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Bucky’s Idea

Hey guys! Here’s another oneshot for you. I wrote this when I was really mad one day and it actually made me feel a whole lot better! Lesson learned, when upset write some Bucky fluff. I hope you guys enjoy, I really like this one. Happy Saturday!

Warnings: angry reader that turns into crazy fluff

Note: The reader has powers similar to Wanda’s, kind of a telekenesis that you’re still learning to use. 

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Steve, Bucky and Sam were in the corner of the gym, filling their water bottles, their foreheads dripping with sweat and their tinted cheeks warm from their workout. Their chests were still rising and falling more rapidly than usual as they joked with each other and set up plans for later that night.

The endorphins running through their systems had them on cloud nine. You, however, felt the opposite.

You hadn’t even bothered to change your clothes before blasting into the gym and hoofing it over to the punching bags that were hanging from the ceiling, waiting for you to take everything out on them.

But Steve got in your way.

“Hey, (Y/N), what-”

“I’ll fix it Steve!” you snapped, making him back off. 

He crawled back over to the corner and took his water bottle from Bucky who had been holding it for him. You didn’t miss Bucky’s wide, slightly fearful eyes.

You pulled your sweatshirt over your head and threw it on the floor, your agitated powers making slide further away than you planned. Left in your leggings and thin tank top, you started throwing punches into the bag in front of you, making it sway back and forth. Even it was afraid of you today.

She did that? Tony’s pissed about that.” Sam whispered. 

“Her powers are linked to her emotions. She’s… having a rough day.” Steve tried to defend you.

“Seems like more than just a rough day. Did you see what she did to that-” Steve stuck out his hand to quiet him, but you had heard Sam’s mumbling.

“You’re next if you don’t shut up, Sam.”

Sam didn’t dare stick around to see if you’d keep your word. But Steve couldn’t leave you like this.

“Hey, why don’t you tell me what’s going on, try to calm down.”

“This is calming me down,” you sneered with a hard punch.

Bucky’s eyes were snapping from you to Steve like he was watching a ping pong match. 

“Come on, (Y/N),” Steve continued.

“I’m fine, leave me alone.”

“At least wrap your hands.”

“I don’t need it, Steve.”

“Yes you do, here.”

I don’t need it!” You wailed and sent the punch bag across the room, ripping it off its hook with your powers.

Steve stared at the bag in complete astonishment. He’d never seen you use your powers for anything destructive, and he had definitely never seen you yell at anyone. Exasperated, he finally gave up. He stalked out of the room with his hands surrendered in the air with a sharp “Fine.”

You moved to another bag a few feet away and started hitting into it, ignoring the sting on your knuckles from the harsh fabric. You were so engrossed in your abuse, you didn’t notice Bucky quietly standing next to you. After a particularly hard hit, you returned your wrists to your home position in front of your face. You jumped in surprise when he grabbed your right forearm and started folding the black, cotton wrap around your hands. 

“By the time you’re done, your knuckles will be raw,” he mumbled.

Within seconds, he was done and walking out of the gym. A pang of guilt ravaged your gut, you had never snapped at the guys before. You decided to ignore your sinking stomach and continue taking your anger out on the bag, you would apologize later. 

You carried on until you could hardly lift your arms, thankful for the wrap around your knuckles. You couldn’t imagine what your hands would look like if Bucky hadn’t helped you. 

The thought made you smile. You and Bucky weren’t very close, but you still work together, counted on each other out in the field. Though you would never say it out loud, you knew he could read you like a book. The one thing you and him had in common was your stubborn attitude, and he knew how to handle you like no one else on the team did.

Your rambling brain stopped as soon as you jumped in the shower. The hot water soothed your muscles and ran down your skin, leaving streaks in its path. You concentrated on the steam rising in the shower stall and fogging up the glass instead of replaying your awful day in your mind, which you had a habit of doing. 

You stood under the water until it ran cold, and only then did you shut it off and change into your favorite pair of pajamas. They were soft and cozy, the shirt was light and the pants long enough to cover your toes.

As you were running a comb through your tangled, damp hair, your stomach rumbled, begging for some kind of dinner. You sighed, knowing that the guys would be downstairs and this was your chance to apologize for being so rude and downright mean to them in the gym.

The elevator led you to the kitchen and before the doors even opened you smelled the scent of delicious pizza. Your mouth began to water and your tummy growled in anticipation.

You walked into the room and received a loud greeting from the guys who were sprawled out on the couches in front of the television. 

“Hey! There she is!”

“We have pizza!”

“And movies. All the ones you like.”

Sam’s body was taking up the entire couch, his feet hanging off the arm rest and his arms held high in the air. Bucky was sitting in the lounge chair next to him, grinning brightly at you, and Steve got up from the chair across the way and started walking over to you.

“What? What is this?” you couldn’t hide your excitement or your astonishment.

“We’re having a movie night. Only if you want to though.” Steve slung his arm around you and walked you over to the kitchen counter holding boxes of your favorite pizza. 

“We wanted to apologize for being up your butt today at the gym. We just hate seeing our little ray of sunshine upset.” He mussed your damp hair and you scoffed at his teasing. 

Steve, not knowing his own strength, pulled you into a one arm hug that resulted in your head being pushed into his arm pit. As you pushed him away, you felt the sting in your arms from your workout earlier. When your giggles ceased, you became much more serious.

“I’m the one who needs to apologize. I was downright mean today and-”

“(Y/N), shut up and eat your pizza!” Sam yelled from the couch, interrupting you.

Steve handed you a plate from the cupboard. You took it with a smile and sighed. “Okay, okay.” 

You caught Steve before he made to return to his spot in front of the television. “Steve, uh, thanks,” you said quietly. A movie night was just what you needed. 

“Oh, it wasn’t me. This was Bucky’s idea,” he said to you and then turned away and plopped down on the couch, leaving you with a gaping jaw. You caught your pizza slice before it fell on the floor and took a bite, your eyes still wide in surprise.

While Sam was starting up your favorite movie you inhaled your first piece of pizza and hurried to grab another and make it to the couch before the credits started. The familiar music made your heart swell, as did being surrounded by your friends. They were pretty special, you decided.

As the movie went on and the warmth from the pizza fizzed away, you began to feel the chill that was almost always in the tower. You regretted only wearing a thin t-shirt when you felt how cold your skin was. 

Luckily, hanging on the arm rest next to you was a familiar looking dark green hoodie. “Hey, Steve, do you mind if I throw this on?” you whispered, earning a scowl from Sam who always hated when someone interrupted his Disney movies.

“Not mine,” he mouthed. Then he pointed to Bucky, telling you it was his.

Your head snapped to the right to find Bucky already looking at you. You weren’t sure how he would feel about you borrowing his clothes, so you stood up and whispered, “I’ll just go get one of mine, be right ba-”

“No, no, just wear mine. It’s okay.” Bucky stuck his hand out to stop you from going anywhere. He grinned and nodded again to tell you he was sure.

You smiled in thanks and plopped down on the couch again, slipping your arms into the over sized sleeves and plunging your head through the hood. You wanted to stay inside, it smelled so good. It didn’t smell like cologne or anything you were familiar with. It just smelled like Bucky, not that you noticed he had a distinct smell before you buried yourself in his sweatshirt. But now that you did, you never wanted to smell anything else. You could even go without the smell of delicious pizza if you could always have the scent of old timey soap and after shave ghosting through your senses. 

However, you tried to be a normal human and when you emerged from the hoodie, you pulled your hair out of the neck and snuggled into the extra fabric that was wrapped around you. You hoped Bucky didn’t noticed how you pulled the sleeves over your hands and brought them up to your face so every inhale was laced with his scent. 

Two movies later, the gang admitted their sleepiness. Sam turned off the TV and you offered to put the pizza away and clean up the kitchen. It was the least you could do, this whole shindig was for you, after all. 

You started putting leftover pizza into plastic baggies as you said goodnight to the guys. Sam ruffled your hair and Steve smoothed your locks back down and kissed your forehead before they both headed upstairs.

You piled the empty boxes on the counter and turned to shut the light off before you finished wiping off the counter. When you turned back, the boxes were gone and Bucky was standing there, sponge in hand. His dark figure made you jump out of your skin and squeal softly. 

“Jeez, Buck, you startled me. I didn’t know you were still down here,” you said with a hand covering your thundering chest. 

“Well, I couldn’t just let you clean all this up by yourself,” he said softly, rinsing off the dirty sponge and setting it on the side of the sink.

It was quiet for a moment, the only sound in the room was the buzz of the refrigerator. Your nervous habit of tucking your hair behind your ear struck again, but it made you notice the thick green material covering your fingers.

“Oh, here, thanks for this,” you said as you started taking off his sweatshirt. 

“No, it’s okay, keep it for now, it’s chilly in here. You can give it to me tomorrow,” he rambled.

“Okay. It is really warm, I might just steal it.” You winked.

“It looks good on ya, brings out your pretty eyes.” His surge of confidence quickly melted away as he cleared his throat and continued to babble. “Uh, it’s from the army. That’s why it’s so warm, they don’t make stuff like that anymore.”

You giggled and then hummed in agreement. You looked down at your hands and wrung them together, the sting from the punching bag reminding you about the guilt you still felt from this morning.

“I’m sorry I was such a jerk today. Um, thanks for…” you lifted your sleeve covered hand, “helping me.”

“Hey, we all have our days,” he said, taking your raised hand in his and rolling up the sleeve, showing your red knuckles. His brow furrowed in concern as he gently ran his fingers over the red marks. He shook his head and breathed a laugh out his nose. “You’re stubborn as all hell, ya know that?”

Your eyes lifted from your hands to his smirk. “I’ve been told once or twice.”

He chuckled softly and you thought of what you could say to make him laugh again. It was a wonderful sound. 

He covered your hand with the sleeve and returned it to your side. “Better lay off the punching bags for a few days.”

“Yes, Sergeant.” You said. He chuckled again and the sound made your chest swell.

You knew the conversation was over, but you didn’t want to leave him just yet. You leaned against the kitchen counter and played with your hair once again trying to find the right words to say.

“Steve told me this was your idea,” you said, implying the movie night.

“Punk,” he interjected, making you giggle. 

“Thanks.” You said simply. 

“Ya know, Steve calls you our ‘ray of sunshine,’” he mocked. “But it’s true. We just hate to see you upset. I hate to see you upset.” He admitted quietly.

What came out of his mouth was not what you expected. You didn’t know what to say. So you rose to your toes, placed a hand on his chest and kissed him quickly on the cheek before saying “Goodnight, Bucky,” and turning away.

You took two steps and you were about to enter the hallway when a hand wrapped around your wrist, turned you around, and pulled you into Bucky’s strong body. His lips quickly latched onto yours in a gentle kiss.

His hands cupped both sides of your face while yours settled on his waist. You tilted your head to deepen the kiss and wrapped your arms around him and tugged on the back of his shirt. His fingers pushed through your hair and held your locks at the back of your head. 

If you thought his scent was sweet when you pulled on his sweatshirt, now it was overwhelming. He swam around you and you happily drowned, never wanting to come up for air because it would mean being away from him.

His tongue begged for entrance and you eagerly allowed it, humming happily as it danced with yours and allowed you to taste even more of him. Your brain convinced you if you didn’t touch every inch of him, you’d combust, so you complied. Your fingertips came around from his back and up his chest, pushing his to land on your hips. As your hands wrapped around his neck and tangled in the hair there, his lifted the sweatshirt just enough for his fingertips to land on your skin and leave flames behind.

It felt like years passed, but you wouldn’t mind spending your entire life in his position. Everything he did was so gentle, you’d never felt anything like it. It was addicting. Now that you had a taste of him, you never wanted to let go, and from the way his body was glued to yours, you knew he felt the same way.

You finally pulled away but only far enough to grab a breath. He rested his forehead on yours and held you tightly around your waist.

“If I knew you were going to kiss me back like that I would have done it ages ago.”

You breathed out a laugh and pulled back and looked into his clear blue eyes. Even in the dark they sparkled.

“Well, now you know,” you laughed, running your hand through his hair and trying to memorize the way the his lips curled into that bright toothy smile. You’d never seen him smile like that.  





Watching the Angry Video Game Nerds mind slowly melt over the combined history of Power Rangers, Super Sentai, and the Tokusatsu genera in general is quite the fun watch



Fearless learner, curious creature, powerful survivor. Emotions slide through trembling bodies like landslides, revealing gems that gleam through the darkness. Control is sought and gained timelessly, caught in a cycle of destruction and success. Wanting hands clasp destiny in their palms, fingers curled tight enough to leave crescent-shaped marks in too-soft flesh.

“This isn’t sex-ed.” (NSFW 18+)

Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: February 14th, 2017 (Happy Valentines Day!)
Warnings:…I think the title tells ya–plus this is a Lance Tucker Fic–Swearing will be used. Umm, public sexual activities. 
AN: I literally came up with this in my college class yesterday.
Pairing: Lance X (Y/N)
*I am not going to lie–I was torn on which character I wanted this to be–Bucky was first, but then Chase came into my mind–but I think this is more of a Lance thing.*

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College is one of those things that you don’t do, but end up having to do it anyway if you want a decent paying job–especially now since most places here in the United States of America. Want to be a manager at Target? You need at least an associate’s degree in something. Which is why (Y/N) is sitting here in a class that is labeled as a fucking elective that really has no purpose toward the field of study she was working towards….whatever that–MOVING ON.

She sat there tapping her pencil on the long table that had a row of about 10 seats per row, waiting for her instructor to walk in. This class was a 9 am science class, which means she really wasn’t fully awake. The white-walled classroom that was decorated with cheesy posters with a variety of things written on them. Her lips vibrated together as she let out a low breath as the more students sporting different outfits. All the girls looked about the same–clothing wise. Workout shirt with legging and a pair of running shoes, the guys had basketball shoes on with T-shirts–and–oh hell no. Is that socks with fucking slide on shoes? Her eyes rolled before her nostrils caught the whiff of some cologne. 

(Y/N) slowly turned her head toward the door and felt her thighs flex at the sight. The guy standing in the doorway was wearing jeans with nice white shoes that matched this white v-neck shirt slightly covered by an unzipped sports jacket. His eyes were hidden behind a pair of black sunglasses that he took off and folded into the neckline of his shirt. His eyes scanned over the seats and did nothing to hide the cringe taking in every classmates attire. This guy’s eyes stopped on (Y/N) who was watching him as the eraser of her pencil was gently being nibbled on by her teeth, “Is this seat taken?” He asked giving her a wide smile with his chewing gum being slightly shown.

(Y/N) slowly shook her head, “NoPe.” Popping the T as she watched him pull out the chair right next to her, skipping over the few open seats between her and the door. He looked over at her and smirked, “Lance, Lance Tucker–Olympic Gold medalist in men’s gymnastics.” (Y/N) cocked a brow at him before snickering making the smirk on Lace’s face slowly fading. 

“Lance–Tucker?” She asked letting her voice slowly drag.
“Duh.” He said flatly as he gestured to himself with his lips tucked into his mouth.
“What is an American Male Gymnast doing in a fucking classroom?” Both brows now raised as an amused smirk grew on her face as he watched him let out a huff and pinch the bridge of his nose. 
“In order to own a gym—my agents tell me it would look better if I at least have a business degree. Even though I won’t be doing shit–except sitting on my bed and having my golden dick sucked by beautiful women.” He smiled to himself at the fantasy. 
“Did you really just call your dick golden?” (Y/N) laughed to herself as Lance winked at her.

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Love Live Girls and the Swear Jar

Eli: hasn’t put a single damn cent in the jar because she doesn’t curse. She’s never felt the need to or the urge to. Doesn’t care when the others do.

Nozomi: is honest, will pay her dues when she needs to, which isn’t very often. Her favorite is “fuck” but mostly when she’s trying to flirt.

Nico: gets passes all the time because she claims she was “slipping” and it “didn’t count” but she owes a Lot

Umi: Swear Jar Monitor™. Enforces the rules strictly except for with Nico who somehow always gets the slip, along with Kotori. Has the power to let herself slide but does not. Sometimes she’ll get stressed and let a little something slip and she’ll always pay up

Kotori: has umi wrapped around her finger. Rarely swears but always gets away with it when she does and it’s almost always “damn” or “hell” or something harmless

Honoka: pure, has never cursed and probably never will. Umi has tried to catch her but it’s impossible. Will snitch on nico.

Maki: rich + a filthy mouth = maki drops a fuckton of yen in the jar at the beginning of each month and says whatever she wants. Has a vocabulary that would make Mr Krabs cry, but her personal favorite is either “fuck” or “cunt”. “Keep the change, Umi. If there is any.”

Hanayo: doesnt curse in public, but unbeknownst to the rest of the group, she sometimes just mumbles little curse words to herself when her family isn’t home just because she can, then giggles and immediately feels bad. When umi totals up the money at the end of each month, there’s always money that she doesn’t remember being put in there…

Rin: doesn’t curse because Hanayo doesn’t. Will pay up when she does and will apologize profusely. Whenever she feels the urge to it is instantly replaced with “nya”.

this is for @politeandnotgay because they said ‘what if Harry wore his business suit whilst running around with his pulse rifle’ and honestly i could not get the idea out of my head so thank u buddy

(and this is also just because they’re super great + deserve nice things for being our #1 supplier of quality TomCav content and just an all-round lovely person  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧)

#23- Gags (Destiel)

Requested by anon for my kink list (master list here).

Warnings: smut, use of gag

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: I do love writing Destiel. Hope y’all enjoy! Feedback always appreciated!

Dean is noisy.

He can’t help it. He’s always enjoyed sex, always loved the feel of skin on skin, never wanted to hold back any of the groans and growls the sensations pull out of him.

And sex with Cas? Well, that’s a goddamn out-of-body experience, and he can’t possibly be expected to be quiet with his angel sucking his cock, lips wrapped around his erection and blue eyes staring up at him with no angel innocence at all.

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My hero- A Jasper Hale Imagine

A/N: I hope you don’t mind but instead of a oneshot I turned it into an imagine with (Y/N) instead of Bella’s name. I took five requests in hopes for a longer more detailed imagine. Thank you all so much for your patience, I know you are all going to really like this. 

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Request #1: Jasper x Bella oneshot, Bella meets Jasper as a kid post in the park and he helps her get home over the years he appears in her life comforting her and being nice , she thinks he’s an imaginary friend . She moves to forks Washington and sees him in school and she thinks she’s going crazy . But when she’s almost hit by Tyler’s truck he saves her and she realizes he’s real and it’s basically the first chapter of twilight rewritten with Jasper. Please

Request #2: Ok so I’m 15 and I still sometimes get really paranoid abt things being under my bed or something (ok it’s super embarrassing) but could u do an imagine abt like jasper coming to put his human mate to sleep and finding her really scared Bc she thinks there is a monster under her bed and then he checks and comforts her and tells her stories of his past life until she falls asleep? Thanks. Love ur blog g😍

Request #3: I’m so happy you’re still active. Do you still take requests? If so, could you write one where jasper saves the reader from a group of men? Kind of like when Bella was about to be attached in the second book. Maybe some angst, then some jasper fluff?

Request #4:Could you write a Jasper x reader imagine where it’s like super fluffy and sweet? I can’t seem to find a huge amount of love for my precious baby in the fandom and I need some! Please and thank you 😊

Request #5:Could you write something with jasper where he’s you’re mate, and you’re human, and he’s super protective over you, especially with men. 

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Your not allowed to...

- Clay Jensen -

“Your not allowed to learn algebra. What you tryna do? Find your x?”

- Justin Foley -

“Your not allowed to have candles on your birthday. All your wishes came true when you met me”

- Zach Dempsey-

“Your not allowed to break up with me unless you have a 20 slide power point, an essay and a letter signed by God”

- Tyler Down -

“Your not allowed to take Selfies, people need to know that I’m still in the picture”

- Jeff Atkins -

“Your not allowed to take showers, a bath or swim. The only thing that’s gonna get you wet is me”

- Alex Standall -

“Your not allowed to open your eyes when I’m not around. Do you really think it’s okay to be seeing other people?”

- Montgomery De la Cruz -

“Your not allowed to give birth in a hospital. Ain’t nobody looking down thee but me. I’ve got YouTube and scissors, we’ll be alright”

- Tony Padilla -

“Your not allowed to pray silently. I need to know exactly what you and God have going on”

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any good superman or superhero sterek fic?

Oh, we sure have a bunch!


coffee housing by kellifer_fic

Stiles kinda likes the way his life has turned out, fighting the righteous fight alongside some pretty kickass individuals.


Word Soup - 28: Super by DiscontentedWinter

For @loofalover on Tumblr, who asked: “i have a prompt: since tyler hoechlin’s gonna be on cbs’s supergirl, how about sterek with superman!derek? thank you!”

Will You Still Call Me Superman? by scxlias

Derek doesn’t know how exactly Stiles Stilinski can be an EMT.
Derek doesn’t quite know how to react to him.
But, even despite Stiles’ general lack of coordination and tendency to walk into things, Derek knows he can count on him in emergencies.
Well, Derek can’t count on him, but Superman can.

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