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I just finished Dying of the Light and I guess this is what happened after SP walked back from the Accelerator
  • Skulduggery: A soul, willingly given, eh?
  • Engineer: That is correct.
  • Skulduggery: Then I willingly give Ravel's soul in order to prevent the overloading of the Accelerator.
  • Ravel: You can't do that, I'm free now and this is your problem. You try being tortured by Darquesse for 23 hours a day.
  • Skulduggery: Do you think you have a choice? Either you die alone or we all die. I don't even have eyes and I can see that one death of you is less than a lot of deaths of everyone.
  • Ravel: You can't do this! At least teach me how to put myself back together! Go get a Sunburst or something!
  • Skulduggery: Sheer will. A Sunburst won't work.
  • Skulduggery, grabbing Ravel and getting ready to throw him in: Think of it as your redemption for killing Ghastly and Anton.
  • Ravel: Let go of me! My soul is not yours to give!
  • Skulduggery, ignoring Ravel: Engineer, will you assist me?
  • Engineer: As you wish, Mr Pleasant.
  • Skulduggery: *glances at Valkyrie, who is glaring at him*
  • Valkyrie, knowing that if he had eyelids he would have winked: Are you kidding me right now.
In defense of Emma Watson’s singing...

I’m seeing a lot of criticism of her voice and I’m going to have to disagree. As someone who has been studying music extensively for the past 13 years as well also being a classically trained pianist and vocalist I think her performance was rather impressive. She obviously isn’t someone who grew up in vocal training but she is clearly talented. Her tone and stability is clear and steady, she has pretty good range and through her voice isn’t extremely powerful it’s pleasant and I wouldn’t describe it as weak.

When I heard that Emma Watson was going to play Belle I thought she was perfect acting wise but I was skeptical of her singing. I was surprised at the amount of emotion and fragility she brought in her singing and how lovely it turned out. It’s rare for someone who isn’t classically trained to be able to sing 

Of course when you compare her to Audra McDonald she pales in comparison but I still say that given her inexperience she did remarkably well. The sweetness and innocence in her tone combined with her surprisingly solid technique has me believing her to be a talented vocalist. Not the best by any means but she sure as hell carried her weight in the film and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise (not really but I’ll politely disagree).

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Hello. Yes, I would like to ask a question about Spideytorch. Or, actually about Johnny, if that's OK? In a previous post, you mention the sadness of 616 Johnny. Can you talk about that? I would like to hear all about Johnny's sadness, pls. Or, disregard if this is not concise enough a question, or not really an OTP question. Thank you.

It’s always okay to ask me Johnny questions! 

So like, here is a not-so-brief glance at 616 Johnny’s life, in honor of another New Comic Book Day where Johnny was in two pages and terrible things happened to him. Cut for length.

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IMDB’s top ten highest rated seasons of Power Rangers

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i wanna find a way to include death magic in my self care and beauty routines, kinda like glamours or perfume spells! any ideas :o

Nice! I got recommendations for you as I also tend to combine my materials (and I’ve gotten into beauty magic lately).

I’ve been using rose petals, marigolds, dandelions, daisies and lavender a lot in incense, teas and salves. Those are all associated with the dead, but especially rose and marigold have a beauty and love quality to them as well. I LOVE making salves with marigold; I’ve actually made a prep-necromancy salve with both bone powder and marigold in it (this helps me transcend to the land of the dead so I wouldn’t use it for beauty. It’s great for dry skin, though.)

Check out some pomegranate, rose, daisy and lily scents. Those have attractive power and double as pleasant smells to the dead (although beware that they might all come to you because of the smell!).

Wine is the same way; certain kinds can be used in attraction spells as well as offerings to the dead. Apples are also good for this.

Great idea! I love that we’re both thinking along the same wavelength (✿◠‿◠) Have fun!!

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hey! I love your account aaa;;; I love your writing too! do you mind if I request could a scenario/headcannons for how Leo's s/o cheers him up or is there for him, and vice versa? Like when they needed it, how would he cheer them up? Or how he might get them to talk, since they don't like troubling others with their feelings (like him, if that makes sense??). I thought he needed it after the new story with madara,, Sorry if this makes no sense ;;; Thank you, and I hope you have a good day!

our poor Leo always deserves to be comforted !! this is my first time writing something with serious Leo in it, so it was quite a nice change of pace ! he’s such an interesting character… i’m so sorry it got a bit different than what i originally intended but it still very much fits the prompt, i hope you still like it !!!!!!
also this happens right after the sub story with Madara you mentioned !! so in terms of continuity it would be before Leo comes back to school ! - mod mademoiselle ♥

Your world was so shaken. Nothing made sense anymore, not since you’d received this text from Ruka, your boyfriend’s little sister. You’d read it thousands of times, by now, and you almost could recite it from memory.

I don’t mean to trouble you, and I’m so so sorry if I disturb you but…. ! Would you happen to know where onii-chan is… ? He went missing this morning and I’m so worried !

No, you didn’t know. You didn’t have a clue. At first you were angry at Leo. What did you tell him about irrational impulses like these ? Why did you spend so much time trying to comfort him if he was just going to keep doing as he pleases ?
Your anger quickly turned to a feeling of betrayal : you thought you were his number one confident, so why does he still not trust you ? Why can’t he just open up to you ? A very annoying little voice in your head pointed out maybe you were being a hypocrite. Sure, you don’t usually tell people about your problems either, but it’s not the same. You were desperately clinging to that comforting thought. It’s totally not the same because you don’t want to trouble people with your problems.
Maybe Leo is different. Maybe he just doesn’t trust you.

Those unpleasant thoughts kept haunting you, relentlessly, as the hours went by. Then they quickly disappeared, replaced by something even more powerful, even less pleasant. Something far, far worse.
Where did he go ? Why hasn’t he called anyone ? What if something bad, something awful happened and he just couldn’t reach anyone ? Endless “what if” situations, getting worse with each passing second. You were shaking, your hands tightly gripping your phone, desperate for something, anything.

You thought your heart would stop when your phone finally rang. You didn’t know the number, but Leo had a habit of borrowing other people’s phones, so you picked up immediately, breath quickening.

“Leo ?! Is that you ? Are you alright ?!” Only static answered you, and for a moment you thought he hung up.
Then you heard it. His voice. Barely above a whisper, but it was him all the same.

“… Sorry, I got lost. Maybe you could come and pick me up… ?”

You didn’t know what to say. So you opted to stay silent, content just drying Leo’s hair with a towel. He sniffled weakly, but closed his eyes and slightly leaned into you. Of course, it started raining right as you were walking back home with Leo. With no umbrella on hand, you had no choice but to make a run for it. His wet clothes were dripping on his room’s floor, where he’d awkwardly hung them, and he was wearing his usual pajamas. He’d also graciously lent you one of his t-shirts, which was big enough to look like a short dress on you. Cold droplets fell from his hair on your naked thighs, not that you minded.
Surprisingly, Leo was the one who talked first.

“Sorry.” That’s it. Just one word. He was pointedly looking away from you, eyes fixated on the ground. Then again, you were doing the same every time he shyly turned to you. Maybe it was the nerves.

“It’s fine. Just don’t ever do that again”, you whispered. He nodded in response, not quite looking at you. You were trying to look extremely absorbed in drying his hair, anyway.

You absolutely didn’t know what to say. Comforting Leo had never really been your forte : it’s like he doesn’t really want to be comforted. He’s always doing as he pleases, changing the subject or laughing it off.
But right now, he wasn’t doing any of these. He was just staring at the ground, his dirty t-shirt one size too big for him. You could see his exposed collarbones, and wondered if he got thinner recently.
Oh, that’s right, Ruka did tell you he was skipping meals. But how should you confront him about that ? What should you even say ? He hasn’t been talking to you for weeks now, holed up in his room, never going to school… What could you possibly say to break the ice ? How could you make him feel better ?

In desperation, you tried the first thing that came to your mind. You hadn’t even noticed he’d taken a sharp breath as you were trying to think of something.

“Are you alright ?”
“Are you okay ?”
He’d spoken at exactly the same time as you, and turned surprised eyes towards you when he realized it. You chuckled at the exact same time as him, too, prompting another round of giggles. His emerald eyes twinkled happily for just a few seconds, before his sweet smile disappeared from his face.

“I’m good…. I just, I don’t know how to say it… This morning, I felt really…” He threw an imploring look your way, wordlessly begging you to help him find the word he was looking for.

“Frustrated ? Misunderstood ?” you suggested, and he nodded slowly.

“Yeah, a bit of both… I don’t know if Ruka-tan told you, but…” He slowed down, visibly uneasy about that part. Your hand unconsciously found his, and you gently squeezed it before even noticing what you were doing.

“Yeah, she told me.” She’d told you everything, when she called you on your phone. How Leo wasn’t going to class anymore. How that morning, everyone was shocked to see him sitting at the breakfast table, sipping on tea and wearing his school uniform. How he started to shake and shiver, once his hand was gripping the front door’s handle. You knew his father tried to motivate him by talking rough, and even that Ruka started to argue with him, and that he eventually ran away.

“It’s so uncool. Sorry.” He was looking down again, a pitiful little smile on his lips. You gently stroked his cheek, causing his bright green eyes to peer inquisitively into yours.

“No, it’s not, Leo. You were scared. Everyone gets scared, you know. I do, Ruka does, your father does, everyone.” You gave him a little smile, but he didn’t return it.

“Maybe, but you go to school. Everyone does. I’m the only one who…” His voice cracked and he just mumbled before shyly turning his head away from you. Hot droplets were slowly rolling on your thumb, still caressing his cheek.

“Don’t be silly. You’re so brave, Leo.” He was already cocking an eyebrow but you tightly hugged him, effectively silencing him. He was just staring at you, arms still limp by his sides, tears falling out of his eyes with each incredulous blink.

“You’re brave,” you continued, now wiping his tears away with your hand, “because you faced your fear this morning. You tried, I know you did.”

“But”, he croaked, “I couldn’t go and I just stayed there pathetically—“ You kissed him, lips pressing hard against his. It was much rougher than you intended, but he didn’t seem to mind and eagerly kissed back, like he hadn’t seen you in years. His hands were tightly gripping your sides, silently pleading you not to leave him. When you broke the kiss, his lips were red and swollen and he was panting for breath.

“Don’t ever call yourself pathetic, Leo. It was just too much at once, you need to take it much slower.” To your surprise, he shyly nodded in agreement. His tongue darted out from his lips, and he briefly licked them, still looking dazed from the kiss. You took advantage of it to keep going.

“I’m with you, Leo. Right here, by your side. I’m going to help you, alright ?” He nodded again, now looking at your fingers intertwining with his. Tears were pooling again in his eyes, but he held them in, instead looking up at you.

“What about you… ?” he whispered, his long fingers squeezing yours. “Are you okay ? Did I make you worried ?” Was he trying to comfort you too ? You felt the corners of your lips tugging into a smile, and you buried your face in his chest, letting him hug you tightly.

“I’m good now that you are… Never do something like that again, alright ?” Your voice was muffled by his chest, but he nodded eagerly, smiling genuinely for the first time in weeks.

“Promise. But you have to also promise you’re gonna talk with me about it if you feel sad about something.” He held out his pinky to you, and you took it in yours in a heartbeat.

“Promise. Let’s just always be here for each other whenever we need it, okay ?” He smiled brightly in response, swooping you in his arms for a long and passionate kiss. When you surfaced, his cheeks were bright red and the two of you were gasping for air, but it didn’t prevent him from peppering your face with happy little kisses. You reciprocated as best you could, laughing at his attentions. That’s when a sudden question came to mind.

“Say, Leo… ? You called me with your friend’s phone, right ?” He looked surprised at your question and stopped himself mid-smooch.

“Ah, you mean Mikejimama ? Yup yup, that’s right, but why ?” He was tilting his head to the side, prompting you to giggle. He looked like a confused puppy…

“Why didn’t you just have him show you the way home ? It would have been faster than calling me !” Your boyfriend suddenly pouted, much to your amusement.

“You think I never thought about that ? I just couldn’t ! He wanted to drag me all the way to Egypt !” For some reason, he added another very enthusiastic “Egypt !!” much closer to your ear, making you wince in discomfort and laugh at the same time.

“Yeah, I got it, Egypt ! So what ? It’s not like you’re actually going with him, right ?” Leo suddenly stopped pouting, instead looking dead serious. And a bit apologetic, too. Uh oh.

“Actually, now that you say it…” Oh no. No no no no. Not another crazy plan.

“Wait, do you mean you’re leaving for Egypt ?!” Mistaking your shock for jealousy, Leo waved two plane tickets your way with a smile he hoped would be convincing.

“No no, don’t worry, I have an extra ticket for you too ! So that you can come with us ! Mikejimama told me we were gonna see the pyramids and all, I’m so pumped ! Besides you’re coming with us ! There’s no way I’m letting you stay by yourself here ! And I want you to see the desert with me ! And to watch our live ! We’re going to have an awesome live show together and also—“

You groaned, feeling an extraordinary headache coming as your boyfriend was still chirping happily about your impending doom. Leaving in two hours with Leo and Madara together ? Oh, for the love of God, no…