power to the shorties

Boys Will Be Boys

When a storm knocks the power out, Pearl and Lapis head out to restore the lights, leaving the Shorty Squad behind to keep an eye on the temple. But with no TV and no lights, how are they going to pass the time? By telling stories, of course! Ruby tells Steven, Amethyst and Peridot about meeting Sapphire for the very first time… but has a tough time remembering a few important details.

“Damn professional” - h.s. Part 3

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Harry woke to Y/N out cold, her hair a mess and her tank top riding up to display a large scar on her hipbone. He gingerly ran his finger along it, making her let out a long sigh before stretching and rolling onto her stomach, her arms tucked under her pillow.

There was a cut on her back right above her right shoulder blade that Harry couldn’t recall seeing last night. Not that he was paying attention to her back that much, but this was a fresh cut that was still slightly bleeding. Harry couldn’t figure out what would be the best - wake her up and ask knowing he would receive the wrath of Y/N, or just wait it out and see what the outcome would be. He decided on the second choice.

Instead of getting up and bolting, he decided to settle back in, enjoying the coziness Y/N’s body allowed him under the covers. He must have fallen back asleep, because the next time he woke up Y/N was gone. He could hear something clanging in the distance and a cough before the clanging started again.

Groaning, he got up and rubbed his face before slowly meandering out of bed and stalking through Y/N’s apartment. Sure, he’d been in here multiple times. But he’d never been farther than the kitchen and living room area. Here there was a hallway with a bathroom and Y/N’s bedroom and an office. The final door he found the clanging of a chain, opening it to see Y/N viciously attacking a punching bag, the chains hooking it to the ceiling making a ruckus as she kicked the shit out of it.

Harry watched with wide eyes as Y/N swiveled and slammed it with a roundhouse kick. With a cough and the wipe of her forehead with the back of her punching glove, Y/N turning to see Harry standing there.

“You said you weren’t going to stay,” she cleared her throat as Harry got a look at her. Y/N was in nothing but spandex and a sports bra, her hair pulled into a mess bun that had fly-away strands now going everywhere. She was sweating and breathing heavily, placing her hands on her hips as she stared Harry down.

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The Signs as Nostalgic Songs
  • Aries: Your Hand in Mind- Explosions in the Sky (represents a time of wistful sadness,not painful, but an expectation of change)
  • Taurus: Youth- Daughter (a time of hardship in love, and finding out that the one you loved was a joke)
  • Gemini: Feel Good Inc.- Gorillaz (a time of lighthearted summer flings, driving through the country in the summer and things felt simple and good)
  • Cancer: Starships- Nikki Manaj (literally everyone got down to this song and probably still will, a time of joyful recreation with no shame)
  • Leo: Uprising- Muse (doing something that put you in a difficult situation but standing your ground because your morals are firm)
  • Virgo: Somebody That I Used to Know- Gotye (finding out someone close to you had been using you, and cutting them out completely to live a better life)
  • Libra: Sandstorm- Darude (how many hours did you spend playing this. How many. A powerful personal victory)
  • Scorpio: Sail- AWOLNATION (letting the bass just reverberate in your chest, sitting in the car, arriving too early for an important event)
  • Sagittarius: Fuck You- Lily Allen (being pissed as hell and being actively aggressive because this has gone on long enough)
  • Capricorn: Yellow Submarine- the Beatles (whimsical silliness and quirky friendships that last a lifetime)
  • Aquarius: Jesus of Suburbia- Greenday (acknowledging shorty circumstances and being powerful enough to forge your own path and take care of yourself)
  • Pisces: Drops of Jupiter- Train (a time when everything was beautiful, you were blissful, and utterly happy; a time you strive to achieve again)
Live Reaction of Too Short To Ride

- we
- wow thanks that was cute
- tinder
- thats so many people
- what a dork
- a square
- a friend thing to do
- shes such a cat
- rarity and importance?
- damn amethyst your hot
- she cant shapeshift?! Ooh
- daddy longlegs
- jasper peridot
- look at her shes in love
- mr smiley works a lot man
- he needs a rest
- what a squad
- i didnt save the earth for this
- oh onion
- peridork
- and i thought it was rigged
- im all set, the shade to lapis
- shortie squad
- cat fingers
- chipper oh man
- ow
- ow
- ow
- ow
- ow
- era 2?
- peridot dont got powers?
- yasss ame
- again
- oh metal powers!!!
- dorito acknoledgement
- give it up for the shortie squad

AU in which Clarke is a vampire in 1709. She meets Lexa and immediately falls head over heels in love with her. So she turns her so that their love would remain immortal. But shorty thereafter a powerful warlock named Titus puts a spell on and captures Lexa. Clarke has spent the last 307 years searching for her, and she’ll never stop.