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Poem for Herbs

Basil in the garden grows
brings money and luck into your own
Witches drink it before flight
and take off swift into the night

Peppermint in the garden grows
reminds the mind of what it knows
Can purify, can illness heal,
may bring sleep in full appeal

Lavender in the garden grows,
allows energy to lay low
Brings a witch to sleep and calm
and protects the home from outside harm

Pepper in the garden grows
little flakes that itch your nose
Cast out spirits, cast out strangers,
aggressively repels most dangers

Sage in the garden grows,
cleansing hearth and cleansing home
Repels strange spirits but take heed
it does pretty much smell like weed

Bay in the garden grows
a tree of leaves through wind does blow
Cast your wish, let it burn through
your inner power is restored anew

a good phrase for mental illness

sometimes I see posts around tumblr about mental illness basically justifying shitty behavior as something ND people can’t help and thus should be accepted/go uncontested, which is not only fucked up but dehumanizing to people with ND I have to say

a good phrase in order to take action to change habits and also assuage the guilt and shame that comes with ND is ‘while it is not my fault, it is my responsibility’

my therapist taught me this phrase and I find it very relevant to restoring my power and seeing my actions not as inevitable and my choices as nonexistent, but as something I can’t always help, but can always do something about

the ability to feel like you have freedom of choice and personal agency is key to recovery and tumblr saying that these don’t exist within ND people is very harmful and hurts not only our healthy coping tools but dehumanizes us by saying we are helpless to our own biology in all circumstances

yes, our actions can be limited, but they are still ours, and if ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ holds true it means that we too still have power to shape our own future, lives, and selves

anonymous asked:

God it must have been terrifying seeing drogon entering the dragon pit, and slowly lowering his shoulder so dany could get off. It was such an important and necessary show of power.. that's why I really loved that scene. Just knowing what seeing that would mean to these characters- fully grown dragons and a dragon rider who has, for lack of a better word, control over them. These people grew up hearing stories of exactly that.

Oh it must definitely be terrifying, to actually witness the kind of magic that only exists in myths and legends. That’s why, as you put it, it was a very important and necessary move on Dany’s behalf & it’s not even the first time she has pulled it off. It’s a move our girl has been perfecting over the years. Back in Qarth, she learnt an important lesson that the image you build carries more weight than what lies underneath. She was rejected at the gates despite being Daenerys Targaryen but Xaro was the most powerful person in the city because he built an image of being the wealthiest, despite his wealth being an illusion.

When Dany went to Astapor, she pretended to not understand Valarian, didn’t show her disgust for slavery and meets the slave master as a potential buyer. In the books, she even wears her Qartheen gown to appear rich.

When she goes to Yunkai, while negotiating for the siege, she changes out of her usual outfit and slips into a beautiful queenly gown. She even casually throws a piece of meat at her dragons for a subtle display of power and to insight fear.

In Meereen as well, she shoots barrels full of collars of former freed slaves to make a powerful statement for her agenda to eradicate slavery.

Even with the Dothraki, since they only respect strength, she walked out of a flaming temple in Vaes Dothrak. She could have escaped with Daario & Jorah but she chose to display her fire magic in a city full of all the Dothraki clans. Later she mounts Drogon, names them all her blood riders & gives them the same speech Drogo once gave when he riled up his people to sail for Westeros. All of these were necessary displays of strength to get the Dothraki to follow her.

Now that she’s in the great game, she does it even better, her first impression on Jon Snow was very powerful and intimidating. She sat on that throne for the first time just to be greet him. His weapons & boat were taken, the Dothraki welcomed him and even Drogon casually stopped by to say “Hi.” She wanted him to see her power & understand that her benevolence is only out of the kindness of her heart, before she asked him to bend the knee.

That meeting was probably the most important of them all, she was finally meeting all the leadership figures in Westeros for the first time. When her entire army had them surrounded, Daenerys arrived like a Queen in the end, riding a dragon to top it all. She doesn’t have power, yet, but it was a very powerful move from a political standpoint. They all had to see that now that the dragon has arrived, lions won’t stay at the top of the food chain for long. 

PS: Sorry about the rambling, I just realised that this answer got a lot longer than what both of us intended. I just love this woman too much!  Haha

It’s fucking freezing in my parents house. This is partly because it’s Scotland in August, but also because my mother thinks central heating causes illness and is a firm believer in the restorative powers of Fresh Air and keeps the windows cracked open come rain, shine and occasionally that one time a hurricane touched down for a few brief terrifying moments of my childhood.

She uses words like “bracing” and “invigorating” while lesser mortals shrivel and die from exposure. She’s the opposite of whatsherface from Game of Thrones, ken her with giant flying lizard bairns. Aye, her. Like, aye, great fire cannae kill a dragon, that’s smashin love, dinnae mind the wee auld Scottish woman goan oot for a wander in horizontal rain wiout a brolly. She’s used tae it.


I wonder about the golden glowing eyes.The Nephilim in Kelly Kline has restored Cas’ power to fight Dagon.

Normally, angel’s eyes, better said Cas’ are shining blue, when he uses his power. This you can see in the first gif of the scene.

But then, the color changed from a blue to a golden color.

What does this exactly say about his strength now? Was it just to show us, that the Nephilim gave Cas the power? (Like Kelly Klines eyes glowed when she received the vision)

Or is it a sign of an upgrade of angelic power?

What color does arcangel eyes have, when the angel uses his grace? I know that Lucifer is still red, with a hint of gold.


9 Things Draining Your Power You Can Drop Today

1. TV - what are you filling your subconscious with? Our subconscious minds create thoughts based on what we feed it. If you want to create thoughts that will help you on your journey - fill your subconscious with imagery & sounds associated with what you’re trying to achieve. For example if you’re trying to become physically & mentally healthier consume motivational content - videos, podcasts & blogs.

2. Toxic people - be aware of psychic vampires. Unfortunately there are some people in the world who don’t like to see others winning or improving themselves in any way - they feed off the energy you waste in conflict with them. Identify these people and distance yourself from them if you don’t want to become like them - unfulfilled and intent on destroying others.

3. Junk food - junk in, junk out. Look at your body for the technological masterpiece it is. You’ve been blessed with a Ferrari - are you going to give it the best fuel possible to get the best performance out of it? Or are you going to give it the cheapest fuel to just get by? This is the choice you have to make when it comes to feeding your body - healthy foods = healthy mental & physical performance.

4. Unsupportive relationships - surround yourself with positive people. If you’re around people who don’t believe in you - find those who do. Spend more time with those who are on a similar path to you and support each other. If your parents, spouse, friends or siblings don’t support you - it doesn’t mean you have to cut them out of your life, just spend less time around them and more time with the people who will encourage you to be great.

5. Drugs - clear mind, clear vision. The mind can become clouded by drugs like alcohol, sugar, caffeine & nicotine - if you want to reclaim your power and use it to create your dream life these substances need to be removed or used infrequently. We naturally have the power to create anything we want - these substances can make us believe that we must depend on them to perform better, this is an illusion that we must transcend.

6. Limiting beliefs - turn “I can’t” into “why can’t I?” When it comes to reclaiming your power realise that limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough” and “I can’t” are keeping it from you. Turn these phrases into possibilities rather than restrictions - “what can I do to become good enough?” and “why can’t I?” are great examples of ways to restore your power.

7. Comparison to others - we’re all on different journeys. Everyone is unique and therefore we cannot be compared to one another. When you say “I should be more like _” you are giving up your power that lies in your uniqueness in favour of what others think is desirable or “good”. Your greatest power lies in what makes you unique and when you recognise that you cannot be compared to anyone else you can start living a way that serves and fulfils you without regard for what others say, think or do.

8. Self-doubt - when you believe in yourself anything is possible. Everything great that has ever been accomplished has been done so by people just like you - their accomplishments began with the belief that they could be done. Doubt kills more dreams that failure ever will - don’t let it kill yours.

9. Fear - false evidence appearing real. Acknowledge your fears for what they are - projections of your mind designed to keep you in a comfort zone where failure doesn’t exist. Fears can be difficult to overcome - this is where forging a strong mindset can help. This can be done by filling the subconscious mind with positive reinforcement - for example leaving a motivational playlist on while you sleep.

Don’t be a victim of circumstance, use your power to create your reality.

Peace & positive vibes.

No One Goes Beyond the Reef

My husband and I have watched Moana about a million times with our kids and he has his own theory about the plot that I’m about to share with you all because it blew my mind…

Shortly after her grandmother dies, Moana takes a boat out beyond the reef and sails for a few days before being capsized by a storm. It is here that she and Hei Hei die. Their spirits awake in purgatory where Maui has been trapped for a thousand years.

Consider that…

- The Ocean chose her, but never promised to keep her safe (“the ocean is straight up cooky dooks”).
When she asks for help, the ocean, knowing where she must go, disposes of her mortal body.

- She and Maui never speak to anyone outside of mythological beings or spirits.

- Mortals don’t usually enter the Realm of Monsters, her survival and presence baffling even Tamatoa. However, being an ethereal being, this qualifies her as non-mortal.

- She is visited by multiple fellow ethereal beings, such as her ancestors, and most notably her grandmother. These are the only “humans” she sees outside of Motunui.

- “You will deliver Maui across The Great Sea”
The Great Sea in many cultures is the divide between the mortal life and the after life. This may also be why Taka cannot cross the ocean, and why Maui can’t swim. The barriers they wish to cross are the barriers between life and death.

- Maui arrives to the island after losing a battle to a greater God; thus he is also possibly “dead” at the time of their meeting.

- Te Fiti has the ability to create life itself once her heart is restored.
She uses this power to restore life back to Moana, and creates a boat that Moana may use to cross The Great Sea back to mortality and her family.

- Maui is never seen interacting with any “mortal” humans. The only time he shares a screen with them is the end as a hawk that Moana recognizes as an old friend.

TLJ Trailer

Saw a single gifset. They decimated Luke just like they did Han and Leia. So, y’know.

I wasn’t gonna write anything, but goddammit, I’m with the Rabid Solo fans now (I was with you in spirit, but now it’s personal).

The whole plot line with Rey and Luke seems to be going the “Fresh young protege gives grizzled, jaded, cynical old mentor hope again!” stupid, fucking, overdone trope way. Which is such bullshit and such an utter and complete undermining of Luke’s character that I just… I just… 

Originally posted by fuckyeahhelgapataki

Luke. Is. Hope. He is the New Hope. He is Anakin Skywalker’s Hope. The Hope of the Jedi. The Hope of the Rebellion. That is the core aspect of his identity, the reason he works as a character, the purpose of the story is that Luke and his light and his optimism and loyalty and dedication and sheer determination to do the right thing helps save the Rebellion and turn the war around!

His hope lead him to help rescue a princess from under Darth Vader’s nose. To join in a rebellion’s last desperate fight against a planet-destroyer. To “Use the Force, Luke”. It took him to Bespin where he fought Vader, to Jabba’s palace to rescue Han, to the Death Star II to face the emperor and save his father’s soul.


Fuck you Disney and all that made the executive decisions for the ST. 

I’m so sorry, Mark Hamil, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford that your contracts bound you to watch as the characters you loved so much were cut down before your eyes and you were contractually obligated to try and talk the decisions up. 

But there is no everloving way in hell that I’m paying money to see the death of the soul of the Farmboy from Tatooine, the (second to) last Hope of the Jedi, the son of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala.

Fuck you disney.

And that’s not even touching on whatever the hell they’ve made the Force become in this iteration. Because if the Force was still the Light, still the energy that “Life creates it, makes it grow”. Because LUKE SKYWALKER, the student, follower, and believer in that Force would never abandon It’s call or his family. The Force Wouldn’t Let Him and Luke knows it.

Oh. Wait. I forgot we can’t have objective good and evil in Star Wars anymore. That’s not realistic. It’s all about the fucking gray now. All about “balance” (That’s not what Lucas meant by balance in the original trilogy and you all damn well know it!)

So I’m just gonna be over here in my corner of the internet writing my time travel fix-it that ends up with the OT trio happy and Obi-Wan Kenobi getting the love and recognition he deserves.

(Yeah, preserve the legacy my ass).

Thousands Of Puerto Ricans Are Still In Shelters. Now What?

For Yamyria Morales, her baby daughter and 2 year old son Jonael, home for now is a couple of cots in an elementary school gymnasium in Vega Alta, an hour west of San Juan.

“I’ve lost track of when I arrived here,” Morales says. “It’s been really hard.”

Morales, a 25-year-old single mom, came to the shelter with her kids and her father just days after Hurricane Maria destroyed her wooden home in Sabana Hoyos, about 20 miles away.

“Whatever little I had, I lost,” she says.

Now, nearly two months after Maria, Morales’s father is hospitalized with a severe fungal infection, and she and her children are among more than 2,000 people across the island still living in shelters.

As the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Puerto Rico’s government try to transition from emergency response to long-term recovery, emptying shelters like this one is a priority - especially since many of them are located in schools that need to re-open. The trouble is, the people staying in the shelters don’t have anywhere else to go.

Mike Byrne is in charge of the FEMA response in Puerto Rico. He says the agency routinely provides temporary housing in hotels after mainland disasters. But Puerto Rico poses special challenges. Many hotels are still closed. Others are filled with emergency responders and power crews working to restore the island’s badly damaged electric grid.

So, Byrne says, FEMA is considering something new: chartering planes to fly people to New York or Florida, where hotel rooms are more abundant.

“It’s better than leaving them in the condition they’re in,” Byrne says. He argues that if people are still in shelters, it’s because they don’t have another option.

“We want them to have another option,” he says.

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Tornado Recovery Underway at Michoud Assembly Facility

Teams at our Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans worked overnight and are continuing Wednesday with assessment and recovery efforts following a tornado strike at the facility Tuesday at 11:25 a.m. CST. All 3,500 employees at the facility have been accounted for, with five sustaining minor injuries.

Teams worked through the night on temporary repairs to secure the perimeter fencing and provide access for the essential personnel through the main gate. Approximately 40 to 50 percent of the buildings at Michoud have some kind of damage; about five buildings have some form of severe damage.

Approximately 200 parked cars were damaged, and there was damage to roads and other areas near Michoud.

“The entire NASA family pulls together during good times and bad, and the teams at the Michoud Assembly Facility are working diligently to recover from the severe weather that swept through New Orleans Tuesday and damaged the facility,” said acting NASA Administrator Robert Lightfoot. “We are thankful for the safety of all the NASA employees and workers of onsite tenant organizations, and we are inspired by the resilience of Michoud as we continue to assess the facility’s status.”

Teams will reassess the condition of the Vertical Assembly Center (VAC), as the initial examination revealed some electrical damage to its substation. The VAC is used to weld all major pieces of hardware for the core stage of the Space Launch System. The most recently welded part was removed from the facility last week.

The team has prioritized completing the assessment at the site’s main manufacturing building for the Space Launch System and Orion spacecraft flight hardware so power can be restored in phases and temporary protection put in place to shield hardware from any further inclement weather.

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