power of yoga

despite what you think, the world would be a very different place without you in it. 



May I overcome
—what I need to.
May I progress
—where I need to.
May I move on
—from who/what I need to.
May I stand up
—when I need to.
May I shine light
—where I need to.
May I send love
—where I need to.
May I stay
—where I need to.
May I move on
—from where I need to.
May I let go and release
—who/what I need to.
May I make peace
—with who/what I need to.
May I have the wisdom/strength
—to live this out.
—  Lalah Delia

be unapologetically you.

it’s your life. live it how you want, okay?

  • Trini: jumps a gorge, does yoga in a suitable calming location, has to be tricked into jumping or going anywhere with the others
  • Zack: calls her crazy girl because ???
  • Fandom: she's so wild!!! so reckless!!! go crazy girl!!
  • Jason: leads a bull into a locker room, gets into a speed chase with police laughing manically, regularly disappoints father with reckless behaviour, drifts a truck and then a mini van, casually hands Billy the wheel knowing the kid can't drive and climbs in the back in the middle of ANOTHER speed chase away from security, opens the side door, "are you crazy?" "yea I am" *is turned on*, leaps into the water right after Zack, signature move is a bitch slap
  • Fandom: Jason's the least reckless of them all

Cannot wait until the days are long enough to use natural light for dinner pictures ☀️

Keeping things simple to get my eating habits back on track.

Ran over 35km this weekend and practiced 120 minutes of yoga, studied pathology, and went out with friends. The perfect balance 👌🏼

My next million dollar idea: reluctant exercise videos with people who aren’t perky.

“Just five more… I know, I kind of want to die right now too, but let’s just power through it.”

“Okay, new yoga pose.  It’s going to ache like a bastard until your hamstrings release, I’m not gonna lie.”

“Stretch a little deeper… it’s okay to yell ‘fuck’ at this point, I won’t tell anyone.”

This lunch is helping me to pretend I’m south of the border and not battling through a snow storm ❄️

My muscles are definitely a bit sore so I did a nice gentle 5 km and some light abs. Excited to stretch things out at yoga later!

I’ve been watching “the happy pear” vlogs and I absolutely love how they call exercise “meals” , as if our bodies are fed by movement and the oxygen we get during exercise. So beautiful. A really wonderful way to think of exercise as a means of health that is not at all related to body image.