Nooooo lol, of course not!! I know youre the all powerful leader of #TeamShinsou *bows respectfully*

Im just saying that it is fine to have some romance and crap but I really dont think the timing is appropriate? If that makes sense? There are other things Id like to see/know about before all the lovey stuff becomes canon, ya know? Isnt it unusual to have romance be a focus so early on in shonen manga anyway? I dunooooo. Maybe Im just over salted again…

Im just a bystander for Team Shinsou I’m not worthy

but anyway, i personally think it’s fine. It is a bit early in terms of the story but the way Horikoshi put it, I think he just wants to bring the possibility out in the open so the readers know that yeah, there is kind of a romance subplot, but he also pushes it back at the same time by making Ochako decide not to pursue it at the moment (temporarily). She will probably pursue it at some other time, when that other time will be I don’t know, but it’s a pretty smart move from Horikoshi since he can delay the “confession” or what not, he can make it a relevant plot whenever he wants!

Now that Ochako acknowledged her feelings and consequently decided not to do anything about it right now, the story can now move on to the rescue testing plot.

To be quite honest, for Izuku’s POV I think he has been too busy to think about crushes/falling in love. I do believe he had a crush on Ochako initially but for now, if he still has it, it’s not so obvious anymore. He’s too busy thinking about his dream/goal and Ochako also realized this.

But yeah, we haven’t been really given insight about Izuku’s romantic interests if you think about it… 

“My view of feminism is all encompassing and empowering. My view of feminism means that you can go in there with the boys and you are just as powerful and you command respect, not that you have to separate from them to get your respect. Cause then they don’t see it. If you’re away from them, they have no way to learn anything.”

Joan Jett, Queens of Noise: the Real Story of the Runaways by evelynmcdonnell



please bow down to the new royals

Things Holtzmann probably does

-press all the buttons on the soda machines in one go
-lick things for scientific analysis
-smell Erin’s hair
-speak gibberish to stop an awkward conversation
-chase pigeons
-kick doors open
-slant her head when confused
-says things with an opera voice
-chew on straws

It’s a normal day for the residents of tumblr. The sun is shining the bloggers are blogging. Suddenly in the distance there is a small shriek.
“Phase 4 is coming” it says. Then comes the rumbling. A thousand people all chanting “phase 4” storm through the land. New artwork of Murdoc and Noodle is flying everywhere. Towns are trampled. No one can escape. Run for your life.

The Gorillaz fandom has awoken

Rune chart by Nigel Jackson.

Fé - Cattle (or Money, specifically Gold)
Ur - Drizzle (or Slurry)
Thurs - Giant
Óss - God (or Mouth)
Raeidh - Riding (or Horse)
Kaun - Wound (or Sore or Ulcer)
Hagall - Hail
Naudhr - Need (or Distress)
Is - Ice
Ar - A good year
Sól - Goddess of the Sun
Tyr - Scandinavian God
Bjarkan - Birch Twig
Madhr - Man (as in Human, not Gender)
Logr - Power of Water
Yr - Bow made from a Yew Tree