Crackship: Nezriel

Okay so Sarah (@nessiansmut) and I officially moved into the loony bin last night after the whole Elriel/Elucien debate got too much for us and we started considering Nezriel (yes, that’s Nesta and Azriel) and we sorta ended up building a ship - crackship, but still - from scratch. Without further ado, we give you Nezriel:

  • they understand each other’s darkness: him being locked in that cell/dungeon and her drowning in the cauldron. She realises that he understands what she’s feeling in a way the others can't 
  • both of their powers came to them after being trapped in the dark
  • if Nesta was snarky with him, he’d sass her right back and she’d be taken aback to hear that coming from him. After that happens they end up making out
  • Nesta was completely surprised because wtf just happened. She doesn’t like him like that and he certainly doesn’t like her like that.
  • Azriel doesn’t go to the house after that for a few days because he shouldn’t be having these feelings towards her. He’s pretty sure Cassian is in love with her. 
  • but there’s a clear difference between romantic attraction and sexual attraction and she can’t lie she’s attracted to his brooding silent tall dark and handsome thing and wants to see if it’s just a front or not and he’s secretly so turned on by her fierceness and anger
  • so he acts out and attacks Eris at the high lord meeting because everyone thinks he’s into Mor. And he is she’s hot but not like what he’s feeling for Nesta.
  • and Nesta knows deep down she cares about Cassian but she can’t deny the strange sexual tension between her and Az
  • the fact that the whole thing is a secret and NEEDS to stay a secret makes it even more exciting
  • imagine one catching the other looking at them at dinner with everyone from the inner circle around
  • Cassian is just always there always touching her and he just can’t. Az would get so possessive even though Nesta isn’t hers and Cass probably has a lot more reasons to touch her than he does but that doesn’t mean her doesn’t DESPERATELY want to touch her
  • He’d reach his shadows under the table to touch her just once. Not even sexual just to see if he was the only one feeling this way. And when she feels that shadow touch her leg her eyes just lock onto his and suddenly you can cut the tension in the room with a knife. Just as he’s surprised that she looked at him and starts pulling the shadow away from her she subtly stretches her leg so it brushes up against the shadow again
  • they’re basically playing shadow footsie under the table
  • he saved Elain because he knew how devastated Nesta would be if something happened to her. ‘I’m getting her back.’ was meant as reassurance and a promise to Nesta
  • and that’s why he spends time with her. He knows that if Elain gets better it will bring Nesta some piece of mind. And when she gets better he starts subtly asking her questions about Nesta to find out more about her
  • and that fire on Nesta’s drawer wasn’t fire for the autumn court or Cassian’s siphons. It was fire for the scars on Azriel’s hands.
  • so the inner circle are all hanging out and the conversation kinda takes an unexpected turn and Az is telling her and Elain the story of how he got the scars on his hands and his childhood and everything  and nesta just goes utterly still with rage but she can’t really react too much but she’s so mad and won’t stop looking at him and afterwards she catches him alone and tells him that those who did that to him deserve to die
  • and the conversation is short and basically consists of them just saying that they care about each other in EXTREMELY subtle ways
  • Az starts teaching her Illyrian. And because he knows she likes to read he gives her the books he read as a children.
  • She’d be subtly letting words slip in Illyrian during conversations and he’d be so turned on when she speaks Illyrian. They’d be like feysand writing secret notes but in Illyrian so that if Feyre ever saw them she would just think that its spy messages
  • they have their lessons in the library and it’d be the only time they really spend alone cause they have the lessons as an excuse
  • in wings and embers Nesta was super pissed Cassian showed up because normally Azriel was the one that delivered the letters. 
  • In ACOWAR Azriel was about to object to bringing Nesta to the court of nightmares and when Nesta asks him about the fate of the queens his damn siphons smolder
  • Azriel comes to rescue Feyre from Nessian but it was really so that he could see a riled up Nesta and he is so mad that Cass can just casually flirt with her while he has to keep his emotions in check. But then she shuts Cassian down and it turns him on so much
  • Good thing he has great self control or else he’d jump her right there consequences be damned
  • he is an extremely jealous bat and he’d tell Nesta about having the biggest wingspan after he sees Cassian flirting with her. Anytime Cass hits on her his shadows tell him and he just drops a magic note to her with some sassy bitter I’m better than him crap and he’d make sure that the next time him and Cass fly off from near her she sees the wingspan comparison
  • they would have really hot sex after all that sexual tension though. His shadows would be holding her hands above her head when they fuck against the wall. Az would be used to taking control and Nesta would simply refuse to let him do it

Conclusion: it’s a beautiful ship and it’s meant to be and I’m currently writing Nezriel smut so you’re welcome

Two families

In the 1920s, my father’s family was living as Jews.  They lived in a tiny out-of-the-way town that was all Jewish, they spoke Yiddish, they were poor, and their lives centered around Jewish community and observance.  When the Nazis came to power, many of them were killed.

My mother’s family was living as Germans.  They lived in a big city, they spoke German, they held high-status jobs, the men had fought for Germany in WWI, they had many non-Jewish friends and neighbors, and although they were aware they were ethnically Jewish, they were not very observant.  When the Nazis came to power, many of them were killed.

I want to tell you about druids (Britain), volkhvs (Russia) and their undeniable similarity.

The word “volkhv” means “sorcerer, magician, soothsayer” in old Russian. The modern Russian word “volshebstvo” (magic, sorcery) comes from “volkhv”.
Celtic counterpart of the word “volkhv” - “druid”.
The word “druid” means “oak”, “knowledge”, “strong”, “wisdom” and has Indo-European roots.    

In fact, British druids and Russian volkhvs are the same thing - the pagan sorcerers~ *my RusEng feelings are tingling*.

As you know, druids were the wise heathen priests and poets of the ancient Celtic peoples. They were healers, magicians, astrologers and diviners, worshipped the trees (oak and mistletoe). According to Julius Caesar, the druids were of British origin.

Volkhv was a wise man, heathen priest in pre-Christian Rus. Volkhvs were believed to possess mystical powers, particularly the ability to predict the future. They was considered a prophet, shaman, healer, astrologer and originator of medicines. In ancient hierarchy volkhvs traditionally occupied a high place near the ruler (druids had political power too). The princes came to them for predictions. Also they could control the weather and communicate with animals. They worshipped the trees, the sacred tree was believed to be oak (druids believed in it too).

Also you can read about Russian mythology and find out that Russia has many powerful gods and amazing magical creatures, like Gamayun, Alkonost, Cat Bayun, Baba Yaga, Koschei the Deathless, Firebird, Zmey Gorynych (slavic dragon), domovoi (similar to British brownie, for example), vampires, vodyanoy, rusalkas and many other.

Besides, Russia’s aura is definitely magical origin, he can summon spirit General Frost and his scarf is alive. ^J^

Jarida Fanfic:Glass Heart

Disclaimer: “I do not own Rise of the Guardians, Brave, or any other Disney/Dreamworks/Animated films. All rights belong to Dreamworks, Disney, etc.” 

I’m still working on the smut, but I felt like making a small Jarida drabble for those who’ve been asking for my writing lately. Don’t expect TOO much, but I hope you all will enjoy it just the same :3. Inspired from the song “She Will be Loved” from Maroon 5.

Summary: During one night of a thunderstorm, Merida recalls memories from her childhood with a certain child of winter. When it comes down to it, some things really are impossible to explain. 

Glass Heart

Merida can’t remember the last time it had rained like this, the soft rumble of thunder roaring in the distance. Her body trembled from the sound, fear rising inside her heart—thunderstorms were never her favorite when growing up. She hated the shadows that were created from the flashes of lightning, imagining them to be monsters—like the ones her father used to tell her from folktales. Between the realm of fantasy and reality, it was always hard for her to tell the difference. Merida had such a strong heart in believing the impossible—too bad love wasn’t one of them. 

Merida grew up with a handful of friends, all with their own stories. They had their share of adventures and enemies, protecting what they held dear to them. They were divided by kingdom and lands, but had a connection that was bond forever by friendship—one boy in particular being Jack Frost. He had an influence on her like no other. Even to the point in challenging the odds in asking her to be his wife when they were small. How he even came to ask such a thing still muddled her thoughts. How did love even start—more or less—how does it even end? He wasn’t like ordinary boys. In fact, he was cursed with a tremendous power over ice and snow—similar to their friend Elsa who was born with it. It was clear to anyone that the two of them were meant to be together. The two of them were so different; while Elsa thought of her powers to be a curse, Jack relished it. Merida was convinced that her beauty, power, and overall cosmic nature were what attracted the boy.  

However, that was not the case during one faithful night during a thunderstorm like this one that he decided to propose. Granted, they were only children then, but his boyish grin looked so convinced and sure, that she had no other way in answering other than ‘No’. Within one second later, his smile had become a frown of disappointment. The memory of his face that evening still haunted her to this day. Now he was off spreading winter around the world, visiting their friends occasionally wherever he went. Hiccup and Rapunzel always waited to hear the places he’s been, while Elsa and Anna enjoyed his company when playing wintry games. Unbeknownst to them, Merida knew the kingdom of Arandelle was his favorite. Unlike the others that would be a day, he would stay there for about three. 

She sighed, already knowing the obvious of the reason why that was. It was predictable to say the least where his feelings were. It’s not like she didn’t expect it either. She always knew Jack would be drawn to Elsa’s charm—it was only a matter of time. Still, why did it hurt? She did after all deny his silly act of getting married for the fact that she saw this coming. Merida DunBroch didn’t do love or marriage, and she most certainly didn’t go off eloping with a mischievous winter sprite in her dreams. 

She scrunched her lips, forming a pout. It seemed like he was all she can think about lately. During their years growing up, he had made it a habit in testing her emotions. Even going as far in stripping naked in front of her one time to get a rise out of her—his voice clear inside her mind “Ah, so you do like boys”. Of course, she gave him a slap across the fact after that, but the damage he did was already done. After the occurrence, she had vivid and overwhelming wet dreams about him. It was obvious that was his goal, waking up several nights with him visiting with a huge grin on his face like he walked in on gold. 

It wasn’t until she brought up Elsa and making qualms to play his “games” with her that his face-hardened into a scowl. He then would make a snide remark about her and fly off into the night, swearing not to ever see her again. Even so, he always came back, offering for them to spend a day together instead as if the fight never happened. God, she hated when he did that. Why couldn’t he just leave her alone and be honest? It’s not like he had to tip toe around her feelings. So what was stopping him from abandoning her to go off with a woman like Elsa? 

A thunder struck across the sky, alerting her right away with a jolt. Angus nickered softly by her ear, giving her comfort while holding back his own distress from the storm. He didn’t like to ride during this type of weather, so it was best not to force him—though she was the same. She never expected it to rain today, considering how sunny it was this morning. Her bow was tucked beneath her cloak, seeking shelter from the downpour beneath a small cave of rocks. She embraced herself, feeling a slight chill in the air—that’s when she saw it.

A lone snowflake came across her vision, and in an instant, she was back to that moment ten years ago when Jack had proposed to her. Her face became crestfallen, hating herself for the feelings he invoked in her. It wasn’t like she hated Elsa, quite the opposite. She never meant to seem like she was bashing hers or Jack’s relationship either. They were quite beautiful together, even magnetic, drawing everyone’s attention instantly to fond over the pair. If he was next to a girl like her, there was only imperfection and deformity of a relationship that would never work. Honestly, she was saving him from the pain. In conclusion of the matter, he was good for any girl—just not her. 

She closed her eyes, reminiscing that faithful stormy evening. 

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky meeting Wanda after hearing about how she volunteered for the Hydra program and has mind altering abilities. Imagine him being really suspicious of her motives.

Imagine Bucky having a huge amount of respect for Wanda and everything she’s been through.

Imagine him hearing about how von Strucker manipulated Wanda’s grief and trauma and patriotic loyalty to convince her to take part in a dangerous medical experiment in the hopes of being able to protect her family and country, and feeling a bitter pang of recognition and empathy.

Imagine him being uneasy around her at first, because her mind control powers hit way too close to home. But everyone else around him trusts Wanda, and he’s never seen her use her powers against an ally, and all he has seen from her is compassion and courtesy and a keen, burning sense of justice.

Imagine the two of them fighting together, following Steve’s lead, and maybe there’s too much Hydra baggage still for them to ever be close friends but they recognise too much of themselves in each other to feel anything other than deep respect and loyalty and commitment to their shared cause.

(Imagine Bucky secretly being kind of jealous of Wanda’s powers. She came by them hard, like he did, and he’d rather die than go back and let Hydra experiment on him again, but - damn, the telekinesis thing is cool.)


March 5, 1958: An obsolete Sherman tank, named for the Civil War general William Tecumseh Sherman and bought on surplus, was used to demolish obsolete housing at 57th Street and Broadway in West New York, N.J. But it toppled the old Army barracks on top of it, and its operators were briefly trapped inside, till a “power scoop” came to free them, unhurt. Photo: Patrick A. Burns/The New York Times

Spark's Fall (an AU fanfic by me)

credit to this post for the idea: http://praisezianite.tumblr.com/post/118344308899/sparkleychaos-fillmylifewithyoutubers-oh-god

It started out as a regular summer day. SparkPlug was sitting beside his beloved wife, Ianite, both of them simply relaxing on the front porch of the house they had recently built together. They finally had all the kids out of the house, with Helgrind running his new kingdom and Martha off exploring the world of Ruxomar. They finally had time to rest, or so they thought. All of a sudden they saw Mot running across the green that lay before their house.

Spark plug sat up. “Is that Mot over there?” he asked.
“I believe so,” Ianite replied “but what he’s doing here is beyond me.”
Mot had finally reached the front of the house, his chest heaving and he himself close to passing out from nonstop sprinting.
“What is it?” Spark asked, curious as to why on Ruxomar Mot would be here.
Mot caught his breath “I can’t find Dianite. He was last seen checking with his miners to see if operations had been going fine. That was five days ago.”
Ianite looked at SparkPlug, and they both knew that Spark would have to leave to help. Ianite however, could not join them, as she was bound to stay within this area or else her subconscious could reawaken and wreak havoc across the lands. So Spark and Mot set off to gather Sir Jeriah and CountryBat, for Mot had a strange sense they would be needed.

They had arrived at the mines under Dianite’s great dwarven city. Mot directed the group through the perilous caves, as he was the only one who knew the way through.
“Be careful down here, and follow my every move,” Mot directed, “if you don’t you’ll probably die.”
“Well thats very uplifting” CountryBat replied, sarcasm in her tone.
“Don’t be so snippy with me, little miss” Mot snapped at her. He very quickly realized what he said and stopped to apologize, “Sorry honey, I just…. I can’t stand to think what may be happening to lord Dianite down there.”
Bat reassuringly pats Mot’s back and says “Hey, its alright, I’m sure we’ll find him and it’ll all be alright.”

They move on deeper into the mines until they find a massive pitfall. The shadows around the pit seemed to move, as if alive. Mot secured a rope to a nearby stone and started climbing down to the bottom of the pit, the rest of the gang following behind him slowly. When they reached the bottom, they were standing on a substance they had never seen before. Spark pulled out his trusty pickaxe and tried to dig into it, but it wouldn’t break. Mot even pulled out his hammer and tried, still nothing.
“Strange…” Jeriah commented, “Its indestructible.” The rest nodded and looked around. They could hardly see around here, the air was permeated with some sort of thick, fog like substance, only darker. It was as if the shadows themselves were flying about the place. Mot placed some torches to see, however they weren’t much help.

They kept moving until they found Dianite at the end of a long corridor, battling a cloaked figure. The group stood and watched in awe as this mysterious cloaked figure traded blows with the mighty god. For a brief moment the figure stood still, his eyes glowing white, and surrounded by a dark lavender aura.
“Zianite! Surrender this abyss!” Dianite shouts. Mot mutters “Zianite…?” The cloaked figure stood still silently staring at the god. Oddly enough, the shadows seemed drawn to this “Zianite,” as if he commanded them.
“Do you give in to me yet, dark lord?” Dianite asked. The air hummed with power as a loud, anciently powerful voice came from all around them. “Never” it answered, as Zianite rushed forward, his cloak of coal making him move faster than light. He rushed past Dianite, ran up the side of the nearby cave wall, and came crashing down with a blade in his hands. The blade split right through Dianite’s chest.
“NOOOOOOOOO” Mot screamed, rushing over to Dianite. With Dianite’s last breaths, he says “My dearest, loyalest subject… Come closer.” Mot lifted Dianite’s head while keeping pressure on the fresh wound in his chest. It was gushing blood.
“What is it, my lord?” Mot asked frantically.
“You have been perhaps the greatest companion I have ever had,” he paused, hardly able to hold on to life, “With my dying breath, I give you this” Dianite leaned in an kissed Mot. Mot kissed back, tears streaming down his face. After a few moments, Dianite’s body went limp and fell out of Mot’s arms. Mot sprung up, looking for Zianite.
“YOU KILLED HIM” Mot shouted, hardly choking out the words, “I’LL KILL YOU.” Mot rushes at Zianite but before he can catch him, Zianite steps out of the way and lets Mot fall into a hole that had been broken in the floor. Screaming, then silence, as Mot falls through the endless void. CountryBat screams and jumps down after him, as Mot was her father in some way. Then followed by Sir Jeriah, as he loved Bat and couldn’t allow her to die alone. As SparkPlug tried to jump down after them, a barrier blocked his way.
The ancient voice spoke again, “Oh no, I have other plans for you.” Zianite extends his arms and floats up, and Spark gets to see his face as the cloak flies off. Zianite looked to be a young man, in his mid twenties. He had curly black hair, glowing white eyes, and a smile that was very similar. His chin was covered in a small, scraggly beard. He wore a long navy blue trench coat, Khaki pants, and a black shirt. Spark stares in awe, struggling to move but found himself unable to. In fact, he felt the sensation of weightlessness as the shadows of the void picked him up in the form of a large hand.
A small portal opened, and Ianite stepped through, wearing full battle armor, but she was immediately stopped and constricted by the hands of the void.
“You wont be able to stop me this time” Zianite spoke with his own voice this time. It was a very soothing voice, fairly deep and smooth, but no matter how soothing it was, it instilled fear within Ianite. Spark struggled more and more before the massive hand moved its fingers, and as Spark knew his life was to end he looked deep into Ianite’s eyes. “I love you” he said, right before the hand snapped his neck, and let his lifeless body fall through the void.

Ianite suddenly found herself back in her humble home. She hoped it was all a dream, but alas it was not so. Spark had been killed. Ianite didn’t know what to do with herself… she couldn’t hold herself together anymore. She packed up her belongings, ready to leave her newly settled home, when a large portal appeared over Helgrind’s city. Four figures, each shaped like one of the heros that Ruxomar had just lost, fell from it and landed in the city. Ianite would’ve gone to see what it was, but she was too busy. She had to find Zianite. She had to restore balance to the world, and stop Zianite from gaining any more power than he already had.