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In defense of Emma Watson’s singing...

I’m seeing a lot of criticism of her voice and I’m going to have to disagree. As someone who has been studying music extensively for the past 13 years as well also being a classically trained pianist and vocalist I think her performance was rather impressive. She obviously isn’t someone who grew up in vocal training but she is clearly talented. Her tone and stability is clear and steady, she has pretty good range and through her voice isn’t extremely powerful it’s pleasant and I wouldn’t describe it as weak.

When I heard that Emma Watson was going to play Belle I thought she was perfect acting wise but I was skeptical of her singing. I was surprised at the amount of emotion and fragility she brought in her singing and how lovely it turned out. It’s rare for someone who isn’t classically trained to be able to sing 

Of course when you compare her to Audra McDonald she pales in comparison but I still say that given her inexperience she did remarkably well. The sweetness and innocence in her tone combined with her surprisingly solid technique has me believing her to be a talented vocalist. Not the best by any means but she sure as hell carried her weight in the film and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise (not really but I’ll politely disagree).

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what do you think about Soma and Agni?

I mean, I like them as characters? There’s a whole lot of romanticisation / fetishisation of the culture going on (which honestly it wouldn’t actually feel like it was Kuroshitsuji if they didn’t do that lol), but I don’t ship them or anything.

I’m pretty much an OTP kind of person for Kuroshitsuji, and don’t ship anything outside of that, except maybe a very loose William/Grell (but not enough to read any fanfiction for it, or to even want to; just enough to tolerate it in fics with my main pairing in it).

Idk I think Soma is kind of adorable, and Agni is a very responsible khansama, though probably a little too forgiving? But they serve well as like the um… ‘pure’ parallel to Ciel and Sebastian. Because as a function in the plot, they’re basically there to contrast between the morally grey and impure bond that Ciel and Sebastian have, which - to be honest - I love. Because it means you firstly get a lot of light relief when Soma is in the manga (and anime), which is sorely needed, and secondly Soma is a genuinely caring person with a genuinely good heart who is just genuinely very naive and quite spoiled (like Ciel is quite spoiled, they both come from class and money and this shows in different ways).

Agni is fantastic because he has these moments where he acts as a moral compass for Sebastian, often without realising; as a result, Sebastian ends up performing more morally sound acts when Agni is present, or after Agni has given advice. This sort of presents evidence for the idea that in learning how to become a better butler, Sebastian may actually be learning how to become a better person. I mean obviously he’s evil and corrupt, but he genuinely accepts ‘moral advice’ if it comes in the form of ‘this is how you should behave as a butler’ and I find that really fascinating.

I like those moments in the plot. Soma and Agni don’t become less pure around Ciel and Sebastian, but Sebastian does perform more ‘pure’ or ‘good hearted’ acts because of Agni, and the same can be said of Ciel, because of Soma. They feel like an integral part of the philosophical narrative that is Yana Toboso’s overall idea of what Kuroshitsuji is.

But I don’t ship them, lol. But that’s probably not what you meant anyway? :D

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Hello. Yes, I would like to ask a question about Spideytorch. Or, actually about Johnny, if that's OK? In a previous post, you mention the sadness of 616 Johnny. Can you talk about that? I would like to hear all about Johnny's sadness, pls. Or, disregard if this is not concise enough a question, or not really an OTP question. Thank you.

It’s always okay to ask me Johnny questions! 

So like, here is a not-so-brief glance at 616 Johnny’s life, in honor of another New Comic Book Day where Johnny was in two pages and terrible things happened to him. Cut for length.

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  • Kylo Ren/Hux - Dream You Wide Awake [AU]

Brendol Hux leads a mundane life as a lawyer but his dreams are filled with vivid images of him living in a faraway galaxy as a ruthless military General. He finds himself distracted during the day as his thoughts are constantly lingering on Kylo Ren, a strong & alluring character who always seems to be by General Hux’s side on the bridge of their ship. Hux finds himself wishing the day away just so he can get home and dream of himself as ‘General Hux’ and have Kylo Ren by his side.

Ben Solo is an insomniac, unable to sleep as a result of his dreams being plagued by nightmares which depict him as ‘Kylo Ren’, a dark and conflicted knight with mysterious powers. But the only pleasant thing about his nightmares is 'General Hux’, a man who Ben can’t prevent himself from thinking about during the day. But he knows that General Hux is simply a figment of his imagination…or so his therapists have firmly told him.

Whilst at a friend’s party, Hux spots a familiar face across the room, someone who looks exactly like Kylo Ren, the man in his imagination who Hux thinks he’s fallen in love with. When the man stares back at Hux with the same astonished expression, Hux decides to approach him and the two realise that they do indeed know each other.

As they see more of each other and discuss their dreams, Hux realises that Ben is exactly like the Kylo in his dreams, and Ben finds that Hux is exactly like his ‘imaginary’ General. ✨


Hope you enjoy! (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

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Wow Milton got it sooo wrong in "Paradise Lost." What say we remake that film and cast Ruck in the role the English Romantics said was the hero? He could do it. His creators gave efheby telepathic powers for pleasant socializing--and they ended up hating each other. When humans appeared, efheby were fascinated, jealous, wanting to penetrate, control, and toy with their souls, loving the thrill but just not able to feel remorse when the souls were ruined. Ruck could play that role, yes?

It’s hard to feel remorse when humans are so replaceable. They’re an endlessly renewable resource, cheap, manufactured via sticky, sloppy means. When a senet beast is lost it’s lost forever, but you can keep replacing squirming, squeaking little humans until you’ve peopled the whole continent with them. Talk about quantity over quality.

  • leliana is not marjolaine
  • she never becomes marjolaine even if she’s hardened
  • leliana resorts to violence when there is legitimate threat and admits that violence isn’t desirable
  • if hardened and divine, she uses violence to dismantle the oppressive chantry institution and deal with zealots who threaten progress to equality 
  • compare with: marjolaine who used violence to serve her own ends, only ever cared about herself, was abusive and used people
  • please stop these reductive comparisons
  • cool talk, thanks