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Prove it - Jungkook scenario

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Scenario! (or maybe a reaction?) A girl calling jungkook out on himself. How he’ll tease the camera with his eyebrow wiggles and smirks and his ‘looks’ when in reality he just runs away from girls. “We all saw american hustle life Jeon Jungkook! We know you can’t handle girls! You wanna act like a sexy man? I challenge you!”

if you want to listen to stuff, No Less - SG Lewis + Special Affair - The Internet.

Characters: y/n (female), Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Hoseok, Namjoon

Genre: Smut, maybe humour idk

Contains: Thigh riding, power play, over stimulation

Word count: 2.6k you proud of me omg

(Line breaks mean change in pov: y/n’s pov and jungkook’s)

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“Oh my god Jungkook! Stop lying, we all saw American Hustle Life, we know you can’t handle girls.”

As soon as you said those words Jungkook slouched down and started getting all awkward. He’d been doing that a lot lately, you noticed how within a second his attitude would change, suddenly he’d start avoiding any eye contact, avoiding your direction in general. Now he was looking down in to his lap, as awkward silence filled the air, playing with his hands. But soon returned to his prior position and started looking at his phone as he relaxed.

The other boys re-entered the room. Hobi held the pizza you guys had requested, Jimin held some more snacks and a movie, while Taehyung had just gone along with them for the sake of it. Jungkook and you were just too lazy to go outside, and lets be honest you wanted a chance to have some time alone with him which really had turned out worse and more awkward than you intended.

“Put on the movie!!!” Taehyung yelled.

“Relax, okay”  Hobi said as he moved towards the tv to put in the dvd.

You and Jimin snickered at their strange exchange of words. The movie started, it was some cheesy rom-com and you couldn’t stop cringing. You and Jungkook turned to look at each other, and you could telepathically tell what he was thinking. 

“Agh. Turn this off, I can’t take it” Jungkook spoke on your behalf.

“Yeah I think that’s enough…” You added.

Taehyung nodded in agreement and immediately got up, before Jimin had the chance to interrupt him, and switched off the movie filling the room with silence. Hobi hadn’t really been paying attention as he sat there on his phone but now he was looking up watching the situation somewhat interested. 

“Oh, I have an idea! Why don’t we play a game…” Hobi suggested as he put down his phone and sat up on the edge of the couch. “Mmhmm that’s a good idea, what game though?” Namjoon said as he casually entered the room taking a seat opposite Hobi.

“How about, well I don’t know the name for it but, basically you pick someone and then you pick a random piece of paper out of a jar, it’ll have an adjective or a thing written on it for example ‘cute’ and you have to act that way for the rest of the night. But the other person doesn’t know so they have to try and guess what they are acting like.” Namjoon explained.

“Ahhhh I get it!” Taehyung announced.

“Yeah that sounds good” Jimin stood up already heading to get a piece of paper and a jar.

Hobi was giggling as he looked at his paper, he was paired with Namjoon. Taehyung was paired with Jimin and you could already tell what was written on his paper, as he started mimicking Jimin very subtly.

This left only you and jungkook.

“Okay, pass me the jar” you said as you stood up. You dipped your hand into the jar and unfolded the piece of paper, it said ‘flirty’. 

“oh my good God” you thought as your cringe turned into an internal smirk.

(jk’s pov)

“Get up Jungkook you lazy piece of shit” y/n playfully said as she sat back down beside you with a slight smirk on her face. You wondered what that was about.

You unfolded your piece of paper and it read sexy. As you read it you almost choked from the shock. It was the last thing you had expected and you really thought you couldn’t get through tonight as it was because y/n was so intimidating and Jesus she was so fucking hot. You knew it would kill you to hold back how you felt about her. It was everything about her, her hilarious personality, the silent seductive and intriguing aura she had about her.

“Umm, Jimin, Taehyung, in the kitchen now” you demanded as you headed into the kitchen which was the room just next door.

They soon came to join you V with an uninterested expression and Jimin looking concerned. “What’s wrong?” Jimin asked.

You tried as hard as you could to stay quiet when you said “I got sexy.” but when they asked “what?” you blurted out louder than you meant to “I HAVE TO ACT SEXY WITH Y/N”.

Taehyung burst out laughing, which made Jimin start to chuckle as he playfully put a hand on your shoulder. “Haha you’re crushing on y/n so hard, just tell her already” Jimin said as he rolled his eyes. Tae was still laughing as he headed for the door.

(Your pov)

You had gotten up to see if the boys needed any help, they were taking so damn long! But you couldn’t believe your ears as you stood near the door and overheard Jimin’s angelic laugh, followed by…No it couldn’t be. Could it? Did he just say “You are crushing on y/n so hard”? 

Your train of thought was interrupted as you heard someone approach the door. To avoid an awkward situation you opened the door to make it look as though you planned to walk in. You walked straight in to Taehyung’s chest. At that moment both he and Jimin burst into laughter, “Speak… of…. the.. devil” Tae said in between breaths and laughter. Jungkook shot them a deadly glare as though he was shooting daggers at them and they immediately shut up. To make the situation less awkward you just decided to confess. “I heard what you guys were saying…” you broke the silence and as you looked over at Jungkook you couldn’t help but smirk just a little bit. That seemed to lighten the situation as Jimin gave you a knowing look and said “Oh thank god, Jungkook was freaking out because he had to act sexy with you”. 

“Wait what?!” you blurted out, “I didn’t hear that part” you giggled a little bit to yourself. “Make’s sense now doesn’t it…” Taehyung interjected laughing with you. 

“I mean it’s out now, no point now anyway.” Jungkook said seeming relieved. The door opened, Namjoon poked his head through, quickly examined the situation, then immediately closed the door again, you could hear him say “Not today!” you started laughing at this typical behavior but tried to hold it back because it seemed inappropriate in that moment and Jungkook’s eyes hadn’t left you the entire time . Jimin who was sat on the counter with some popcorn next to Tae gave you a look as though to say “Come on do something”. With that you looked over at Jungkook and decided to call him out  “We all saw american hustle life Jeon Jungkook! We know you can’t handle girls! You wanna act like a sexy man? Then prove it!” He looked at you with a blatantly fake confused expression “What?” he said in quite a threatening tone as he stepped closer. “Then fucking prove it!” you yelled as you took a step closer to show you weren’t backing down. Now you guys were at arms length. He just stared at you biting his lips, you couldn’t tell whether he was turned on or just nervous.

You rolled your eyes and turned around making your way to the door as you were increasingly getting frustrated with Jungkook. A hand grabbed you and pulled you back “What the-” you started but were interrupted by Jungkook. At this point the air in the room had changed, and you really couldn’t tell where it was going. Taehyung and Jimin who had been eagerly watching the situation unfold while sitting there eating popcorn got up and left without a word, it seemed they got the hint too.

Now it was just you and Jungkook. He still had a strong but gentle grip on your wrist. “Want me to prove it? Okay.” He said as he put his hand on the small of your back pulling you closer to him and his other hand on your cheek. He was so close to you, you could feel the tension in the room and the heat on your face. Jungkook looked at you, your eyes locked, asking you for permission. You gave him a slight nod and with that tiny movement he picked you up with one hand on your hip and the other gripping your thigh, he placed you down on the counter and stood in between your legs which were spread wide apart. He smashed into you with full force and his lips eagerly kissing yours, passionate but seemingly naturally controlled and smooth. You could tell he didn’t really know what he was doing as he hesitated and held your face in his hands. To be really honest, neither did you but it felt right and you wanted more, you wanted all of him. You leaned into him, even further into the kiss, gripping on to his hair so your chest was pressed against his chest. 

You continued to kiss hard, hot and sweaty breaths in between. You could feel a change in the atmosphere as all your boundaries went out of the window and it became apparent this was leading to more as you both had your hands roaming each others bodies and subtle, teasing eye contact going back and forth between you. He moved his hands down to your waist near the hem of your shirt and boldly rubbed it around playing with your shirt pulling it up and back down, teasing you. You broke the kiss and took your top off leaving you in just your bra. Jungkook moved back and took a moment to admire you. “I can be more than sexy, not as sexy as you, but you’re gonna have to take back what you said”, when you heard those words you couldn’t help but smile. You returned to the kiss and in between each word you leaned into him and ran your fingers softly through his hair “Hmm…*kiss*…Are…*kiss*…You…*kiss*…Gonna…*kiss*…Make me?”. His lips sought after yours every time you broke away and kissed you bashfully. Tasting what he wanted to be his. “Good things come to those who wait” he said, taunting you with his mouth.

You reached for his belt aggressively as you could feel yourself getting more impatient and turned on, to the point where you could feel you had soaked through your underwear. He firmly gripped on to your hand, stopping your movements. You looked up at him concernedly only to see a cold, smug expression, but there was something beneath, behind his cockiness you could see burning lust or was it something else, you couldn’t tell. It messed with you, but you knew that’s what he wanted. You wanted to touch him, but you knew he would stop if you did. So when he grabbed you by the waist and picked you up, you wrapped you legs around his torso. Gripping tightly to him so you could create some friction. He carried you out of the kitchen, you weren’t really looking where you were going as your lips attached to his and your tongues danced in your mouths perfectly in time. He stood still for just a second and then playfully threw you down onto the sofa. But you legs were still attached to him so he went down with you. You were beneath him and his head was buried in the crook of your neck. He started biting at the skin, sucking it and licking after as though to soften the bite. You knew it would leave marks but it felt so good you didn’t care.

His body held you beneath him and you could feel his erection against your stomach. He continued to bite your neck and you could feel the wet warmth coming from his lips as they attached to your skin and then left again. He stopped for a second and looked down at you dead in the eyes “I’ll show you. You wont be able to handle yourself.”. His words dripped with lust and want. You didn’t know if you should fear or be excited about what was to come but either way he had you shivering.

As you melted below him, in a muddled mess, you remembered you had a point to prove. “I’m not about to give up that easily” you thought. You put a hand on his face and one on his shoulder and guided him away from your neck. In a quick movement you switched places and sat on top of him. Both of your legs on either side of him. You softly held his hands down on either side of him. In the place you needed it most you could feel Jungkook’s bare skin against. Just the thought of his thighs against your clit. You grinded down on him, hard. Before you could make your next movement, he held you down by your waist and stopped you from moving. “You think I was joking?”. He grabbed both of your hands and held them behind your back. As he leaned in “you asked for this” he whispered. He started moving you back and forth over his thigh. As heavy breaths and light moans escaped your lips, Jungkook rhythmically moved his thigh with you. You could feel tension rising in the pit of your stomach as you edged closer and closer to your release. You rode faster and faster on his thigh. On his face you could see the pleasure seeing you like this gave him. His movements pushed chills down your spine and sent shivers through you legs as your clit was overwhelmed with this quivering sensation. Hot rushes of pleasure and near screams escaped you as you rode out your wave. 

Your hands still held behind your back, jungkook placed his lips on your jaw and sucked on it moving his way up to your lips. His hands still controlling your hips at a more soft pace but no less pleasing. As quickly as you had come down from your orgasm, you could feel pressure building. You broke the kiss and looked at jungkook as though to say “what are you doing?” but that was quickly met with a harsh stroke at your heat as you gasped Jungkook leaned in once again and softly said “I’m not done with you yet y/n”. He continued to move you further up on his thigh, reaching his crotch. Now biting at your collarbones, he was getting more worked up. You could feel how hard he was and how good you were making you feel. He slowly built up the pace you were moving at and started pushing you deeper down into him. For some reason this felt so much more intense and you could feel the sensitivity. Although it was a foreign feeling, it made you feel so good. As you felt your second orgasm crashing into you, you began to ride jungkook and naturally started making more concentrated movements. You could feel the heat coming on to you, Jungkook could feel it with you. You were hanging on by a thread by the time you had deep trembles burning through your core. No longer able to hold your self up you collapsed on top of him feeling his deep breaths and moans roll through you as hard as the quivers going through your body. As you turned into a shaking mess and began to come down from your orgasm, you could feel jungkook coming onto his. You continued to ride him at a decent and steady pace enjoying the over sensitivity, still slightly quivering on top of jungkook…

a/n: so this took literally an eternity, i am not exaggerating. sorry to the poor anonnie that probably thought i just ignored you but you know and also sorry if i turned this into ungodly smut when that may not have been what you wanted but fight me. have mercy guys this is my first actual ‘smut’, and it was so difficult. I just couldn’t get into it fully but I’m proud of it. There could be a part two and if you like my writing, request! interesting stuff and I was thinking I would love to do g x g because that’d just be easier for me. But thank you so much and hope you enjoy! I am working on getting my requests out guys please stick with me. 

speak words of thunder, let the rumbles bubble up from your chest and slip out on your tongue. let the words be soft and powerful and long, let the words start with a crisp clap of a shout and fade into gentle emphasis, let the words never be called something as simple and sweet as angels bowling, let the words conjure in the mind the ancient growl of a hidden predator in the dark woods.

Words, I think, are such unpredictable creatures. No gun, no sword, no army or king will ever be more powerful than a sentence. Swords may cut and kill, but words will stab and stay, burying themselves in our bones to become corpses we carry into the future, all the time digging and failing to rip their skeletons from our flesh.
—  Tahereh Mafi, Ignite Me

some people don’t deserve your attention

Why do I write? Cause I have to. Cause my voice, in all its dialects has been silenced too long. Cause women are still abused as naturally as breath. Peoples are still without land. Slavery exists, hunger persists and mothers cry. My mother cries. Those are reasons enough, but there are so many more.

Suheir Hammad, author's  preface “Born Palestinian, Born Black”

one of the most beautifully said explanations for the power/ use of writing