power of your brains


People often say to me: “You draw like some kind of inhuman machine.  If I eat your brain, will I gain your power?”  The answer is yes, but there is another way.

The key to precise drawing is building up muscle memory so that your arm/hand/fingers do the things you want them to do when you want them to do them.  Teaching yourself to draw a straight line or to make sweet curves is just a matter of practice and there are some exercises you can do to help improve.

If you’re going to be doodling in class or during meetings anyway, why not put that time to good use?

You were special.

The sun touches everyone, but when it touched you it was different. I could see the photons dancing on your skin.

The sun made you shine as if to brag to the other stars, “look what I’ve created!”
And surely the other stars were jealous; your being was unmatched.

It was as if all of nature and all of the sun’s power combined to make you beautiful. Your mind was gorgeous. Most people have brains between their ears but I swear you had galaxies.
Your smile, beautiful; your fingers, delicate; your legs, sturdy; your thoughts, heavenly; your heart, brave; your being, perfect.

No one could convince me that perfection is impossible. You, my love, are special. Even if I don’t get to see your skin anymore, the skin that makes the stars jealous.


You could say I miss you



12 Mental Benefits of Exercise

  1. Exercise will make you feel better!
  2. Overall mood booster!
  3. Confidence
  4. It helps your body to have a high pain tolerance
  5. Work to improve your brain power!
  6. Exercise improves your character
  7. Self discipline
  8. Exercise can help with addiction recovery
  9. Exercise helps combat depression
  10. Fitness reduces anxiety
  11. “Runner’s High”
  12. Boost concentration

I wish your dad were good

I wish grown-ups understood!

I wish we met before they convinced you life is war!

- Veronica (Heathers the Musical)

I love how Rick Riordan gave Athena’s kids zero “cool” powers but their brain. Like, it shows how much valid your ideas and intelligence can be, resulting with being the strongest power a demigod can have.

No matter you can fly, control water, raise skeletons and other stuff from the ground or spontaneously catch fire. You still need to be clever to use those powers without making a mess.

Brain before anything else.

Yessss. I freaking love this.

Signature Moves: Villain Edition

Tai Lung: git good scrub


Kai: you spin me right round baby right round

Signature Moves
Signature Moves: Villain Edition (you are here!)
Signature Moves: Dad Edition

Have you mastered any languages other than your native tongue? Would you like to?

If the answer to at least one of those questions is a ‘yes’, this is a place for you!

I’m looking for people from all around the World that would like to share their knowledge about languages that they use daily and do it in a simple, logical and actually, the correct way, unlike the standard textbooks that people of all ages lose hours mulling over!

Why you should give it a go?

There is a great deal of reasons for learning a new language, it

  • improves your employability
  • makes you discover a new culture 
  • increases your brain power
  • is bound to impress more than a few people around you ;)
  • and helps you become more open-minded 

Also, by joining the Get Fluent! Network you have a chance to meet new people and develop life-long friendships all around the globe even before you go abroad.

If you are interested in becoming a part of this social project of mine, please reblog this post and tag it with the language you are fluent in (English counts as well!)

“being asexual must free up so much of your brain power! you must have no distractions! you must be like a thinking machine, free of burden!”

my guy, i literally just spend longer staring into space thinking about how much i want chocolate right now, is it worth putting on clothes to go buy some. it’s really not very different. chill.

anonymous asked:

why am I horny all the time?

Because you are under the influence of a powerful physical impulse we call the mating instinct. Its strength varies from person to person with some barely feeling it and others under its power to the point of obsession. Nature doesn’t care about you. All nature requires from you is that you find a mating partner and conceive offspring. Once your offspring is grown to mating age then you are no longer needed. You are redundant and expendable. So, remember, you are under the thumb of nature’s most powerful urge. You are a mere puppet to your brain chemicals.

Spend two minutes a day scanning the world for three new things you’re grateful for. And do that for 21 days, The reason why that’s powerful is you’re training your brain to scan the world in a new pattern, you’re scanning for positives, instead of scanning for threats. It’s the fastest way of teaching optimism.
—  Shawn Achor
  • Erik: Charles I would never be able to stop you if you used your powers on me.
  • Erik: Like if you tried to stop me with your brain what even would I do
  • Erik: If you made me take off all my clothes Charles. Like I would just have to do it
  • Erik: ......Charles your powers are so big and strong
  • Erik: I want your Powers all over my body Charles.

I realize ~~~~legally~~~~ 18 y/o’s are considered adults but I honestly do not view 18 y/o’s as adults like I barely consider 19 an adult if I even do. they are much more a transition age and you don’t really gain a complete position of power not to mention your body and brain are still developing at that time and it’s still incredibly easy to take advantage of 18/19 y/o’s I mean hell you are still quite literally a teenager at 18/19 it’s right in the name eightTEEN nineTEEN

I understand the need to be considered an adult to get out especially for people in abusive homes and I think there is a lot of experience gained during that time but that’s more so why I consider it a transitional period rather then actual adulthood

Using your opposite hand will strengthen neural connections in your brain, and even grow new ones. It’s similar to how physical exercise improves your body’s functioning and grows muscles.

Try using your non-dominant hand to write, to pour drinks, to control the computer mouse or television remote. Try washing your body and clean dishes, etc.

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