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Okay guys. I need some help. I’ve been trying to find a specific post with Trini from Power Rangers and I’ve been having trouble. I don’t know if to deleted or… but it’s basically pictures of Trini at the campfire struggling to say the word lesbian. One of the attempts was “lesbiab”, I’m pretty sure. And I think it was Zack(?) who then said “take your time” and the last picture is her just saying “girls”. If anyone happens to find it, could they link it to me? Thank you!!!!!

Edit: It’s been found!!!

power rangers might not be getting a sequel and it’s proof y'all only like diversity as a concept. it has everything we’ve been asking for : 4/5 of the leads are poc, one of them is gay and another one is on the spectrum. the cast are absolute sweethearts, they’ve worked so hard for this and they’re aware of how important diverse movies are. so instead of complaining about movies/shows not being diverse enough, watch power rangers in theaters, support the movie on social medias and buy the dvd when it comes out.

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Out of all the Ranger parents, Kim's received the least amount of focus. Despite that I've always gotten that she comes from a family that makes really good money. The Angel Grove viral website mentions one of her parents being a doctor, the novelization has her driving a BMW, and we later see her former BFF's in one as well. Sort of random, lol, but this was all coming to me as I was watching the movie again.

Nice! I didn’t pick up on most of this but now that you mention it, it makes so much sense! 

Also, I guess Kimberly’s parents didn’t have much to do with her storyline like the other Rangers’ parents did so that’s probably we didn’t see much of them. 

For some reason, sugardaddy Kim keeps coming to mind but NO lmao

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RE: Naomi's hair. You can actually tell when the scene switches from her real hair to the wig. The closeup shot of Kim and her friends in the mirror is her real hair. (Dean filmed this entire scene from this angle during preproduction, but it didn't work he said. So more coverage was filmed with her in a wig since she had already cut her actual hair.) Nay's hair is beautiful but the wig had more volume to it.

Very true! I noticed that her hair had a bit more volume in some shots but the scene where she cut it looked like her natural hair.

  • tumblr: the lack of diversity in blockbuster movies infuriates me!!!!!!
  • me: hey man there is this movie called Power Rangers that you let fail at the box office whose protagonists are well written people of color and the blue and yellow rangers are also canonically autistic and lgbt respectively
  • tumblr: anyway, marvel is so white