power ponytail

Headcanon that Asgore has a LOT of novelty mugs that he collects and with the ones he’s not using for company, he plants flowers/succulents/cacti/etc in.  u w u

I really felt like painting something digitally and trying some new techniques, so here’s a precious goat dad.


I finally cut my hair as short as I’ve been wanting to for the last year or so. I had long mermaid hair for most of 24 years and in that time a lot of people told me to keep my long hair because I would miss it and blah blah blah. Admittedly, I at least half listened to these people and worked my way up to this over the course of 2016, cutting it a little shorter every time I visited my stylist. Just to make sure I didn’t shock myself. 

I. love. my. short. hair. I feel like I look on the outside closer to how I feel I look on the inside. Bonus: kinda looks like Rapunzel’s hair at the end of the movie. 

Awesome Things About Short Hair

-Bottles of shampoo/conditioner now last f o r e v e r
-Finger combing (who needs a brush now!)
-West Texas wind has NO POWER HERE
-No ponytails for exercising or anything ever 
-Looking cute as fuck

Weird Things About Short Hair

-Air touching my neck, just as freaky
-Keep trying to flip my hair out of the way
-Thinking I need to take my ponytail out before sleep/resting my head against things
-Trying to pull my hair out of my shirt collar/hoodie/whatever and it’s not there
-Started doing that dumb head flick teenage boys do to get their swoopy bangs out of their eyes

Things People Have Said

“All your hair is gone!”
“…Did you always have short hair or…?”