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this is the second time in doing this , this fandom is dYING FOR REAL


Character Development

Other fandoms: look at our child so grown up, pass the depression, pass the sadness, now they know happiness, they get along with others, they go on adventures, they are no longer selfish, they found confidence, the future is brighter and everything’s gonna be alright because we have our faith in them that they will thrive and -

YOI fandom: fudging hell yuri katsuki you ain’t no cinnamon ball you power top viktor like there’s no tmrw i bet my 50 bucks on it

  • <p> <b>Person:</b> "So what are you doing in your life?"<p/><b>Me:</b> "I'm a professional same-gender twosome tester, with remarkable abily of resistance to drownsiness and a high cerebral activity and imagination during the execution of the task, operating in multiple existing and not settings."<p/><b>Person:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> "I ship gays."<p/></p>
Time is running out.

…For several things.

We haven’t talked much on this blog about the reason this auction is happening. But everyone here knows: tomorrow is a terrible day. Whether you are marching in DC, or closer to home, or watching the protests from your laptop, or trying to blot it all out by playing Candy Crush Saga, there’s no forgetting about it completely.

But we are not powerless. There are things we can do. Some of them start tomorrow. One of them is tonight.

This is our last night to raise money for the fantastic charities and organizations who will need our support so badly in the coming years. This is the last night to come together, across fandoms, to show the world – and ourselves – how powerful we can be, together, as fans.

These are the last few hours to put some money toward a good cause, to give another fan a project they can do to fight back, to give yourself something positive in the future, and to create fan works that will enrich our communities.

Bid on an auction or two now.

When you’re in a fandom, and you’re getting pissed about something you don’t like the source material doing, ask yourself this: is it a kids show?

If the answer is yes, ask yourself this question: am I a kid?

If the answer is no, then remeber this; kids shows are not intended to have the same kind of complex character development of a show intended for a grown up audience is. It’s lovely when a kids show can be entertaining for everyone, but kids shows can’t always cater to more mature themes or audiences, especially when their main function is to entertain kids, and receive the parental approval that translates into sale of merchandise.

So next time you go to bash a show you’re a fan of for not doing exactly what you and other adult fans want, remeber you’re not necessarily the target audience, and that you should be grateful that the series is being made at all.

Also, on an unrelated note, remeber that the original run of Young Justice failed mostly because toys for that show didn’t sell well.

So here’s a very interesting line that Cole says about Fen’harel in Trespasser:

It does make me wonder what it could mean to be worshipped as a god in, in Solas’s words, “a world where imagination shapes reality”

Worship makes you more.

Pete once said of Bronx...

…that he didn’t want to put photos of him on the internet anymore, because he wasn’t old enough to decide for himself if he wanted to be someone’s LJ icon, yet.

I know we all adore Patrick, we all want to be his kids’ doting internet aunties and uncles, but until they give us the material, the best thing we can do to honour his wishes and treat him with the love and respect we all have, is to not post or share things that were never meant for our eyes. 

I really, really get how excited people are - even wanting to know the name is understandable, because we all care and want to share our happiness for them - but things like this in the past have already damaged Patrick’s relationship with the fans. Right now, we have an opportunity to mend that, by having that information and making the collective decision to not spread it further - showing that we care about what he thinks and his family’s privacy more than having this piece of gossip. 

Make a choice.