Everything you (n)ever wanted to know about archery

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Don’t watch Lord of the Rings, the Hunger Games, or Avatar. At least, not for the archery. Hollywood is stock full of misinformation and misrepresentation about archery. Sadly, not a lot of writers have the opportunity to really delve into the practice. So here is my all you wanted to know primer from how bows are constructed, to lining up and releasing the shot, to treating your friend’s nasty broadhead wound.

Edit: expanded the debunking section. 

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WHEN (not if, get fucked if people cancel this film series) we get more films

I can’t wait for the other Rangers to get their weapons

I liked the little homage to Trini’s daggers when she threw whatever it was she grabbed at Rita, she’d be awesome with a pair of badass yellow power daggers, literally the only one immediately competent with her weapons and she overuses them, she needs to like…calm down maybe not everything is “I bet I can hit that with a dagger”

Zack had his pick axe action when they were digging out the coins, so imagine when he gets his power axe like this dude is going to LOVE HIS DAMN AXE LOOK AT MY AXE GUYS. BOOM. BOULDER IS NOW TWO BOULDERS. He’s like Thor but with an axe. He names it.

Billy smacking people around with his power lance, swinging it around like awww yea, knives on each end apologising like crazy when he accidentally cracks Kim around the head with it, and really doesn’t when he wins several spars purely from tripping the others over with it

Kim getting annoyed because the others keep whistling the Mockingjay tune when she draws her power bow back, she keeps getting asked what her elf eyes see and can we all just stop calling her Hawkeye and or Merida pls thanks, let her just take this damn shot

here’s the thing about the episode:

lexa’s character consistency was out of this world. lexa and clexa have never been better written than they were in that episode. once again, we see that lexa is more multifaceted than ANY of the characters on the show. literally any of them. pick one and i’ll prove you wrong. she maintained the perfect balance of the ‘commander’ and just plain lexa, and at the right moments as well. now, more than ever, you can make the clear distinction between the two sides.

the commander spends most of the episode fiercely in control. as soon as things go wrong, she steps up and delivers. kicking the ice nation ambassador, arresting roan and the delegates, silencing anyone who dares to speak against her. she is powerful, she is authoritative, she owns the room as soon as she steps into it. she even does more subtle things, like referring to clarke as wanheda, constantly referencing the need for ‘her power’, and all the talk about the war and politics. we know by now that this is all an act. like an actor plays a character, lexa plays the role of the commander. a role where she has to step up and be powerful in front of her people, no matter what the cost.

she gives up all of that power when she’s alone with clarke.

you’ll never hear a soft whisper or a murmur from lexa when she’s in a room full of other people, but this episode was full of those whispers and murmurs to clarke. she lets clarke yell, she lets clarke scream, she lets clarke spit in her face, she lets clarke threaten her, she lets clarke try to kill her. but lexa stands there and takes it with nothing more than a whisper of remorse for her actions. lexa’s ‘i never meant to turn you into this’ had very subtle hints of surprise and realization. her actions made clarke want to kill her. lexa knows this, lexa has probably thought about this every day for three months, and lexa is remorseful. in these moments, we know without a doubt that lexa loves clarke, and would do anything for her safety and happiness. anything for her to be free of the burden she carries. lexa would carry the burden for her if she could.

the final bow scene was the ultimate surrender of lexa’s power. 

clarke bowed for lexa in public, giving up the control of the power of wanheda so that the ice nation and everyone else would know that lexa is not weak. just a side note: it’s not manipulation. it’s embarrassing that some people think clarke is that stupid. clarke is not stupid. all of this was done on purpose. it was her idea in the end, as suggested by the end of the knife scene. lexa gave her an out, which would have destroyed everything she has worked so hard to achieve, but clarke let lexa do it her way. lexa doesn’t need clarke to bow for her, but once again, it’s only for show. remember: lexa is an actor playing a part.

lexa bowed for clarke in private, giving up any and all power that she held over clarke. she makes a vow, something which is probably very important to her, something she doesn’t do with just anyone. the commander bows to no one, after all. clarke knows the weight of lexa’s words and her actions. and lexa didn’t have to do it, not at all. but clarke bowed for her, and she didn’t have to, so now lexa is giving her the same courtesy. once again, she chooses to leave herself open and vulnerable for clarke, because she can trust clarke with herself. clarke needed reassurance, and lexa gave it to her selflessly. after all the political things are said and done, lexa shows her true self to clarke. she can’t do that in public, but it’s clear she wants clarke to know who she really is.

it’s also worth mentioning how lexa says “our people” in response to clarke’s “my people.” lexa could’ve easily said “my people”, since as the commander of the coalition, technically she now has authority over clarke and all of her people. but she doesn’t. when she’s alone, she and clarke are equals. she can’t display that in public without being seen as weak, but lexa knows, and clarke now knows too.

clarke offering her hand to lexa is just as powerful. she may not completely forgive her, but they’re both on the same page. they both, and always have, wanted the same thing. clarke is accepting of lexa’s vow, and giving her her hand is almost an act of trust. she’s putting her trust back in lexa, if only very slowly. she helps lexa stand to her feet, and the final shot is of them looking at each other. both standing at full height. both as equals.

that is the true nature of clarke and lexa. take away the war, take away the politics, take away the alliance, and that’s what you’re left with. true, raw, deep emotions. you peel back the layers and that’s what you’ll find. to be able to achieve such complexity in a relationship on a show where there’s a lot of characters and a lot of things going on, is honestly remarkable. a scene like the bow scene that encompasses everything these characters truly stand for, is a work of art.

so yeah, that’s why it’s my favourite episode, and why lexa shouldn’t be antagonized and reduced to a one-dimensional character the way she is. i feel like if you don’t understand the layers, then you’re not watching the show properly.

The works that inspired Conan the Barbarian

I already did one of these for King Kong. Conan came out so long ago that the pop culture that influenced him is mostly forgotten and downright prehistoric.

Tros of Samothrace by Talbot Mundy (1929)

A swashbuckling sea captain from the Greek island of Samothrace who opposes the sinister, debauched, and cruel Julius Caesar and his Roman Empire, Tros of Samothrace is, like Conan, a black haired ball of muscle who’s primary occupation is naval freebooting, who’s defining character traits are pride and a desire for freedom and personal independence above all else, and his chief hobbies include refusing to bow to powerful people and laughing at backstabbing enemies from treacherous civilized empires. 

Like Conan, Tros takes pride in being from a kingdom that was never conquered, even into Roman times. Also like Conan, he has allies in a persecuted and secretive religious minority like the ones that save King Conan’s life in “The Hour of the Dragon,” as Tros works with an eccentric religious order from his native island (the Mystery Cult of Samothrace). Because the Tros stories had the Romans as the “bad guys,” they were immensely controversial to the Adventure pulp readership, though this element must have delighted Robert E. Howard, an anti-imperialist who wanted Irish independence, who went on to have debauched, backstabbing Roman-style enemies in Conan, Kull, and Bran Mak Morn.

Khlit the Cossack By Harold Lamb (1917)

A Cossack hero from 16th Century Ukraine who starred in 21 stories and novels from 1917-1926 in the most famous pulp mag of all, Adventure, Khlit the Cossack, his Turkish curved scimitar in hand, found the lost tomb of Genghis Khan, rescued the son of the Emperor of China, battled the original Assassins in Syria, and killed a tyrannical impostor of the Czar in Russia. He had all kinds of adventures with Tartars, Afghans, and Indians.

A big part of Conan is the setting, which is steeped in orientalism and the exotic east, and Harold Lamb’s body of work was to the steppes of central Asia what Jimmy Buffett is to the tropics (his best known work is a biography of Genghis Khan). In fact, in one fascinating little bigraphical tidbit, Lamb was even an agent for US Intelligence during World War II in Iran.

Edgar Rice Burroughs’s Tarzan

 To Howard fans, bringing up the many obvious similarities to Tarzan and the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs is kind of like one of those secrets everyone knows but nobody has the bad taste to discuss out loud, kind of like when you know someone at the office is an alcoholic. The reaction is usually like a little kid blurting out a family secret at Christmas dinner. 

The most ERB-like of all the Conan stories is “Red Nails,” a story about that most ERB-esque of topics, a crumbling lost city of immense antiquity found in a jungle inhabited by prehistoric creatures, who’s natives immediately try to make Tarzan – uh, Conan, sorry – their first victim of ritual human sacrifice. Likewise, Howard considered ERB’s “Gods of Mars” his favorite book (and said so in many letters) and borrowed ERB’s cynical take on priests and gods in that book, where they were impenetrable, unremovable conspiracies ruling traditionalist ancient societies, and who were not true believers at all.

themonalisa  asked:

hi! I started archery and in my beginner course I realised that I'm really weak :'( My instructor recommended me to use a compound bow bc I'm fairly good at aiming while using it, but I crave the aesthetic of the recurve. Is it possible for me to build enough muscle so that I can aim well with a recurve? (Could you recommend me some exercises?) Also I'm planning on buying equipment within a month so would it be best for me to wait to build up strength before buying a bow? sorry for the essay!


Okay so, just so we’re clear, I am for the moment gonna assume that when you say ‘weak’ you mean ‘what are sports?  we just don’t know.’ –because bro!, that would be me!, I know that one.  if you mean weak as part of a disability*, then bruh I can help with that too.  one of the coaches at my range is on the US Paralympic Archery team and I would be glad to hassle him for advice.

*archery is for EVERYONE.  there are archers in wheelchairs, there are blind archers, the world record for the longest accurate shot in archery is currently held by a gentleman who doesn’t have arms.

Moving on, okay, I am … side-eyeing your instructor just a little bit?  do you happen to know what poundage (How hard to pull) the recurves you used were?  at my range, a beginner archer of adult height gets a 66″ bow of either 12 or 16 pounds of draw weight (how much force it takes to pull the string back 28 inches.)

so, here’s the thing about pulling a bow.  imagine a gallon of milk.  or juice is okay if you prefer juice.  imagine picking it up by the cap.  yikes???  most people would find this very hard or impossible, and it’s not necessary.  so, you pick it up by the handle.  much easier!  you can manage the weight.  archery is just the same - the same amount of weight is either dang near impossible OR not too bad, and it’s all down to how you use your body to move that weight.

shooting a bow, your instructor should be showing you how to hook the string and pull with your back (much more muscle!) as you lower your front shoulder and push the bow away. push and pull, push AND pull.  it’s awkward at first, but once you get the hang of it, if you are using a bow that’s appropriate for your skill level, it’s MUCH easier because you are using your muscles efficiently.  and definitely don’t feel bad about feeling weak - literally every saturday i have people who are convinced they cannot do this, whole body shaking as they try to pull the bowstring back in an awkward way, and once they’ve had fifteen minutes of me poking at their elbows and back, saying ‘pull from here, elbow behind you, now push it away push push–’ they’re drawing the bow smoothly and making very nice shots!  

tl;dr, it is totally possible to build up enough muscle to start a recurve!  exercises, briefly: 

1.) buy a stretchy band and pull it like it’s a bow.  this one is… hrm.. I could explain it better with pictures.  would you like pictures?  i can try to do that tomorrow.  

2.) less need of pictures, do plain old push-ups - i do them against the wall. place your hands against the wall, lean in (bending elbows, tummy firm, back STRAIGHT - if you let your back sag, it will hurt) until your nose touches the wall, then push off. repeat until tired, and it’s okay if that only takes five times.  try to do six next time, then seven, then take a dang day off!  when you can do like thirty, make it harder - back up further away from the wall - it will be harder to push off. 

3.) lift things.  lift a water bottle.  lift the cat.  hold the water bottle at your side, then lift it to shoulder height, arm fully extended - as you would lift a bow.  hold it up for fifteen seconds (10 or 5 if you can’t do 15), then lower it.  rest for the same amount of time you held it up, then repeat.  if you can only do two of those at first, bruh!  that’s fine.  try to do three tomorrow, then four, then - take a day off!!  lots of rest days are important - you WILL get sore, your muscles WILL need time to recover.  starting out, swap the water bottle (or weight or cat) from arm to arm, so that one can rest while the other works.  as you get stronger, use two weights and do both arms.  extend your arms both straight to your side and straight in front of you - this is working on different parts of your shoulder.

WOW has this gotten long - and here you thought you wrote an essay!

Equipment:  Nope, you don’t have to wait, as long as you buy ‘the right’ equipment.  ‘Right equipment’ doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, it just needs to have limbs that can be taken off.  Here is an example of the sort of bow I mean:  LINK!  We have tons of bows just like this one at my range. that one is metal, but plastic (like this) is also fine, and so is wood (like this.) See the black knobs at the top and bottom where the limbs (white bendy parts) meet the riser (the ‘body’ of the bow)?  those are bolts, the limb can be easily taken off and swapped out for a lighter (easier to pull) or heavier (harder to pull) limb.  limbs of the bolt-on type are very affordable, and a beginner bow of good quality is both tough and light weight.  

the only point I will make on the purchase of the equipment is, do NOT let anyone tell you that it’s a ‘waste of money to buy limbs that are too light.’  that is dumb, people that ought to know better say it to archers all the time, and you know what happens?  those new archers hurt their shoulders, aren’t having fun with a bow that’s a struggle to pull back, and the bow goes in the closet and we never see them again. :’(  go ahead and get the lightest limbs available for your bow of choice - this is usually either 12 or 14 pounds. if you are over about 5′6″ tall, get the 12 pound limbs or even 10 if you can find them.  If you are 5′6″ or under, 12 is still okay, but so is 14.  this probably sounds backwards, but to put it bluntly:

the farther back you pull a recurve bow, the HARDER it gets.  that’s what the recurve shape of the limb does, it makes the bow more powerful as it is pulled back more. so, if you’re tall, or have rather long arms, you’ll pull the bow back more - you want lighter limbs so that you don’t have to fight with them. if I draw a bow with 14 pound limbs, it will be 16 pounds - I am tall, my arms are long.

 if you are short or have stumpy t-rex arms, your draw length will be short - you may only pull a pair of 14 pound limbs to 11 or 12 pounds, if not less.

MAN ok, this has been an info-dump, and I hope it helps; if you have any more questions let me know, and I will do my best!  ENJOY.  YOU CAN DO IT.

‘’I remember you.’’ Part 3

A/N: You remember how I used to be all angst? well, whoops, I’m back! Thanks for reading, I hope you guys enjoy this twist. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Being an Avenger can sometimes take it’s toll on a person and when a certain man joins the team, the reader can’t help but withdraw herself from the group due to their past. How will it end though when their powers are need to help him on a mission and they reveal more about the past than they intended.

Warnings:  none

Word count: 1019

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You stayed by his side as they evacuated him, you were needed in case he’d wake up in the wrong state. You didn’t answer any of the others questioning, you were too drained to muster a word. They tried to understand. 

You helped Tony reassemble his metal arm, attaching it to his left shoulder to heal while he was unconscious. You worked in silence, ignoring the constant glares from your friend as he itched to ask you to finally explain. Explain everything. However, you weren’t ready. 

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The RFA+V+Saeran reacting to MC being a SUPER DUPER MEGA AWESOME HACKER (like an MC who's waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better at hacking than Seven but she's not in any hacker groups like she works solo and all that good shit👌)

okay~~ sorry for taking so long anon :3


  • HOLD UP 
  • “even better”
  • asks you to help him hack into Seven’s information so he can plan the ultimate revenge prank yaas
  • is legit super impressed and just stares at you when you work
  • he can’t focus on anything else lmao
  • also low key wants you to hack into LOLOL to cause some trouble for Seven’s guild because he KNOWS Seven cheats but it still makes him mad because he just can’t beat him
  • >:(


  • idk he just finds it cool
  • he’s not like super into it 
  • but you won’t believe this 
  • he’s actually a little intimidated by you??? 
  • because he knows that if he makes you mad or upset you could leak information about him and make it go viral easily
  • not that you’d do that though right? 
  • RIGHT?!?1
  • that is to remain undecided until further notice
  • oops hehe


  • “Can you hack into Mr. Han’s brain and tone down his cat craze?”
  • she also wants you to hack into the clocks of the Jumin’s house so she can get one more hour of sleep before going to work LMFAO
  • no but srsly she’d do ANYTHING for a nap
  • soooo you do it and it’s great because the whole company is confused 
  • like “Mr. Han missed the meeting for his beloved cat project? UNBELIEVABLE!”
  • let’s just say, it was a great day for Jaehee because the project was postponed


  • thought that MC would be like Seven but you were wayy more mature 
  • thank God 
  • but he wasn’t so sure about your career since he’s a public figure after all
  • but then you reminded him that you had several identities soooo problem solved!! 
  • you’re the princess of JuJu Island heh.
  • yo then he actually likes your job because YOU’RE ABLE TO HACK AND FIND CONFIDENTIAL GOVERNMENT CAT VIDEOS LMAO 
  • do those even exist idk just pretend it does man


  • he’s hiding cuz you might be part of hackers chasing hackers
  • but then he finds out you’re not and is 200% relieved until you tell him you’re a better hack than him
  • EXCUSE ME?!?!?!?!? 
  • hacking challenge accepted.
  • by the end of it, both of your uncovered so much information about each other it was impossible to decide a winner


  • “so.. that means you’re better than my brother?”
  • TBH you knew he was the hacker before anyone else found out
  • (plot twist MC saves the day OK no one dies all is happy yasss) 
  • right so then he wants to learn how to beat his brother in hacking!! 
  • the both of you become hacking partners for lyfe and literally you guys scare the rest of the RFA cuz
  • y'all are just too powerful gurl Seven is bowing down to you guys 
  • Seven: but you already have me??
  • ^^Vander: we can always fire you ;)
  • *insert sad 707 chicken meme face*


  • is kinda sad cuz you won’t let him use photos of you for his exhibition aww 
  • his puppy eyes make your heart kill itself and you have no choice but to let him 
  • defying all your hacker logic and precautions just to make this cinnamon bun happy 
  • it’s worth it though
  • V’s smile when he hears the compliments of his pictures of you is even brighter than the sun

:) i hope this is what you wanted!

~Cherry L.

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Why Are You Here?

Request: “Can I get a Harry Hook imagine where the reader is the leader of a rival gang that wanted to rule the Isle instead of Uma and when they set up a meeting to make a deal, the reader gets there and Harry’s sitting there instead? Please, Thank you, and I absolutely love all of your imagines.”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

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You walked towards Ursula’s Fish and Chips, your ankle boots clicking every time you took a step. People backed away quickly making a path for you as you walked past them. Girls wished they could be you and guys wished they could have you. But there was only one guy that owned your heart that was Harry Hook.

You opened the doors to the shop and noticed that Harry was sitting down waiting for you. You looked at him confused as you looked around trying to see if you could find Uma, but no luck she wasn’t around.

“Harry what are you doing here the deal is between Uma and I not you.” You huffed crossing your arms.

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Rated: M for Smut, Angst.

Pairing: Jaehyun x Reader xYuta

Summary: The story of secrets, deciet and greed. Three characters with unlikely alliances and one common goal; power. Jaehyun is stuck between his own thirst for power and his need for the one thing that could take away everything. Yuta has ambition growing from an unlikely alliance and convinces himself to do anything to protect it. Between both of them is her, ambitious but with one weakness, she does all it takes for Jaehyun, even if it’s putting herself aside. But how long can she hold up her own fragile games?

(A/N): I know. I’m terrible, I’m really sorry for being so late.

Mini Masterlist

She sat in her office the next day, looking down at the picture of her beside her father in the paper. She sighed deeply, unaware of whether it was of relief or regret. After a long time of just sitting there, alternating her gaze from between the wall and the different newspapers on her desk, she pushed up her chair and pressed down her intercom.

“Could you get me a tea?” She informed her assistant and shoved the papers to the side, sorrow doesn’t win elections.

She was reading the reviews of a focus group when there was gentle tap on her door.

“Come in.” She spoke without looking up, “Could you get me the polls of the last governor from his first few days of office?” She spoke with competent distraction.

“I was hoping we could talk.” The timid voice made her head fly up immediately, Jaehyun stood at her door with two cups in his hand and the weakest gaze she had ever seen on him. It both worried and angered her.

“What’s wrong?” She asked with confused brows as he shut the door behind him and sat down opposite her.

“No one’s talking about us anymore.” He informed her and she nodded, waiting for him to continue, “But it’s not fair to bring up your father like that.” He sighed and she had to look away from him.

“It doesn’t matter Jaehyun. As long as controversy doesn’t surround you.” She went back to her work, underlining something she found important.

“He’s your father!” Jaehyun wanted to protest.

“And he’s a criminal. I’ve been through all of this before Jaehyun, I was even in court for his trial. You don’t need to worry about me. I’d be more worried about the election.” Her eyes were searching her desk as hastily picked up her phone, “I need the polls of the last governor from his first month in office now.” She intimidated her assistant.

“(Y/N),” He sighed but she only hummed and turned her chair to the computer, “(Y/N) look at me!” The pen she cradled between her teeth dropped on her lap and rolled onto the floor.

“What?” She looked up at him and swallowed, she had never seen his eyes so weak.

“I’m sorry, about everything. I’m sorry that it feels like I take everything from you and have nothing to offer in return.” His gaze fluttered down.

“If you care, you’ll win.” She said simply. Jaehyun’s thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door, her assistant entered with the files she had asked for. After she left, (Y/N) opened the file and searched for something.

“This guy, Yuta was it?” His voice fell even more and she looked up.

“Jaehyun-” Her voice was at it’s best, convincing.

“No, I know. I said it didn’t I? I wanted to win with you beside me. At any cost right?” His smile was regretful.

“It’s not what you think.” She sighed, but he only laughed.

“When you walked down from the set that day, you looked so lost. In that moment all I wanted to do was hold you. I wanted to be there for you, I wanted to know that I could for once give you something for a change. But I lost didn’t I? He put me in my place.” He laughed again, looking away from her. She silently swallowed a lump in her throat and waited, watching him grieve with patience. He took a gulp from one of the cups he bought and sat up straight.

“So what are we doing wrong in the campaign.” His voice was professional and detached.

She sat inside the coffee shop with a milder order than usual as she tapped her nails on the table rhythmically in wait. Not one to sit idly for long, she picked out her phone and started looking at news articles when someone sat down opposite her.

“Everyone is looking at us.” Yuta spoke with a nervous laugh.

“If it’s any consolation, hardly anyone disapproves.” She spoke with dull eyes as she placed her phone on the table.

“It’s been silently chaotic. Some news platforms are saying our timing is convenient at best, but then people who saw us at the bar spoke up. It’s just a push and pull.” His lips tugged at his memory, but he was being professional.

“It doesn’t matter Yuta. People are already moving on, no one cares about the love life of a staff member unless there’s a scandal involved.” She took a sip from her coffee, the too hot liquid burning her upper lip and making her wince.

“Careful.” He warned and she laughed at the concern in his eyes.

“You’re incredible.” She sighed honestly.

“Did you ever imagine yourself here? A servant to politics?” She asked off-handedly.

“I’m a journalist.” Yuta smiled quizzically.

“You’re a political journalist, and a correspondent at that. You’re more knee deep in politics than most of my staff.” She explained and he laughed.

“I don’t mind it. It’s interesting, and it’s more important.” He smiled.

“Idealistic.” Before he could question it, she spoke up again, “I always despised it. It’s this twisted game where the winner loses the most.” She sipped on her coffee as Yuta listened thoughtfully.

“That does bring the question of why you’re here.” He asked with confusion.

“Exactly, see Yuta I like to believe that you and I are similar in many ways. And I think neither of us really realised how addictive this game is, no one warned us at the gate did they? Now here we are, the stakes are high and it’s your turn to place a bet.” She smiled as his confusion cleared. He gave her a smile, standing up.

“I think I’m confident.” He stood in front of her, making her look up with skepticism.

“Gambling is a game of chance.” She spoke, he gave her another dazzling smile and leaned down.

“Not if you bet on the winner.” He whispered against her temple and placed a chaste kiss on her forehead. She thought she heard the sound of a few feminine squeals.

He offered to walk her back to her office and she accepted, pretending that the few flashes and camera clicks were not present, they walked down the street close together.

“I wanted to ask if you’re willing to have dinner with Jaehyun and Sulhee.” She turned to him before they reached.

“Dining with the boss.” He grimaced, making her laugh.

“He’s not that bad, you’ll like him.” She assured him and he chuckled.

“I’m not sure he likes me much.” He cowered and she rolled her eyes.

“Don’t assume, I’m sure he’ll like you. Either way, his opinion of you doesn’t matter. He’s not my father.” She teased him but Yuta seemed unconvinced.

“Thank you for doing this.” She squeezed Sulhee’s hand gratefully and she gave her a short smile. The restaurant that was buzzing with voices, dropped to hushes. She knew the restaurant she chose, people who could afford a table here were inclined to care about the political hierarchy. She glanced around and already had a head count of donors and other political figures.

A few more steps in and she smirked as two figures walked towards them from different sides. The current governor had an obvious obligation to the candidate he was backing and she assumed the platinum donor was coming to state his grievances to her and make a larger donation.

“Mr. Lee, it’s been too long.” She smiled at him brightly, shifting closer to Yuta who extended his hand for a polite shake.

“How are you (Y/N)? A real pity to see you in the papers under such circumstances. The media can be such vultures sometimes.” He clicked his tongue to amplify his pity and she offered a grateful smile.

“All a part of the game right? Can’t blame someone for doing their job, and in any condition, I can’t bad mouth Journalists can I?” She laughed and placed a hand on Yuta’s arm.

“Ah yes, quite the admirable company.” He laughed and she nodded.

“We should meet for lunch soon (Y/N), I’ll have my assistant call yours.” He was already taking out his phone and she smiled again.

“It would be an Honour Mr. Lee, I’ll free my calendar whenever you ask.” She nodded and he gave her a satisfied smile, and turned away with his phone against his ear.

“That was unusual.” Yuta whispered against her ear and she smiled.

“That’s how it is, all the money in the world and they still have to bow for power. That was the face of a man who wants something, his divorce took his factory in the state away, I assume he wants it shut.” She spoke with a low tone, looking up at Yuta who looked impressed.

“(Y/N).” A voice made her turn with wide eyes.

“Mr. Governor, how are you.” She gasped, leaning in for a polite embrace.

“It has been quite a while since I’ve met you, but thankfully Jaehyun’s father tells me of your talents whenever we meet.” He laughed and she joined.

“He’s too kind Mr. Governor, I’d take what he says with generous grain of salt.” She laughed again, the governor nodded but his eyes landed on Yuta’s arm around her waist, both of them didn’t miss it.

“I guess I’m interrupting you young kids.” He turned to Jaehyun who smiled and shook his head.

“You’ve known us since we were hopeless law students.” Jaehyun placed a hand on her shoulder, his hold on Sulhee’s arms loosening.

“We’re always glad to speak to you.” She finished his sentence. The governor smiled at them thoughtfully.

“It’s a pity, I always thought you both made a fine team. Did you get my files (Y/N)?” He turned immediately and she pulled on her fading smile.

“Yes, thank you so much.” She spoke gratefully as she pushed forward to hold his hands, Yuta let go of her waist as a result.

“You do know where he’s missing out don’t you?” The governor spoke softly when she came closer, she only nodded.

The four of them sat in a conveniently placed table, all of them acutely aware of the hushed whispers and stolen gazes from the people around.

“So Yuta,” Jaehyun turned to him with a dragged sigh and Yuta turned to him with a noncommittal smile. “I heard you moved from print to television. How is that working out for you?” He spoke, taking a gentle sip of his water.

“It’s less than cameras than I ones I see outside.” They all laughed as Yuta tilted his head towards the crowd of reporters standing outside the glass windows of the restaurant.

“Naturally, everyone is curious about the newcomer.” Jaehyun responded, his chin resting on his slender fingers with a thoughtful gaze that made him look intimidating.

“So tell me, I don’t know much about you.” Jaehyun sat up at turned slightly to face Yuta.

“There’s not much, I’m just a reporter. I report things people like you do.” Yuta spoke politely.

“I seemed to have missed out on how the both of you met.” He leaned on his arms.

“We met at your charity event last month.” Yuta placed his hand on hers affectionately and she gave him a smile.

“Not a long time is it? I’d love to know how both of you came to show interest in eachother.” (Y/N) looked up with an annoyed frown, but Sulhee stepped in.

“He’s just messing with you. He’s very protective of (Y/N).” She turned to Jaehyun with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

“I can see that.” Yuta said with a nervous laugh.

“Trust me you’ll see much more.” Sulhee spoke with ease making both Jaehyun and (Y/N) reach for their water glasses.

“Can I interest you in the wine menu?” The waiter spoke after everyone made their orders.

“Will you get something good?” Jaehyun spoke to (Y/N). She turned to Sulhee instead.

“Sulhee, why don’t you have a look?” She smiled at her and passed the small card.

“I’ll have a vodka tonic.” She told the waiter pointedly. Yuta’s lips twitched into an amused grin.

“In that case, I’ll have a scotch. Feel free to get what you like.” Jaehyun turned to (Y/N) who just asked Yuta what he wants.

Conversations were forced and hardly pleasant, but she kept a smile plastered on her face for the sake of the cameras pointed at them. Jaehyun was on a dangerous path with his fourth glass of scotch. He interrupted Yuta every time he spoke and his words started to be less subtle in their displeasure.

(Y/N) watched with brewing anger as Jaehyun spoke to a waitress with incredible friendliness, whispering something close to her that made her blush. Her gaze turned to Sulhee who was watching the scene, her own eyes then landing on her with unspoken words both of them shared.

“Baby I’m tired let’s go home.” Jaehyun turned to Sulhee and gently placed his head on her shoulder, her entire frame stiffened visibly but she gave him a nod and a small whisper of affirmation. Jaehyun’s eyes were watching (Y/N) innately as she spoke to Yuta, smiling about something he said and nodding. Her eyes briefly glanced and them, but she turned back to Yuta immediately, her soft smile almost heartbreaking.

“Our car is here, come on sweetheart.” Jaehyun spoke eagerly and pulled Sulhee up. She nodded and turned to (Y/N), thanking her for the dinner before being rushed out.

“I’ll call a cab.” She told Yuta seemed to be breathing easier now.

The both of them walked out after a moment, the cold air outside immediately assaulting her senses as she shivered. She rubbed her hands together and placed them on her cheek, the harsh weather not bringing the frown on her face that came when she saw a familiar car still standing at the curb. She saw two of Jaehyun’s security detail, standing at the gate, uncomfortable on spotting her. It didn’t take long to understand why when she walked further and saw Jaehyun kissing Sulhee inside the car.

“Are you okay?” Yuta asked with concern and she peeled her eyes away, burying her face in his chest.

“I’m cold.” She mumbled and felt the vibrations of his laugh as he pulled her closer.

The cab stopped in front of Yuta’s apartment and he hesitated.

“Do you want to come upstairs? I make a mean hot chocolate.” He asked sheepishly.

“I’d love to.” Her response was almost immediate.

She sat on his sofa, drumming her fingers on the cushioned arm rapidly. She listened to the sounds of him moving around in the kitchen, humming an unfamiliar tune.

“Do you want Marshmallows, Cinnamon or both?” He spoke from the kitchen.

“Anything is fine.” She spoke with a distracted voice.

“I gave you both.” His voice emerged from the kitchen, two cups in his hands, he walked up at sat down beside her. She felt his gaze on her as she took a delicate sip of the hot drink.

“You seem tense.” Yuta mumbled, making her pause.

“I’m just a little tired. This hot chocolate is really good.” She turned to him with a gracious smile and he nodded.

“You just seem a little quiet today.” He sighed and she shook her head.

“I’m just not used to all this media attention.” She sighed, placing her cup down on the table.

“You have all of my attention.” His voice was cheeky, she turned to him with a look of disbelief and erupted into a heartful laugh, Yuta grinned with satisfaction.

“You have a nice laugh.” Yuta sighed and she rolled her eyes and looked away.

“I’m already here, you don’t need to flatter me.” She chuckled.

“I’m just saying what I feel.” He protested and she turned back to face him, pushing closer to him till their knees touched.

She gave him a slow smile, her handing landing on his thigh, the heat radiating from it making him shiver, her smile grew into a grin.

“How does that feel?” She raised a brow, pleasantly surprised by his blush.

“(Y/N)” He blurted his nerves. She tilted her head and hummed and he whimpered.

“You’re tired, I-” He was holding onto his wits , but her hand slipped up his thigh and he bit down on his lip.

“You didn’t answer me.” She spoke slowly, tightening her hold on his skin making him jump a little.

“Good, it feels great.” He spat, a moan slipping out without permission.

Her hand drew closer to his growing length, pleased at his arousal she hummed.

“What is it baby? Do you not want me?” She asked and his eyes scrambled open with confusion.

“Are you crazy?” His incredulous tone mixed with his breathless made a short laugh leave her lips. She rewarded him with her palm working on him.

“I just want it to be special, more meaningful.” He breathed out and she frowned.

“Does this not feel special?” Her voice was low.

“Every moment with you is special, but it just feels rushed.” He whimpered again. His eyes shot open in shock when her hand left his erection.

“You’re more of a romantic than I expected.” She scoffed. She sighed with defeat but Yuta scrambled up from his relaxed state with eager need, grabbing her neck and pulling her into a hasty kiss.

Their teeth clashed twice but she pushed closer to him, a smile playing at her occupied lips. His hands hesitated till she grabbed them at the base of her neck and slid them down to her own waist, he pulled her into him immediately and groaned with satisfaction.

“You make it fat too hard to be a decent person.” He growled as his lips down her throat. Her laugh was breathy is response, hand going into his hair. His one hand held her neck while the other drew circles at her thigh.

The hand on her neck moved to her back as he fumbled for a long while, huffing in frustration against her neck, making her open her eyes in confusion. His fingers kept dancing around her back till she realised his intentions.

“The zip is on the side.” She breathed out, hand slipping to the side to pull her zip down but he stopped her hand. He then got up, watching her playful smile.

“We should finish our hot chocolate.” She grinned mischievously but his eyes were blown out and serious as he extended his arm to her.

“I’ll make you more tomorrow.” His voice was low and she shivered.

He sat her on the bed slowly, kneeling in front of her. He kept his gaze on her eyes as he kissed the palm of her hand. His fingers grazed under her dress and he smirked with satisfaction when she bit down on her lip and drew her head back with closed lids.

“You’re so beautiful.” He breathed out as his lips brushed against her knees, his tongue teasing at her thigh. She breathed with uneven vigour as his hands pushed her dress higher and his lips followed behind with precise obedience. His fingers were inches away from her waist, his fingers brushing under the elastic band of her underwear. She dug herself deeper into the mattress and waited with baited breath, when he raised his head. She opened her eyes and looked down at him.

“May I?” His eyes were nervous but laced with lust and she could only nod.

“Please.” She groaned and her head fell back when his fingers brushed against her heat. He dragged his fingers up and down two more times before his finger hooked onto the material and slowly tugged at it. She lifted her hips and he pulled it down smoothly.

His finger pressed on her clit and she shivered so intensely that her toes dug into the carpet. He dragged his fingers around with slow beats and she bit down on her lip till it stung. She wanted to let him take his time, to enjoy his moment but she felt tired and needy. She lifted her head when his finger was pushing in and out of her slowly and grabbed his wrist.

“Please, I can’t anymore.” She whined and hoped more words weren’t needed, he stared at her needy eyes for a second and nodded. When he got up from his knees she pushed back on the bed, unzipping her dress and pulling it off. He discarded his jacket as she sat up on her knees and came up to him, grabbing his neck to pull him into a kiss. He treated her like a fragile china doll and she hadn’t decided how to feel about that yet.

He traced tantalizing patterns on her side and she undid her buttons. One hand of his held her hair and kept her close as he slowly tasted her tongue. She nibbled on his bottom lip as she pushed the shirt off his lean shoulders. He drew away from the kiss and walked towards the table beside his bed. She lay back on his bed, breathing deeply as she watched his every movement. He picked up a foil packet from the drawer and undid his belt.

She turned away and closed her eyes to breathe better and focus on the moment, till she felt a figure lean over her. She looked up and raised her arms to wordlessly bring him into a kiss. She could feel his hesitation, but whether it was from nerves or from rethinking his decision, she couldn’t get herself to care. When he came closer to her, she felt his erection and bucked her hips up which made him groan.

He caught her lips once more as he pushed in slowly. He buried his face in her neck and let out a heavy groan as he pushed in the last few inches with one quick push. Their hips touched and he held himself there for as long as it took for her to adjust. When she raised her arm and held his arm, he moved again.

The air was full of whimpers, groans and the distinct sound of skin meeting skin. He left distracted kisses on her temple and cheek as his pace got beyond him and was commanded by need. His hand travelled down and he massaged her clit till she gasped and her legs shook with the tell tale signs of an orgasm. Yuta stilled over her for a moment before thrusting once more with a groan that vibrated against her neck. He landed his weight on her shortly after, staying still for a moments before getting up. Both of them were relatively quiet as he cleaned her up and himself.

 He offered her his shirt and she got up to take it as he slid back into the bed, this time under the covers. He watched her back with pursed lips as she covered it.

“Talking about my father in the interview was your idea wasn’t it?” She spoke without turning back, only glancing after the silence extended, “I don’t believe that morning show mouth has the intelligence for such a well planned move.

“It was the only way to protect you.” Her lips twisted at his choice of words but she turned around to face him.

“It was a good idea. And since you didn’t tell me, my reaction was genuine. I’m not the best at acting.” She spoke casually and Yuta’s gaze faltered.

“I wasn’t exploiting you. I just knew you’d resign over those rumours. People needed something more sensational to move on.” He chewed on the inside of his cheek. She sat up on the bed and smiled, leaning down and giving him the first genuine kiss.

“I know, I’m not mad. Let’s go to bed, I’m going to take you up on that hot chocolate tomorrow. But maybe mix some coffee in it, it’s almost 3am.” She shifted into his hold and the colour seemed to return to his face. He sighed with satisfaction and pulled her closer to him, throwing the blanket over her.

Chameleon - Avengers x Mutant Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Mutant Reader

“So everyone got the plan?” Steve questioned for the fifth time to count. You rolled your eyes, tugging on your sleeves as everyone nodded.
“Bust into the hydra base, take what we need, leave. Boom.” You replied sarcastically.
“It’s a lot more than just that…” “Not really that’s all we need to know.” Clint interrupted Steve, glancing through his quiver of different arrows.
“We’re here, lets go kick some HYDRA ass…” Tony giggled as Steve gave him a glare. “Language!” Natasha teased as the Quinjet doors opened.

 Everyone but Bruce launched out of the doors, you disappearing into the shadows of the forests around them.

HYDRA agents surrounded the Quinjet. “Close the doors!” Steve ordered to Bruce; the Quinjet doors closed in response as everyone got to work battering the agents.
Clint automatically began to fire arrows at the agents as lightning smashed down, barbequing some of the agents. “Thanks Thor.” Clint mumbled.
“There’s too many, even with our numbers; I’m picking up several life signs inside, maybe 10 maybe 20…wait there’s a basement. Damn there’s about 50.”
Tony explained as FRIDAY scanned the base.
“I have a plan.” You announced, sneaking past the agents and into the base.
“Y/n what are you doing?” Sam and Bucky questioned before the squabbling between the two commenced.
“Being badass what else?” You replied, smirking to yourself.
“So basically pretending to be Black Widow and Scarlet Witch?” Scott questioned.
“You do realise they are the most badass right?” You replied.
“Thank you dragă mea.” Wanda smiled.
“People stop flirting and focus on the mission.” Steve ordered.
“You know Cap you really can be a spoil-sport, let them flirt- Y/n where are you FRIDAY isn’t picking you up.” Tony questioned.
“I can’t see them either… Y/n…where are you? Also I’m offended, I’m pretty badass too.” Sam whined causing Bucky to smirk and chuckle.

“Y/n…your file said you had classified powers, fancy telling us what they are hun?” Natasha questioned as she shocked several agents with her widow bites.
“Nope. See you back on the quinjet!” You grinned, running deeper into the base. You arrived at the computer you were after, quickly attacting the technology,
you acquired the information before… ‘click’.
“Aw crud.” you whined loud enough for all the avengers to hear.
“Y/n where are you!?” Wanda exclaimed, worriedly before they heard gunshots echo through their ear pieces.
“Y/N!” Some of the Avengers exclaimed whilst others rushed to find you.

“I love my powers!” You screamed as you sprinted through the base, the bullets bouncing off the violet tinted force field before it smashed through the reinforced steel front doors to the HYDRA base.
At this point nobody could see you. “What the heck was that!” Steve shouted.
“Is it an, as you say, enhanced?” Pietro questioned, confusedly.
“Nope, its not an enhanced, also, I’m alive.” You chuckled.
“Miss S/n, why can’t my visual receptors detect you?” Vision questioned, floating around.
“I got what we needed… we can go now.” You explained.
“You planted the bombs?” Steve questioned.
“Obviously, you guys were basically decoys.” You responsed as everyone but you walked onto the quinjet.
“Where’s the trigger then? Or you for that matter.” Tony questioned, stepping out of his suit.
“Boom.” You replied, a loud bang echoed through everyone’s eardrums as the HYDRA base went up in smoke, vermillion flames enshrouding it.
“We forgot Y/n!” Clint squealed before…
“GUYS LOOK AT ME!” you screamed before you appeared in the middle of the quinjet. Everyone jumped or squealed in response apart from Natasha. Of course.
“Holy guacamole don’t scare me like that!” Scott yelled.
“How did you do that?” Clint questioned you, prodding you with his bow.
“Your powers don’t happen to be invisiblity do they?” Bruce questioned.
“I also create forcefields that can deflect stuff.” You replied, a violet tinted sphere surrounding you, causing Clint and his bow to fly backwards into Pietro.
“Get off me old man.” Pietro grumbled.
Wanda stared in amazement. “My own little Chameleon.” She smiled before wrapping her arms around your waist, pulling you towards you before softly kissing you.
“Well… uh…we’ll code-name you Chameleon for missions now…” Steve stuttered turning as red as the flames enshrouding the leftovers of the HYDRA base. You grinned in response as you and Wanda broke apart before she kissed your cheek with a grin.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters
  • Superman: “I am the greatest and most powerful man on earth bow down before me I am a magnificent asshole” he says as he is tender and sweet and loving and affectionate to children, his family members, to Batman and Wonder Woman, and literally everybody he knows who isn’t a total dick
  • Wonder Woman: "I'm gonna fuck every hot guy I can and nobody's gonna stop me" FUCKIN GET IT GURL "but honestly I actually do care deeply about the people I like so it genuinely hurts when they betray my trust and affection" she says while I sit here crying about how I both adore her and want to protect her, poor sweet wonderful wondy
  • Batman: "Gotham is 10x more horrifying than you expected and I, who am a hero, literally eats people" and yet he is the biggest cinnamon roll of all and YOU JUST WANT TO PROTECT HIM AND TAKE CARE OF HIM, JUST ASK SUPERMAN, HE FRIGGIN' TOOK HIM INTO HIS HOME AND CARED FOR HIM BACK WHEN HE WAS A FERAL VAMP OUT FOR BLOOD even if he... eats people...
  • All of them: Even if the people hate them they genuinely want to protect everybody and know what it is to suffer and be alone so they actually really do love each other, you can see it in the way they are around one another, it's just a little desperate and completely lovely
Rito/Revali Rant

I’m gonna rant about Revali and the treatment of him and the Rito in Breath of the Wild because I love this asshole and I hate how little information we got about him from the game because I noticed many things that piss me off-
There will not be any spoilers of the main plot below, just general things I’ve noticed throughout the game. 
Please note: This isn’t supposed to be an official thing, just something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while because it just makes me sad. I’m not trying to start any sort of argument or anything, just releasing some thoughts here. 
Also, I have yet to actually get to the Goron part of the game-! So this isn’t an entirely fair “Critique”, but it’s something I’ve noticed so far and blah blah blah here we go-

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