Spoilers for people who haven’t seen the back of an action figure package/legit can’t piece together a very telegraphed surprise.

This is how you make the television show Power Rangers. Arc-based storytelling, but still fun and pretty much episodic. And a classic example of how to adapt sentai! Taking the KyoryuGold storyline and tweaking it until you’ve got something that’s new and fresh. Turning Zandar into a country is SUCH A FUN WAY to deal with all the times the words “ZANDAR THUNDER” appear on screen. Which isn’t even a ton, but they still committed to it! With Prince Phillip being the Graphite Ranger, there’s also like a whole country that just like, belongs to Dino Charge. Something that belongs to the expanded PRU, now and forever, is that there is a country whose future king was a Power Ranger. That rules.


In this episode, Shelby tries to get her artist friend’s work shown in the museum. It’s played kind of like Kendall is being a lil hardnosed about it but “hey, put my friend’s cool charcoal drawing up in this museum of historical artifacts” is a very very very pretty bad pitch. Super admirable to want to help your friend but, I dunno, maybe google “Amber Beach Art Galleries” or something. Maybe tell your friend about the existence of the internet. LOTS of options


Throughout the episode, Shelby expresses her distaste for the hoarding of wealth by royal families, in keeping with Power Rangers’ roots as subversive communist propaganda. She is then thrust in to the position of pretending to be a princess, which she only agrees to because Tyler dresses up like a handsome prince and she wants to smooch his disgustingly perfect face. Keeper also tells her that being a princess is about more than wearing a tiara, because Keeper is royalist scum who prob tried to give the british army dinosaur powers during the revolutionary war. She is won over by the idea of being a princess when it gives her the opportunity to make her friend a famous artist. Which like, noble motivation, but she also could have turned into the Pink Ranger and told the news he’s her favorite artist or something. I urge all viewers of the television program Power Rangers Dino Charge to seize the means of production and eat their kings, do not fall prey to the siren song of royalty like Shelby did.


Straight-up this entire plan could have worked exactly the same without anybody dressing up as anything. Just lure Fury to the same place and ambush him there. But Tyler wanted to dress up like a prince and maybe wanted to pretend to be married to Shelby so he figured out a way to get everybody to be on board with that. Chase dresses up as a photographer but also probably like his distant, unpleasable father. Riley dresses like a secret service guy and Kendall pretends to be a chauffeur. Either everyone pitched these ideas to help out, or this is all part of an elaborate, nigh-incomprehensible piece of fetish role play for Tyler, much in the same way making the megazord fart out of it’s shoulder was for Kendall a few episode back.


Another megazord only super mode! Cool?? Like at least they took one second to kind of justify it, unlike Mega Mode in Samurai, which we were expected to just accept without a second thought. IF I HAD TO TOTALLY MAKE UP A GUESS as to why it works/is good, I would assume that the Dino Charge zord work kinda like the jaegers in Pacific Rim, in that they work by being synced with the pilots mentally and physically, so it might be a thing where the raw power of Dino Drive mode would be too dangerous to use outside of the cockpit. Like it’s a great power-up for the zords but using it outside you might set the grass on fire just by stomping. This is, of course, all conjecture but so is half of everything that is accepted as fact about PR.


So I get that this Glitz World is supposed to be like an Extra/TMZ analogue, but on the real, what kind of shitty gossip TV show covers a museum exhibit? Like did Kendall catch the host of Glitz World trying to snort coke off dino bones? It’s either that or Glitz World is an extremely terrible gossip show where they talk about where the Speaker of the House buys their clothes and the ongoing feud between Bob Dylan and his neighbor, Greg. Also important to note: Fury was getting interested in Glitz World WAY BEFORE they started talking about the energem. Like he almost definitely forced Poisandra out of the room because he did not want to have to admit to her that not only do they have a common interest but that that common interest is celebrity gossip.


So did you forget you had all the stuff you needed to fill up the Ptera Charger on the ship the whole time? PUZZLER’S BLOOD IS ON YOUR HANDS FURY.