power steering fluid

stylish rd. 6 needs paint and some decals.
Finally sorted through cooling issues bought a new rad and dual fan setup with shrouding. Power steering fluid seems to get really hot and leak out of the boot maybe it’s time to focus on heat management in the engine bay as the turbo manifold seems to cook just about everything in there or get a vented hood. Been wanting one for awhile just sucks living on an island where it costs a fortune to ship anything (most times air freight). In due time. Still thinking about respraying the car but with the time I have now and resources it really isn’t in the cards. For now I guess next on my to do list are oil cooler and power steering cooler. More power = more heat.

…well of course my uncle neglects to tell me I need to get power steering fluid to change the power steering pump and pressure hose. I though I was done spending money on parts (aside from the visit to the mechanic for my exhaust) but it doesn’t look like tht’s the case. Ah well, luckily it’s still the month that shall not be named so I can hopefully get the 20% at napa still…

and then wait for a non-rainy day where i can go work on the  car.