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So I made a Spongebob Comparison meme based on Power Rangers. I’m sorry but I had to. Do you get it? x}


Monster Growth Methods

Describing the progression of the different series of Power Rangers as a series of events.

MMPR 1 – Wake up refreshed and have a shower of the perfect temperature. Waking up every day is the same thing, so can get repetitive, but that shower is just the right temperature, and feels great. You get dressed into your favourite clothes and feel ready for the day.

MMPR 2 – You’ve found out you’re out of your favourite cereal. There’s only oat bran left, it’s got fruit in it, so it’s not totally tasteless, but still, it’s not what it could be.

MMPR 3 – You open your post. The first letter is a tax rebate of £5/$5, sweet! Every letter you open afterwards is a bill or statement, reminding you that the 5 won’t go very far. But still, it was nice to have. You also find another letter telling you you’ve won something. You’re not sure what you’ve won, how much it’s worth, or where it came from, but it’s there, part of your post for some reason (Alien Rangers).

Zeo – You walk outside, the weather is reasonable. It’s sunny, but not overly hot, no clouds, a nice breeze to keep you cool, it’s nice, comfortable weather. It looked kinda grey when you woke up, so this was a nice change to what you saw earlier, but you couldn’t get used to it in case it gets too hot.

Turbo – You go to your car, but it looks like somebody slashed the tyres. You go to the bus stop, but the buses have been cancelled, all the taxi phonelines are down, and you go to cross the street and some kid on a bike nearly knocks you down. Things aren’t looking great.

In Space – A pleasant looking stranger in a nice car pulls up and offers to take you wherever you need to go, as a token of good will. The stranger is the nicest person you’ve ever met, and talks at length with you about all the things you like. They asked if there were any troubles you had going on, and offered any advice they could, some advice may not have fit quite right, but it was really nice to hear. Eventually, you are dropped off at work, you thank the stranger, and hope to see someone like them again soon.

Lost Galaxy – As you step out of the car and look around, confused at how quickly the previous journey had just gone, another, very similar car, pulls up behind. The person inside looked very similar too, but…just, not quite the same. There was something odd about this. This new stranger looked nice enough as well, albeit a bit different, any other day you would’ve accepted the offer, but you’re already where you need to be. The stranger gives a shrug as if to say “fair enough”, but as they drive away, their exhaust sputters at you, leaving behind an unpleasant cloud of fumes.

Lightspeed Rescue – You go into work, sit at your desk, and get on your with a very average day of work. You have fun talking with your friends at work, talking about the fun stuff you got up to at the weekend, but the conversation doesn’t go very far. The whole time at work you have an incredibly catchy song stuck in your head, but it’s a good song that you like. You look out the window, it looks the same as when you were lying in bed, grey, making you kind of happy you aren’t outside anymore. The temperature is perfect, just like it was in the shower. There are a lot of comforts reminding you of when you woke up, but it’s never going to be that comfortable, since you’re at work.

Time Force – You’re out of work, hooray! The guy who usually sells ice cream out the front of your work says his freezer is broken, so he’s handing out free ice cream. It’s not your favourite flavour, but it’s a new one, and possibly a new contender for your favourite. You see someone very pretty/handsome person sitting down enjoying an ice cream as well. You go over and start talking to them, you talk for a while and it’s very enjoyable. Before long, their parent comes over and takes them away from you, and you never even got a chance to get their number.

Wild Force – You begin wandering around the town, looking in shop windows, but secretly hoping you’ll see the person you saw earlier. You look in shop windows, occasionally going in to one and having a look around Things look nice, but you know you shouldn’t be spending money (something you don’t have in excess). You go in to your favourite shop, and there they are, it’s a great few minutes, but then they get dragged away again, but they gave you their number, maybe you’ll get to finally spend time with them.

Ninja Storm – Screw what you said before, things are different now. You text the person, hoping to arrange a meeting with them. They don’t reply as quickly as you’d hoped, you start to lose hope. You figure you best go get some new clothes, spending money you know you shouldn’t, but it’d be worth it, you hope. You keep staring at your phone, awaiting their reply, waiting for something to pop up…still waiting…still.

Dino Thunder – They reply, but at first, it’s just a quick “meet here at this time”. You make your way there. The whole time, people are looking at you and smiling, the occasional person complimenting you on your look. You strut with a smile. You arrive at the location, they see your new look, acknowledge it, but don’t seem to make as much of a fuss about it as you’d hoped.

S.P.D. – They start the date off by telling you they’re leaving town soon, so you only have the day. You have an uneasy feeling in your stomach the whole time, but know that you need to try and enjoy yourself, so keep smiling as best you can. You take a trip out to the cliffside to make it romantic and memorable. The weather isn’t what it was when you left for work, it’s a bit more overcast, but looks like the rain will stay away for now.

Mystic Force – As you walk along the cliffside, you trip on a stick and faceplant on the ground. You and the other person have a laugh, it’s good fun, but you still hurt, quite a bit actually. You landed quite near the edge of the cliff, that was lucky!

Operation Overdrive – The edging of the cliff you’re on suddenly begins to crumble from beneath you, and you fall dozens of feet. Fear completely engulfs you, you begin to hope that this is not it for you, as this isn’t how you wanted things to go.

Jungle Fury – There is a safety net which catches you thank goodness. There’s no injury, you’re fine, you’ve survived. You begin to thank whatever god or gods you believe in that it was there, and things didn’t come to an abrupt and messy end.

RPM – The safety net breaks, but it was only a couple metres above the ground. It hurts a little, but you’re just glad to be back on solid ground. You’re now just lying on the beach, as though it didn’t happen.

Samurai – A wave from the ocean comes in and washes over you. Some water gets up your nose and you’re pretty sure a jellyfish stung you, but there’s not much you can do about it. The water was the same temperature as the shower, but this experience was nowhere near as pleasant.

Megaforce – You realise that you were in fact very much stung by a jellyfish, and the pain hits you like a truck. There’s nobody around for miles to help you. Looks like you’re stuck, and you black out and collapse face first in to the sand. Another wave washes over the back of you, covering you in more sand. Someone walking their dog comes along and finds you. Their dog pees on you.

Dino Charge – The person that was walking their dog has taken you to a hospital. You have been treated and are feeling fit as ever, you’re glad to be back and safe. And the person you were with earlier, they had come in to see you at the hospital as well, and your parents were there, and your best friend, and the nurses and doctor. There’s an awful lot of people in the room, but at least it’s people you care about, mostly anyway, you don’t know enough about the nurses to care for them, but you’re glad they’re there, to help heal you and stuff.


Saban’s Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers premiered 23 years ago, on August 28, 1993.


female villains

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I absolutely love this pic of all the up to date red rangers

Does anyone else remember Jetix? That super awesome end-of-the-day portion of Toon Disney that aired the epic cartoons like:

  • Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go
  • Digimon (of all seasons)
  • Shinzo
  • Get Ed
  • Pucca
  • Yin Yang Yo!
  • Ōban Star-Racers
  • Chaotic
  • Dragon Booster
  • Power Rangers: Ninja Storm to Jungle Fury

And these are just the ones I watched, all amazing and epic cartoons in their own rights, each with unique and fun styles of art and animation. With the exception of Power Rangers, of course, but even those were wonderful shows.

Seriously, anyone else remember these?

Power Rangers never dies
  • Power Rangers: About to be cancelled after the low ratings of Zeo and Turbo.
  • Power Rangers: *gets saved by the strong ratings of In Space*
  • Power Rangers: About to be cancelled after Wild Force because Disney wasn't interested in continuing doing it.
  • Power Rangers: *gets saved by relocating their filming location and convincing Disney that the merchandise was good money*
  • Power Rangers: About to be cancelled after Jungle Fury by Disney.
  • Power Rangers: *gets another season after another company finances RPM*
  • Power Rangers: Officially cancelled by Disney.
  • Power Rangers: *gets picked up by Saban and continues in another network*
  • Power Rangers: Movie flops.
  • Power Rangers: *toys sell extremely well and becomes #1 in home media formats*
  • Power Rangers: I ' L L B E B A C K >:)