“Why is it, that whenever the human race meets someone with supernatural powers, they instinctively cower in fear, like they believe that person is going to kill them? What have you all done to illicit such a reaction?”

“What is it that we combat in Christianity? That it wants to break the strong, discourage courage, exploit occasional weariness, convert assurance into distress of conscience, and sicken the noble instincts until one’s will to power turns backwards against itself.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §252 (edited excerpt).

There is a wolf inside me. And she is leading a pack. I am awoken by its roar.
Everything that I love I claw into, refusing to let go. I guard my territory like the queen of the jungle. And nothing and no one
will touch anything or anyone I love. My survival instinct is powerful, I survive trauma with grace, so my scars become tattoos engraved in the light of the sun. I honor this wolf. She is my integrity and my dignity, the pride stamped across my chest.
I am my own sacred sun.
there is also a wounded cub, cowering and exhausted, howling to be held. Make the fucking world go away

What is the meaning of the will to power on the part of moral values that have developed so tremendously on earth? The instinct of the herd against the strong and independent, the instinct of the suffering and underprivileged agsinst the fortunate, and the instinct of the mediocre against the exceptional.”

—F. Nietzsche, The Will to Power, §274 (edited excerpt).

Each of the three teams can be described by the anime’s first season theme song in the English dub:

Valor - “I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was. To catch them is my real test, to train them is my cause.”

Mystic - “I will travel across the land, searching–far and wide–each Pokémon, to understand the power that’s inside.”

Instinct - outrageously sick guitar solo “POKEMON!”