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I just saw the new Power Rangers movie with my mom and sister and I was surprised that I actually liked it. I was nervous going in but it turned out to enjoyable. A few things I want to note.

1. The movie is very different from the original Mighty Morphin show, but then I thought about it and realized that changing stuff for a different audience is what Power Rangers always does. It’s just that some will debate if going for a more “modern tone” over the tone they had in the 90′s but I don’t have that big of a problem with it. For the most part.

2. The movie gets better over the course of the run time. At the start I found the movie to be ugh. But as the movie went on I found myself enjoying it more and more.

3. My one major criticism with the movie is this. They should have made the Krispy Kreme into a Juice Shop.

we know at least one Power Ranger has an ankle monitor, Jason, and the others might have them too they might not, but we know for absolute certainty Jason has one

so does that mean the Power Rangers have to actually take curfew and distances seriously? Because fuck Jason can’t be their leader if he’s literally in prison for breaking the rules of his house arrest, you can’t just sneak out the window to go save the world and be back in time for breakfast come morning in prison

when they were all jumping over canyons and flying around and shit I couldn’t help think “oh jeez I hope Jason’s staying in his perimeter”

are we going to get a scene where the Rangers are running along and suddenly Jason stops because fuck guys I can’t carry on that’s out of range for my monitor

The 1968 Olympics Black Power Salute: African American athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos raise their fists in a gesture of solidarity at the 1968 Olympic games. Australian Silver medalist Peter Norman wore an Olympic Project for Human Rights badge in support of their protest. Both Americans were expelled from the games as a result.


they named the dog character doggie and the cat character kat i’m gonna sue (x)

i hate the new power rangers movie trailer
  • why are they cussing and making drug jokes in a power rangers movie
  • why does the megazord look like a bdsm gimp
  • i hate that there are maskless scenes while the rangers are in-suit because you just know that the actors were like “if my face isn’t in the movie i fucking quit”
  • a character actually said “it’s morphin time” in a badass voice like thats somehow a cool thing to say
  • unironically used kanye west’s “power” for no reason other than the fact that the song has the word “power” in it
  • why does alpha five look like a frog. i dont even like power rangers and i think alpha five being a bdsm spandex frog is awful
  • zordon’s square wall face was admittedly cool
  • seriously oh my god the guy said its morphin time out loud and it wasn’t played as a joke
  • awkward drug jokes, forced swearing, and weird racial humor are what makes people hate transformers movies and this trailer has all three
  • seriously im not joking this is hitting every single beat that transformers movies hit
  • cant help but notice that they didnt say rita repulsa’s name. i bet it’s because they couldn’t make it sound edgy and badass. i’d put money on her name being referred to exactly once in the movie and they only call her “rita”
  • if rita repulsa says “make my monster grow” she’s gonna say it all seductive and the movie is gonna try to make it cool and sexy and i hate it
  • i am going to bet money that the movie is gonna act like rita fucks goldar
  • no bulk or skull??????
  • fuck you, it’s forever
  • endless trash
Power Ranger Thoughts

So you know how pink power rangers are always girls. Like always has been. 

I just want to see this really buff, quiet, macho man. He is the stereotype of manly. He is 6ft. He is the quarterback of the football team. He lifts weights and is in the gym most of the time. Most of the girls are trying to date him. He drives a fast car. Has a beard. 

And I want to see him get the pink ranger suit. The bright pink power ranger. 

And everyone around him, his team now, is like “hahahhahaha you got a pink suit” and he just looks them dead in the eye and is like “hell yea I got the pink suit. I love pink. I look good in pink. Do you have a problem with that????” 

Throughout the show, you see that he has a little sister who loves to play dress up and he loves to play it with her. He makes flower crowns by hand to sell on Etsy for some side money. He loves pastel colors and is actual a really sensitive person. And one day his wears pastel pink to school and some jerk is like “what are you gay now lol” and he just looks at him and says “Boys can like pink, and flowers, and football all at once and none of that has to do with sexuality” and just walks away. 

And bonus he falls in love with the black power ranger. A girl who always wears black and is never bothered by the fact that half the school calls her goth and vampire because she is confident in who she is.( He makes her an all black flower crown to ask her out and suddenly no one picks on her when he is around. She assumes a threat was involved) 

I don't know guys. I think about stuff like this a lot.  

anonymous asked:

If Tommy does become a part of the movies, what do you think will happen to Jason x Kimberly? I'd hate for them to make some sort of love triangle and I can't see them throwing away the couple they spent time on in the first movie. Secretly I'm hoping Tommy doesn't make an appearance in this reboot....

Kim in this movie had a boyfriend named Ty and they broke up. Naomi said in an interview on set that Kim had superficial things and is now looking for real friendships and a real relationship

In their clip, Kim mentions that Angel Grove makes her miserable and Jason says he feels the same way. It seems like the only reason they stayed was probably due to them becoming Rangers. Why add more drama to your life by getting involved in some pointless love triangle? I just can’t see it. I don’t see Kim letting herself be put in this situation. Like I feel like Kim would just tell them both to fuck off before it came to that. But I can’t see Jason getting involved with that at all either. I honestly can’t see how it would work. 

And what motivation would she have to leave Jason for Tommy? Zack’s right there and she’s still making out with Jason. Tommy’s not special. And if Tommy still makes his debut as Evil Green Ranger, what’s Kim going to do? Just say “Sorry Jase, I’m just really into almost literally getting murdered. It’s not you, it’s me.” It barely made sense for the tv show, but at least with those characters, you could buy it. These characters are a lot different. I can’t see them just being chill right off the bat with some guy that tried to kill them and destroy the world. Much less want to get romantically involved with him. The boom comics even touched on that a little bit. Why should she get so close to Tommy as to break up with her boyfriend for him? Even when he turns good and joins the team, just no. I know people love to hype up Tommy as some pimp who’s going to swoop in and “steal” Kim from Jason but nah. Kim’s not just some trophy to be swapped at will, thanks. She made the move to kiss Jason, she seems to be the one who initiated this relationship. Who tf is Tommy to come in and change things? 

And Jason and Zack are already doing the rivalry thing. So I guess they’re just going to recycle that with Tommy and throw Kim in the middle? Why? And why should Jason put up with that lol. He can just fucking stab Tommy and be done with it. The whole thing just doesn’t seem feasible. 

power rangers (2017) movie review

holy fuck it was so good. i was not prepared for it. the rangers were all super cool and relatable and swore significantly more than you would expect power rangers to swear. my only complaint was goldar because he was so ugly but it’s all good because everything else was rad as fuck. it was a great two hour long hasbro toy commercial and i cant wait for the next one.

rating: 5/5 teenagers with attitude