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Marichat May Day 21: Akuma Marinette

Oh welp, this sucks, but whatever.

Chat suck in a breath as he watched the scene unfolding before his eyes.The many people caught in the akuma’s trance were quickly engulfed by flames and turned into soldiers kneeling down and swearing loyalty to her. So far he gathered she had mind control powers along with this trick of making a personal army.


He clenched his jaw. Where in the world was Ladybug? He had waited for her for half an hour now and it was driving him insane. She must have had seen n akuma was on the loose and a strong one at that. His tail twitches anxiously as he took another glance down. He couldn’t wait anymore. This was Marinette, he had to do something. He took a deep breath and jumped off the building, landing gracefully in the middle of the street. The many soldiers were ignoring him, not even looking in his direction. But the akuma stopped walking.

“Marinette.” he called, his voice echoing through the dead silent street.

He heard a snort. When she turned around, Chat bit his tongue to keep from gasping. She didn’t even have a mask on like other akumas. The only visible difference was that she was paler than usual. But that aside, one would never guess there was an akuma before them. Just Marinette in a beautiful red and golden dress.

“I have a title, Chat Noir. It is Princesse Phénix. Marinette is no longer here.”

Oh, I doubt that, Chat thought as he began walking towards her, slowly.

“Are you going to fight me?” the akuma asked, the red and black cape of her dress floating in the wind, making it look almost like she had wings. She was breathtaking, ut he didn’t have time to write an ode to her beauty right now. She needed his help.

“I’m not here to fight you, Princess.” she raised an eyebrow as Chat got closer and made a curt bow. “I am here to declare my loyalty. After all, I was your first knight.” he got on one knee and bowed his head, hoping this plan will work. He tried to not tense up very much as she walked towards him, stopping only centimeters away.

“Stand up.”

He did as she ordered, not quite sure what to expect. He certainly didn’t expect the loving look. She cupped his face gently and began stroking his cheeks.

“Minou. My loyal kitten.”

There was a tenderness in her voice that surprised him even further. That was Marinette. Not Princesse Phénix. He needed to help her. His eyes scanned her fastly, trying to figure out where the akuma could be. Not the dress for sure. And she had no jewelry on, besides her signature earrings. Could those be? They didn’t look different at all. His eyes locked on the golden phoenix headpiece. More specifically, on a ribbon that had no place being there. He returned his gaze to her eyes, still glancing at him lovingly and he put on his best smile.

“Can this loyal kitty get a kiss, ma princesse?”

He tried to not get distracted when Marinette lips touched his. She tasted like vanilla and strawberries and he wondered for a second if that was the case when she wasn’t an akuma as well. But he didn’t have time for that. He wrapped his right arm around her waist, pulling her closer as he lifted his left to her hair, untying the ribbon as well as he could. She didn’t seem to notice, as she still kissed him. Bringing the ribbon behind her back, he broke the kiss.

“Chat?” she asked in pure confusion. He could have sworn it was as if the akuma effect wore off.

He snapped the ribbon open and to his surprise, a white butterfly flew out and a swarm of ladybugs engulfed Marinette, making her outfit and complexion return to normal before going along the street and turning everyone else back to normal. What in the world was that? How could this happen?


He glanced down to see Marinette frowning and looking around confused and even a little bit dizzy. She was back! He grasped her shoulders, making sure she won’t fall over. He gave her what could possibly be the biggest smile ever before pulling her into a tight hug.

“Welcome back, Marinette.”


This is a collection of standalone stories which occur after Sans and Papyrus are rescued from Gaster’s lab.

If you’re new to the story, here is part 1: link

Part 2: link

HERE we go! It took much longer than it should, but here are the first three stories exploring possible futures for our messed up skeleton family. Some of you might have noticed all three stories were up well before the video. I was mostly curious as to how much traffic True Pacifist would get before the video went up. I hope it didn’t spoil the experience too much though :-)

Gotta give an EPIC shoutout to @cattoo444 for drawing those amazing backgrounds. She’s a cake decorator by trade (like what!??!?) and she offered to draw the backdrop cards for each of the stories. GIVE HER SOME LOVE AND LIKES SHE’S SO AWESOME.

And as usual thanks to @hatori1181 for doing some happy Asgore and darkgrim Gaster.

The nerdy rambling I usually do in these posts is included in the video this time, so I don’t have much else to add here. Enjoy! If you’d prefer to read the stories yourself here is the link to Ao3: link.

Hey @zarla-s, the audio version of those stories are finally done! I hope you are well <3

OH, and I almost forgot, thanks to Ctzha and SageoftheStars on Deviantart and @morecoffeethanhuman for being my beta readers for the third story! You all helped with that soooo much and helped me become a better writer because of it <3



“Compared to the rest of Rockets…

She was smaller than all of us. 

Somebody who seemed odd standing there, like she didn’t belong to a place like this at first sight… but when you would come closer, her sole presence could outcast the whole place, and the only light you would recognize in the dark fog surrounding you in that moment, would be the eerie (and so attracting) glow of her eyes”

- Professor Willow (& Lt. Surge), the very first time their eyes fall upon Sabrina.

“They all said she was the most powerful Psychic, but also the most beautiful woman in Kanto.”

“Any of us have ever believed the last statement at first, we thought it was just some publicity to get people inside her Gym… … …until the moment we saw her… and our hearts fell to her feet.”

( Photos belong to Kinashen on Instagram )

Sick day
  • Graves: *strolls into a meeting and transfigures the agenda into a pillow*
  • Graves: *lays his head down to sleep*
  • Picquery: .....Director Graves.
  • Graves: *grunts*
  • Picquery: Direct-...Percy.
  • Graves: What?
  • Picquery: Are you alright?
  • Graves: 'M fine. Paying attention.
  • Picquery: Sure you are. Have you tried coffee? Or perhaps a pepper up potion?
  • Graves: *lifts his head* There is no stimulant powerful enough to trick me into giving a shit.
  • Graves: I'm present for this fucking meeting, yeah? Let me die in peace.

As promised. Not as short or snappy as the first one.

His name is Mantra, and the first thing he says is that he didn’t invent them.

He’s very insistent on that point.

The second thing he says is that his lessons are freely given. He owes a debt, apparently, to the one who taught him. Passing the knowledge on is how he pays it back. He’s not got many students - just two at the moment - but he says that’s enough.

“Making a mantra is a bit like Pavlovian conditioning for the universe,” he jokes. “And a bit like being one of Them. You pick something that resonates with you. An association, or a metaphor, or something. You make it a part of you. And you get back what you put in.”

You pay up-front, he says. Accept limits on your behaviour. Train yourself to link two things so hard that belief becomes reality. He uses “hope in my hands” as an example and says it’s not his. You’d start off small. Never write anything that isn’t hopeful or positive. Never do anything with your hands that you associate with hopelessness or cynicism. Use them for things that bring hope; build it, until the world accepts the line as truth. If it doesn’t fit you, it won’t work. If you can’t hold to it, it’ll shatter. If the lines don’t work with each other, it’ll tear itself apart.

When it starts to hurt to think about breaking your mantra, you’re ready to use it.

“This seems slow,” I say to him one day. “Isn’t there a quicker way?” He flinches.

“There’s a fast way and a right way,” he tells me. “You want to pick the right way. Trust me.”

I haven’t made one of my own yet, and I’m not writing down any ideas until I’m sure, but here’s his:

Freedom in water,
Courage in earth,
Strength in sunlight.

They do have drawbacks. He tells us how he feels trapped and stifled unless he goes swimming every day, how he’s scared of heights now and vulnerable in the dark. When I ask why he picked something so limiting, he just shrugs.

“I did it the fast way,” he says. “I had to work with what I had, and I didn’t have much. Trees and blood, mostly. I chose trees.” He gives his sister a guilty look - she’s two years older, and doesn’t dabble in mantras herself, but she’s always there when he teaches.

The last thing he says - and fair’s fair, he tells you before you try to choose your lines and makes you think about it for a day or a week or a month before giving you any more lessons - is that by using a mantra, you make an Enemy. He doesn’t say much about it, but he lets a few things slip - and They certainly know which of Them he means. Here’s what I’ve put together or traded for.

- The Enemy lives deep, deep Underhill and doesn’t come out much. It can’t take people Away anymore - not because that power was won or tricked or stolen from it, but because it was taken, by force and by fire.
- It hates mantra-users with a passion that’s beyond reason even by Their standards, and hates Mantra himself even more than that.
- It has really horrific burns all down one side of it - which side varies - and They call it the Burned One like they call him Little Tree Boy. Its eye on the burned side is not the original. It’s grey, and human, and sometimes it cries all on its own.

That much along with campus rumour is for me to put a few pieces together and draw conclusions, but I’m not going to write them down. Mantra’s a nice guy, and if I’m right it would be cruel to ask him.

I’m pretty sure They can tell if you’re learning from him. Maybe like recognises like. He told me to think, long and hard, about whether I want to go forward with it - I can still turn back from where I am now. I’m meant to give him an answer by tonight.

I’ve made my decision, I think.

Now I need to work out how to live with it.



On this day in music history: April 30, 1982 - “One On One”, the sixth studio album by Cheap Trick is released. Produced by Roy Thomas Baker, it is recorded at Pierce Arrow Recorders in Evanston, IL from Late 1981 - Early 1982. Following the release of their fifth album “All Shook Up” with producer George Martin, Cheap Trick work with veteran rock producer Roy Thomas Baker (Queen, Journey, The Cars) for their sixth full length release. At this time, the band sees its first personnel shift in many years. Original bassist Tom Petersson leaves the band in 1981, being replaced by Jon Brant. When work begins on “One On One”, guitarist Rick Nielsen actually plays bass on most of the album, with Brant playing on only three tracks. It spins off three singles including “If You Want My Love” (#45 Pop) and “She’s Tight” (#65 Pop). The album is remastered and reissued on CD as part of the box set “Cheap Trick - The Complete Epic Albums Collection” in 2012. It is also released individually as a 180 gram vinyl LP by German label Steamhammer Records in 2013. “One On One” peaks at number thirty nine on the Billboard Top 200.

houseofthesmilinggod  asked:

Hey! I live for this blog, thank you so much for going through all the trouble to help all of us. Could you help me find a sterek fic set in a more fantasy AU where stiles inherited magic from his mom and is really powerful but they tricked the town to think it was his mom that was the powerhouse? And now the barrier around beacon hills is failing and violent monsters are trying to invade. There's dragons and I'm pretty sure Jackson is a pixie.

Wow, now we really want to find this one! Does anyone know it?