Meet my newest baby! Her name is Lizz and she’s a thief who’s working for the Inquest. Her design should actually use Scarlet’s Spaulders and Scarlet’s Grasp, but I don’t own them yet, so this is her outfit until they are available again.

Here I am using: Dragonscale Epauletes, Auxiliary Powered Coat, Viper’s Armguard, Carapace Leggings and Carapace Boots. I tried finding headgear that fits the design, and I actually wanted to use the Council Watch Faceguard, but unfortunately it’s clipping through the strands of hair in the front, so I can’t use it without freaking out every time I notice it. She’s wearing the Strider’s Faceguard now, but I hardly ever display it. I like to imagine she wears it to conceal her face when she’s infiltrating some facility to steal valuable data or something.

Dyes I used are the following: Iron, Night Shade, Shadow Abyss, Abyss, Fuchsia and Maroon.

I’m a little late to the fashion week, it started three days ago, so I’ll be posting three more outfits I put together to catch up, I guess. Consider this one “Day 1″ of Fashion week for me.


RIHANNA TAKES FLIGHT - photography: Mariano Vivanco - fashion editor: Mel Ottenberg - hair: Yusef - makeup: Francesca Tolot - manicure: Jimmie Kyees - grooming: Rob Scheppy - production: Shelly Tassin - prop styling: Gille Mills - location: Santa Paula Airport, California - male models: Adonis, Deryl George, Matthew Nosa & Tom Pricone - Harper’s Bazaar March 2017

  • “There’s something so special about a woman who dominates in a man’s world. It takes a certain grace, strength, intelligence, fearlessness, and the nerve to never take no for an answer. Amelia Earhart was such a dynamic force in her industry, setting multiple aviation records in her time. So it was a no-brainer for me to team up with Harper’s Bazaar in honor of a woman who held her own with the big boys.” ~ Rihanna

featured designers: Hermès jacket, pants, belt & shoes - Stella McCartney jacket & pants, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Hermés shoes - Tod’s coat, Emporia Armani boots, vintage hat & goggles

menswear: School NYC flight jacket - Louis Vuitton jumpsuit - Linda Farrow sunglasses - Peter Nappi boots - Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci flight suit 

BOLD WHAT YOU PREFER: Gone Series Edition


  • Caine or Sam
  • Diana or Astrid
  • Edilio or Quinn
  • Dekka or Lana
  • Brianna or Dahra
  • Penny or Albert
  • Drake or Gaia
  • Caine or Diana or Sam or Astrid


  • Telekineses or Super Speed
  • Healing or Light
  • Canceling gravity or invisibility
  • Create visions or teleport
  • Read people or see their importance


  • Caina or Sastrid
  • Breeze/Dekka or Breeze/Jack
  • Caina or Diana/Drake
  • Sastrid or Taylor/Sam
  • Lana/Sanjit or Lana/Quinn
  • Rodger/Edilio or Quinn/Sam


  • Book-1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6
  • Light or Plague
  • Lies or Gone
  • Fear or Hunger
  • Plague or Lies


  • Perdido Beach or Coates Academy
  • Perdido Beach or the Lake
  • Lake or the Island
  • Poof or stay
  • Work at hospital or daycare
  • Fishing or gardening

More Princess’ versions:
Princess Swan- Legacy Day
Princess Swan- Sugar Coated
Princess Swan- Dragon Games
Princess Swan and Arthur Sunshine- Ballet Class (My original collection)
Princess Swan ad Arthur Sunshine- Legacy Day
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Princess Swan- Moonlight Dance (my original collection)


He wore an outfit until recently, when I decided to give him a rogueish nomad feeling. The helm clips a little with his ears, but I tend to just ignore that >.<

Head: Dragonscale Headdress.
Shoulders: Buccaneer Shoulders.
Chest: Auxiliary Powered Coat.
Gloves: Prowler Gloves.
Legs: Protean Leggings.
Boots: Auxiliary Powered Boots.
Weapons: Peacemaker’s Daggers, Stardust.

Dyes: Abyss, Chalk, Calfskin and Hot Pink.

This trench coat says “I could be really fun and have drinks on the town, or I could kill a bitch and no one would suspect a thing.” I’ll let you form your own opinion 💋