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You know, a lot of the Space Orcs posts have humans as the not-as-technologically-advanced species in the galaxy who came into whatever intergalactic government exists, but in reality humans would probably be one of the first species to achieve interstellar travel due to the fact that we have absolutely no sense of safety.

Humans say they want to go to the moon? Yeah right, they don’t even have nuclear power under control. But instead they just stick themselves in an explosive powered tube that has a computer less powerful than today’s average calculator and LAUNCH THEMSELVES INTO SPACE

The humans wanted to build a giant particle collider? Sounds good, but wait! There’s a chance that it could create a black hole, LETS DO IT ANYWAYS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!

And how about the hydrogen bomb? Scientists thought it could LIGHT THE ATMOSPHERE ON FIRE. Did they stop? NO, THEY TESTED IT ANYWAYS

Imagine aliens going through our scientific records and realizing how little we care what negative results happen, they do stuff just to satisfy their curiosity. They threaten their very existence in the universe to answer a simple question, a question that brings fear to any non-human ears that hear it, and that question is “But why?”

Trimberly one shot

Biology was almost over. And by almost, Trini meant, half an hour down, one more to go.

Even so, she was as nervous as never. She fiddled with her pen and actually focused on the teacher for once, trying to absorb as much information as possible. That was, of course, so she could keep her eyes off Kimberly Ann Hart.  

Kimberly Ann Hart. Her only girlfriend. As in a friend that was a girl. Her best friend. The best Trini could’ve ever asked for.

Trini clearly remembers the day she met her. Actually met her. Standing there, in her profound glory, with her short hair bobbing up and down, and smiled at her as if she was everything.

Trini has no choice but to stare for just a little longer.


Anna was the first girl Trini had ever loved. She was only 14. Trini could only tell her that if her parents found out how she looked at her, she’d be homeless. She had then cried for 2 days straight, and Trini starts playing back to those small moments. That the library would smell like their books, the way Anna would give her a special smile every time they looked at each other. A smile reserved just for her.

It had only been 2 months, and Trini’s heart had been broken into the smallest fragments possible.

Experiment. She hates that word.

If there’s one thing that Trini hates about being gay, it’s when people date her. In order to ‘experiment’ and to ‘try it out’. Because Trini despises being used, as a subject. When she pours her heart into loving this girl, and she ends up saying ‘I’m so sorry, I’m just not into girls…anymore.”

Trini knows that that’s bullshit. So she makes a vow on her seventeenth birthday, declaring to never fall for a straight girl ever.


That vow was broken in less than a week after she moved to Angel Grove.

It was after her small party hosted on the highest spot of Angel Grove with the gang. A beautiful sight. But really, nothing could ever be as beautiful as Kim.

The two of them were on Kim’s bed. Just there. Just existing. Together. Then out of nowhere, Kim started talking and snapped Trini out of her thoughts.

“To be honest, we’re literally floating on a tiny planet in fucking space, or universe, should I say. Why are we surrounded by hatred and misery? Why can’t everyone just calm the fuck down and lay on some grass. The sun is a GIANT BURNING ORB and why does money even exist? Fuck everything!”

Trini snorted and raised an eyebrow. “Since when did you speak my language princess?”

“I mean really! Gosh but like we spent hundreds of years looking up at the stars and wondering “is there anybody out there” and hoping and guessing and imagining all kinds of shit.”

Trini didn’t say anything. She loved it when Kim would ramble out her thoughts to her, out of nowhere. Only to her. Like she was exceptional.

That was when it happened. Kim just suddenly rested her head on Trini’s shoulder and grumbled.

“Why the hell are you so short, Trin?”

Trini felt herself stiffen up. Kimberly obviously felt it and sat up straight away.

“Is something wrong?”

Trini loosened up immediately. “No. No, not at all. Just think we should get going now. It’s kinda late.”

Kim shrugged and stood up making her way to the door.


It was like electricity when Kim had rested her head on Trini’s shoulder.

And it hits her like a truck. She realized that she’s falling. A great void opens up and she feels that she is falling, falling into deep, black space. There is no climbing back, no ray of light, no sound of human voice or a human touch of a hand. Because Kimberly had the type of eyes that could hold the sun, the moon, and the stars. Her eyes held galaxies, universes, time itself. But most of all, in her eyes, if anyone looked hard enough, they could find Trini’s heart.


Trini now lets Kimberly in. She loves the way Kimberly’s eyes spark when they’re talking or when she’s telling her something she wants her to know, the way she mouths the words herself when she’s reading and concentrating, the way she looks at her as if there’s only her, as if she can pass the flesh and bone and bullshit right into Trini that’s there, the one she don’t even see herself.

And so she tries.


Biology’s finally over.

Everyone shuffles out the doorway and the 2 automatically walk side by side towards their normal spot.

“What’s after class?”

“English,” Trini replied while tapping her foot.

“Mhm. Can you get me lunch today? I wanna listen to some music. Thanks.”

Trini didn’t even bother to hesitate. The longer the drag, the better. She was nervous as ever.

She came back with Kim’s favorite’s classic ham and cheese and saw Jason beside Kim chatting away.  

A flash of jealousy passed her face but disappeared in godlike speed.

She sat down on the other side of Kim, and as if on cue, Jason stood up to get to Billy. Conveniently, Zack just had to be hiding behind a pillar right in front of them.

Kimberly muttered thanks, and Trini decided now would be it.

“Hey…uh so we’ve known each other for a while now and we’re pretty close and uh I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date.” Trini rubbed the back of her neck with her right sweaty palm.

After a second of a felt like-late reply, Kimberly pulls out her earphones. “Did you say something?”


Trini has no choice but to give a pained smile and say, “D-do you have a pencil I could borrow during English later? For uh doodling? You know how boring Mrs. Khader’s class can be right? Ahahaha…”

Kimberly gives out that smile and nods. “Sure.” Her mouth’s full of food, so it comes out like a “Shoore.”

Trini laughs and her boost of courage is gone, because Kim can make her melt just like that.


School’s over and she finds her phone exploding from Zack’s messages.


*Media file*


still keeping that pink pencil?

Trini almost has a heart attack. Zack had filmed the whole process of Trini’s failure to ask Kimberly out on a date.


Zack Taylor if u send that 2 any1 I will single handedly come up 2 ur house rn with no hesitation n grab for the nearest thing available 2 gouge ur eyeballs out n feed it 2 ur goldfish


easy crazy girl just go ask again no biggie alright i’ve got a lotta blackmail material but tbh i nv use it so ur good to go


yea right


no legit


And so she tries. Again.

She pulls Kimberly aside first thing in the morning.

“You alright?” The concern is immediately showing on Kimberly’s face.

Trini lets out a low laugh. “Yeah, I’ve just got something to ask you.”

Kimberly brightens up immediately. “Shoot.”

Trini takes in a deep breath and goes for it. “Uh…so we’re pretty close and uh I was wondering if you wanted to go on a date.”

Kimberly doesn’t reply.

Trini starts to panic because she doesn’t know who to tell anymore when she finds new music and she doesn’t know where she’s gonna express how much she loves it. She doesn’t know who’s gonna agree with her and who she’s gonna listen to it with while she falls asleep. She doesn’t know who’s going to hear about her day and her test grades and how long she napped and what she ate for dinner and what movie she watched and the interesting things she learned in class and how much she hates physics and when she didn’t read the assignment for English. She doesn’t know who she’s gonna tell how she went to get food instead of jogging laps in the gym and how productive she was studying that night. She doesn’t know who’s going to listen to her sing her favorite bands and then sing with her and take walks with her in the summer on the most beautiful days. She doesn’t know who’s going to do that all and care about it if Kimberly finds her disgusting and sickening. She doesn’t know.

Trini’s not one to ramble but she does. “I mean I can completely understand and I respect your decision if you don’t want to be with me in that kinda way because you might even have something going on with Jace I just –”


Trini stood there and her head shot up and looked at Kimberly. Kimberly’s brown hazel eyes shone. She was being sincere.

But Kimberly didn’t stop there. She smiled and leaned against the lockers. “Trini, I would love to go on a full on gay date with my best friend. I’ve always wanted you to kiss me in the public, put your arm around me so people know I’m with you. I’ve always wanted you to pull me in because I’m just not quite close enough to you. I’ve always wanted you to make me watch that one tv show that’s your guilty pleasure. Tell me your biggest fear and I’ll promise to protect you. I’ve always wanted you to kiss me at red lights because if you don’t then I’ll kiss you. I’ve always wanted you to show me the one song you can never listen to without crying. Trini, don’t hide the tiny details about you. Because I’ll remember every one of them.”

“You’re so cute when you ramble.” Trini clamps her hands over her mouth. “Holy shit. I did not just – ok.”

The bell rings. First period is about to begin.

“Text me.” Kimberly winks, leaving a dazed Trini behind.


Her phone lights up as soon as Kim disappears round the corner.

Kim <3

rmb to call me babe in front of our waiter

Kim <3

btw u can keep the pencil :)


@bobthedoctor27 asked me

“I enjoyed the reasoning behind your 10 Ugliest Sets. Was a very enjoyable read. In contrast, what are the ten canister sets that you find most appealing and how would you rank them?”

For some unknown reason, Tumblr is refusing to allow me to add images to this answer, so here I am making a post instead. To answer your question, here is my top ten Bionicle canister sets.

10. Kurahk

To begin, we have one of the Sons of Makuta. I always loved the design of the rahkshi regardless the fact they are clone sets. With this stated, I chose Kurahk because of the nice contrast between the white and grey elements in the set, as well as, the consistency in design between the spine and staff- the defining features which differentiate each rahkshi from the other.

9. Thok

When I was younger, the marketing campaign for the Piraka did not resonate with me. I ultimately chose to skip these sets and await the release of the Toa Inika later that year. Boy, do I regret that decision. While I certainly don’t think the Piraka sets are all that great even today, I must admit that I adore Thok’s design. From his razor-sharp spines to his cryo gun and shit-eating grin, I can’t help but love this cool little backstabber.

8. Stronius

By the time of Stronius’ release, the inika build had been done to death. Regardless, the most impressive aspect of Stronius’ design is its consistency. The club, mask, chest plate, pauldrons, and thigh armor help convey a rock motif which really helps this set stand out. In addition, the black and metru-red color scheme looks fantastic. Unfortunately, some serious gappiness in the torso really holds this set back.

7. Carapar

Much like Stronius, an interesting visual motif conveyed through new armor molds helps this set stand above others which share the same tired inika build. The unique marbled plating on Carapar’s limbs, torso, and head give him the carapace look which is his namesake. That is, Carapar looks like a crab, and I like crabs.

6. Krika

I really like bionicle quadrupeds- particularly since they are rare among the main sets. Krika’s mantis-like design is both unorthodox and somewhat menacing. The black, white, and mata-red color scheme is nice- particularly with the marbling in Krika’s blades. The major pitfall of this set is that there is no mata-red in the torso, thus the color balance is off. In addition, the distinctly-organic design of the blades contrasts with the mechanical look of Krika’s body, thus creating the illusion that Krika has four tiny arms holding large blades rather than said blades being a part of his limbs. This issue is only exacerbated by the color imbalance.

5. Toa Iruini

The Toa Hagah, two marvelous sets Lego graced us with in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the “Lego system”- whatever that’s supposed to mean. Regardless, these sets are an extension of the metru body type- one of my favorite designs from Bionicle G1. Iruini’s metallic gold and metru-green color scheme is fantastic, and the added breastplate really balances out the gold distribution. The spear is also a nice touch, for the only other toa set to feature a polearm up to this point was Takanuva. If you could guess by my self-moc, I have a particular fondness of polearms. Oh, and did I forget to mention that mask? Glorious.

4. Toa Norik

Ditto, but replace “metallic gold” with “silver” and “metru-green” with “metru-red.” Norik is everything I love about Iruini but with a nicer color scheme, armor, and weapon.

3. Toa Jaller Mahri

Remember how I dislike the repetitive inika build? Well, here’s yet another one. Again unlike most other inika builds, Jaller Mahri, like Stronius and Carapar, is visually interesting regardless. He has fantastic aesthetic consistency due to the motif shared between his mask, breastplate, abdominal plate, hahnah crab, and power sword. The chest tubes and the tubes on his mask are also a nice touch. Finally, that crab is just too cute, and that power sword is perhaps the single-best weapon part to come from Bionicle G1.

2. Vamprah

I love this set. I love bats, and this set fits this motif to a T. The Mask of Hunger looks quite vampiric and bat-like, and the small hooks on the front of Vamprah’s wings is an excellent detail. Another aspect I love about this set is its absence of feet; he’s another quadruped. If I had to complain- nope, I have nothing. His construction may be similar to his comrades on a base level, but he does more than enough to stand out on his own.

1. Takadox

If any of the Barraki deserves the title “Creep from the Deep,” it’s Takadox. To begin, let’s examine his color scheme: metru-blue, black, trans-medium blue, marbled light blue, silver, mata-red, and trans-red. Sounds like it would be a mess, yes? Yet this set balances these colors impeccably. The marbled light-blue draws attention to Takadox’s face, which possesses an unsettling and almost alien quality- reminiscent of many real creatures of the deep. This quality is further exacerbated by Takadox’s red eyes which are far more striking when contrasted to the soft marbled blue of his skull. While this splash of red would typically throw the color balance off, this is prevented by the numerous mata-red spines which cover Takadox’s body- which contrast well with the metru-blue and trans-medium blue elements. Speaking of his body, it uses a custom construction which makes for a refreshing break from the ever-present inika build. While some may not like the spindly construction of Takadox, I feel it further lends to his creep factor. Finally, those serrated claws- menacing. Overall, Takadox is my absolute favorite Bionicle canister set.

under my skin - one

one || the playful conversation starts

“Thank you.” She says and he grins. “I still hate you for saying I’m late and boring, though.”

“Haters gonna hate,” he sings, giving her finger guns as he rolls away from her desk and back to his.

read below || story page

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Genji Cybernization Speculation


For a fanfiction I’m currently working on, I’m developing a theory on a certain subject currently shrouded in mystery in the Overwatch lore: What the living fuck did Hanzo do to Genji to warrant cybernization, and how did Mercy save his life?

For this post I will be using pictures as references. Sorry for the mediocre image quality!! Here’s a link to the original quality images: https://imgur.com/gallery/7DCJ5 

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Also i get the sense that Vax and the Briarwoods are two sides of the same coin at this point.

In the fact that neither of them are “allowed” to permanently die until they’ve fufilled their promise to their respective deity


Namesake: Song by Claude Debussy

Appearance: Claire De Lune takes the form of a Crash Test Dummy used for safety testing in cars. The dummy is a light brown covered in yellow and black hazard sticker with joins made of metal tubing.

Power: A

Speed: E

Range: 10 Mile Radius from Stand User

Precision: C

Staying: A

Learning: E



The stand user is able to summon a vehicle that does not have offensive abilities on its own (such as a tank or fighter plane). The user is able to control this car without being inside of the car, but must be in working condition, within 10 miles, and within eyesight of the stand user. The user can summon multiple cars, but may only control one at a time.


The stand user is able to launch a car at extremely high velocities in any direction the user chooses. The car may still be driven as long as it is in working condition, within 10 miles, and within eyesight of the stand user.


As a last resort, the user may allow the stand itself to appear. The stand is stagnant and unable to move of its own accord. When struck by a vehicle, the stand with violently split apart and rend any object within six feet of it until the stand is recalled by the user. The stronger the impact, the larger area the rending will be active in up to a 10 mile radius when combined with GODSTRENGTH

Notes: Based off of Polygon's Car Boys with Nick Robinson and Griffin McElroy

anonymous asked:

Head cannon prompt: How would the team members react to their crush/SO being a huge fan of a YouTuber? It's getting to the point where every time they turn around their crush/SO is watching the newest video said YouTuber has posted. Who would get jealous and try to do something about it, who would hold the watching device hostage for attention, who would try and watch too to try and have something to bond over? Stuff like that.

personally i can’t relate to the youtube culture of putting a youtuber idol on a pedestal ^^;; so i’m going to take your ask in a slightly different direction will still keeping true to the heart. let’s get started!

Scout - This boi is already trying to run his Youtube channel. No doubt said channel is full of vlogs and shitty pranks done by Scout. His content is basically, “me, me, LOOK AT ME!!” He gets pretty sulky when he sees his S/O browsing other videos, and always moans, “Suscribe babe, c’mon don’t do this to me.” S/O is fed up, because they already made three different accounts to suscribe to Scout’s crappy channel just so he could have a solid one-hundred suscriber count. The things S/O does to maintain Scout’s immense ego.

Solider - He’s in awe at the idea people can watch videos on whim through the strange power of “you-tube.” Often annoys S/O when they’re watching videos and asks a bunch of questions. “WHY ARE THE PEOPLE TRAPPED INSIDE THE BOX?!” “Soldier, this is a video recording.” “BUT WHAT DOES THE TUBE HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?!”

Pyro - They get bored watching Youtube videos easily, so they don’t pay attention to their S/O when they’re checking out some Youtube content. Their attention is most likely grabbed though, by things like ASMR and slime videos. Pyro would be alllll over that sorta stuff, because they love listening to crisp sounds of a video, and watching slime get touched and played around with.

Heavy - Only likes DIY, life hack, and tutorial videos from Youtube. They’re actually useful; and Heavy likes have a visual point of reference even though people in the video talk too fast. Generally dislikes any other Youtube content like gaming, prank, reaction, etc. videos. He wouldn’t understand if his S/O is watching something other than a tutorial video and points out, “It hurts listening to whiny leetle men screeching at child’s game.” 

Engineer - Often has to go to S/O to navigate Youtube, the poor dad-man. Despite his absolute genius in the engineering field, the man would take awhile to learn how to use the Internet. Once he gets a good feel of Youtube, he uses it for a lot of practical stuff like listening to music, searching up tutorial videos, boring things of the like.

Demo - He’s the crazy bastard who records himself doing insane challenges. Often tries dragging his S/O into his crazy side hobby, but is also perfectly satisfied with them being the camera person. You can bet my ass this man loves watching Youtube poop 

Sniper - If he sees his S/O watching Youtube stuff, he’s gonna think it’s odd. He’ll sit down with his S/O to watch a video, but won’t really comment or assert his opinion on it. Would probably only go on Youtube if his S/O is around, because he doesn’t enjoy as much by himself.

Medic - For the love of god, introducing Medic to the internet just equals bad idea. He often ends up going to darkest side of the internet, including Youtube, and watches that shit as if it were Markiplier videos or something. Medic would end up recommending some real fucked up shit to his S/O that he thinks is hilarious unlike any body else who doesn’t have a sick sense of humor.

Spy - He’s fascinated and cautious of the power of the Internet. A stream of information always hits the users 24/7 and the idea that you can’t keep anonymity on the internet scares him. He’d look down at Youtube culture, I think, if he bothers to research on it. If his S/O watches videos around him, he’d make a snarky side comment to egg them on, but other than that, he’s pretty indifferent. 

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Plot: You and Bruce share embarrassing stories from your childhood 

 Warnings: slight mentions of violence 


 "Hand me B56.“ you mutter, not taking your eyes off the wriggling purple specimen under your microscope. 

Bruce, goggles firmly over his eyes, hands you a small vile filled with a sloshing blue liquid.

“What are you doing over there?” he asks, a screwdriver clenched between his teeth as he pulses a blow torch over the arm of one of Tony’s busted suits. 

You pour a tiny drop of the B56 liquid onto your slide, watching with intense focus at the way your specimen soak it up. 

“Trying to cure the common cold.” you sigh hopelessly, stepping away from the microscope and rubbing your sore eyes. 

“Great, now you can come help me with this suit. I swear Stark blows through one every day.” Bruce smiles, handing you a flathead screwdriver before taking your hand and swinging you around to the other side of the table where the suit lays. 

Not waiting for instruction, you begin examining a possibly salvageable left hand. You fall into a comfortable silence, the only sound is a slight whirring from the precision drill Bruce holds. 

You two have been partners since you were first recruited, clicking as friends immediately. In the lab you’re able to anticipate each other’s next moves, working around with ease. Somehow you can always tell when the other is stuck on something, whether it’s a hydra blueprint you’ve been told to figure out, or an unknown species of cells from another planet. You simply work better together. 

And in the field, in which you both rarely go, you’re able to predict what course of action the other will take, making the battle that much easier. Fixing Tony’s suits has become an everyday affair, holding little to no interest to you anymore. 

“What were you like as a kid Bruce?” you find yourself asking, imagining a little Bruce running around the house with a little power drill and test tube set, constantly tearing things apart and driving his mother crazy. 

Bruce lifts the goggles, wiping black oil from his hands onto his lab coat. A smile plays at the corners of his mouth, tilting his head up to look at you. 

“Well I was what you’d expect I guess.” he mumbles, slouching his shoulders forward awkwardly, “I was a nerdy kid who preferred science kits over action figures.” His gaze tears from yours as he fumbles with with a drill bit for no reason. “Got me a ton of friends, as you can imagine." 

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So I was going to do this eventually!! But I wanted to fuse one of my gasters with someone else design of a gaster (preferably ones that I enjoy there design!!). Whether it be the original AU or their own!!  Next is stars! So lets see whose gaster I will fuse them next with!!

Blind!gaster belongs to me 

Cyber!gaster belongs to @apex-knight