Thousands of people are taking to the streets in Poland to protest a proposed inhumane anti-abortion act. 


Protesters carried and hung coat hangers on the doors of governmnent offices. Hangers are often used to perform underground abortions. 

 Share this please & support Polish women!


Abortion rights are in a state of emergency and headed for disaster.  Urgently needed: uncompromising resistance.  We WON’T go back to the days of back-alley and coat hanger abortions, and women condemned to domestic servitude against their wills.  Abortion on demand and without apology!

Join the resistance: www.StopPatriarchy.org

This trench coat says “I could be really fun and have drinks on the town, or I could kill a bitch and no one would suspect a thing.” I’ll let you form your own opinion 💋

Hints of Yellow Diamond’s power

Did anynone else though that it was weird that Yellow Diamond was for some reason wearing Insulating Gloves?

Infact, her whole atire except for what she’s wearing below the belt seems to be the kind of insulation armor, especially since her original reveal from Extended Intro.

Which finally explain this bugger from 1st season, the Lion 2 episode (and also hinter for the powers of other Diamonds).

Which basically leads do… well.

A Diamond’s power is apparently so great that they have to personally restrict themselves in some way so that they don’t unnecessarily destroy their subjects or even the equipement they’re operating with.

BOLD WHAT YOU PREFER: Gone Series Edition


  • Caine or Sam
  • Diana or Astrid
  • Edilio or Quinn
  • Dekka or Lana
  • Brianna or Dahra
  • Penny or Albert
  • Drake or Gaia
  • Caine or Diana or Sam or Astrid


  • Telekineses or Super Speed
  • Healing or Light
  • Canceling gravity or invisibility
  • Create visions or teleport
  • Read people or see their importance


  • Caina or Sastrid
  • Breeze/Dekka or Breeze/Jack
  • Caina or Diana/Drake
  • Sastrid or Taylor/Sam
  • Lana/Sanjit or Lana/Quinn
  • Rodger/Edilio or Quinn/Sam


  • Book-1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6
  • Light or Plague
  • Lies or Gone
  • Fear or Hunger
  • Plague or Lies


  • Perdido Beach or Coates Academy
  • Perdido Beach or the Lake
  • Lake or the Island
  • Poof or stay
  • Work at hospital or daycare
  • Fishing or gardening

FEELIN’ GROOVY - P.O.T.W. - Revlon - privileged

  • Revlon - priviledged
  • O.P.I. - hotter than you pink + i just can’t cope-acabana
  • Sally Hansen - white on + pep-plum + green with envy
  • OCC makeup - technopagan

This is the last look using Revlon - priviledged. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches.