Did You Like Those Mini-LEGO Power Rangers Comics? There’s More Coming Soon! I thought I would let you all meet these kooky Minifgis to prepare for our foray back into Legacy Comics!

Legacy Comics will be making a comeback with these LEGO Minifgs as the stars! I want to go Episode by Episode, in Mighty Morphin’ and Mkae fun and sum it up in 4 comic cells!

Look forward to those coming soon!

I am way behind on my reviewing (as usual). In the meantime, here’s a little promo for the fics I’m reading or need to read/review:

Sango’s Choice by berryandfriends. [T, Mir/San] AU. When her people are put at risk, Princess Sango of the Taijiya kingdom lays her future on the line in place of her people’s. Men from lands far and wide appear to fight for her hand in marriage, and bring with them wealth, promises, and veiled, twisted hearts. How heavy is the weight of sacrifice? How sharp is the knife it carries?

This is a really different AU than what you usually see for Mir/San. For one thing, Sango’s a princess. And for another, she isn’t just dealing with demons that need killing, she’s dealing with plots and intrigue that will keep you guessing all the way through to the latest chapter. @kingkouga (aka Berry) is a phenomenal writer, and this fic is first on my list because my mind always boggles at how few reviews it gets. (Seriously, you should read this and drop Berry a comment. She’s super sweet.)

Mastering Chemistry by ActionBitch. [M, Nar + OC]  Obtaining a higher education in Chemistry is a grueling process on its own. It becomes nearly impossible when the head-student of a research lab is chaotic, masochistic, and bored. Naraku is used to new lab assistants running away, so when one decides to stay and shrug at his attempts to scare her away, he takes his pranks to levels he didn’t realize he was capable of reaching.

If I could give @czarcastic-dog an award for best use of an OC in a fanfic, I would do so with absolutely no reservations. Not only does this fic have a great OC for (a very in-character reimagining of) Naraku to play against, it makes great use of humor, suspense, and a hefty dose of originality. I’m only three chapters in, but I heartily recommend this for anybody that’s tired of reading the same old plots over and over and over and over. There’s also some science in there for those, like me, who enjoy that kind of thing.

Tattered Depravity by TrickyTreats. [M, Inu/Kik]  In the battle with Naraku, where Kikyou is to take her terminal blow, Kohaku makes an appearance. To the dismay of the group, things go horribly wrong faster than they could have imagined, with Kikyou being the center of this seemingly abysmal struggle. An unspoken wish is gripped by the unforgiving claws of fate, and and a heart is thrown out into the hands of time yet again.

I keep meaning to read this one and haven’t gotten very far in the first chapter yet. However, what I have read of it so far is absolutely fabulous. I’ll put it this way: there is a reason this fic has been on my to-read list for ages now. And the only reason I haven’t gotten to it yet is I want to sit down and read the whole thing all at once. @inuyashakikyo gets Kikyou like no one else, and I really love seeing Kikyou written well in fic. So overall this is just a huge win for me.

The Solace of Violent Hands by Narqueen. [M, Nar/San/Mir]  Having grown disenchanted with domestic life, Sango struggles to reclaim her identity as a demon slayer by making an uneasy alliance with a man she believed to be long-dead - only to discover that violence can bring people together just as much as it can tear them apart. Post-canon.

The update alert for this one has been sitting in my inbox for ages (along with a bunch of others, many of which are also from this author). I haven’t commented yet because I am the worst. But @narqueen is probably the best darkfic writer I know right now, and this fic is a perfect example of why I feel that way. She has a way with words and imagery that always leaves me a little speechless, and her fics are always filled with pain, but in the best possible way. If you’re a fan of darkfic and haven’t read her stuff yet, you really, really should.

Journey to the City of Endless Night by FarAwayEyes4. [M, Sess+Rin, Inu/Kag, Mir/San]  Work-In-Progress. When Inuyasha, Kagome, Sesshomaru and Rin find themselves in an odd valley can they find a way to work together? What does Naraku have to do with it? Just who have they found themselves amongst? Can they get back home?

Okay, so this was one of my favorite longfics back in the day, and I was really bummed when @farawayeyes4 more or less stopped updating and wandered off to the greener pastures of another fandom. But she’s back and updating again, so I’m going to promo the fic to a whole new group of fans. This fic smashes the Inuyasha characters together with the epic fantasy world of The Belgariad and the result is magic. I am a huge sucker for epic fantasy and I love Inuyasha, and this author does an absolutely amazing job of bringing the two together and weaving an intriguing plot out of the ensuing mix. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the parts of it I’ve had time to reread so far, and at this point I’m just waiting for the author to catch up on AO3 so I can download the whole thing to my kindle and finish reading it that way. I highly recommend this fic, with one caveat: it’s very long.

At Every Turn by Catherine Willmon. [M, Jason/Trini] Jason and Trini are happily dating, much to the chagrin of his ex-girlfriend, Victoria Jones. During their relationship, she was jealous and possessive and after he caught her having sex with another man, he breaks up with her. She begins stalking the original red and yellow rangers in order to get her man back, however, her dark past is revealed and threatens to derail everything she has worked hard for. Will anyone survive Victoria’s treachery?

Yes, I still read Power Rangers fanfic, even though I haven’t worked on my WIPs in that fandom in ages. I’ll be honest: if it’s about Jason and Trini (friendship or romantic) I’m going to read it. I’ve only read the first chapter of this so far, and while I have some reservations about the premise, this author brings a lot of originality to her stories and they’re usually quite enjoyable. I haven’t read enough of this one to say one way or the other how I think it’s going to go, but I do intend to keep reading.