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@meettheghost requested i know there are still people out there who are opposed to the “garak has a tail” headcanon, BUT if you’re interested: garak wrapping his tail around julian while they cuddle <3

Ummmm, so I kind of got carried away, and this got less ”cuddly” than, well.  Sorry. /o\

Yogscast Theory / Discussion: Abomination Paradox

Hello  everybody! So before reading this I recommend you watch this video.

Ok now that you have seen it. Its pretty apparent how buggered the timeline is at this point. The world has been overrun with Abominations. This is taking place during Flux Buddies S1. 

Lalnable and Fives killing Duncan and Kim, or interacting at all would have created a paradox, but this…? This may be worse. Lets assume, for a moment, that this reality does not rely on chunks being loaded for things to occur, so it is a more realistic theory. 

These Eggs will have spread across the whole of the World. All the pets in the Witchery area? Dead and Egged. The animal farms in Hole Diggers and Magic police and Sjin’s Farm? FULL of eggs. NOTHING will have survived this disaster. The ENTIRE timeline as we know if (from watching the other series) has been altered in a major way. 

What if Mickey was killed by one of these? Bebop and Ridge’s conflict with Dave may not have started, true, but now two people of questionable ethics have an Abomination in their grasp. With Ridge’s clone machine and obsession with duplicating creatures its not too much of a stretch to assume he would accidentally make this a MILLION times worse. 

Hole Diggers now has to deal with this threat as well. Their focus would have shifted away from the Space Donut and on to weaponry and containment, potentially leading to missiles and force fields, and even power armor. But even the power of Ridge and Xephos and Duncan combined can not contain this. 

Hannah and Nilesy were extremely undergeared at this point in the timeline. They were above zombies and skeletons, but NOWHERE near prepared for this kind of threat. They would have been SLAUGHTERED. 

Parv’s Witch Farm would have been infected as well, leading to him potentially not being able to finish Blood Magic and the Fluxing never happening. Will would have had issues with his farms as well. Considering HE actually went into Mad Science he has the best chance of maybe containing this, or at least knowing what the hell it is, and if he was able to share this knowledge with Xephos they MIGHT have devised a plan to stop the end of the world. 

If Rythian is in this world, he would have sensed something of this scale, and could have potentially traced it to it’s source- Lalnable. 

But ok, this has all been a bit of dramatic thought, they obviously wont go back and re-record everything in this new timeline. So what does this mean for us?

Well, potentially, depending on how far they want to go with this, NOTHING is the same. Its possible this has even created a paradox. And what is the main plot in YogLabs HyperCubed…? Space-Time unraveling. Which leads to Lalnable’s escape. 

So, what IF this is the event that causes the rip in space-time? Duncan and Kim and Hat Films never have a war because they are too concerned with stopping the Abominations. The WORLD is united to stop this threat. Duncan and Kim would never meet Lalnable and Fives would never be cloned. Lalnable would go back and end YogLabs for good. 

If this IS the paradox that leads to Space-Time ripping, that would mean, in the most ROUND ABOUT WAY EVERY, Lalnable is responsible for freeing himself and allowing himself to cause the paradox that freed himself. 

This is the kind of shit I watch the Yogscast for my brain is spinning with all the implications this raises. 

Until next time, stay classy theorists! 

On a Fluke

Remember how I mentioned that Argo!AU (by the glorious guy @cinensis) Badd didn’t have to worry about being alone for long? Weeeelllllll… (or should I say ‘whale’…)

Cut for length, not for content. Enjoy!

The swell hit the boat a bit harder than Badd would have liked, and he glanced to the east. Far off, he could see a line of gray clouds like brushstrokes against the already white sky. “Looks like that storm’s coming in. How much longer are ya going to be, Genos?”

“Another six minutes before ascent. I have to stabilize these samples.”

“Can ya cut that time at all?”

“No. But Saitama is saying that we have at least an hour before that storm gets here to the degree that it would impact us.”

“Ya understand that the opinion of your boyfish doesn’t comfort me all that much, right?”

“Sensei is quite attuned to fluctuations in the water, even at this depth.” Genos sounded a bit short. Defensive. Even over the line. “Repeat. Six minutes before ascent.”

Those last few words were covered by a layer of white noise, and Badd took his earpiece off to check the signal. It was shaky. He walked out on the deck, hoping he could get better reception. The wind was picking up, the vessel pitching just slightly under his feet. “Don’t know if we have that much time. Might have to scrap the scuzz and wait ‘til next time.”

“That is an unacceptable waste of project funds, Badd. I cannot -”

As Genos spoke, another unexpected gust smacked Badd in the face. He hadn’t seen it coming, so he was too slow to stop his headset from slipping off completely and scattering across the deck. “Shit!” Stumbling after it, Badd slipped on the fine layer of water that had started to form from the combination of the waves and rain that was beginning to trickle down, landing painfully on his thigh. That was going to leave a bruise. Or two. He recovered just in time to watch the very expensive, important piece of equipment go over the side and into the water below.

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Have you noticed how we have a certain someone in most new series?

What if Xephos is the new God of Minecraftia? 

He managed to trap Ridge in Yoglabs, where he took his powers from the God of old world. Xephos has all the knowledge about the New World now. There’s nothing that can stop him.

Xephos is the God now.

All hail

blackfirewolf  asked:

Oh man, I'd kill to read a gravity falls daemons au.

OOOHH MY GOD THANK YOU. Currently my list is this:

Dipper: (he settles when he stands his ground against the alien drone) a sacred ibis, the symbol of Thoth, Egyptian God of wisdom and writing.

Mabel(settles after they escape from the bubble, floating to the ground in a cloud of confetti): purple heron, herons symbolize grace and beauty, even though they’re dorky wader-birds that eat frogs like candy

Stan: California Condor. I’ve always characterized Stan as a survivor, somebody who knows how and when to go to ground to stay alive. So I thought a scavenger, an animal that came straight to the brink of extinction and survived, would be a good choice. Also, please imagine this giant fuckoff vulture staring out over the gift shop, giving everybody the Evil Eye. I bet nobody shoplifts.

(They’re also separated, like witches, though they’d rather keep that a secret - right up until they get desperate, say, when being arrested by the FBI Magesterium agents.)

Soos: tapir. Please look these up. They look like the mutant baby of a pig and an elephant, and they are the cuddliest cutest little shits alive.

Wendy: a fluffy coyote that sleeps in the sunlight patches in the gift shop. (Dipper’s Amalthia keeps landing on his ears as a sparrow and he continues to wearily shake her off every time.)

Pacifica: a white ermine, or stoat. Unlike a real animal, he keeps his white coat year-round instead of shedding it in favor of brown in the spring. Ermines are associated with wealth, but only because their fur is highly priced, worn traditionally by Catholic monarchs.

Preston Northwest: a Spanish Fly beetle. These beetles secrete a caustic substance from their joints as a defense mechanism. This substance- cantharidin- was rumored to be an aphrodisiac for a long time, but is actually toxic, and can be fatal to humans.

Mrs. Northwest: a Madagascan cuckoo. Cuckoos push other birds’ eggs out of their nests to replace them with cuckoo eggs.

Grenda: a capybara, the largest known rodent. She settles after the Northwests’ bash.

Candy: unsettled for that whole summer, but eventually lands as an East Asian dollarbird. 

Marius: a sugar glider

Gideon: unsettled, but she has a tendency to prefer different snakes, or large cats.

Bud Gleeful: Common opossum. She naps in car engines.

Mrs. Gleeful: House shrew. Shrews are tiny insectivores that are incredibly low on their local food chains; they’re incredibly nervous animals. He mostly hides in her pockets.

Robbie Valentino: a tiny, fluffy pomeranian. He puts a studded leather collar on her to try to make her look badass. If you point out that she looks ridiculous, you get about the same reaction as pointing out that fingerless gloves are hilariously uncool.

Tambry: a Himalayan longhaired cat

Thompson: a chocolate labrador

Lee: Newfoundland dog

Nate: Bluejay

Manly Dan: an American Akita, brown and black. Very fluffy, but a fierce guard dog.

Tyler: English Whippet. It’s a hunting dog, a sight hound, but very spindly and weird-looking.

Melody: a green tree frog

Sheriff Blubs: Brown Thrasher

Deputy Durland: a skinny, wild-eyed cougar

Agent Powers: a ridge-nosed rattlesnake

Agent Trigger: an American Sparrowhawk

McGucket: a prickly stick insect

Toby Determined: a Semipalmated Sandpiper

Lazy Suzan: Budgett’s frog (have you seen these? They look hilarious.)

Quentin Trembley: an African land snail. She tends to suction-cup herself onto his face.

Gabe Benson: a pygmy owl

Mermando: a dolphin. Mermaids always settle as fish/water-dwellers.

The Manotaurs all have dog daemons, most of them feral-looking mutts.

The gnomes all carry around chips of bark and tell people they’re daemons. No one is fooled.

Bill Cipher has no daemon. He knows what they are, probably better than humans do, but he’s much more interested in the funny noises these meat-sacks make when their tiny animals get hurt.

And around the town, but especially the Mystery Shack, a Eurasian Griffin Vulture slowly circles. Everyone assumes she belongs to the witch-clans that make their home in the mountains. Stan’s condor (Hyacinth) flies out of open windows, some nights, to sit with a daemon so far away from her human she can barely remember how to speak.