power ponytail

Headcanon that Asgore has a LOT of novelty mugs that he collects and with the ones he’s not using for company, he plants flowers/succulents/cacti/etc in.  u w u

I really felt like painting something digitally and trying some new techniques, so here’s a precious goat dad.


Excessive amount of Sonic Arrows used. IDK I thought it would look cool or something. Like it could happen when his Ultimate is at 80%? Dragon eyes would look cool.


“Stay out of the ladies’ restroom”

So my idea was to simply do ONE drawing of gender bent Team Sarif, but I guess I couldn’t do just that. I had to make a little story out of it, requiring the hiring of an art director, a cinematographer, a set designer, a technical advisor, a costume designer, and even a gaffer, and it exploded into… this.  I don’t know how this happened, but here, have an AU where augs are MAGICAL. Perhaps the power of Pritchard’s ponytail compelled me.  Anyway my brain is dead now, so off to go sleep for a week, then workout for another week after that.