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Here’s another class project I did! The assignment was to animate a character Jumping and flying away. I’m using a character from my final film this semester!

whats happening right now at this point in the universe is magnificent. the universe. all the 9 dimensions created. all beings of light and darkness. this illusion of individuality and dualism. all are a dream that the dreamer, prime consciousness, is dreaming. and the dreamer is no longer asleep. the radiant essence is starting to pervade throughout the hearts of this dream. the dreamer is waking up within the dream. and now can lead it towards the light. now it can face and heal the darkness, so all can become light again. As prime creator has always intended. There is so much love radiating throughout the universe. we humans are at the center of this dream. we were created as beings that are capable of holding both darkness and light, with the sole purpose of finally understanding that darkness and loving it.. so it too can turn to light. so prime consciousness of divine radiant light can pervade through all 9 dimensions.


Trini definitely sucker punch him for that later