I will teach my future daughter that her body is a white rose.
No matter how many muddied hands may touch her, her petals will remain of ivory and purity.
Though she is a flower, she is anything be delicate.
She may be plucked for her beauty but she will survive for her strength.
I will teach her that she is a woman made of thunder,
There will be people who will set out to silence her booming existence.
I will tell her “do not let them dull the whirlwind that you are,
let them fuel the hurricane that you will grow to be.
You are a mighty tree, though they may cut you down, your roots run far too deep.
Your mighty body is a fortress of sovereignty, unconquerable by any man.
May you speak with a voice coated with power and dipped in strength.
May you never be silenced by smalls minds,
Rather encouraged by big hearts.
You are a star and though they may tell you that you are a dime a dozen, may you explain that if it weren’t for the sparkle of the stars, the night would simply be a black cloud of lonely.”
—  indieluhv

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now that i know you like his dark materials... how bout a tfc au daemon style? i've been thinking about it for months and i want nay need it in my life. think of andreil. cause i did and i'm in tears

this is just a little bit because otherwise i’m liable to never stop

Sin settles later than most.

Having a distinctive daemon is somehow less obvious than having one that no one ever sees.  All kinds of kids have peacocks, grizzly bears and cobras - they shift week-to-week, about as permanent as the wind.  If not for his mother, Neil would wear Sin against his skin every day as something tiny.  But that would be obvious, so instead her name changes almost as much as her form.

It’s not until Mary dies that she finally does settle.  Neil looks away from the car, dazzled by firelight, and finds silvery speckled fur with jet-black points and reddish eyes the same colour as Nathaniel Wesninski’s hair.  Just like that, he knows she won’t shift again.

He wants to run and leave her behind.  Instead, the first night they’re alone when he’s finally holed up somewhere safe enough to sleep, he presses his face into her coat and says her name like a prayer.


“Shh,” she replies, voice rusty and weary as Neil feels. Like she’s remembering Mary’s lessons, you’re Alex-Stefan-whatever and nothing else, with the ferocity that Neil stills feels the echo of blood-deep.

Tomorrow, he’ll be someone else again. So will she. But he can’t resist the little kernel of truth that is her true name in his mouth.

Sin laughs sharply when they read about Kevin Day joining the Foxes. Irony, she says, her teeth on show.

She isn’t laughing when Wymack comes for them.

“It’s almost meant to be,” he says, gesturing to her where she’s poised at Neil’s feet. The tension in her body is more obvious than it is in Neil’s, every muscle tight with it.  “Need a pen?”

“No,” Neil replies. “I’m not playing for you. You’re wasting your time.”

Wymack taps at the side of his head like he’s not sure his ears are working right. Beside him, his daemon tilts her head. “I misheard you.”

“You signed Kevin.” It sounds like a non sequitur. It’s not – this is a death sentence that the Fox coach is asking him to sign.

“And Kevin’s signing you-”

Neil bolts, leaving him and Hernandez behind in a clatter of metal under the soles of his shoes. There’s no pull from Sin, because she’s right at his heels.

Graduating high school means nothing if he dies within the year. Forget it – he’ll leave tonight, outrunning Kevin and all of his other ghosts.

Except he’s too slow. Halfway through the locker room he realises he isn’t alone, but it’s already too late.

It’s like he hits a brick wall, gasping and suddenly unable to go another step forwards.  For a second he doesn’t realise what has happened – then he hears Sin gasp his name.  

“Better luck next time,” comes a voice from behind Neil. He can’t look to see who it belongs to, his eyes caught on Sin as she struggles in the jaws of another daemon.

“Let her go,” he says, dropped to one knee and not even sure how he got there. The crawl of pain that feels like teeth in the back of his neck is overwhelming, all-consuming.

“Oh, no, no,” the voice says. “We came all this way for you. It’s no fun if you run off ten minutes into our meeting. Your coach was right though - you’re quick.”

There’s the sound of feet on the floor, and Wymack and his coyote daemon appear in the doorway with Hernandez behind them. Wymack says, “God damn it, Minyard!”

“We didn’t break them, Coach,” the voice replies. “Effective, no? Not even a bruise.”

“Let go of her,” Neil repeats, finally managing to turn his head away from Sin to the owner of the voice. Andrew Minyard is familiar thanks to Neil’s reading habits, a broad grin across his face and his hands shoved into his pockets.

“Now, Andrew,” Wymack says.

Andrew gestures to his daemon. “What, you can’t ask her?”

She doesn’t look particularly interested in reasonable argument. She probably outweighs Neil, and even with her head held low she’s nearly a metre tall. She’s a spotted hyena, roughed-coated and powerful and slavering around her grip on Sin’s coat.

Smiling still, Andrew says, “Amaranth.” His daemon spits Sin out at last, so she lands in a heap on the floor. A second later, she bolts for Neil – he opens his arms for her, and then she’s in them, clasped close enough that he feels like he could push her inside of his chest.

It’s not the first time she’s been grabbed by another daemon. All of those memories drag at Neil as he holds her spit-damp, quivering body against him.

“Are you okay?” Wymack asks them, as his daemon puts herself between them and Amaranth. Amaranth nips at her tail and laughs at the snap she gets in response, the sound bright and horrendous and all animal against the backdrop of the locker room.

All the articles talk about Andrew and his bright drugged smile – they don’t mention the effect on his daemon. Or maybe the madness is a pre-existing condition.

“I’m fine,” Neil replies. “I’m leaving.”

Except he isn’t. Except, he doesn’t. Instead he leaves campus in the dark, with Sin curled around his neck, the contract weighing down his bag, and Andrew Minyard’s mocking words echoing in his ears along with his daemon’s laughter. 

Castiel Imagine

Imagine: Castiel coming when you call for him during a bad dream, and the angel helping you fall back to sleep.

(not my GIF)

Castiel’s anxiously glinting blue eyes observed your tense sweat-sheened drowsing figure bathed in the faint glow of the bedside clock. White knuckles lessening their grip on the cool metal of the angel blade, his worry creased brow gradually softened at the realization you were no longer in distress.

Only seconds ago you wrestled with an all too common disquieting dream. Terrified to the core, you punched through the wall of unconsciousness, calling out to the angel in your sleep, both in the feeble utterance of his name beyond your lips, and in the deafening screams of your soul. As often happened, you calmed the instant he arrived – his very presence in the room having a soothing effect and reinforcing your tenuous hold on slumber. Restless now from the physical discomforts shadowing a vivid nightmare, you fitfully stirred, fabric tangled limbs struggling to shove off cotton sheets drenched in sweat, vacillating at the fine line between awareness and insentience.

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Meet my newest baby! Her name is Lizz and she’s a thief who’s working for the Inquest. Her design should actually use Scarlet’s Spaulders and Scarlet’s Grasp, but I don’t own them yet, so this is her outfit until they are available again.

Here I am using: Dragonscale Epauletes, Auxiliary Powered Coat, Viper’s Armguard, Carapace Leggings and Carapace Boots. I tried finding headgear that fits the design, and I actually wanted to use the Council Watch Faceguard, but unfortunately it’s clipping through the strands of hair in the front, so I can’t use it without freaking out every time I notice it. She’s wearing the Strider’s Faceguard now, but I hardly ever display it. I like to imagine she wears it to conceal her face when she’s infiltrating some facility to steal valuable data or something.

Dyes I used are the following: Iron, Night Shade, Shadow Abyss, Abyss, Fuchsia and Maroon.

I’m a little late to the fashion week, it started three days ago, so I’ll be posting three more outfits I put together to catch up, I guess. Consider this one “Day 1″ of Fashion week for me.

Cold as Ice

I’ve expressed my love for Canon!Danny’s ice powers (nature powers in general are amazing, but I have an extreme love for ice powers), so of course those translate to Four. Because why not.

His eyes change for the power he uses- green for ghost, blue for ice. Both powers are taxing on his body, and his ice powers coat his skin and hair with frost, and he becomes deadly cold to the touch.

Four hates cameras, and he loves to destroy them. Especially when he’s older.

I’m sure every bat-person in Gotham is now investigating a possibility of Joker attack. When it’s just Shade paying a visit.

Shade, the Changing Girl #7. Loma runs away after the last issue and just goes to visit Gotham City. Needless to say, this disturbing, depressing industrial gothic nightmare city from hell to a wearer of alien coat harnessing power of madness appears…pretty fun. I wonder what’s going to happen when she meets any of the Batfamily members. Or if not them, then maybe Klarion? That would be most fun encounter this side of Arkham Asylum….In which, knowing Shade, I won’t be surprised if she’ll be trying to break at some point.

Hotter Than the Sun

Peter Maximoff x Reader: Reader during the fight with Apocalypse, post-breakup

Warning(s): Swearing

A/N: I was inspired by this post sort of. Different context

  Your eyes were blazing as you stood in the tattered ruins of an Egyptian house, fire coursing through your veins. The city was in ruins, your life in ruins, as the battle raged around you. You turned your head to look at the scene around you. Jean was kneeling with Xavier, Hank checking on Kurt. Scott sat, back against the wall, processing the situation. You and your friends were losing. How could you possibly win against Apocalypse? He had more power than all of you, even with two telepaths, a pyrotechnic, a beast, a teleporter, a shapeshifter, Scott’s energy beam, and a speedster. Your eyes widened. Where was Peter?

  You and Peter hadn’t been together for quite some time, a year, but you still loved him. You hadn’t wanted to break up, but circumstances had created too much tension. The two of you fought, then split, remaining friends afterward. You missed him, the feel of his hands on you and running your hands through his hair and the way he looked at you. You missed his smell, his touch, his jokes, the sex. You missed him more than you ever thought you could.

  Your head whipped from side to side, searching for him. Where was he? That was when you saw him. A blur of silver amongst the rubble. A blur moving straight at Apocalypse. Idiot. He’s an idiot. A complete fool. He’s going to get himself killed. The scene moves too fast for you to follow, but worry explodes in your chest when Peter turns from blurr to still, his leg caught in a trap. You don’t wait any longer before leaping down onto the field, leaving the others behind you. Peter’s scream of pain echoes and bounces off debris as Apocalypse breaks his leg, forcing him to kneel. You approach, eyes locked on Apocalypse’s fingers as they yank Peter’s hair, exposing his neck for the oncoming Psylocke.


  Your powers explode without warning, coating the field in an ocean of blazing flames. They form a ring around Apocalypse as you walk through the scorching heat. Your eyes lock with the old, dead ones of Apocalypse.

“You can destroy my soul,” you begin, voice hard and cold and filled with malice, “break my spirit,” your flames roar up further around you and you hear your teammates shouting. “You can beat me, torture me, or kill me.” You’re standing a few feet away from the ancient being, eyes locked. “But for the love of God, don’t touch him.” Your powers explode, converging upon Apocalypse, forcing him to release his hold upon Peter.

  You feel the fire course through you, letting it flow freely as you never had before. You hadn’t been lying. That damn bastard could do whatever the hell he wanted to you, but he was not to mess with anyone you loved. You didn’t flinch as attacks came your way, merely shielding Peter and yourself in the flames. You could hear people shouting, but you were too far gone now. This asshole had messed with your family, the only family you had. Not just Peter, but everyone else too, and, by God, he was going to pay. Your flames surrounded Apocalypse just as Jean’s powers ripped him apart, reducing him to nothing. You slowly cool your powers, extinguishing your flames with the blink of an eye.

“Damn,” Peter says, voice strained. You kneel next to him, running your fingers through his hair. “I always knew you were hotter than the sun.” He winked, then winced, and you laughed softly.

“Shut up, idiot.”

“I love you too.” You smiled.

You see, today you take a big step into power. With your white coat and your Latin, with your anatomy lessons and your stethoscope, you enter today a life of new and vast privilege. You may not notice your power at first. You will not always feel powerful or privileged — not when you are filling out endless billing forms and swallowing requirements and struggling through hard days of too many tasks.

But this will be true: In return for your years of learning and your dedication to a life of service and your willingness to take an oath to that duty, society will give you access and rights that it gives to no one else. Society will allow you to hear secrets from frightened human beings that they are too scared to tell anyone else. Society will permit you to use drugs and instruments that can do great harm as well as great good, and that in the hands of others would be weapons. Society will give you special titles and spaces of privilege, as if you were priests. Society will let you build walls and write rules.

—  Donald Berwick, MD, former acting administrator of CMS and current gubernatorial candidate in Massachusetts, at Yale Medical School’s 2010 graduation ceremony.

Thousands of people are taking to the streets in Poland to protest a proposed inhumane anti-abortion act. 


Protesters carried and hung coat hangers on the doors of governmnent offices. Hangers are often used to perform underground abortions. 

 Share this please & support Polish women!

Take My Hand

In the dusty remains of the SEP base, Gabriel finds himself face to face with a ghost. Written for Reaper76 Week 2017. Day 3 Prompt: ‘At Your Back’ (Trust/Betrayal). 

Inspired by @infinite-atmosphere

Disclaimer: As always Overwatch and its brilliant characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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meme. // brag about something to your muse. // NOT ACCEPTING !


Each word was a powerful warning coated in knowing DEFIANCE. It was a phrase intertwined with an unspoken humor, laced with predetermined knowledge the pharaoh PULLED from within his memories. As if CONFIDENT words weren’t enough, he took a step to the side, turning his sharp figure so that Anzu took the center stage of attention, now.

    ❝ ANZU ISN’T ONLY an impressive dancer. She’s also a remarkable duelist of her own making. Through every tournament she’s attended and cheered for her friends, she’s had her own share of battling against some of the most unforgiving opponents and won them fair and square. I wouldn’t be so hasty to judge her skills … if I were you. ❞  

To EMPHASIZE his point even further, the physical ego unsheathed his very own weapon from it’s rightful place upon his BELT.  Snapping his wrist to an angle, the face of the DARK MAGICIAN was revealed at it’s bottom.

    ❝ I WOULD BET all of the cards in this deck and entrust the very same to her to use in a duel if need be. That’s how terrifying her willpower can really be ! You’d be wise to assume she’s no pushover. ❞  

Now, Atem finally looked over to his friend – pride ILLUMINATING vibrant eyes.  In all his spent getting to know the people closest to his partner (  and those whom he had considered his own friends long BEFORE his identity was made known  ), Anzu always had a way of carrying an IMPENETRABLE amount of belief in her friends … so it was only natural that it was now his turn to believe in her !

This supercapacitor battery can be recharged 30,000 times

A thin, flexible supercapacitor boasts high energy and power densities. Credit: University of Central Florida

Everyone and anyone with a smartphone know it is not long before your phone holds a charge for less and less time as the battery begins to degrade. But new research by scientists at the NanoScience Technology Center at the University of Central Florida (UCF), USA, could change that. The team have developed a new method for producing flexible supercapacitors that can store greater amounts of energy and can be recharged over 30,000 times without degradation. This new method could transform technology such as electric vehicles and mobile phones in the future.

‘If you were to replace the batteries with these supercapacitors, you could charge your mobile phone in a few seconds and you wouldn’t need to charge it again for over a week,’ said University of Central Florida researcher Nitin Choudhary.

The UCF team has attempted to apply newly discovered 2D materials that measure just a few atoms thick to supercapacitors. Other scientists have also tried formulations with other 2D materials including graphene, but had only limited success. The new supercapacitors are composed of millions of nanometre-thick wires coated with shells of 2D materials. The core facilitates the super-fast charging and discharging that makes supercapacitors powerful, and the 2D coating delivers the energy storage ability.

‘We developed a simple chemical synthesis approach so we can very nicely integrate the existing materials with the two-dimensional materials,’ said Yeonwoong Eric Jung, assistant professor of the study. Jung is working with UCF’s Office of Technology Transfer to patent the new process. ‘It’s not ready for commercialisation,’ Jung said. ‘But this is a proof-of-concept demonstration, and our studies show there are very high impacts for many technologies.’