WHEN (not if, get fucked if people cancel this film series) we get more films

I can’t wait for the other Rangers to get their weapons

I liked the little homage to Trini’s daggers when she threw whatever it was she grabbed at Rita, she’d be awesome with a pair of badass yellow power daggers, literally the only one immediately competent with her weapons and she overuses them, she needs to like…calm down maybe not everything is “I bet I can hit that with a dagger”

Zack had his pick axe action when they were digging out the coins, so imagine when he gets his power axe like this dude is going to LOVE HIS DAMN AXE LOOK AT MY AXE GUYS. BOOM. BOULDER IS NOW TWO BOULDERS. He’s like Thor but with an axe. He names it.

Billy smacking people around with his power lance, swinging it around like awww yea, knives on each end apologising like crazy when he accidentally cracks Kim around the head with it, and really doesn’t when he wins several spars purely from tripping the others over with it

Kim getting annoyed because the others keep whistling the Mockingjay tune when she draws her power bow back, she keeps getting asked what her elf eyes see and can we all just stop calling her Hawkeye and or Merida pls thanks, let her just take this damn shot

Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about archery

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Don’t watch Lord of the Rings, the Hunger Games, or Avatar. At least, not for the archery. Hollywood is stock full of misinformation and misrepresentation about archery. Sadly, not a lot of writers have the opportunity to really delve into the practice. So here is my all you wanted to know primer from how bows are constructed, to lining up and releasing the shot, to treating your friend’s nasty broadhead wound.

Edit: expanded the debunking section. 

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themonalisa  asked:

hi! I started archery and in my beginner course I realised that I'm really weak :'( My instructor recommended me to use a compound bow bc I'm fairly good at aiming while using it, but I crave the aesthetic of the recurve. Is it possible for me to build enough muscle so that I can aim well with a recurve? (Could you recommend me some exercises?) Also I'm planning on buying equipment within a month so would it be best for me to wait to build up strength before buying a bow? sorry for the essay!


Okay so, just so we’re clear, I am for the moment gonna assume that when you say ‘weak’ you mean ‘what are sports?  we just don’t know.’ –because bro!, that would be me!, I know that one.  if you mean weak as part of a disability*, then bruh I can help with that too.  one of the coaches at my range is on the US Paralympic Archery team and I would be glad to hassle him for advice.

*archery is for EVERYONE.  there are archers in wheelchairs, there are blind archers, the world record for the longest accurate shot in archery is currently held by a gentleman who doesn’t have arms.

Moving on, okay, I am … side-eyeing your instructor just a little bit?  do you happen to know what poundage (How hard to pull) the recurves you used were?  at my range, a beginner archer of adult height gets a 66″ bow of either 12 or 16 pounds of draw weight (how much force it takes to pull the string back 28 inches.)

so, here’s the thing about pulling a bow.  imagine a gallon of milk.  or juice is okay if you prefer juice.  imagine picking it up by the cap.  yikes???  most people would find this very hard or impossible, and it’s not necessary.  so, you pick it up by the handle.  much easier!  you can manage the weight.  archery is just the same - the same amount of weight is either dang near impossible OR not too bad, and it’s all down to how you use your body to move that weight.

shooting a bow, your instructor should be showing you how to hook the string and pull with your back (much more muscle!) as you lower your front shoulder and push the bow away. push and pull, push AND pull.  it’s awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, if you are using a bow that’s appropriate for your skill level, it’s MUCH easier because you are using your muscles efficiently.  and definitely don’t feel bad about feeling weak - literally every saturday i have people who are convinced they cannot do this, whole body shaking as they try to pull the bowstring back in an awkward way, and once they’ve had fifteen minutes of me poking at their elbows and back, saying ‘pull from here, elbow behind you, now push it away push push–’ they’re drawing the bow smoothly and making very nice shots!  

tl;dr, it is totally possible to build up enough muscle to start a recurve!  exercises, briefly: 

1.) buy a stretchy band and pull it like it’s a bow.  this one is… hrm.. I could explain it better with pictures.  would you like pictures?  i can try to do that tomorrow.  

2.) less need of pictures, do plain old push-ups - i do them against the wall. place your hands against the wall, lean in (bending elbows, tummy firm, back STRAIGHT - if you let your back sag, it will hurt) until your nose touches the wall, then push off. repeat until tired, and it’s okay if that only takes five times.  try to do six next time, then seven, then take a dang day off!  when you can do like thirty, make it harder - back up further away from the wall - it will be harder to push off. 

3.) lift things.  lift a water bottle.  lift the cat.  hold the water bottle at your side, then lift it to shoulder height, arm fully extended - as you would lift a bow.  hold it up for fifteen seconds (10 or 5 if you can’t do 15), then lower it.  rest for the same amount of time you held it up, then repeat.  if you can only do two of those at first, bruh!  that’s fine.  try to do three tomorrow, then four, then - take a day off!!  lots of rest days are important - you WILL get sore, your muscles WILL need time to recover.  starting out, swap the water bottle (or weight or cat) from arm to arm, so that one can rest while the other works.  as you get stronger, use two weights and do both arms.  extend your arms both straight to your side and straight in front of you - this is working on different parts of your shoulder.

WOW has this gotten long - and here you thought you wrote an essay!

Equipment:  Nope, you don’t have to wait, as long as you buy ‘the right’ equipment.  ‘Right equipment’ doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it just needs to have limbs that can be taken off.  Here is an example of the sort of bow I mean:  LINK!  We have tons of bows just like this one at my range. that one is metal, but plastic (like this) is also fine, and so is wood (like this.) See the black knobs at the top and bottom where the limbs (white bendy parts) meet the riser (the ‘body’ of the bow)?  those are bolts, the limb can be easily taken off and swapped out for a lighter (easier to pull) or heavier (harder to pull) limb.  limbs of the bolt-on type are very affordable, and a beginner bow of good quality is both tough and light weight.  

the only point I will make on the purchase of the equipment is, do NOT let anyone tell you that it’s a ‘waste of money to buy limbs that are too light.’  that is dumb, people that ought to know better say it to archers all the time, and you know what happens?  those new archers hurt their shoulders, aren’t having fun with a bow that’s a struggle to pull back, and the bow goes in the closet and we never see them again. :’(  go ahead and get the lightest limbs available for your bow of choice - this is usually either 12 or 14 pounds. if you are over about 5′6″ tall, get the 12 pound limbs or even 10 if you can find them.  If you are 5′6″ or under, 12 is still okay, but so is 14.  this probably sounds backwards, but to put it bluntly:

the farther back you pull a recurve bow, the HARDER it gets.  that’s what the recurve shape of the limb does, it makes the bow more powerful as it is pulled back more. so, if you’re tall, or have rather long arms, you’ll pull the bow back more - you want lighter limbs so that you don’t have to fight with them. if I draw a bow with 14 pound limbs, it will be 16 pounds - I am tall, my arms are long.

 if you are short or have stumpy t-rex arms, your draw length will be short - you may only pull a pair of 14 pound limbs to 11 or 12 pounds, if not less.

MAN ok, this has been an info-dump, and I hope it helps; if you have any more questions let me know, and I will do my best!  ENJOY.  YOU CAN DO IT.

anonymous asked:

The RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC being a SUPER DUPER MEGA AWESOME HACKER (like an MC who's waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better at hacking than Seven but she's not in any hacker groups like she works solo and all that good shit👌)

okay~~ sorry for taking so long anon :3


  • HOLD UP 
  • “even better”
  • asks you to help him hack into Seven’s information so he can plan the ultimate revenge prank yaas
  • is legit super impressed and just stares at you when you work
  • he can’t focus on anything else lmao
  • also low key wants you to hack into LOLOL to cause some trouble for Seven’s guild because he KNOWS Seven cheats but it still makes him mad because he just can’t beat him
  • >:(


  • idk he just finds it cool
  • he’s not like super into it 
  • but you won’t believe this 
  • he’s actually a little intimidated by you??? 
  • because he knows that if he makes you mad or upset you could leak information about him and make it go viral easily
  • not that you’d do that though right? 
  • RIGHT?!?1
  • that is to remain undecided until further notice
  • oops hehe


  • “Can you hack into Mr. Han’s brain and tone down his cat craze?”
  • she also wants you to hack into the clocks of the Jumin’s house so she can get one more hour of sleep before going to work LMFAO
  • no but srsly she’d do ANYTHING for a nap
  • soooo you do it and it’s great because the whole company is confused 
  • like “Mr. Han missed the meeting for his beloved cat project? UNBELIEVABLE!”
  • let’s just say, it was a great day for Jaehee because the project was postponed


  • thought that MC would be like Seven but you were wayy more mature 
  • thank God 
  • but he wasn’t so sure about your career since he’s a public figure after all
  • but then you reminded him that you had several identities soooo problem solved!! 
  • you’re the princess of JuJu Island heh.
  • yo then he actually likes your job because YOU’RE ABLE TO HACK AND FIND CONFIDENTIAL GOVERNMENT CAT VIDEOS LMAO 
  • do those even exist idk just pretend it does man


  • he’s hiding cuz you might be part of hackers chasing hackers
  • but then he finds out you’re not and is 200% relieved until you tell him you’re a better hack than him
  • EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!? 
  • hacking challenge accepted.
  • by the end of it, both of your uncovered so much information about each other it was impossible to decide a winner


  • “so.. that means you’re better than my brother?”
  • TBH you knew he was the hacker before anyone else found out
  • (plot twist MC saves the day OK no one dies all is happy yasss) 
  • right so then he wants to learn how to beat his brother in hacking!! 
  • the both of you become hacking partners for lyfe and literally you guys scare the rest of the RFA cuz
  • y'all are just too powerful gurl Seven is bowing down to you guys 
  • Seven: but you already have me??
  • ^^Vander: we can always fire you ;)
  • *insert sad 707 chicken meme face*


  • is kinda sad cuz you won’t let him use photos of you for his exhibition aww 
  • his puppy eyes make your heart kill itself and you have no choice but to let him 
  • defying all your hacker logic and precautions just to make this cinnamon bun happy 
  • it’s worth it though
  • V’s smile when he hears the compliments of his pictures of you is even brighter than the sun

:) i hope this is what you wanted!

~Cherry L.

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 【MHGen】The Power of Four Teostra Bows  

Germany, France, Italy and the US teamed up this time to show Ukanlos once more who’s boss. 

By Team Darkside

Rito/Revali Rant

I’m gonna rant about Revali and the treatment of him and the Rito in Breath of the Wild because I love this asshole and I hate how little information we got about him from the game because I noticed many things that piss me off-
There will not be any spoilers of the main plot below, just general things I’ve noticed throughout the game. 
Please note: This isn’t supposed to be an official thing, just something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while because it just makes me sad. I’m not trying to start any sort of argument or anything, just releasing some thoughts here. 
Also, I have yet to actually get to the Goron part of the game-! So this isn’t an entirely fair “Critique”, but it’s something I’ve noticed so far and blah blah blah here we go-

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What if somebody was suppressing Zelda's powers?

So in Breath of the Wild, the three dragons are Farosh, who I associate with courage bc he’s green and hangs out near Faron, which has the Spring of Courage; Dinraal, who I associate with power because he’s red, although he usually stays a little ways west of the Spring of Power; and Naydra, who is blue and lives near the Spring of Wisdom.

Farosh and Dinraal can be found flying around in the world, while Naydra stays at the Spring of Power until you visit him. Naydra is covered in Malice and you have to get it off to access the Spring’s shrine.

This makes me wonder why Ganon infected Naydra and not any of the other dragons. Assuming the dragons have always travelled the same paths, Dinrall would have been the closest to Ganon at Hyrule Castle, right?

I think maybe the dragons in Breath of the Wild are connected to the powers of the Triforce holders. And I think Ganon went after Naydra because Zelda is a very strong opponent to Ganon.

Zelda has used her powers to wipe out a field of Guardians, keep Ganon suppressed for 100 years, magically conjure up a powerful bow for Link to use, and obliterate Ganon at the very end.

I mean strategically, it would make sense. Link doesn’t ever gain too much power when he gets his Triforce of Courage, right? So it would make sense for Ganon to go after Zelda ASAP, especially of he knew what she could do with her powers.

If this theory is true, even though it’s really based on one little thing that could just be Nintendo being symbolic, then this could have some implications.

This really makes me curious about how strangely effective Calamity Ganon is in this game. Not only does he make Central Hyrule uninhabitable and take over ancient Shiekah technology that was meant to be used against him, he also succeeds in suppressing Zelda’s powers for a very long time, and he actually kills Link. When has a Ganon ever been this good?

Edit: lol also forgot to mention that the dragon names are very similar to Din, Farore, and Nayru who were the gods of power, courage, and wisdom iirc.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you could say a little bit about early modern grammar, particularly about how the conjugation of verbs works. It's something I've struggled to get a grasp on for a while. Thanks so much!

Grammar is one of those areas that can get really complicated very quickly, so I’ll just cover the basics.

On the whole, early modern English grammar is not so far removed from modern English. The biggest obvious difference you’re going to come across will be a result of the second person singular pronoun ‘thou’, and that’s only because you’re not used to hearing people use it correctly.

But it’s actually pretty simple! You’re only ever going to be using a verb in combination with the nominative case ‘thou’, for one thing (except in the case of ‘methinks’, but that’s an archaism and anomaly even in Shakespeare’s time)… Because, well, you never say ‘me went’, or ‘my goes’, do you? So none of that ‘thee thinkest’ nonsense.

The basic rule is, if you use ‘thou’, stick a -est or -st on the end of the verb (you can also contract -est to -‘st). Some examples:

  • I think - thou thinks/thou thinkest/thou think’st
  • I give - thou givest/thou giv’st
  • I play - thou playest/play’st

Same thing with past tense:

  • I played - thou playedst
  • I gave - thou gavest/thou gav’st

There are a few irregular verbs, but those are mostly ones you’ll have come across if you’ve read any Shakespeare. Here’s a list of a few (hint: they’re mostly modal verbs):

The other one that confuses everyone is when the verb inflection for the nominative third person singular (he/she/it) ends in -th, as in ‘it hath’ or ‘it doth’.

This is pretty simple too. It’s just a regional (Southern English) variant of the -s ending, as in ‘it has’ or it does. We just lost the ‘-th’ ending over time is all. It tends to spring to people’s minds when thinking of early modern English because Shakespeare (most likely Shakespeare and not the printers, given the commonness of it) had a preference for the -th ending in most cases. Essentially, there’s no rule here (other than that it HAS to be used with the third person singular, or you sound like you’re saying the equivalent of ‘she do’ instead of ‘she does’). You’re welcome to choose whether you want to use the -th ending or not.

There are lots of little things that you can survive without knowing, such as that the passive perfect and passive progressive forms – e.g. ‘he has been’ ‘he is being’ – didn’t exist (they just used ‘was’), and some pretty confusing stuff about formal subjunctives, but I won’t go into that.

What is interesting though, is that the auxiliary usage of ‘to do’ really started to catch on around Shakespeare’s time. Sentence constructions like ‘Do you think…?’ etc. are pretty central to English now, but it wasn’t always the case (and it still isn’t in languages like French). Before the 16th century, the predominant form was to start with the main verb, like this: ‘Think you…?’ without the auxiliary verb ‘do’, and this is still one of the more common ways of phrasing questions in Shakespeare’s time, which is why you get constructions like

Think'st thou that duty shall have dread to speak, 
When power to flattery bows? (King Lear 1.1.148-49)

as well as 

Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale? (Twelfth Night 2.3.107-8)

So when it comes to questions, you get a mix of the older form without the auxiliary ‘to do’ and the newer form with ‘to do’. When using the older form, you need to conjugate the main verb, e.g. ‘Think’st thou’. When using the newer form, you need to conjugate the ‘to do’, e.g. ‘dost thou think’ where ‘dost’ is conjugated, ‘think’ is not.

I hope that helps!

Ianthe's Power

Even at her end, we never learned anything more about her power than an ability to light a ball of faelight. I guess you could interpret Ianthe as either being powerful or weak.
I tend to lean towards the latter.
We know what Ianthe is like, she makes a spectacle of EVERYTHING. I find it hard to believe that Ianthe could have been sitting on a goldmine of power and never to have properly used it.
I think a lack of magical power could explain how hungry she was for political/sexual power. She only seems to pursue very powerful High Fae (Rhys/Lucien/Tamlin). Why go to such extreme lengths for one type of power of you’re already powerful in other ways?
Even when she entered the Weaver’s cottage, all she did was lift a faelight. You could argue that she didn’t have time to reach to the weaver, but surely a powerful fae might have done more.
Maybe Ianthe’s backstory is one of a child who disappointed her parents with inadequate magical talents, so clawed her way upwards. Becoming a High Priestess and forcing powerful High fae to bow before her.

Quick Guide to Practical Magick Part 4

Left Hand Path Banishing

A Simple Banishing for LHP Workings

Here is a very simple banishing that I use before doing workings of a Left Hand
Path nature. It helps the magickian enter a state of mind conducive to Left Hand Path workings.

1. Starting from the south, draw a sphere around yourself counter clockwise, with your left hand while visualizing the sphere in a colour of your choice.

2. Ring a bell nine times. A tuning fork also works very well. Note: when this
banishing is used at the end of a ritual, the bell should be rung at the end instead.

3. Face the South. Take one step forward with your left foot and draw an inverted pentagram in the air with your left hand and say boldly the following:

“I call forth Satan who brought the Promethean gift of the apple.” (Visualize the
serpent offering you the apple of gnosis).

4. Turn towards the East. Take one step forward with your left foot and draw an
inverted pentagram in the air with your left hand and say the following:

“I call forth Lucifer, the bringer of Light and Knowledge.” (Visualize Lucifer
rising, brilliant and triumphant)

5. Turn towards the North. Take one step forward with your left foot and draw an inverted pentagram in the air with your left hand and say the following:

“I call forth Belial, he who has no master.” (Visualize a powerful demon who bows before no God but himself)

6. Turn towards the West. Take one step forward with your left foot and draw an inverted pentagram in the air with your left hand and say the following:

“I call forth Leviathan, the crocodile of the deep, the carnal animal of Chaos.”
(Visualize a crocodile with the eyes of a dragon)

7. Return to center of the sphere. Now you will invoke Set. (This part is should be skipped when this banishing is used at the end of a ritual.)

“I invoke Set, who nightly slays Apep. By destroying the imp of Chaos, I create
freedom for myself. I have the freedom to create any order I desire for myself,
and I have the freedom to destroy it. I have the power to change at Will, and
through change I can Become.”

8. Re-enforce the sphere by standing motionless in quiet meditation until gnosis
is reached.

9. Laughter.

@skygemspeaks was talking about how she wanted a fic about giotto begging tsuna for forgiveness over how vongola fucking spiralled so lmao what up 

Tsuna remembered when he had first became boss. It was painful and hard. He had a target on his back because people thought they could pick him off easily and underestimated him. He was the young boss that was never a part of the underworld before.

It was exhausting and full of heartache as him and his guardians would gather for a meal and practically slump onto the table, too tired to sit up. Tsuna hated it. The worst part was all the meetings to realign Vongola’s allies and to make new treaties. It made Tsuna sick at the very thought of talking to these people. They wanted weapons, drugs, people totted to them as part of their agreement to stay out of trouble. And it had been the agreement for decades upon decades. Reborn didn’t even have the decency to warn him about that part.

“It’s the mafia”, he had said scathingly. “Get used to it, Dame-Tsuna. If it bothers you so much, do something.”

But there wasn’t any time to do anything. He was constantly going, making sure he was on good terms with this family or that another family wasn’t picking a fight with their allies. He was gone from the base more than he was there for a solid month.

Tsuna sighed as he closed his bedroom door. It was twilight and the expensive mahogany floors reflected the bright colours of sunset. It hurt his eyes to look at. He was so tired. He pulled at his tie and kicked his shoes off. Before he could go any farther though, he felt a familiar presence beside him.

“Hello, Tsunayoshi.” Giotto said. His voice was melodic and familiar. The two had conversations from time to time as Giotto seemed to appear when Tsuna was most tired. Every time it seemed as if he wanted to say something but changed his mind.

“Primo”, Tsuna mumbled. He leaned against the bedpost, turning tired eyes onto Giotto. “Is something about to happen?”

Giotto looked at his feet. He was floating gently and was blurred around the edges. And before Tsuna could process what was happening, Giotto dropped to the ground, his head bowed, his eyes focused solely on the floor.

“Primo, what-?” Tsuna started but Giotto cut in.

“-When I started Vongola, I never meant for this. The filth that now festers in our ranks. The amount of blood and carnage you will envelope. You were nothing but a child, never knowing the harm the underworld would bring to you. I helped destroy that part of you, the kid-like wonder and awe. I’m sorry, so sorry. This is unacceptable of me to ever have let this happen, let alone involve you.”

Giotto dropped to the ground, pressing his forehead into the boards. Tsuna stood, stunned. Giotto, the famous first boss of the most powerful mafia syndicate, was bowing and apologizing to him. Before he realized it, he had dropped down to the ground in front of Giotto, hesitantly reaching out and touching his shoulder.

He shuddered at the contact but didn’t raise from his position.

“It’s not your fault this came out like it did. Ricardo was a big player in how Vongola shaped.” Tsuna said timidly.

Giotto rose slightly, nodding. His jaw worked and he swallowed before saying, “You said you would destroy Vongola in a past timeline. I beg you, please, bring Vongola back to its roots.”

“I-I don’t know if I can. Nono left a lot that I need to still work through. Treaties and deals that I have to make before I can even think-”

Giotto looked up, his eyes blazing with pride, anger, and determination.

“Please, Tsunayoshi.”


Princess of Carrion is the 6th queen....

Okay guys! I have a past post explaining how and why I believe the princess of Carrion is Mor.

(You can find that on my page)

BUT. That might not be where this topic ends.
At the end of my last post I mentioned how the Book of breathings and the king of hybern mention something about royalty for the first time in the book, when Mor is mere inches from them. (This info can be found on pages 586 and 602)

But it turns out I was wrong. There is a few other times in the book a queen/princess is mentioned.

Yes. I’m talking about the mortal queens.

Okay, I know this sounds crazy, but consider this. When We are first introduced to the queens (Page 382 ish) there are only five, but we know there are supposed to be six. Yet, no one seems to have any information about where or what the sixth queen is doing. They claim she is ‘unwell’, on page 383. But ‘unwell’ could always mean immortal.😉

The real suspicion hit me when not a paragraph after they claim the sixth queen is ‘unwell’ this happens…
“Mor stalked toward us, her crimson gown floating on a phantom wind. The golden queen sized her up with each step, each breath. A threat- for beauty and power and dominance. Mor bowed at my side “it has been a long time since I met with a mortal queen.” The black-clad queen placed a moon-white hand on her lower bodice. “Morrigan- the morrigan from the war.” They all paused as of in surprise. And a bit of awe and fear. “ (ACOMAF page.384)

So when I first read over this meeting I thought nothing of it. We know Mor has played a big part in the past war. Yet, by the end of the book we still only know very vague details about how she ended up in the middle of the war.
Think about it, if she was just a random girl from the court of nightmares how did she end up smack dab in the center of an all out war.
What if she wasn’t a random girl.
What if she IS the 6th queen.
It makes sense if you find the amount of subtle hintsSarah has so brilliantly laid throughout the book.
For instance if Mor IS just a girl from the night court that just decided to help in the war, why the hell are the mortal queens scared of her?

Unless she is the sixth powerful queen that they know would kill them if she found out what their plans are.
It also makes sense as to why the mortal queens want to be immortal. Their sister was gifted immorality and they wish for the same perfect power.

Next is the fact that they seem not to care about the opinion or power of anyone, but they are fearful of/respect Mor.
”'The Book will remain with us. We will weather this storm-“ “that’s enough,” Mor interrupted. She got to her feet. And Mor looked each and everyone of those queens in the eye as she said, “I am the Morrigan. YOU KNOW ME. What I am. You know my gift is truth. So you will hear my words now, and know them as truth- as your ancestors once did.” The queens did not speak a word.“ (ACOMAF page 387.)

All through the meetings with the queens they are disrespectful and rude to everyone, but whenever Mor talks they seem to shut up. Again, if she is just a girl from the court of nightmares why do they show her any more respect than feyre or Rhys?
Because she’s a queen.

with this information it changes one of the quotes I used in my past reasoning for why Mor in the princess of Carrion.
"She froze. Stopped a foot from the throne. Her knife clattered to the floor. The king rose "what a mighty QUEEN you are,” he breathed. And Mor backed away. Step by step. “What a prize,” the king said, that black gaze devouring her. Azriel’s head lifted from where he was sprawled in his own blood, eyes full of rage and pain as her snarled at the king,“don’t you touch her.” Mor looked at Azriel- and there was real fear there. Fear- and something else.“
(ACOMAF page 602-603)

This quote is pretty self explanatory until you consider all I have said and what happens at the beginning of this chapter. The Mortal Queens come into the throne room explaining why they want power and how much stronger they will be because of it. Then when Mor, the only person the queens seem to fear, gets close to the king he calls her out blatantly for being a queen. Something the book of breathings indirectly does as well. (You can read about that in my past theory)

I am completely aware this does not solidly prove anything. This is all just speculation, but it’s fun to think about…

Plus who else thinks that if this is true it’s going to be awesome. If you have any comments on this I would love to hear them.

Power Rangers Relationship Headcanons - Kimberly and Jason

MOVIE IS STILL OUT!! GO SEE IT!!! Moving onto Kim’s set of relationship headcanons. First off: Princess of my Heart and her Beefy Knight.

  • Of course she knew who he was. Star quarterback that destroyed the Angel Grove Tiger’s chances of winning the season with a stupid prank disaster? The news came to her like a flock of pigeons to seed.
  • But she never really talked to him, like, actually strike up a conversation with him or anything of the sorts. She had a boyfriend already and didn’t want to ruin her reputation by conversing with a ‘criminal’ (which is a complete overstatement in her mind).
  • But after the whole chain of events that lead her to being in an earth-defending superhero squad, she begins to actually talk to him and befriends him pretty easily, even though her only form of conversation with others after deciding to move away from insults and such is sarcasm.
  • Though there is no way that she’d leave with him in a van, to run away forever and never return to such a small town that has ruined her life.
  • So when he comes to her with the proposal of taking a road trip to New York, she’s hesitant at first.
  • ‘I know you don’t want to run away for whatever reason, so i thought of an alternative, you in?’
  • She pauses before answering, arms crossed. 
  • ‘…Sure.’
  • They give their family their farewells and for the entire summer of 2017, they run away in Jason’s van, which is a lot nicer than Kim thought it would be.
  • It’s a messy start. Kim can’t read maps that well and traffic is a nightmare in some places but it works out in the end. 
  • At night they park on the side of the freeway or get a motel and fall asleep cuddled up to each other, staring longingly into each others eyes with only some crappy ikea christmas lights as illumination. No need to make love, the company and romantic attraction is already enough to sate them. 
  • Kim’s the latter half to realise she loves him, it takes a while but how much admiration and love he has for her is shown on that trip and she does love him, she loves him so so much.
  • They return and after that they’re the hottest new topic in Angel Grove. They couldn’t care less????
  • Kim is actually quite surprised at who Jason really is when they begin to date. He’s a soft beefy teddy bear who loves scrapbooking and baking snacks and loves his family and Kim just???? wants to smooch and love him.
  • Though Kim is kind of annoyed when she falls asleep with him and wakes up to find him clinging to her and she can’t get out of his hold it’s impenetrable.
  • Kim sends snapchats to Trini of her with Jason sleeping over the top of her with the caption ‘help’.
  • Alternatively, Kim comforting Jason when he has nightmares about Rita and anything that the red power coin came with. 
  • She notices that his disastrous stunt has risked his relationship with his dad??? Sometimes when she’s over at his place, she hears them argue downstairs before Jason returning in a fit of tears.
  • ‘I just wish he knew what i can do now. He’s ashamed that i’m his son.’ ‘I’m sure that he’s still proud to have you as a son, even if he doesn’t know about the rangers.’
  • Kim’s mom is a bit hesitant of Kim to start dating Jason, since she also knows about Jason’s little disaster that now makes the whole town hate him. But Kim’s Dad only gives him the stern warning of not breaking his baby girl’s heart.
  • ‘Don’t worry sir, breaking your daughter’s heart is something i would never think of doing.’ *flashbacks of Trini’s warnings after he and kim start dating.*
  • Jason eventually bonds with Kim’s mother over cooking? ‘Kim, we’re having that boy over every night for dinner.’ ‘Mother please.’ 
  • Kim being very honoured to be deemed second in command and given control of the team if something where to happen to Jason. 
  • Kim using Jason as a weight turing their work out sessions together? ‘Do I even weight anything to you.’ ‘No, it’s like i’m holding a bundle of grapes.’
  • She always has his back in actual fights. When she gets her power bow she always picks off enemies from afar that would pose a threat. She’s his extra eyes and ears in fights.
  • But Kim notices how protective he is of her to a point where he’d take devastating hits for her and she has to tell him ‘no???? stop???? do not pull that ‘i’d die for you crap’????’ 
  • Even though they never really interacted at the start, their relationship had grown and changed since becoming rangers. Jason’s so soft and sweet and nice and full of leadership and she’ll always love him and follow him and be his second in command.

Power Rangers 2017 Relationship Headcanons (13/40)

Justice League: Gods and Monsters
  • Superman: “I am the greatest and most powerful man on earth bow down before me I am a magnificent asshole” he says as he is tender and sweet and loving and affectionate to children, his family members, to Batman and Wonder Woman, and literally everybody he knows who isn’t a total dick
  • Wonder Woman: "I'm gonna fuck every hot guy I can and nobody's gonna stop me" FUCKIN GET IT GURL "but honestly I actually do care deeply about the people I like so it genuinely hurts when they betray my trust and affection" she says while I sit here crying about how I both adore her and want to protect her, poor sweet wonderful wondy
  • Batman: "Gotham is 10x more horrifying than you expected and I, who am a hero, literally eats people" and yet he is the biggest cinnamon roll of all and YOU JUST WANT TO PROTECT HIM AND TAKE CARE OF HIM, JUST ASK SUPERMAN, HE FRIGGIN' TOOK HIM INTO HIS HOME AND CARED FOR HIM BACK WHEN HE WAS A FERAL VAMP OUT FOR BLOOD even if he... eats people...
  • All of them: Even if the people hate them they genuinely want to protect everybody and know what it is to suffer and be alone so they actually really do love each other, you can see it in the way they are around one another, it's just a little desperate and completely lovely

Sabrina Seabreeze

Lilac skin, dark aqua eyes,

Raven blue blush hair,

Purple Celtic tattoos serpentine and square.

She moves as her name indicates,

With light smooth moves and grace.

Flowing robes of deep blue green and black magenta,

Professor of Elemental Magic,

At the University of Magic Centre.

Consultant to Skulduggery Pleasant,

Expertise to dispense to the detective.

Battles against those of ill will,

Using her silver crescent,

Shield of steel,

Fairy tale Diana bow and arrow.

Powerful weapon of cupids bow,

To keep back the flow,

Of the criminally evil.

Taking them down, in a row.

She may be petite, but is not slow.

Yoda fast and wise as witches go.

Feels the fear but is brave also.

That’s who I would be –

In an alternative reality.

- Lisa Lopresti

Archery testing round two! The last post was already way too long, so when I thought of more archery mechanics I had yet to test, I decided to make them their own post rather than adding to that one.

First up is the Ancient Bow. It’s known for how far arrows shot with it will fly in a straight line, but does it also do bonus damage to Guardians like other Ancient and Guardian weapons do?

Indeed it does! The bow’s base damage is 44, and it did 66 to this Guardian, the same 50% increase I saw in previous testing. I also tested it with the Ancient Proficiency set bonus and it worked as expected, increasing damage by 80%.

Unfortunately, Ancient Proficiency doesn’t work with Ancient Arrows, which still did the same 1/3 of the Guardian’s maximum HP in damage.

Time for a change of scenery! Now that I have an Ancient Bow, I’m curious just how arrows shot by it will fly. I’ve chosen the ridiculously long Great Zora Bridge for the same reasons as I did for my run speed tests: it’s long, and the arches make for easy measurement. I’m standing directly under the first arch, and will be counting how many arches the arrows pass through.

The Traveler’s Bow fires an arrow just past the fourth arch!

The Royal Guard’s Bow is 6.5 to 7 arches!

For the record, after multiple test fires with a bow, I go to check where the arrows landed. I’m not just basing the distance on where it looks like the arrows landed from the other end of the bridge.

The five-shot variant of the Savage Lynel Bow looks like it reaches about 4.5 arches! Arrows shot with this bow don’t drop as collectible items after landing, so it’s hard to say exactly where they landed. It sure looks cool, though!

As expected of a sniping weapon, the Golden Bow manages to get just past the eighth arch! Can the Ancient Bow top that?

The Ancient Bow shoots ridiculously far! I couldn’t even guess!

Wow, that’s over 13 arches! There was a bit of wind that blew them all to one side, but I don’t think it affects my measurements.

Now for the big one: the Twilight Bow! It fires the same Light Arrows as the bow used in the game’s final battle, which shoot straight for impossibly long distances. Will the Twilight Bow have this same property?

Oh jeez. That thing shot straight down the bridge, and I think hit the Mipha statue in the center of Zora’s Domain. Wait, aren’t a couple Zoras between here and there? Uh oh…

Oh. Well, if everything’s fine, then everything’s fine! Haha… ha…

Okay! That puny bridge isn’t enough for the DIVINE POWER of this bow, so I’ve climbed to the top of Zora’s Domain.

…Think I can hit the elephant?

The arrow shoots completely straight, until it gets far enough away that it’s out of the game’s object render distance and winks out of existence. WELL THEN.

The final round of testing will be against the game’s final boss, so to avoid spoiling it for anyone, I’ll be placing it after the cut.

Keep reading

Just Say It (Negan/Daryl x Reader)

Word Count: 3,709 (not even sorry xD)

Warnings: Cursing,

(Part 1)

This the second part to “This Is It.” Sorry it took so long! I had a lot of doubts about this one, but I hope y'all enjoy it!


“Here we are! Welcome to your new home, sweetheart.”

My eyes slowly opened to reveal a big factory. There were walkers chained and impaled by posts as well as severed walker heads on the tips of stakes at the front gate. Behind it was a run-down but bustling factory. “The Sanctuary!” I blinked at him as he proudly beamed at it. “Isn’t it gorgeous?” He asked, smirking at me.

“Dazzling,” I muttered.

“Aww, don’t be like that, baby,” he consoled, rubbing my shoulder. “You’re gonna love it here!” With a wink, he hopped out of the car and jogged over to my door, opening it. “M'lady,” he offered his hand to me. Sniffing, I rejected him and got out by myself. “Independent woman,” he snorted. I gasped as I was suddenly pulled back. “Girl, you are turnin’ me on already.” His warm breath fanned over my cheek causing a shiver to go up my spine. Wriggling out of his grasp, I distanced myself from him. The hungry look in his eyes made me want to completely disappear, but I endured it for the sake of my family.

Christ,” he whispered, biting his lip. “I better get you to your room before I get anymore ideas.” Without warning, he snatched my arm and effortlessly tugged me into him, snaking an arm around my waist. “This way.”

As we walked through countless halls and corridors, everyone we passed would kneel and bow their heads in submission. If there was one thing I figured out in that moment, it was that no one in the place dared crossing him. After a few more minutes of walking, we stopped at a large, apartment-like room.

He turned to me with a wide grin. “Make yourself at home, sweetheart.”

Inwardly rolling my eyes, I stepped in and looked around the room. It was decently furnished with a small kitchen set directly across the way with cabinets and a counter with a sink straight across the way, an oven in the left corner and a refrigerator. A queen-sized bed sat at the left side, a small leather chair at the right side with a small, 30-inch screen TV on a dresser, and a few decorations to liven up the place. There was a door at the back, which I assumed was the bathroom. “Uh, thanks,” I mumbled, struggling to look back at him.

“Awh, no need to thank me now, babe.” He sauntered towards me, tucking a strand of (y/h/c) hair behind my ear. “That’ll come later.” My cheek suddenly burned as his lips attached themselves and lingered there for what seemed like minutes. He pulled away with an evil wink. “I’ll be right back. I’ve got some business to take care of. Go ahead and settle yourself in.” Without another word, he left the room.

Although these people seemed cruel and ruthless, especially in consideration of their “fearless leader,” I assumed they must enjoy treating their guests well. I knew for a fact that this was all a charade to lure people into joining their army. The only thing I can do is resist, but for how long and at what cost? If I deny Negan’s power and refuse to bow to him, will I end up as a prisoner?

Am I not already a prisoner?

Fighting the tears in my eyes, I shook the feeling and made my way into the bathroom to take a shower and try to relax.

Three loud knocks woke me from my short nap. “Hey, sweetheart!” A familiar voice called from outside. “Let me in!” Reluctantly, I stood from my bed and trudged to the door, unlocking it and allowing it to swing open revealing Negan leaning on the doorframe with Lucille in tow. “Hi there,” he greeted, licking his lips.

“Hi,” I replied dryly.

“Nice to see you, too,” he chuckled. “I wanted to show you a couple of things. Come on.” Without argument, I followed him out. As soon as we turned the corner, we ran into Dwight and someone in a grimy pair of sweats. Quickly, they kneeled and bowed their heads.

“Dwighty boy!” Negan greeted, chuckling. He looked at the others around them.

“I need to talk to my associate for a minute. Go about your business.” Immediately, they went back to work. He turned to the man behind him. “Except for you. You, stand right there.” He looked at me with a sickeningly sweet smile. “You wait with him, sweetheart.”

Dwight took the man in sweats and took him over to a red chair sitting in the hall across from my room. “Sit,” he commanded. He quickly obliged. While Negan pulled Dwight aside, I got a good look at the man. His greasy hair fell in his face, his skin was an unwashed tangerine color, and his clothes were covered in his own sweat as well as the letter “A” written with yellow spray paint.

My heart fell in realization. “Daryl?!” I gasped, stepping closer to him. He slowly looked up at me. My heart broke seeing his eyes a dull grey color instead of their usual brilliant blue.

“Don’t speak to him,” Dwight warned, making his way back over to us.

“What’ve you done to him?!” I fumed, balling my hand into a fist and kneeling next to Daryl.

“Easy, girl.” Negan tried to calm me down, placing a hand on my shoulder and pulling me away from him. “Dwight, meet me in a few minutes. Let’s go, darlin’.” Without another word, he took Daryl down the hall and outside as we continued the other direction.

“What the hell is he doing here?!” I blurted out.

“He seemed useful,” he shrugged. “And since he’s so important to you, I just had to take advantage.” He stopped and stared me straight in the eye. “You slip up even once, and his head is on the chopping block.”

“You sick bastard,” I jeered, glaring coldly at him.

“Woah woah woah, now! I’m keeping him alive unless you want him to end up like your other two friends.” Sadly, I lowered my head and held my tongue. There’s no telling what they’re doing to him here! He looked so beaten and broken, and it made my heart ache to see him that way. As long as he’s not at the mercy of Lucille, I guess he’s in good shape.

“Can I at least know where you’re keeping him?” I gingerly inquired.

“Why?” He stopped in his tracks, facing me. “You gonna break him out? You gonna run back to him and leave me hangin’?” The intensity in his voice caused me to shrink back from him as he stepped closer. “Not cool. Honey, you might want to think about your decisions because you could be the deciding factor between whether or not your people are kept alive. Got it?” Without uttering a word, I quickly nodded.

“Good. I wanna show you somethin’ real quick.” I suddenly realized we were in a much nicer looking hallway as he pulled me to a set of double doors. I looked in to see seven young women–some even younger than me–in black dresses sitting around, doing their hair and makeup, drinking scotch, smoking, and silently talking.

“These,” he spoke, catching my attention, “are my wives. These lovely ladies have been with guys who get themselves into some pretty sticky situations. Take Sherry for example.” He pointed to a petite woman with short, honey blonde hair and a pretty face. “She and her now ex-husband and her sister ran off with some of our goods after I planned on marrying her sister. They came back, their sister was dead, and I was gonna punish them,” he trailed off, lifting Lucile into his line of vision, “but Sherry offered to marry me. And here she is now,” he chuckled, nodding in her direction. “Now, the reason why I don’t keep you in here with these ladies is because I have a lot of respect for you.” I raised an eyebrow at him. “I’m not gonna propose here and I won’t force you, but–I’m just sayin’–I can offer you a better deal. That room you got is private and all but I have a suite right next to mine.” He leaned in. “I can move you in up there.” His eyes petrified me as he moved even closer. “But only if you accept my offer.”

“W-what offer?” I stammered as he inched nearer, his lips dangerously close to mine.

“Well, you’re a smart girl. I’m sure you can figure that part out yourself.” His lips barely brushed mine before the radio in his pocket went off.

“It’s D,” Dwight’s voice came over the radio. “Are we still meeting?”

With a deep, frustrated sigh, he ducked away and pulled out his walkie. “Yeah. You gotta work on your timing, man.”

“Did I interrupt something?” He awkwardly inquired.

“Sorta.” He waved it off. “It’s fine. I’ll be there soon.” He switched it off and put it in his back pocket. “Sorry ‘bout that, sweetheart. But as I said, the offer stands. All ya gotta do is accept it when you’re ready.” He placed his arm on the small of my back and led me away to the catwalk we passed on our way in.

Seconds later, Dwight joined us. “Heya, D! How ya doin’?”

“Not too bad,” he answered, leaning forward the railing. “Hi, (Y/n),” he acknowledged me. I nodded at him with a half grin. His greeting didn’t quell the grudge I held against him for everything he’s done to us, especially Daryl.

“He is going ape-shit!” He chuckled, leaning back on the railing.

“Yep,” Dwight nodded, silently proud of his work. I glowered at him.

“And you? You are hustlin’. It’s working. It’s working slow but, hey, some people are harder to break than others.”

“Yeah,” Dwight agreed, standing up straight. “He’s close.”

“Yeah, he is,” Negan smirked. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to stick around for their conversation. If I hear about anything they’re doing to him, I’ll go ape-shit myself.

“Hey, er… Negan?” I spoke up in a sweet voice.

“What’s up, darlin’?” He asked, looking down at me.

“Do you care if I look around a little bit?” I asked, turning to him and running a finger up his chest. “So I can, you know, find my way around?”

He stared down at me with lustful eyes as my finger traveled up to his chin. “Well, uh-”

“C'mon. Just for a little while?” My insides burned as I batted my eyes at him.

Shaking off his awestruck look, he nodded and said, “Sure. Just make sure you’re back in your room in 10 minutes.” He leaned down and whispered in my ear. “I wanna show you somethin’ else.”

“Can’t wait,” I replied in the same tone.

“Ooh, warming up to me already?” That devilish smirk brushed over his pearly white teeth. “I love it. See ya in 10.” As I turned to leave, I felt his hand squeeze my butt. It took everything in me not to turn back around and smack him across the face. I took in a deep breath, and made my way back to my room. “That’s a woman right there, D!” I shuddered as I distinctly heard him brag to Dwight.

As soon as I got there, I began to hear music. It was upbeat, peppy, and somewhat irritating. After a few more seconds, it abruptly stopped. Before I could step into my room, it started again. It was already starting to get on my nerves, so I decided to investigate and marched down the hall towards the music.

Before I could reach the source, my heart jumped at the sight of Daryl sneaking out of his cell. Luckily, no one was around to see him but me. “Daryl!” I whisper-yelled at him. He snapped his head in my direction and ran to me as quickly and silently as possible. As soon as he reached me, he threw his arms around my waist and buried his head in my shoulder as my arms went around his neck. I tried my best to ignore the putrid scent of his clothes as we held each other there. “What the hell are you doing here?” I asked tearfully, pulling away and looking at him.

“They think I’m useful,” he grunted, looking back at me. “They ‘been tryin’ to break me this whole time.”

“Come with me,” I offered. “I can get you some real food and a nice shower-”

“I can’t do that, (Y/n). It’ll get one of us or someone back home killed.”

“At least let me show you where I’m staying. We’ve got to be quick, though. Negan will be there in about 5 minutes.” Daryl nodded hesitantly, and followed me down the hall to my room. “If you ever need anything, come by when you can. Otherwise I’ll bring you something.” I hugged him once more before pointing towards the exit. “The exit’s that way.”

“I ain’t leavin’ without ya,” he argued. “I can’t leave you here by yourself.”

“You have to,” I countered. “Like you said: someone will end up dead. Go without me.” He shook his head. “Please, Daryl,” I begged, placing my hands on his shoulders and forcing him to face me. “Just go.”

With a sigh, he squeezed me one last time. “I’ll come back for ya.”

“If I can get out,” I mumbled, pulling away from him. Without another word, he snuck towards the exit. I quickly went back into my room, sat on the leather chair and waited for Negan to come by. Before too long, I heard a knock on my door. I shot out of my place, and made my way to the door, opening it to see that same smug face scanning me up and down.

“Hey, gorgeous,” he winked. “Find your way around all right? No issues with getting lost?”

“Oh no,” I waved him off. “No problem.” I put on a fake, sultry smile for him. “So, what’s the plan?”

He cleared his throat. “Well, now I’m gonna show you-”

The static on his walkie suddenly caught our attention as a voice said, “We’ve got a runner.” My heart stopped.

They caught him.

God only knows what they’re gonna do to him now.

An amused grin stretched across his lip. “Finally, we’ve got some action around here! Let’s go, babe! I want you to see this!” Reluctantly, I followed behind him, fighting my stomach as it twisted and churned. We went through the exit to see nine Saviors circled around Daryl. He started that damned two-toned whistle again, swinging Lucille over his shoulder and adding in a different tune shortly after as he made his way to the center of the circle.
With a sigh, he asked, “Are we pissin’ our pants yet?” I stood outside the circle as Daryl watched him carefully. “Who are you?” Negan asked Fat Joey.

“Negan,” he answered.

“Who are you?” He pointed Lucille at the Savior behind him.


“Who are ya?!”

“Negan!” The whole group answered.

“You see that?” He chuckled. “I am everywhere. And this was your shot to prove to me that that fundamental fact was sinking in, and you failed. Which sucks, because your life was about to get so much cooler. Am I right?”

“Damn right,” Joey answered.

Negan stepped closer to him, pressing Lucille to the ground next to his bare feet causing him to jump back a little. “Now, Dwight gave you some options. I don’t think you get it yet. So I’m gonna break it down for you. You get three choices.” He paused for a moment, holding up a finger. “One, you wind up on the spike and you work for me as a dead man. Two, you get out of your cell, you work for points, but you’re gonna wish you were dead. Or three, you work for me, you get yourself a brand-new pair of shoes, and you live like a king! Choice seems pretty obvious. You should know, there is no door number four,” he said, shaking his head. “This is it. This is the only way.”

Daryl remained silent, giving him his trademark side-glare. Part of me wanted him to give in, but the rest of me wanted him to keep fighting. Negan chuckled, fastening his grip on Lucille. “Screw it.”

A yelp escaped my lips as he swung her through the air. I lurched forward, but was stopped by the Savior standing next to Fat Joey. Negan abruptly stopped in front of Daryl, who didn’t move an inch. “Wow!” He backed away from him. “You don’t scare easy. I love that! But Lucille… Well, it kind of pisses her off. She finds it to be disrespectful.” He pointed her at Daryl. “Lucky for you, she’s not feeling too thirsty today.” His face grew darker. “But I am. So…” His face suddenly brightened up again. “I’m gonna go get me a drink. And what better drink is there than this tall glass of-” he turned to see me still being restrained. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” He asked the Savior holding me rightly.

He turned pale. “I-I was just-”

“How many times do I have to tell you numb-skulls?” He shook his head, grabbing my arm and pulling me back to him. “No one messes with her!” His voice was at its maximum volume and intensity. “If anyone’s gonna handle her, it’s ME!” He took a deep breath, pressing his lips to the top of my head, then led us both out of the circle.

The whistling started again, and the Saviors surrounding Daryl proceeded to beat him up. “Aren’t you gonna stop them?” I asked, trying to hide my concern. “I mean, that’s nine against one.”

“That’s protocol for any prisoner that escapes,” he nonchalantly replied.

Nine against one? That’s more than unfair.

Negan and I waited in my room for Dwight to come in with Daryl. I leaned back on the counter while he sat in the chair. This time, they were going to see if they could get him to comply and join them. At this point, it might be best. Maybe we need to stop fighting to survive and allow them to rule us.

The knob turned, and the door creaked open. “Step in,” Dwight ordered Daryl.

He quietly shuffled in, keeping his head down. My heart broke seeing him so tired, beaten up and bloodied.

“Je-sus,” Negan placed Lucille on the floor and stood from the leather chair.

“You…look awful.” Well, what else did he expect?! “Don’t you worry. We’ll have Carson fix you all up. You thirsty? Here.” He handed him a glass of water. “Ah, hell, I forgot. Your mouth is all… puffed up like a baboon’s ass. Need a straw? D, give him a straw. What’s wrong with you?” I wasn’t surprised to see Dwight go straight to the right cabinet and get a straw. “See that guy? He hustles. I like hustle.” Dwight made his way back over, placing the straw in Daryl’s glass. “But believe it or not, things weren’t always cool between us. See, D here–he worked for points. Him and his super hot wife and her super hot sister.”

It dawned on me there that Sherry was his wife. As I listened to the story in detail, I began to feel sorry for Dwight. The way he acts and his dedication to the group are just fronts he puts up to survive in the Sanctuary and protect Sherry. Any noble person would do the same for someone they love, which is exactly what I intend to do if I have to.

“The point being, I think you can be that guy. I think you are ready to be that guy. You look around here. This?” He gestured around the room. “Well… it can all be yours. All you got to do is answer one simple question. Who are you?”

“Just say it,” I thought to myself. “Just say it, and we’ll have a better chance of survival.”

“What, does the cat got your tongue? You’re just overwhelmed by the awesomeness of this? I’m gonna ask you one more time.” He stood right in front of him, holding Lucille close to his face. “Who are you?”

A long period of silence went by before he looked up and answered, “Daryl.” I felt proud of him, but at the same time I believed he made a mistake.

“Oh,” Dwight groaned. “This is the only-”

“Hey. Sst, sst, sst,” Negan stopped him. “It’s cool, D. He made his choice. Ain’t my problem if he made a dumbass choice.” He stroked his hand over his chin in thought. “Go ahead and take him to the fence.”

“No, wait!” I protested before Dwight could grab Daryl. I rushed to Negan. “Don’t do this! He doesn’t deserve it. Let him live!”

“And why should I do that?” He questioned, staring down at me.

“If you do…” I trailed off, glancing sorrowfully at Daryl who discreetly shook his head, his eyes begging me to stop talking. “I’ll accept your proposal.”
Negan exploded with jubilant laughter. “Now THAT is an offer I can’t refuse! Look at you! You’re finally submitting to me!” Suddenly, he grabbed both sides of my face and smashed his lips to mine. It didn’t take long for him to pull away. He sighed and wrapped an arm around my shoulder, pulling me as close to him as possible. “Dwight, go ahead and take Daryl back. The missus and I have some business to take care of.”

Heartbroken, Daryl glanced back at me before Dwight took him back to his cell. “You made the right decision, sweetheart.” He assured me, running his hands up and down my arms. “I’ll take you to your new room.” He looked right into my eyes with that devilish smirk of his. “We can get to know each other real well.”
I might be on my way to living in luxury, but I couldn’t quite shake the feeling of being a prisoner.

Still, my philosophy stands: Whatever it takes to keep my family alive.

I’ll admit, I argued with myself over this one quite a bit. Regardless, I hope y'all like it!

I also wanted to say a HUGE thanks to those of you who read “This Is It.” The feedback I’ve received has been constructive and heartwarming. You guys welcomed me back into the writing world with open arms, and I really appreciate that!

I hope you guys have enjoyed your holiday season! I get to start up again on Monday. Wheeee… Until next time! Love y'all! -LGN

(Part 3)