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Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation IS taking culturally significant items like headdresses or special ritual garbs out of context and using them as costume. 

Cultural appropriation IS NOT utilizing cultural garbs within their proper context. 

Cultural appropriation IS taking religious practices out of context or with minimal knowledge and using them regardless.

Cultural appropriation IS NOT respectfully following a religions practices as prescribed. 

Cultural appropriation IS choosing to participate or self initiate into religions that are closed to outsiders.

Cultural appropriation IS NOT being initiated by a practicing member of that closed religion, even though you’re not from that region or ethnicity

Cultural appropriation IS disrespectful use of any aspect of a culture that is culturally significant to that culture.

Cultural appropriation IS NOT respectfully learning about and engaging within a specified cultures practices

Culture IS complex. Cultures spread and wane in phases over time and over geographical locations, especially now in a world where many countries are no longer geographically isolated from one another

 Culture is NOT a clearly delineated arrangement of highly divided groups of people. Cultures rarely exist in a singular space or among a singular group of people anymore. Globalization has contributed to cultures being scattered, mixed, and blended among one another throughout the last several hundred years or more. 

Many practices are not reminiscent of one particular culture and exist across many of them. 

All cultures pull connections from a similar set of long-gone ancestral practices that evolved in separated pockets over the last several thousand years.

Cultural appropriation can be a serious and damaging problem, but this site has a horrible tendency to throw it around every time someone who SEEMS disconnected from a particular region expresses even the slightest iota of interest in learning about another culture. This behavior is divisive and unproductive. We need to celebrate and respect the cultures that have flourished and evolved throughout our history WITHOUT condemning anyone’s willingness to learn and interact with them. 

Educate kindly and engage thoughtfully. There’s a great deal of beauty to this world, the knowledge of which should be encouraged to be learned about by as many people as possible. Knowledge is powerful. It can stomp out ignorance and replace hate with understanding and acceptance. 

A bunch of Waluigi facts:

  • Waluigi is canonically the same age as Luigi, as stated in smash bros melee 
  • Despite looking alike he is not related to Wario, as hinted by multiple sources and stated on Nintendo Japan’s site
  • He is almost always a skill type character in games, and is known for his flexibility as well as his gymnastic ability. The move he does where he lifts one leg over his head and spins is apparently an exceptionally hard move for males to typically pull off.
  • He prepared for years ‘honing his antagonizing abilities’ before confronting Luigi in Mario tennis and ‘trains quite hard behind the scenes’ 
  • Waluigi is smart, being called ‘cunning and quick’ and ‘the brain to Wario’s brawn’ in many bios and descriptions
  • He fought Bowser in Mario Party 3 and beat him with a single kick. His powerful foot stomp is his main attack in smash, too.
  • He’s appeared in over 50 games and not one year has gone by that Waluigi hasn’t appeared in a game since his creation  
The Mob Psycho 100 analysis that nobody asked for

 Finale (Episodes 11/12), Opening, Overall:

The battle with Claw is a metaphor for society and social pressures; Discussion of arrogance, the role of innocence in human lives, symbolic significance of characters, the meaning of the human existence

Disclaimer: spoilers and lots of bullshit (but with evidence)

Consider the first line from the MP100 opening (Junichi Sasaki, “99”):

If everyone is not special, maybe you can be what you want to be

—a phrase that correlates well with the following:

“Humans are humans; nothing more, nothing less.” —Reigen Arataka, episode 12

Though this exact line only appears in the final episode, from the very beginning, the show (mostly Reigen) has emphasized the dangers of arrogance and the delusion it brings—from Teruki’s early fantasies of superiority and Ritsu’s intoxication from his newly unleashed power, to the student council president’s similar exhilaration from oppressing his fellow classmates.

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Requested by Anon

Pairing: Theo Raeken x Reader
Word count: 352
Warnings: Aggressive reader 

Theo turned in his chair once he heard you were running up the stairs, stomping angrily step by step and when you burst into his room, you were almost boiling with rage.”What’s all this nonsense of you’ve been trying to take Scott’s alpha powers?” you roared and stomped towards him, grabbing the collar of his shirt to drag him up your height. His stumbling legs got he chair to fell and for the first time in your life – you saw Theo looking afraid.

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Picked up some things, I stored back in 2012. Audio cables, midi cables, some usb midi interfaces, midi quadra thru, some old fx stomp boxes, power supplies, korg monotron and another C64 with mssiah midi cartridge… nice!

legally blonde sentence meme

feel free to change the pronouns and things to fit your muse!

  • “i can’t believe you’re getting engaged!”
  • “i think we should break up.”
  • “so you’re breaking up with me because i’m too…blonde?!”
  • “i do love you, i just can’t marry you.”
  • “honey, you have to leave this room! it’s been, like, a week!”
  • “harvard won’t be impressed that you aced history of polka dots.”
  • “it’s my lucky scrunchie. it helped me pass spanish!”
  • “she was in a ricky martin video.”
  • “don’t be scared! everyone will love you!”
  • “whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed.”
  • “you got into harvard law?”
  • “would be willing to stake your life on it?”
  • “she did make me cry once.”
  • “i’m really glad i met you.”
  • “is she as pretty as you?”
  • “i’d pick the dangerous one because i’m not afraid of a challenge.”
  • “is somebody at this school actually throwing a party?”
  • “what’s with the costume?”
  • “you’re not smart enough, sweetie.”
  • “i’m never gonna be good enough for you, am i?”
  • “and it’s scented! i think it gives it a little something extra, don’t you think?”
  • “remember when we spent those four amazing hours in the hot tub after winter formal? this is so much better than that!”
  • “exercise gives you endorphins. endorphins make you happy. happy people just don’t shoot their husbands.”
  • “you have the best high kick i’ve ever seen!”
  • “so you bend…and snap!”
  • “i’d rather go to jail than lose my reputation.”
  • “you know, you’re really being a butthead.”
  • “actually, being a blonde is a very powerful thing.”
  • “don’t stomp your little last season prada shoes at me.”
  • “are you hitting on me?”
  • “it turns out, i’m a joke.”
  • “he’s the top defense attorney in the state. of course he’s an ass.”
  • “but if i’m gonna be the partner of a law firm by the time i’m thirty, i’m gonna need a boyfriend that isn’t such a complete bonehead.”

I still don’t regret what I did, despite the fact I’m now transformed. I’d always wanted to be a dinosaur.

I strode out onto the hot tar. In my mind’s eye, I could see my nude body - a beautiful contrast of white skin on ebony bitumen. The surface was hot. Scalding. The soles of my feet were engulfed in searing pain. They’d blister, but I didn’t mind. What I had ahead of me would be far more damaging.

Dinosaurs were so beautiful. How huge they were! How powerful! I stomped my scorched feet into the tar, feeling the substance rise up between my toes. I clenched them, the sensitive skin in between getting covered. I roared.

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I’ve been thinking about Danse being a dad to Synth!Shaun a lot lately and I need to spill some emotions sorry.

- The SoSu would wait a little while after the institutes destruction to tell Danse that the boy they ‘rescued’ wasn’t actually their biological son, and was actually a Synth. I certainly don’t envision Danse being very happy about this, but after seeing how much the boy means to the SoSu and after a while adjusting, he begins to feel more comfortable with the situation

- Danse really likes kids and is a massive child at heart. He always wanted to start a family but now realises that it’s not likely to happen. Despite his lingering opinions on synths, he would never dream of being hurtful or rude to Synth!Shaun (keeping his anger reserved towards the institute) because all he sees in Shaun is a child. A scared, confused, helpless child who has finally found stability and love with the person they believe to be their parent. Should he have been created? No, and Danse doesn’t believe he himself should have been either, but what’s done is done and he hopes that in time he will get used to what the boy is. He envies the fact that the boy doesn’t know he’s a synth, and is content as Danse used to be before finding out his true identity.

- They get on really well together, especially since Danse loves teaching Shaun what he knows about weapon modification (and lets be honest, Shaun has a lot of things to teach Danse too). They spend hours in the workshop together, taking apart and modifying all the guns they can get their hands on, forgetting their cares and worries while they work.

- The first time Shaun calls him 'Dad’, he’s quite taken aback, but feels extremely happy that the boy he’s become to love as his own son see’s him as a father. He discusses it with the SoSu and they both agree that Shaun shouldn’t be discouraged on using the title.

- Lets be honest, they would have a total 'boys will be boys’ relationship going on here: stealing each others food (fancy lad snack cakes being the main item of interest), play fighting, Shaun convincing Danse to help him play a (harmless) prank on mama murphy, 'serious’ farming that ends in water fights, and playing games with dogmeat.

- Despite Danse claiming that comic books were a waste of time, the SoSu sits him down one evening and reads him one, putting on the exaggerated voices of each character until he’s grinning, remembering the time they dressed up as the silver shroud. When SoSu can’t read to Shaun at night, Danse sits on the bed with him and they flick through a comic together. Danse can’t quite manage to do the voices like the SoSu can, but seeing Shaun enjoying the stories makes him happy.

- Shaun riding on Danses shoulders when he’s in power armour. Danse stomps around the settlement while Shaun laughs and makes loud gunshot noises, pretending he’s a tank.

- Shaun having a nightmare and climbing into bed between the SoSu and Danse. He then falls back asleep, stretches out, and smacks Danse in the face with his hand.

- Danse realises that no, he can’t have his own kids, but he doesn’t need to. He’s got his own little family right here. He’s finally found a purpose and true happiness since leaving the brotherhood, because after a few years it became a lot easier to stop seeing himself and Shaun as synths, but instead as a man and a child who had become family.


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Part 2 is here. 

Summary: You’re an engineer, stationed at Starkiller. You’re desperate for recognition in your career, but issues with your assignment (spoiler alert: it’s the Command Shuttle) end up making you the clean-up crew, instead. Your annoyance with Kylo Ren ends up getting you into some hot water.

Word Count: 2182

Warnings: None. For now.

Characters: Kylo Ren x Female!Reader

A/N: Untitled, eventual smut, I have no clue how long this will be. As a warning, when the smut comes, I’m super into Dom!Kylo right now, so… don’t get invested if you hate that.  EDIT: Find this under “Fix Your Attitude” from now on.

Your stomach was churning as you walked to work.

Being stationed at Starkiller Base was supposed to have been one of the biggest achievements of your career. Here you were, a fledgling engineer, already a few months in at your assignment to operate within the elite fleets of the First Order. Of course, you felt pride, but there was another feeling that was burrowing into the back of your skull.


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you know, i bet sera and anders would get along rlly well.

because like, even tho anders is a weirdy mage he uses his magic to help the little people, and sera would really appreciate that.

and sera has exactly the shitty sense of humor that anders would appreciate, she would really help him lighten up.

and can u imagine these two assholes planning pranks to play on the templars? like sera wouldnt like templars much more than anders does, beause they abuse their powers and stomp on the little people. she’d love to bring them down a peg. 

Twin Peaks Should’ve Been Up By Now

And it actually was, too. But, even though I fought like hell to beat it, Content ID still nabbed me and hit the video with four claims. Yup–four of them at once.

Naturally, I disputed them all, and then, because it’s been awhile since I’ve dealt with this idiocy YouTube calls a good system, I brushed up on the potential outcome of a first-round copyright claim dispute and found out this little bit:

The very first dispute you enter, the very first one, can still result in the company who had it automatically filed ignoring your reply and handing you a copyright strike, which immediately puts the channel in bad standing and damages its abilities to do many things on several levels.


This isn’t fair or right. You guys know that already. But even though I haven’t been shot at before in the first round of disputes, I can’t take any chances. I deleted the video to cancel the dispute process.

And even though I can use the Content ID info to edit the portions of the video it put claims on and dirty up the footage, I’m not going to damage the quality of what I made to please YouTube’s idiotic automated system.

The video is uploading now (for the second time) and will go public as soon as I’m able to release it, even if it’s daytime. It’ll get hit by strikes again, and I will leave them there, undisputed, because I’m not jeopardizing the channel over this automated system that’s about as helpful to the masses as a phishing script.

As you can probably tell, I’m a little bit angry. I expected to get hit with Content ID, but I didn’t realize you can get a foot amputated by YouTube for your very first defensive action. 

The system has to change, and it has to happen very soon. 

Twin Peaks will be up today, I imagine some time around 3-4 PM EST. It will be the same video I first submitted, but I’m going to lay off the dispute button.

Why even try fighting a court case against an accuser who is also the judge, the jury, the bailiff, the debt collector, and the executioner? The systems in place at YouTube weren’t built for us–they were built for multimillion-dollar corporations, and those companies were given the power to stomp on anyone they please with a single death blow.

YouTube does not belong to ‘you’, the individual. It belongs to Them. Way to go, Google. This is what I get for making intellectual analysis over reaction videos to ‘pranks gone sexual,’ right?