power ranger punks

Despite the fact I’ve seen almost all of the seasons of Power Rangers…I haven’t watched a large portion of Mighty Morphin’ since I was a wee lad so watching Zyuranger recently was a lot of THIS MONSTER SEEMS FAMILAR?? MAYBE?? When we got to the episode where Mei and Dan turned to gangsters, I was staring at the screen just HMMMM.

This week I started listening to the morphingrid podcast and it made me %100 remember my childhood reaction to this episode of loving it. So this is their fault. 


A challenge I gave myself over the last couple of weeks after my husband and I talked about how Dairanger would have made a very weird proper Power Rangers. So I decided to try it out for myself! The main cast is done and public but I’m doing more that are gunna be exclusive to my PR/SS sketchbook. (this has been in my drafts for months now, oops. This sketchbook is still in the works)

I’m going the Time Force route where I kinda want to keep things the same so I’m staying close to the source material but just twisting some details. 

So here is Power Rangers … think I’m somewhere between Thunder Force or Star Force? 

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