We’ve all seen parody trailers involving nostalgic characters from our childhood. From Daria to Hey Arnold! But what if you mixed all of the 90s cartoons that were considered “bad eggs” and add a little magic? Magic School Bus, that is! Well, my team and I did just that in this Magic School Bus/90s cartoon cross-over. We worked really hard to bring on those *feels* and would love to spread it across the interwebs so that everyone can partake in said *feels*. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5I5bbV_k4M
Nostalchicks Powerpuff Girls Grown Up Photo Set 1 Series: The Powerpuff Girls Cosplayers:
Adult Blossom - Tinka Cosplay
Adult Bubbles - MEW21 Cosplay
Adult Buttercup - Blue Shoes Cosplay
Photographer and Digital Designer: J.L.Peacock Studios
Website: www.jlpeacockstudio.smugmug.com
All images posted here belong and are copyrighted to LyAnne Peacock with J.L.Peacock Studios.