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Plat-Eye - 

An angry spirit from the West Indies and the southern United States, Plat-Eyes enjoy terrorizing people and shapeshifting. In its true form a Plat-Eye only has one flat eye in the middle of its forehead that looks like a plate. When they shapeshift they take the form of an animal, normally a dog with blazing eyes. It has also been known to appear as a cat, a cow, a person with no head or take the appearance of the person it once was. They can also be invisible, with only their fiery eyes visible. They are created when a person dies without a proper burial so the angry spirit returns as a malicious Plat-Eye. They like to wander lonely roads but some are restricted to their own gravesites. In many tales they are the spirits of salves who were killed by landowners. 

Plat-Eyes harass the people who failed to bury them properly or they try to avenge their own death, but in some cases they are just prone to harassing passersby. When someone encounters a Plat-Eye the spirit will begin to grow and eventually envelope and consume the person.  Plat-Eyes will also follow a person without doing them any physical harm but torment them until they are driven mad instead. Powerful Plat-Eyes have been known to suck out people’s souls.

The only way to stop a Plat-Eye is to find the corpse of the person it once was and give it a proper burial. In other stories the only way to get a  Plat-Eye to move on is to allow it to carry out its vengeance.