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Viewsonic VX2245 repair

A friend of mine recently gave me a Viewsonic monitor. This thing is nice and large, has a built in iPod dock and a USB hub. Perfect upgrade material!

However… (There’s always a however) it wouldn’t turn on. This is not an unusual occurrence for me though. So, I’ll do a quick walkthrough on fixing a monitor. This will be my sixth to date and hopefully my sixth success as well.

I opened it up to take a look

And lo! I see some swollen caps.

I seem to need the following

3x 220uf 25V electrolytics

2X 1000uf 25V electrolytics

1X 1000uf 10V electrolytic 


1X 2200uf 10V

If you want more info on why this happens take a look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague

So, I marked the bad ones with a sharpy as it’s always hard to find them with a hot soldering iron in my hand for some reason…

Then desoldered them using old school solder wick. Please note the HUGE tip I’m using. As these are soldered on the ground plane I dump as much heat in as fast as I can by using the largest soldering iron tip I have. This makes it much easier, as does the flux I added from the bottle visible on the left.

And did my best to replace them. I had some trouble finding exact matches, so went higher on voltage ratings (in some cases much higher). As long as they still fit and you can close the cover this won’t be a problem.

I ended up using 

3x 220uf at 35 volt ratings instead of 25

2X 1000uf 35 volt ratings instead of 25

1X 1000uf 25 volt rated instead of 10 volt (MUCH bigger)

and a 2200uf rated to 25 volts instead of 10, it’s massively larger

I soldered them in.

Here’s a view of the massively over-rated caps stuffed in as best I could. Not the size of the 2200uf replacement. I made sure to leave the leads long so I could fold it over on its side.

And put it all back together.

Fingers crossed and power it up…

Here are the dead soldiers lined up for review.