, beautiful, or both

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Omg could you elaborate more on your thoughts about Yasu & Nobu's dynamic? Ever since finishing Yasu's Noble Ending I've just been really intrigued by their relationship, the way they've known each other for a long time and how they interact.. yeah, it's definitely layered..


okay I had this all written out like a week ago and then refreshed the page accidentally (I am…kind of a loser about my writing y’all) so here we will try again. IN WORD THIS TIME.




I haven’t read Nobu’s sequel, and I don’t know what happens, so, for all I know Ieyasu could betray him and I’m just WRONG so keep that in mind.


To ME, Nobunaga and Ieyasu have an indulgent, mischievous big brother to petulant, bratty and mistrusting little brother dynamic and I love it. I think Nobu sees wholly through Ieyasu and Ieyasu is both in denial of that and needs it and because he is Ieyasu probably semi-actively tries to destroy any sense of kinship because of his trust issues, even if temporarily surrendering control, and being accepted on the merit of his actions and not his name, is a relief, even if he thinks he’s lying. Especially because he tells himself that Nobu’s too much of a fool to do any real damage with the control he has. THAT’S IT. THAT’S THE WHOLE OF IT. YOU CAN STOP READING IF YOU WANT.

But if you want to go down lee’s thinking-out-loud INTP rabbit hole abyss with her, HERE WE GO:

Things I headcanon about Nobu in regards to Ieyasu:

  • Family is desperately important to Nobu. Especially his brothers. There is a particular moment in his MS involving cups of sake that just breaks my heart. This extends and includes even to the point of them betraying him – that’s basically, in some sort of ways, a non-issue (it is, but, not in the stops-him-from-loving them sense)

  • Nobu 100% sees through Ieyasu’s s— (we see some hints of this at various points, especially because we’re given Nobu’s little side-smirky sprite)

  • The BIGGEST ISSUE with Yasu’s nastiness is the power imbalances, right? He’s pouring all this toxic, vicious venom into people with no defense for it. BUT, with Nobu, the power structure is inverted. Yasu has to play nice with Nobu (which makes his venom ALL THE WORSE because he hates it, right? Not right, actually, but I’ll get to that – he thinks he does). and Nobu can 100% handle that venom. Like. Are you kidding me? do you know what this man’s been through? One snotty little grump is entertainment more than it is hurtful. Like honestly Nobu probably thinks it’s REALLY FUNNY.

  • Biggest difference between these two is that Nobu already sees everyone as family. We see this from him ALL THE TIME – like regardless of what you may think about Inuchiyo’s route, Nobu is amazing imo. Like, he’s paying such close attention to the mental and emotional wellbeing of all of his retainers that even a random cook he’s had like two interactions with rates his OWN COAT for comfort. He sends away someone important for the same reason. In Mitsuhide’s route, he semi-manipulates MC into making his favorite food just to help him take care of himself. Nobu may be a fool in some regards, but he gets his people, and gets what they need.

  • We can sort of extrapolate that this extends to Ieyasu as well. Nobu trusts Ieyasu, even knowing he’s a manipulative, angry little snot, and  probably knows what Ieyasu needs. So, what does Ieyasu need? (covered in a sec)

  • So he looks at Ieyasu and he sees the whole person. He has the luxury of doing so, because he’s one of the few people who gets to look at him straight in the eye instead of in deference, and he’s Nobu, he can do whatever he wants (including seeing a snotty, terrified, angry KID instead of a vicious, scheming, toxic lord–he sees that too, but I honestly think he sees that as fixable or he wouldn’t bother. I think he also sees it as less of a problem than it is for the same vantage point reason - like, I think he sort of figures if he drags Ieyasu around enough, time will fix it rather than active interference)

  • I also think Nobu just pokes at him sometimes because it’s funny to do so and we know he likes his entertainment. 


  • OKAY SO BACK TO ‘what does Ieyasu need?’ (Ieyasu needs a dang mother imo - unconditional familial love with affirmation of his inherent value as a human being and not as a Tokugawa but, back to that later)

  • Ieyasu has TRUST issues and Ieyasu has CONTROL issues. And combined, those two things invariably cause him to poison any healthy relationship he may have. I really, really believe this.

  • OKAY here we go into Lee rabbit holes, your mileage may vary.

  • I also think he’s like, in the 19-ish age range it would explain a lot >>

  • I also feel like Ieyasu had WAY TOO much of other people controlling his life in a genuinely awful fashion that when he has control again he a) doesn’t know how to be in control because god knows he’s never had it nor a healthy example of it b) doesn’t necessarily WANT to be in control but EVEN MORE c) doesn’t want anyone ELSE in control of him either because he’s been down that road and we can see how horribly it affected him, he can’t come through that again.

  • To me, that’s a driving force of why he is so gosh darn nasty. He’s completely hemmed in by a dichotomy not entirely of his own making, where he has to desperately cling onto something he doesn’t want with a white-knuckled death grip and that would make anyone temperamental (that he doesn’t handle it well, to the point of being destructive and damaging, is a separate discussion I don’t want to go down – this is the best analysis of it I’ve seen of it and explains why my heart hurts for him as a character even if his behavior often isn’t immediately acceptable as a love interest)

  • But that choice of being in charge is taken from him when Nobu’s ordering him around. One of the interfering components is removed from the equation.

  • Think about when we see Ieyasu’s façade cracking and when he’s at his absolute smoothest – when he’s at Nobu’s beck and call. It’s effortless. He tells himself he hates it (and doesn’t hide it as well as he thinks he does lolololol) BUT ALSO. He (consciously) believes Nobu is a fool. He believes he can outsmart him. There’s no risk to letting him be in charge, because Ieyasu can keep control and he can keep it in the way he’s most comfortable with – where no one else has to know. (Because if nobody knows, nobody can take it away) so, there’s some relief to that, and he’s at his easiest to handle.

  • I also think deep deep deep down Ieyasu knows Nobu knows and he trusts him anyway or why would he be serving Nobu without actively sabotaging him? But he can’t acknowledge that because it would require VULNERABILITY and Ieyasu doesn’t do that.

  • BECAUSE REMEMBER Nobu’s place is a meritocracy. So, Ieyasu also gets to know that he’s there on the merit if his accomplishments and his actions, not his name. It’s not quite the same as being loved for who he is as a person (I think for Nobu it’s the same thing, and he may not fully understand that Ieyasu won’t/can’t understand that because for him it isn’t) but it’s as close as he’s ever gotten (Sakai obvs loves him but Ieyasu can’t separate that from the ‘Tokugawa’ component) and he craves that with a genuine desperation. Like, the poor child inside of him that never got it still needs it. So he sticks around, because, subconsciously, that’s better than nothing. Like not that he is EVER going to admit to anyone that he needs to be loved, but, everyone needs to be loved and accepted.

  • Yasu has to keep him at arms length and snarl his petulant, bratty little teeth because, issues, BUT he’s all bark. Whatever he’s done to Nobu (at least to my memory and routes I’ve read) is minor, especially compared to how Ieyasu behaves to and around ACTUAL ENEMIES (*side-eyes a certain Kai route*)


  • A huge part of what colors this for me is that Ieyasu is who eventually ends up uniting Japan, right? (*cough* uh, spoilers I guess?)  Okay well, sort of, it’s complicated BUT I do (as someone very new to this history) think it’s fair to say it’s Yasu there when the dust settles on unified Japan, and the dust stays settled, mostly, under him esp when compared to previously? History is messy.

  • Who taught him that? Who started him down that path?

  • To me, Ieyasu is SO MUCH like a bratty, grumpy little brother being dragged along to play cops and robbers because his big brother needed one more person to play the damsel in distress and it’s humiliating and he’s TICKED OFF but at the same time, he gets to be included in something, and he’s learning, and he’s itching for his turn because he’s watched everyone and they may think he’s the dumb kid but just you wait, give him the chance to be the robber and he’ll rob you all blind.

  • And the twist is – Nobu knows that. That’s the real reason he dragged him along.

  • (the other is, Nobu doesn’t leave people behind)
25 things to bring to the eclipse

You know to bring eclipse glasses and a camera, but here are some things you will also want to bring along.​

1. Sunscreen
2. Water
3. Approved solar filter
5. Transistor radio
6. Binoculars
7. An eclipse guide .
8. Food or snacks
9. Medicine
10. Chairs
11. Toilet paper
12. Hand sanitizer
13, eclipse glasses
14. Kids’ stuff
15. Broad-brimmed hat
16. Power inverter
17. Pillow
18. Sunglasses
19. Cash
20. Insect repellent
22. Telescope
23. Astrophoto gear
24. Odd parts and tools
25. Personal items

For details ~ Astronomy Magazine

NOTE: #13 and #18 are not the same. It is never safe to look at the sun with sunglasses. For that you need eclipse glasses. The one exception being during totality when all the disc of the sun (photosphere) is blocked by the moon. At that time you won’t need - or want to use - either.

Be safe. Leave early. Drive carefully. ~ JN ~ The Telescope Times

PS. Don’t forget your smartphone. Can’t imagine why it wasn’t on the list.

The new Power Inverter is doing excellently!

I managed to start the freezer around 9-10 this morning.

It is still running.  My battery voltage at the start of the run was 11.9 volts.  With the solar panels feeding in power as the freezer/inverter uses it, it has only fallen to 11.5 volts.

It is supposed to have a low voltage shutdown to protect the VERY EXPENSIVE batteries.  It should shut down somewhere between 10.5 and 9.5 volts.

I am very pleased with its operation so far.

This day has been a mix of sunny and light high haze.  There are a few clouds about and the forecast is for 30% chance of isolated thunderstorms.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

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Okay, here's the important question to end all questions: what is the best Tomoyo moment in TRC?

Oh man. Oh man. This is an impossible question if ever there was one. 

Due to my eternal bias every single Tomoyo moment is the best possible Tomoyo moment in TRC. But that’s also a boring answer, so let’s find some good examples. 

JUST TO BE CLEAR, DO I GET TO PICK A DIFFERENT ONE FOR EACH TOMOYO? I’m going to say yes. Those are the rules now. 



The OG Tsubasa version of Tomoyo has only been onscreen for seven pages so far. I’m expecting she’ll have much greater moments in the future, but as of right now? ENTER SASS MASTER TOMOYO

Nihon Tomoyo is here to prove that even being the high priestess isn’t going to dull her dramatic sense of humour. She has maximum marks in showmanship, easily demonstrating that she can be tearfully gazing off into the distance (in delight) one moment and casually cast a complete life altering curse the next. No big deal. This is pancakes for Tomoyo. Sorry Kurogane you never stood a chance. 


Another Tomoyo who was severely under represented on screen, but was incredible nonetheless. Like Nihon Tomoyo, she plays a major part in running the country because hot damn, this is Tomoyo, and every instance of Tomoyo is an absolute pro at everything she touches and easily deserves the unwavering trust of the entire country that she obviously has. 

And then we have THIS MOMENT

Which is only about half a second long, but guys. This is a Tomoyo that has had everything taken from her. We see through Sakura that Villain Guy’s coup was a horrible violent affair that killed her parents and sent her running for her life. Her country and her family were stolen from her in one fell swoop, as well as her bird and her voice. By all rights she should have given up, BUT TOMOYO? NEVER. Despite having nothing but the trust of the people (because hello, this is Tomoyo) she ran the resistance against an all powerful ego maniac for who knows how long - but in this moment she’s lost that as well. She’s in a cage with no ability to move or even communicate. She can’t do a single thing. But what does she do?


Ain’t nobody going to make Tomoyo appear powerless, because Tomoyo is powerful in and of herself. She doesn’t need anything else to back her up. She will go down fighting if it’s the last thing she does. 

It doesn’t go so great, but that only amplifies the fact that Tomoyo stuck to her guns until the very end. She knew exactly what Villain Guy was going to do. She knew she couldn’t stop it. 



Piffle finally gave us the heavenly gift of a Tomoyo that gets plenty of screentime. Piffle’s Tomoyo is just as powerful as the others; she singlehandedly runs the most powerful and influential company in the country, if not the world. Am I elaborating slightly? Yes. But does she deserve it? 

Damn right she does. Piffle’s Tomoyo is massively talented in her own right, but is also willing and able to wield both her company’s assets and it’s reputation to maximum effect, taking complete control of all situations with ease and grace.

She’s also very very gay. 

How could it possibly get any better, you ask? 



In which all of my dreams come true. 

Because Tomoyo with a Gun takes every single instance of Tomoyo’s power structure and inverts it.

Tomoyo has guards. Tomoyo always has guards. Thus, Tomoyo is always The Protected One, and Piffle’s Tomoyo is visibly shown with more guards than every other Tomoyo combined. She is the most protected of all Tomoyos. 

And here she is, in a single instant, leaping into combat faster than an entire room full of trained fighters and becoming The Protector instead. 

Tomoyo has a LOT of good moments. Tomoyo has a lot of GREAT moments. But THIS moment put me into tears with how much it meant. Not only did it empower Tomoyo more than anything else I’ve ever seen, but it slapped every trope into the ground and set them all on fire. 

Because Tomoyo is gorgeous, and she’s talented. She wears dresses and designs fashion and is incredibly enthusiastic about presenting things in just the right way. Tomoyo is resourceful, able to run countries and companies and entire worlds, and is always important enough to be protect. Tomoyo is incredibly feminine, and the biggest lesbian in the universe, and SHE WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE AT THE DROP OF A HAT. Because there is power in all of these things. Tomoyo IS all of these things, and my god, she is not defenseless by any definition of the word. 

And that is just so important. 

You need to learn how to listen, you need grace, you need to learn how to speak. You’re coming with me

“Poetry approached me in that chaos of raw inverted power and leaned over and tapped me on the shoulder, said, “You need to learn how to listen, you need grace, you need to learn how to speak. You’re coming with me.” I did not walk off into the sunset with poetry, or hit the town with a blaze of gunfire with poetry guarding my back. Rather, the journey toward poetry worked exactly as the process of writing a poem. It started from the inside out, then turned back in to complete a movement. And then on and on in the manner of a ripple in water, a song in the air.”

~ Joy Harjo, from the introduction to How We Became Human: New and Selected Poems 1975-2002 

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I've been thinking about how Stirner is a useful tonic against social justice moralism, especially all the "stay in your lane," "it's not my place to ____" shit. Like yes definitely listen to others and cultivate some humility (egoism =/= arrogance) but damn I didn't become an anarchist to be told what I'm allowed to say. Surely there's more to liberation than just inverting the power asymmetries of society at large. idk, riff on that theme if you want, curious to hear your take

I think that’s a simplification of a pretty complex topic tbh. It’s definitely true that if you face oppression you’re much better equipped to talk about that oppression than someone who clearly doesn’t face it, but I think the egoist or an egoist-inspired approach is definitely more helpful than what passes for activism on this front. 

Some people really do enjoy being social police and it’s pretty clear who those types are. One thing that does get to me is the moralism of “activists” when people inevitably fuck up (say something “shitty”) it’s interpreted as like an intrinsic character flaw that must be retributively dealt with. I’m not about that life, but I am about working on overcoming biases and those little bigotries that are drilled into us through our upbringing in a much more productive way than raised voices, shaming, retribution, etc.

Anyways, I read a piece on this a week or two ago which is pretty long but I agree with a good amount of it. An egoist doesn’t seek to reify the social categories created by oppression while also realizing like the piece says that “sexism, racism, etc., are sociologically real”. Everyone is “spooked” and the answer to that is not retake your identity or social category and to reaffirm and alter it’s existence, instead you should disobey it and work to abolish it.

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hi! i love your writing! could you write nikolai, zoya and genya recounting their trip to ketterdam while visiting alina and mal?

Something white clatters onto the kitchen table in front of Alina’s cocoa as Zoya sweeps past. “A present,” she sniffs. “Where’s my cocoa?”

Alina cautiously picks up the white shard, inspects it, and somewhat less cautiously throws it back at the other woman. “That’s disgusting. You’re disgusting.”

“What’s disgusting is your treatment of esteemed guests,” Zoya shoots back, rummaging in the cupboards for a mug of her own. “What are you teaching these orphans of yours?”

“Not how to serve esteemed guests, for one.” Mal, standing behind Alina’s chair, leans over her and picks up the white shard. “What is it this time? A toe?”

“Pinky toe, I think.” Genya pulls out a chair next to Alina, dropping into it with a little sigh of relief. “You really need to be keeping better track of your appendages, Alina. Your bones have seen more of the world than you have.”

“Ha, ha.”

Alina looks over at her last guest, leaning against the kitchen door. Nikolai’s gloved hands are crossed over his chest, but there’s a certain pulse of energy in his form that hits her with a sudden, sharp ache. She’s used to him allowing himself to relax when h visits; it’s been some time since she’s seen him excited.

“Do you have any hilarious comments to add?” she demands, but there’s a smile pulling at the corners of her mouth, one that he echoes. It lights up his eyes in a way that makes Alina very glad she lives in a country manor, far away from any politics or current events. She’s had her taste of world shaking; Nikolai looks like he’s just gotten his back.

“Everything I say is hilarious. I’m a funny man.”

“I think you’re a joke,” Mal agrees easily, tossing the bone shard at him.

By this time, Zoya has unhooked the kettle and poured herself (and no one else) a cocoa. The conversation devolves into good natured insults that Alina lets swirl around her, sipping at her own hot drink.

“Do you want one?” she asks Genya quietly, as Zoya makes some comment on Mal’s abilities, and her husband turns bright red.

Genya eyes the others for a moment, before slowly reaching across the table and snagging Zoya’s mug while she’s fending off a remark from Nikolai. She takes a long, slow drink, and smiles beatifically through the steam at Alina. “I’m good.”

Her friends, Alina decides, are all assholes. Of course, that decision comes with the caveat that she wouldn’t have them any other way, even if it takes them a good ten minutes to settle down and actually start passing on the news they’d come to Keramzin to tell.

Genya starts, blithely talking over everyone else until they shut up. Alina feels Mal’s gaze on the back of her head as the other woman talks about the Shu boy they’ve picked up, the possibility for a cure for parem addiction. She reaches back to find his hand, only to discover he was already reaching for her.

She doesn’t twist back to look at him, only squeezes his fingers, receives a quick pressure of comfort in return. The temptation of parem has been there from the first day the news of a drug that could increase Grisha power had filtered through to them. The prospect of there being a cure of some kind only makes it look that much more appealing. If she could just know. If she could just try it, see what happened, if she could return to being–

There’s a horrible sympathy in Genya’s single amber eye. Alina twitches a smile at her, motions at her to go on, but Zoya takes the chance to grab the reins of the narrative and take firm control of the story. She does not appear to be missing her cocoa.

“Meanwhile, my protege - presume dead, incidentally - has gone off and fallen in love with a Fjerdan drüskelle who supposedly renounced everything for her sake, took and survived parem, inverted her powers, and now creates zombie-plagues with a wave of her hand. I swear, if she turns into Sankta Nina after this, I am coming for you Starkov.”

“What does any of that have to do with me?”

“Unheard-of powers, impossible feats, terrible romantic life choices.” Zoya ticks them off on her fingers. “I’m just saying, you’ve established a precedent that I’d rather she didn’t follow. One martyr is more than enough drama in my life, thank you very much”

“Zoya hates drama,” Nikolai says, very seriously, and ducks out of the way of her fist. Things go downhill again from there, and Alina takes a moment to process. To mourn, that she’s being told all of this rather than taking the lead in it. To feel her husband’s hand tangled with hers, and look around the warmth of her kitchen equipped to feed a mountain of children and staff, and know she’s home.

“What about you?” she asks Nikolai, once they’ve all settled down again and the whole story has been dragged out of three different mouths, of Grisha and politics and a strange group of children that somehow managed to change the outcome. “You seem…lighter.”

“Isn’t it obscene?” Zoya mutters, and that’s when her eyes light on Genya’s mug, and the absence of her own. Mal hastily pours her another one before she brings the whole house down.

“Me?” That smile plays into a grin now, a look that’s somehow familiar and alien on his face. It’s been a while, Alina thinks. “I’m broke, had my ruse called out by a street thug, and have to figure out how to make sure no one discovers the most valuable Grisha in the world is actually alive on Ravkan soil. What’s light about that?”

Nothing, Alina supposes, except for the fact that it’s all stuff that Nikolai thrives on. He’s a good king, but a part of being a good king is staying in one place and doing the same thing, day in and day out. This little trip to Ketterdam - the drama and the danger - has breathed a new life into her friend that suits him more than a crown ever could.

We all make our sacrifices she thinks, and grips Mal’s hand a little tighter. He presses a kiss to the top of her head, rubbing his thumb over the back of her knuckles.

“I’m surrounded,” Zoya complains, and throws another bone shard at them both.

Samus and the Hunters

- Samus’s Chozo DNA grants her a much higher aerobic capacity: Assuming she remains hydrated and fed, she can run a 7-8 minute mile pace indefinitely.

- Although Samus is often a loner, she has conducted many missions with other Hunters. They all agree that while she is very capable, she is hard to work with.

- Samus has a centuries-old archive of music from various species, and will play music to herself often through her helmet.

- Rundas, like other Phrygisians, is a mesotherm. His body temperature adjusts based on his surroundings, to keep his internal temperature at -25° Centigrade. This is so the gases in Rundas’s blood remain a liquid instead of boiling out. How ge can maintain his high level of activity with such a low temperature is still being studied.

- Rundas often tries to be funny, but his jokes are usually obtuse or simply not funny. He thinks he’s hilarious.

- Gandrayda and other Jovians are unusual life-forms, with a conductive metal skeleton that generates a powerful inverted magnetic field to hold their body plasma together. Galactic Federation scientists are still studying the mechanics of these organisms.

- Gandrayda is notorious for practical jokes involving electricity and magnetism, such as blacking out computer terminals, or using static to stick various objects to colleague’s armor.

- Ghor’s affinity for technology makes him a valuable computer scientist as well as a Hunter; Many of the Galactic Federation’s weapons and vehicles are based on his designs.

- Ghor, when not in armor, often works with Samus to store archived music, video, literature, and artwork. Together, they’ve indexed almost all the complete work of many species.

I have some good things coming when I get back.  I have to return my new power inverter.

It appeared to be happily running my freezer this morning and then just quit.  It won’t restart at all. At least it is covered by its guarantee.

I am typing this using my gasoline  powered emergency generator.

I will come back as soon as I can.

I have a GUEST GROANER from @aranelthecyborg

And another of our tea tales from @ask-the-chan-family!

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My daily editing desk. Pretty simple setup: 1 snuggle bunny, 13" Mac air, power inverter, camera and a few lenses. Trying to keep it simple since 2010 ⚡️

Homestuck theory: Ancestors’ classpects more closely match their descendants, not their alternate selves

First off, in Mindfang’s journals, whenever she talks about another ancestor, she mentions their descendant’s class. She referred to Mindfang as having “the foresight of a true seer” or something, and she said something about a “page” when talking about the Summoner.

Plus, the ‘void’ that surrounded the Expatri8, seems more heir-ish to me. He passively inherited the ability not to be seen by Doc Scratch. The Disciple stole the Sacred Leggings, which were symbols of her lover, the Sufferer. She Rogued some Heart stuff. And, speaking of the Sufferer, while it’s true that he saw Beforus in his visions, he also used unity (blood) as a weapon, uniting people against the Empire. 

As for Mindfang herself, she did a lot of theiving, but never much sylphing/healing. She didn’t really fix anybody’s luck, but she stole knowledge from Scratch. The Condesce broke the rules (Witch) of Life by having her already-ludicrous lifespan extended by Scratch. 

And moving on to the humans…….

Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that post-scratch Rose, Roxy’s mom, had a void surrounding her? Why would a hero of Light, of all things, have a void? You could say it has something to do with grimdarkness, but why would the horrorterrors commune with somebody who wasn’t even a player? How would they commune with her? And don’t cry “inversion” at me, Roxy’s mom wasn’t even a player, she hardly even had any powers to invert. 

Anyway, yeah. That’s a pretty much documented phenomenon. I don’t know how to write conclusions so there you go

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Tell me all your favourite quotes.

all of them? there is not enough time in the day for us, my love. here’s some: 

“Yes, you can love the river. The knife. The pills. / The wine. You can love a thousand lonelinesses.” – Jeanann Verlee, from “Polyamory, with Knives

“So what I’m trying to say is you should text me back.
Because there’s a precedent. Because there’s an urgency.
Because there’s a bedtime.
Because when the world ends I might not have my phone charged and
If you don’t respond soon,
I won’t know if you’d wanna leave your shadow next to mine.” — Marina Keegan, from “Nuclear Spring”

“Finally, she said: “I’m lonely” — it’s weird but you tell the wolves things, sometimes. You can’t help it, all these old wounds come open and suddenly you’re confessing to a wolf who never says anything back. She said: “I’m lonely,” and they ate her in the street.” — Catherynne M. Valente, from “The Wolves of Brooklyn,” The Bread We Eat in Dreams

“We ruined ourselves—I have never honestly thought that we ruined each other.” —Scott Fitzgerald, in a Letter to Zelda

“Once, I saw a bee drown in honey, and I understood.” – Nikos Kazantzakis, “Report to Greco”

“Girls love each other like animals. There is something ferocious and unself-conscious about it. We don’t guard ourselves like we do with boys. No one trains us to shield our hearts from each other. With girls, it’s total vulnerability from the beginning. Our skin is bare and soft. We love with claws and teeth and the blood is just proof of how much. It’s feral. And it’s relentless.” —Leah Raeder, Black Iris

“I don’t know where I end and the world begins. My best guess? Skin. It’s the only actual boundary between the body and the world, between a body and any other body.” —Richard Siken, in an Interview for BOMB Magazine

“Poetry approached me in that chaos of raw inverted power and leaved over and tapped me on the shoulder, said ‘you need to learn how to listen, you need grace, you need to learn how to speak. You’re coming with me’.” – Joy Harjo, How We Became Human

“We all come into existence as a single cell, smaller than a speck of dust. Much smaller. Divide. Multiply. Add and subtract. Matter changes hands, atoms flow in and out, molecules pivot, proteins stitch together, mitochondria send out their oxidative dictates; we begin as a microscopic electrical swarm. The lungs the brain the heart. Forty weeks later, six trillion cells get crushed in the vise of our mother’s birth canal and we howl. Then the world starts in on us.”  – Anthony Doerr, All The Light We Cannot See

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- has inverted empathetic powers
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I have a question about Quill/Yondu as a ship. I like them, but I feel a little weird so I wanted to ask you. Do you find it weird drawing Yondu with kid!Peter as father and son but also drawing them sexually for Quilldu?

To be honest, I see it as two completely different universes! After the first film, I was so into the concept of them as a teacher and a student, where the student eventually breaks his ties and becomes more powerful than his old mentor. That sort of inverting power dynamic is 100% my jam. I think the first film had a lot of ambiguity which can be really fun to explore - where neither party saw the other as ‘family’, necessarily. Yondu seemed more like he’d vaguely (and shoddily) filled in a guiding role, but not necessarily a parental one, and Peter had a lot of resentment due to that - again, excellent material for a writer wanting to create a dramatic, conflicting, and not necessarily healthy relationship.

Of course, the second film made it obvious that Yondu has always seen Peter as his son, even if Peter only returned the sentiment right at the end of Yondu’s life. So when I draw adult Peter/Yondu I tend to just… imagine that the second gotg film didn’t happen! Or draw the cartoon/comic versions of the characters, which have a very different dynamic again.

But at the end of the day, a fictional ship is a fictional ship. You do you, however you see ‘em.

Sorry if this is muddly I just woke upppp XD

I am finally back.

News is mixed.  

I have the new Power inverter.

By the time that I got it installed, not only was the light gone, but the batteries did not have enough “OOMPH” to start the freezer.

I will have to wait until tomorrow to see how it works with the freezer.

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On the plus side, not only am I running the computer on it, I got to go to HARBOR FREIGHT!

Harbor Freight is De Writer’s favorite toy tool store!

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What if Shinji were human and part of Ichigo's original gang?

As requested by anon. :)

Let’s pretend that Shinji is just your average normal human when Bleach began, and that he was in Ichigo’s class. What would Bleach be like then?

1. Shinji would hate school.

When Shinji went to Ichigo’s school for like two days as a visored, he thought it was the worst thing ever. “School every day?” he lamented. “What the actual fuck?” So I imagine that if Shinji were a student, he wouldn’t exactly be a nerd like Ishida. He’d be dragging himself to school every day, more like Keigo and Mizuiro.

Keigo: S-Sado, you’re ranked in the top ten?? You’re a nerd like Ichigo???

Keigo: Well at least SHINJI didn’t betray us!

Shinji: It’s true. I’m waaaay down in the rankings.

Keigo: And this is why we love you.

2. Shinji would figure out Ichigo’s secret.

Of course, just because he’s lazy when it comes to school doesn’t mean that Shinji isn’t smart. As we’ve seen in Bleach, Shinji is very smart. And suspicious. And a fan of stalking people. So when Ichigo started leaving class mysteriously, Shinji would quickly figure out why.

Shinji: So you’re a soul reaper, huh?

Ichigo: Y-You can see me in soul form?

Shinji: No why would I need to see you to figure out that you became a soul reaper?

Ichigo: …

Ichigo: Dude, how are you not acing school?

3. Shinji would be a rival of Chizuru for Orihime’s affection.

Because Shinji is a giant flirt.

Chizuru: Hey! Get your hand OFF of her shoulder!

Chizuru: Orihime is MY princess and she doesn’t like it!!!

Shinji: Um, if she didn’t like it, then why is she being so chill about it, huh??


4. Shinji would gain powers along with everyone else.

Ichigo gained powers protecting his family. Chad gained them protecting Karin. Orihime gained them protecting Tatsuki. So I guess Shinji would get his protecting, um……Keigo?

Keigo: Shinji! Stop! Why are you destroying that poor movie prop??


5. Shinji would basically have mind fuck powers.

I like to think that Shinji would eventually have his Inverted World power, because that’s cool. But like everyone, Shinji would need to build up to that power. Maybe start by making his opponents vaguely dizzy or something.

Shinji: Man I hope my powers get cooler.

6. In Soul Society, Chad would finally have a partner.

Chad always ends up traveling alone, because he’s just the odd one out. Like in Soul Society, when Ichigo teamed up with Ganju, and Ishida teamed up with Orihime, and Chad wandered around by himself punching people. With Shinji there, the numbers would be even, so I guess Shinji would travel around with Chad.

Shinji: ICHIGO!


Chad: I *really* don’t think that’s the best way to find them.

7. Shinji would be blamed for Aizen’s death.

Remember when some of the shinigami thought the ryoka were responsible for Aizen’s death? It just occurred to me that this means that Shinji would *still* be blamed for crimes actually committed by Aizen. That amuses me no end.

Aizen: That blond guy is in jail with the other ryoka.

Aizen: It warms my heart.

Tosen: Why?

Aizen: I don’t know.

Aizen: I just physically enjoy his suffering. 

Tosen: …

Tosen: [backs away]

8. Later, Kensei would be sent to recruit Ichigo to the visored.

I like to think Kensei would be sent to recruit Ichigo if Shinji weren’t in the picture. I mean, he cooks for the visored. Clearly he’s easy to persuade.

Kensei: Smile, Ichigo!

Kensei: You’re a visored!!!!

Ichigo: Okay but literally who are you.

9. (I’ll get back to Shinji in a minute but come on, Kensei pretending to be a student though).

It’s just inherently funny.

Keigo: I hear the new transfer student has an obscene tattoo….on his chest!

Keigo: I think this guy is bad news!!!

Ichigo: Yeah, no kidding.

Kensei: What do you mean?? Just look at this SMILE!

10. Ishida and Shinji would be rivals.

Ishida prides himself on being the perceptive one in the group, which isn’t hard because Ichigo. Ishida comes up with the plans, and notices details, and draws conclusions. It’s his thing. But then, Shinji is good at that too. So with both of them in one group, they’d totally be rivals.

Ishida: Yes, I noticed that what Ukitake said about the soul reaper badge was odd.

Ishida: I naturally concluded that there had previously been a substitute soul reaper.

Shinji: Yeah, I came to that conclusion too.

Shinji: Back when Rukia knew how to transfer her powers to Ichigo. 

Shinji: So…..much earlier.


Shinji: Suuuuuure it’s not.

Installment Four - Small Transgressions

There are ways, small, subtle, perhaps unnoticeable to most, but impactful none the less, to resist the lop-sided power dynamic, to invert it, if only for a moment or two. She had discovered these secret acts along the way, by accident mostly. She also noticed she was not the only one to practice them, or versions of them; many of her co-workers engaged in them as well. Wherever there are relationships of power, she had noticed, there also seems to exist forms of resistance.

So when she saw how one of her co-workers would use her body to resist by standing at her till with one leg up and bent, the foot of that leg resting on the garbage can tucked under the till, causing her body to inhabit more space and give off a vibe of detached confidence and cool, a non-verbal statement conveying that this co-worker obviously did not care what customers or management thought about her body positioning (cashiers are not *supposed* to stand like this), and so, was not giving into the prescribed role of passive, subservient, powerless cashier, she would smile to herself. 

And when another co-worker, one who was universally well liked by both customers,her fellow comrades and even management due to her warm and friendly personality, continually showed up to her shifts late or spent most of her shifts talking to others (socializing between co-workers was always something management tried to control and reduce as much as possible) and knowingly got away with it because no one in management wanted to confront her, this also made her smile.

And she herself would often purchase a chocolate bar and hide it in her apron pocket, eating small bits of it throughout the day when no one was watching. Eating food while at her till was forbidden, but she did it because sometimes it was literally the only thing that would get her through her shift, and there was something about secretly breaking this rule that gave her pleasure, beyond just the simple pleasure provided by eating chocolate. It made her feel some small sense of autonomy.

She also recognized that there were little ways to extend this sense of autonomy by resisting against the rudeness of certain customers. For instance, from time to time she would have customers that would come to her with a question about whether a product was in stock, but pose the question in a condescending, rude or sometimes outright belligerent way, as if they were blaming her for the fact that the product was not on the shelf and implying that this was somehow her fault, even though she had no control over it. They knew they could unload all of their frustrations and anger on her and she would have to take it. In these instances, if the store wasn’t busy, she would often tell the customer that she would personally check the back room where the grocery stock was kept to see if she could find the product for them. However, when she would go to the back room, she would just stand there for a few moments (maybe have a bite of her hidden chocolate bar), not check anything, and come back out, apologizing to the customer that the item wasn’t in stock, and suggesting that perhaps the store might not even carry the item anymore. This would usually make the customers more upset and they would usually angrily leave. Inwardly, she would smile to herself at their reaction, feeling it to be a small victory on her own behalf. Of course, she would never do this to customers who treated her respectfully, only in instances where she felt herself being treated as a less-than-human subordinate by entitled a-holes.

It was these small acts, however mundane they might seem, that allowed her to keep going, day in and day out. These few moments where she felt like she could act on behalf of her own interest, instead of continually sacrificing herself for the good of the job.

But were they enough?