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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Show Recap – Sunday May 21st

Note: This recap was written over several days, so please forgive the bizarre and inconsistent references to time.

What a bizarre, indescribable day. I think this is going to be more a recap of emotions (as I try to figure them out), but of course the cast gave us some beautiful and incredible moments too. I’ll do my best to talk about everything I can, but as I say, it was a little indescribable, and I’m still not sure how I feel.

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Summary: A freak of nature is what you are. Your special elemental powers make you a outcast in your family, school and everyday life… Until one day The Avengers team discovers you and your powers…

Warning : Violence, Family issues, angst, swearing.

Notes: Hello lovelies! If you guys have requests please send them to me, as well as any suggestion or advice for my fics! I’m still getting used to writing them so your suggestions would be helpful. Thank you♥


The nasal sound of the school bell woke you from your daze. Your head snapped up and you rubbed your eyes. Student began to file out of the classroom, chattering about their drama in their lives or the latest gossip going around. You began to trudge out the classroom slowly, half asleep from the boring lesson your teacher had droned on about for the past hour.

When you packed up all your school things you headed out to the parking lot and sat in you car. Staring out at the sunny day. You sighed and worried about returning home. You had left in anger and tears. You checked in your mirror the dark inky bruises around your neck. You pulled your scarf up, hiding the signs of abuse. Living with an alcoholic father wasn’t the easiest and especially not when he blamed you for the accident that killed your mother. It was the typical sob story. But it was different for you since you had to live with it. Sympathy of other would only go so far, so you learned to shut up and take it.


A glass flew by your head and you ducked quickly, feeling the wind whistle as it sailed and smashes against the walls.

“ You stupid bitch” yelled your father, he was marching towards you and you cried out as he grabbed you neck. You gasped for air and your vision clouded from the tears streaming down your face. You choked for air. You scratched at his hands, hoping to loosen the grip. Right then, the heavens shone upon us and the doorbell rang. Your dad quickly let go and ran to the door. “Get out of here” he snarled at you and you bolted out the backyard door.

*flashback end*

You started the car hesitantly and decided it’s best too not return home. You drove out the school parking lot and decided to head downtown. You saw the faded sign of a outdoor cafe. You parked near by and sat at one of the wooden tables. As you waited for service, you observed a man walking behind a small child, in a predatory manner. You squinted suspiciously and with a flick of your hand, the wind obeyed your will and pushed against the man at a full force, knocking him down. The girl turned and saw this, quickly giggling and running away.

You felt more peaceful knowing you helped someone. The waiter came in and mumbled the specials, you ordered a tea and waited.

The scene was silent until the sound of gunshots pierced through the air. Screaming and the sound of bodies hitting the ground with a audible thump was sickening. You stood up and ran towards the middle of the street searching for the threat. Then you saw it. 20 or so soldiers fighting viciously against the famous avengers. You stood in shock as you saw THE Captain America. You where scared but in awe as well. The gun shots increased as more enemy soldier flanked them. You knew they where losing. Ironman, Vision and Falcon where whizzing through the sky and the rest on the ground fighting.

After what seemed like an eternity of standing you willed yourself to move. You Knew you could help them win, but were you ready to reveal your powers? The same powers which caused your own family to hate you? The screams of citizens broke a octave higher and you winced. You pushed your doubts aside and ran towards the fight.

You manifested large flames and pinpointed the enemy soldiers. You flung your arms forward, channeling the flames towards the enemies, being careful not to burn the avengers. In a matter of moments the enemy soldier where scorched and the serving where taken care of by the team. You gasped knelt on the ground from the energy it took. Your breathing was heavy and you closed your eyes.

You opened your eyes when you felt a arm pull you up. It was Steve Rogers and you almost fainted in his arms.

“Are you alright?” He asks kindly. I nod my head not being able to speak from the adrenaline.

“ Are you alright is all you can ask when she just torched everyone,” yells Tony Stark from the sky. He descends down to you and suddenly your surrounded by the Avengers team.

“ Come on guys giver her some space, I think we’re scaring her,” murmurs Nat in her velvety voice. Your mouth was dry and you where at a loss for words. You felt your stomach twist at all the events that just occurred.

“ kid, you want to explain what just happened there” Tony said to you.

“Well… I I uh have always had these powers.. and um you seemed in need.. so I um helped?” Your voice squeaked at the end and you cringed.

“ Hm, well you helped us quite a bit ” Replied Steve.

Tony seemed in thought for a moment, and you didn’t know what to day next so you stared at the ground hoping it would swallow you from this awkward situation.

“Okay sweetheart, you’re coming with us now. You gota, with those powers you really don’t have a choice” says Tony with a smile.

From then you knew your world would be very different.


Sorry if that sucked :/ should I do a part 2? Promise I’ll make it more exciting this was more of a intro to the idea 😊


                                     EXO Halloween Series ; Sehun as Siren / sī′rən /

“the poets represent them as beautiful creatures inhabiting the rocks on the sea-shore, whither having allured passengers by the sweetness of their voices, they put them to death.”

Thoughts on Monsta X: Fighter

Just things I caught and thought would be something we should keep in mind for the next comeback an incoming theories.

First of all in the first scene Shownu is punching a wall, he’s fighting himself basically. I would like to point out he is almost always has shadows in his scenes whether in the background or just there. I feel like when Shownu was “knighted” by Jooheon he truly accepted the darker side of himself. He let go. He probably lost the will because of the death of his grandfather.

Jooheon is most definitely the ring leader of all this. He’s like a cult leader of some sort.

Minhyuk and Hyungwon are in a hospital room, but they are wearing straight jacket type clothing? Later on in the mv Jooheon brings out pills, very similar to the matrix (which could hint that this is either all a simulation of some sort and is just experiments Jooheon is takin on the members), and pay attention to which colour pill/candy they eat. Hyungwon purple and Minhyuk blue. This might be helpful in the future since Wonho did point out colours are important.

Kihyun is shown dragging something in a sack. It appears to have blood or a thick liquid seeping out of it. Then there’s the mysterious who points at him. I have no idea who this could be but somehow Kihyun finds himself near a door with an X on it. Inside is a “farm” of those flowers. Maybe the X clan really are the bad guys, they promised the lost boys a better future, an escape from the dystopian type government but maybe in the end it was all a lie. They were fed these flowers to cloud their conscience. Or something like that. It could also explain why Shownu is in a cage with lots of smoke, smoke from the flowers. It’s turning him into a “bad guy”.

I’m sorry I’m jumping from scene to scene but let’s get to the part where Jooheon is in a nurses/hospital uniform. When he enters the boys (Hyungwon,Minhyuk) are clearly distraught. This backs up the fact that he’s the leader, the all night powerful bad guy who controls them.

Let’s note that in the scene where Jooheon knights Shownu, they’re teddy bear minions behind him. Later you see Changkyun with ripped up teddy bears (with the exception of one) and he’s playing a game. he clearly is defying the cult/clan. He’s in control of his own game, Jooheon does not have power over him. But he’s then shown in a tunnel on a bike. Maybe he’s confused on how to escape from the clan. Maybe it’s too late for him.

Edit: Changkyun is missing from the end part. This could mean he escaped. (Though I doubt it). Them running in the hallway could be the order in which they escape. First Changkyun, Wonho, Minhyuk, Jooheon, Shownu, Kihyun and ten finally the most innocent one Hyungwon.

Now the machine. Wonho is seen making it. (Another mastermind, or a puppet under Jooheon’s control?) he holds up a metal crossbar, that I think alludes back to Hyungwon’s father in All In. I’m not exactly sure what the machine will do but it seems that they think it will get them closer to the ‘heart’ which is basically their objective. Noting that there’s only four of them. The heart is shown with more defining features unlike the last one which hints they are closer. But is this heart really a good thing? Maybe it’s not their heaven but their hell they’re working towards. I don’t know I just ramble on about things.

We Need You



We Need You

Author: thewarblerette

Characters: Erik Lehnsherr, Lydia Johnson (my OC), Logan Howlett, Charles Xavier, and Hank McCoy

Summary: Lydia Johnson returns from a five year absence from the Xavier Mansion. She left two years before the kids got drafted, trying to find more info about her powers and how to be stronger.

Author’s Notes: Hey you guys! I ran my story idea across my main friend Zade and they were like YAS DO IT PLS. So here is a new story with my OC, Lydia Johnson and her romance with Erik Lehnsherr, and how she helped everyone in DOFP. Enjoy the first chapter folks <3 Oh yeah and if you wanna read the other chapter that have already been published you can go to my fanfiction.net account named thewarblerette


Lydia looked upon the old mansion with melancholy. She remembered the Academy in it’s heyday. The classrooms bustling, the hallways roaring with laughter, and the Professor overjoyed. Amazed that the work that he and Erik started could still continue. Erik. Oh, Lydia felt a pang in her heart at the though of him. She shook her head. Lydia didn’t want to think about


part of her past. She opened the iron gate, it creaking behind her as she walked up the extended driveway. Lydia didn’t notice the Pontiac on the street. Everything about the place seemed empty. The trees were drooping. The flowers were dead. Not a person in sight. It’s like as soon the students left, the life in the house went with it. When Lydia came to the front door, she was confused to hear sounds coming from the house. Grumbling and murmuring was all that Lydia could hear. She knocked on the large, ancient door and waited. The slight clamor that was on the other side of the door quieted down. Lydia heard the sound of someone shushing another. The door opens a little with a curt response. “What do you want?” Lydia smiled. “Aw, Hank. Why you gotta be like that when talking to an old friend?” “Lydia? Is that you?” The door opened wide, a small smile on Hank’s when he saw the curly haired beauty in front of him. Lydia ran in his arms and laughed as he swung her in his arms. Her lips embraced his cheek as she looked up at him. “How are you? How’s everything? How’s Charles?” Her questions were met with a weary stare from Hank. “Well, uh…,” he looked back at the two men behind him. Lydia’s smile went away as she saw the men. A gruff man with a intimidating gaze, and the other was a clearly disheveled Charles. Lydia’s eyes tracked down to his legs. He was


Lydia rushed over towards him, hugging him. His arms hesitantly wrapped around her. “Lydia! Dear god, where did you come from?” She scoffed at him. “You’re wondering about me? Charles, you’re


He coldly laughed. “Yes, love. I am. I’ll tell you about this later. But, right now, we have more important things to take care of by what this man is telling us.” Charles gestured to the mysterious man. Lydia stared at him. “I don’t know you.” “Logan. My name’s Logan,” he said. The man’s voice was just as deep as his appearance makes it out to be. “I’m Lydia.” She stood her ground next to Charles. “I don’t know you though.” Logan simply stated. His eyes were searching her face. “You’re not in my future.” Lydia eyes turned into slits at that statement. “What do you mean


” Charles answered that question for her. “It’s a long story. One that deals with the government taking Raven and using her power to destroy mutants.” A horrified look came on Lydia’s face. “What?” “I’ll explain more on the way,” Logan started. “However, you need to come with us. There’s a chance you’ll be able to be in the future if you help us.” “Her powers are amazing,” Hank interjected. Lydia laughed. “Thanks, Hank. And I’ll do it. I want to try out my powers.” Logan slightly smiled. “Great. We need you.”


Sunday aka Study Day for me !

Just converting my power point notes on The Integumentary System into my notebook. If you guys didn’t know I like to take notes on my laptop then re-write them when I get home. I feel like I retain more information for seeing and re-reading the material over agin. I’m so sad we’re going to be leaving Histology. (*cries a little*) But next week we get to see the new cadaver they installed. So far, Anatomy looks like it’s going to be an interesting class to say the least.

*I’m going to be doing a review of the Stabilo Point 88 & Muji’s set of 9 pens ASAP !
**I hope you guys are having a lovely weekend !

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