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trump is dehumanizing the people of Puerto Rico because they’re not an offical state and they can’t vote. he uses their incapibility to contribute to US elections as an opportunity to ridicule and portray them as inferior….. because Puerto Rico can’t legitimately inflict any political consequences voting wise. the reason why he did a little more (huge emphasis on little) to help in the states (Florida, Texas) that were effected by natural disasters is because they have the power to vote during elections. that’s why he was a little more careful and refrained from throwing necessities into a crowd of people like they’re animals. that’s why he refrained from insulting the Florida and Texas mayors. that’s why he refrained from insulting Florida’s economy. at the end of the day, this is all about securing those precious votes for 2018 and 2020. the executive government doesn’t give a shit about helping people who can’t help them stay in their corrupt offices.

Malec Fans, it’s time to Power Vote

We will also be doing an hour of Power voting to get the Malec numbers up today. Time is from 4-5PM EST. So if you’re in the UK, that will be 9PM your time. If you’re in France, that will be 10PM. Israel and Cairo will be 11PM. It will be 1PM in Vancouver and 6AM (on Sunday) in Seoul.

Please reblog so Malec fans can see this, and remember, vote throughout today, and prepare for an hour of intense voting this evening/night/morning (whichever your timezones).

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Firstly, I want to say, thanks to everyone who’s been consistent in voting for Malec. We’ve only come this far because Malec fans have pulled together, in large numbers to vote. And I know the polls has been messing with all our heads, but we’re heading into the final stretch and we all just need to hang in there and keep the votes coming in. 

The numbers are once again down, and Malec is at 49.8% whilst Outlander is at 50.2%. I know it seems small but a small difference is all that’s needed, and seeing that the poll is ending tomorrow, I figure that the only way we are guaranteed is a win is if we make it a huge gap between us and the Outlanders. 

So please, vote throughout the day (and tomorrow too). Consistently vote. And then we’ll do an hour of Power Voting to get the Malec numbers up today and repeat the Power Voting tomorrow as well. Time is from 4-5PM EST. So if you’re in the UK, that will be 9-10PM your time. If you’re in France, that will be 10-11PM. Israel and Cairo will be 11PM-12AM. It will be 1-2PM in Vancouver and 6-7AM (on Thursday) in Seoul. Please reblog so Malec fans can see this, and remember, vote throughout today, and prepare for an hour of intense voting this evening/night/morning (whichever your timezones). 

Remember vote here and keep the votes pouring in. The polls close at 5pm P.T on Thursday. So, if you’re awake at that time and can power vote for an hour before it closes, please do so. So that would be 7PM-8PM EST. So, 12-1AM if you’re in the UK. If you’re in France, that will be 1-2AM. Israel and Cairo will be 2-3AM. It will be 4-5PM in Vancouver and 9-10AM (on Friday) in Seoul.

It also came to my notice that some people are finding it difficult to vote. If you’re having that problem and are using Google Chrome, switch to Safari. A friend tried it, and it worked for her.

Turnout for 18-24 year olds in 2015: 43%
Turnout for 18-24 years olds in 2017: 72%!

Honestly, I’m so proud of my generation for this result.

This shows just how powerful the youth vote is in swinging the entire election in a direction no one predicted. Your vote DOES make a difference!
Stay informed, stay politically active. We are the future.


The only country where the fascists won the war, stayed on power for 36 years and then there was a “transition” to democracy. The thing is the people who were ministers with Franco stayed on power. The most voted party in Spain is the direct successor of the Francoist government.

A year or so ago I felt pride that this country atleast wasn’t having a fascist party revival, but I was wrong. The fascists never left. What is happening right now in Catalonia is proof.

Catalanes, catalans, surtiu a votar avui. Hem de votar per la gent que no va poder votar mai.

20 Autobot Leaders Rated by How Much I Want to Punch Them

Starting with the big guy, the granddaddy of them all, G1 Optimus Prime. He’s like a father to me. I can’t in good conscience punch him, even if he sometimes deserves it for bad puns. 1/10 punchability I just can’t do it 

Rodimus Prime ranks high in the punchability for some because when Optimus died in the original movie, it traumatized kids so much that all their negative feelings got channeled into unbridled rage towards the guy who replaced him. However, I hate those guys because they became insufferable as adults, so that really just lowers Roddy’s punchability for me personally. 4/10 punchability he still kind of deserves it though 

Grimlock led the Autobots for a length of time I can’t remember after Optimus died in the Marvel comics. His was a reign of terror. I can’t decide if his jughead crown is kickin or if i want to kick it off him. 7/10 punchability he gets some lenience for his childlike innocence

Another Marvel comics leader was Fortress Maximus, who was also Cerebros. He was also the leader in the Headmasters anime after Rodimus flew off into space forever but I don’t think he actually had a personality in that. He’s a matryoshka of Autobot leaders with each getting smaller and more punchable than the last, ending in Moody College Student Spike Witwicky, who is thankfully the first one on this list who I don’t have to climb something to punch in the face. 9/10 punchability I’m a very short person so I might have to climb something anyways but that isn’t going to stop me

Last Marvel comics character, I swear. Captain Picard Hi-Q binary bonded with Optimus for a while, then Optimus died (this was about the third time), and Hi-Q eventually turned into Optimus so we just considered Optimus alive again. Don’t think too hard about it. 3/10 punchability I really like Star Trek TNG so I probably wouldn’t punch him

Ginrai’s robot self looks exactly like Optimus Prime, but he isn’t. Why he looks like him is sort of hand-waved away in the anime. The real-life reason, of course, is because he was just the Japanese release of Powermaster Optimus Prime. Ginrai is really good because he talks like an American teenager even when his robot form separated from his human self to become the Autobot commander at the end of Super-God Masterforce. 0/10 punchability I just can’t really punch a guy wearing converse, skinny jeans, and suspenders

Star Saber makes me forget that the Autobots were ever good guys. I don’t think he even has a personality outside of “noble and heroic leader.” He adopted a human son and tried to send him to a Catholic school but he doesn’t even buy him a uniform. The kid barely even goes to school in the end. 9/10 punchability don’t adopt a human if you’re not prepared to care for him

Optimus Primal is a good Autobot leader because he never even set out to be anything more than a captain on one ship but ended up sacrificing himself to bring life back to the planet, probably sparking a religious following. He won the “Power of the Primes” vote so he’s got to have a pretty low punchability, but he also looks like his malleble gorilla face would feel nice on my powerful fist. 5/10 punchability when POTP stuff starts coming will his name change to “optimus primal prime”?

Lio Convoy being a cat makes me not want to punch him so much. However, he isn’t a good father. Don’t worry about the kid not really being his son in any sense of the term. Why is ineptitude at fatherhood a recurring theme for Autobot leaders? 8/10 punchability Lio Junior deserved better

I’ll admit that Beast Wars Neo is the only thing on this list that I haven’t seen or read any of, so Big Convoy is mostly here for completion’s sake. Hence I’m rating him entirely on his appearance. Mostly I wouldn’t want to punch a mammoth, because they’re extinct, but I think he could take it. It would be a good workout for both of us. 10/10 punchability no hard feelings, we’re just two dudes lovingly punching each other

In Japan, he’s known as Fire Convoy, continuing their tradition of Autobot leader names, but in the west he’s the first-ever reboot of Optimus Prime. I don’t have a lot of opinions on him as a person or leader, but his existence opened the floodgates of Optimus Primes to come, which I have mixed feelings on. 5/10 punchability I can’t think of a reason to punch him, but I also can’t think of a reason not to

Armada Optimus Prime suffers from being Armada Optimus Prime. I think this was when they really managed to distill “Optimus Prime” down into its truest form. No longer was Optimus Prime a character, but a concept that extended beyond fiction and into our world. Optimus Prime means something. Optimus Prime is a figure for justice, honor, and liberty. 8/10 punchability I still can’t forget Energon though

Do I have to say anything. I’m not even somebody who vehemently dislikes Hot Shot, but for the love of god, why did he ever get to be a leader. 6/10 punchability I’d punch him but I wouldn’t put a lot of force into it, he’s not even worth it

Movie Optimus Prime is. uh. something else, all right. I can admire the movie taking the idea of Optimus Prime and going “okay, but what if he was also a murderbeast?” because I think that’s something we all really wanted to see play out. In practice it kind of scares me. 2/10 punchability I’m worried if I went for his face I’d no longer have mine

Animated Optimus Prime is a good boy. A baby boy. He’s trying his best in a world that seems against him. We all love him. 0/10 punchability I simply can’t bring myself to mar those luscious lips

I’m sure Animated Ultra Magnus did some great things during the war, but, yunno, seeing how Cybertron under him during peacetime is sort of a Stratocracy, I question his fitness to be the leader of a planet. They really gonna let the government run experiments on civilians? Okay. Alright. 4/10 I don’t want to punch him per se but I do sort of want to lead an armed rebellion against him

Hhh. HHHH. HOOGH. HHHAAAHH. HEH. HHhhhHHH. Just seeing Sentinel Prime’s face fills me with anger. If let loose, this rage could level mountains, sink continents, and incinerate entire solar systems. If there is any good in the cosmos, Sentinel Prime will not go unpunched. His face will be shattered into pieces with the sheer power of my unbridled fury. 10,000/10 punchability I have already punched him, spiritually, and I will do it again

I mean, alright. Prime Optimus Prime is kind of the distilled essence of Optimus Prime. If you took all the other Optimus Primes, and took all the things they had in common, and then took out a little bit of the anger because let’s be real here all the other Optimus Primes are quite a bit angrier than this one, you’d get Aligned Optimus Prime. Which is kind of how the Aligned continuity as a whole works. So, yeah, That Sure Is Optimus Prime. 3/10 punchability his soft-spoken words of wisdom would calm me down before I ever even raised my fist

Heatwave is the quintessential non-Optimus Autobot leader. He’s noble and courageous with a good sense of justice, but he was thrust into leadership without being the best and it and is a bit of a hothead. You can use that exact sentence to describe so many of the bots on this list. 4/10 punchability I don’t want to use violent methods when it comes to Rescue Bots but sometimes Heatwave’s personality warrants it 

I honestly can’t believe it took 30 years for a Bumblebee to be leader for reals. It happened so gradually that nobody was surprised when it happened, and yet it also feels like nobody can really accept it. I know I can’t. He doesn’t even look like any Bumblebee. Is this how longtime G1 fans felt when the Unicron trilogy started reusing names for different-but-not-wholly-different characters to keep the trademarks? 8/10 punchability we know you stole your schtick from Hot Rod via Hot Shot so stop trying to act like you’re so special 

Malec fans, SOS!

Malec’s number is dropping in the E! polls you guys. I know everyone’s tired. I know we’re pissed at the treatment Malec got in episode 7. But that’s the thing, the treatment is on the showrunners and the director and not on Malec the couple. Harry and Matt work hard to present this healthy representation of an LGBT+ couple and this is one of the ways we can show them that their work matters and that we appreciate them, especially if this leads to them getting interviewed on E as TV’s number 1 top couple. To have an INTERRACIAL, HEALTHY couple like Malec nab that number one spot is a big fuck you to producers and showrunners who think that interracial LGBT+ representation should be pushed as an aside instead of being the main representation. And yet, we’re this close to losing to Ian and Mickey whose relationship does NOT scream healthy. 

This is the chance for everyone who talks about wanting representation, wanting healthy representation, needing representation that does not FETISHIZE mlm relationships, to put their money where their mouths are, knuckle down for the next couple of weeks, keep voting, every single moment of every single day to get Malec to that number one spot. An hour ago, we were at 58.7% and Ian and Mickey were at 41.3%. Now we’ve dropped to 56.5% and that has just been in the past HOUR. The poll ends tomorrow you guys and if we’re dropping 2.2% by an hour, Shameless will have kicked us out before the end of the day. I repeat, now’s the time to knuckle down, just for the next couple of weeks to get Malec that much deserved vote. 

Vote throughout today (and tomorrow) please! We will also be doing an hour of Power voting to get the Malec numbers up today. Time is from 4-5PM EST. So if you’re in the UK, that will be 9PM your time. If you’re in France, that will be 10PM. Israel and Cairo will be 11PM. It will be 1PM in Vancouver and 6AM (on Sunday) in Seoul. 

Please reblog so Malec fans can see this, and remember, vote throughout today, and prepare for an hour of intense voting this evening/night/morning (whichever your timezones). 

Vote here. I know the Captcha sucks but it’s to prevent rigging, so we just have to accept it, and be patient and keep the votes pouring in.Thank you. 

Malec : Power Couple.

-Mags take care of that F***ING signal post over there okay? I’m gonna smash up that candy shop front store over here.

-With pleasure Alexander.

I don’t know how to stress this enough, people, but GO VOTE FOR MALEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



We made it to the last round of the E-online’s Top TV Couple poll and this year we HAVE TO WIN!!! We’re against a very persistent fandom, so we will need all the help we can get. Vote multiple times, ask your friends from other fandoms to vote multiple times, join the “power vote” hours organized by the fandom and most importantly don’t give up!!!!

We have until Monday, March 6 at 5 p.m. PT (8/7c) to vote, so let’s win this thing, shall we????? I know it’s going to be hard, but it’s not impossible ;) let’s show them what the Shadowhunters fandom can do!!!!!

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Besides, these two soft boyfriends deserve it, don’t you agree?????

VOTE FOR MALEC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4NOV 2016

4 NOV 2020.

3 NOV 2020.







I just wrote this but PLEASE reblog it; I want this to go viral. People need to know. I NEED this to be the narrative, not that we’re in some pocket of fatalism. This rests in our hands. Donald Trump “made this decision” but it’s really YOURS. If you wanna stay in the Paris Climate Agreement, if you’re as passionate as all your social media posts are making me think you are, then you CAMPAIGN, and SPREAD THE WORD, and tell every single person who brings up the climate agreement that we have the voting power to stop this.

Addendum: My point is that the earliest possible date, if this clown car at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave gets their shit together and succeeds in passing everything through the House and Senate and necessary channels to leave in the least possible amount of time (incredibly unlikely), and has to do it after the 2018 midterms, you’re still looking at a lame-duck president trying to do this. More likely, it takes an extra two months, and they can’t get it done. It’s within reach. This administration wants you to feel powerless and like what they do is inevitable and mandated. It is not, by any means, and that includes this deeply harmful pissing contest to undo whatever the Obama administration has done because that’s the only thing all Republicans can agree on to appeal to their base.


So taehyung’s friend jang moonbok is officially a contestant of produce101 boys version!!! But listen if this boy isn’t talented af and suddenly army’s wanna join their power and vote him into the top 11 and let the other talented boys flop… dear lord help me because THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THIS COMPETITION WHO MAY DESERVE IT MORE!!! but who knows maybe he’ll be really talented and v has good friend choices


“My mother used to tell me, ‘You may be the first to do many things, but make sure you’re not the last.’ I feel a responsibility to show young women what’s possible and to mentor them to own their power and fulfill their promise.”

- Kamala Harris is California’s first female, African-American, and Asian-American Attorney General and is aiming to become the first African-American female senator in almost 20 years.

Check out the in-depth Q&A with Kamala below!

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