power of spade

the king lifts his thin veil of deception; corruption drowns his veins 

                            What is it your wish to confess ?

Father, I wish to tell you about my first mariage to Prince Arthur, His Majesty’s older brother. He never knew me. I swear to you, under the sacramental oath I was intacta e incorrupta da lui comme venne dal ventre di sua madra.

                             I want to be be clear. You say you were untouched and unviolated by Prince Arthur as when you came from the womb of your mother?

Yes, Father.

                            So you came to the king’s bed a virgin, intacta e incorrupta?

Yes, Father…. Father, I say in all humility I cannot accede to your request. I am the true and legitimate wife of His Majesty.  Therefore your proposal is inadmissible. Come what may I will live and die in that vocation to matrimony to which God has called me. (…)

                             Furthermore, I give you permission to break the seal of the confessional and tell the whole world what I have told you.

                              My child, do you have a confession?

Yes. I confess my innocence before God. I solemnly swear, on the damnation of my soul, that I have never been unfaithful to my lord and husband, nor ever offended with my body against him. I do not say that I have always borne towards him, the humility which I owed him, considering his kindness and the great honor he showed me and the great respect he always paid me. I admit too, that  often I have taken it into my head to be jealous of him. But God knows, and is my witness, I have not sinned against him in any other way. Think not I say this in the hope to prolong my life. God has taught me how to die and He will strengthen my faith. As for my brother and those others who were unjustly condemned, I would willingly have suffered many deaths to deliver them, but since I see it pleases the King, I will willingly accompany them in death.With this assurance : that I shall lead an endless life with them in peace.

                             Master Kingston. Please go and make sure to report my Lady’s true and last confession, so the world will know it

joneryslover  asked:

I dont know if im doing this right, but uh, maybe the comapnions reaction to the ss attemptomg to bury they're spouse and having a break down.

You’re doing it purrfect, don’t worry :3

Cait - Feels bad for them, tries to get them away from the shovel, after they start crying furiously, she brings them down with her and just holds them in a firm embrace, as they cry. She doesn’t speak, she feels like she’d only make things worse.

Codsworth - Can’t bear to watch and feels grief. Rather goes away, as he feels he could only make things worse, he was not prepared for this.

Curie - Tries to comfort them, holds their head in her hands and says sweet, calming things to them, until they agree to go away and let other people do it for them.

Danse - Steps out of his power armor and takes the spade from SS. “Take as long as you need, soldier”, is what he says, as he digs the hole for SS’s spouse.

Deacon - Stands nearby awkwardly and tries to think of what should he say to help a little, ends up trying to make SS believe a story of a gypsy that was able to bring dead back to life. SS doesn’t belive him, naturally, but it calms them down a little and they bury SS’s spouse together.

Dogmeat - Whimpers, gives SS a lot of reasurring dog-kisses, before they calm down.

Hancock - As soon as he hears a sob coming from SS, he runs to them and hugs them, whispering soft sentences to them. He leads them away and makes other folks bury the spouse, he sits down with SS and lets them talk before they calm down.

MacCready - He understands what it’s like to lose to one you love, so he puts his hand on SS’s shoulder and says that he’s here for them.

Nick Valentine - He knows a little something about losing loved ones as well. He embraces SS and helps them bury Nora/Nate. After that, he goes with them someplace calm and talks with them about their spouse and his, or Nick’s Jenny. After such afternoon, they both feel better and feel like they can finally put it behind them.

Piper - Doesn’t really know what to do, ends up huggin SS with them crying into her shoulder. After a while, they both calm down and they finish burrying Nate/Nora

Preston Garvey - Feels grief for his general. Gets a shovel and helps them, after that, he insist they get some rest, as he holds their arm.

Strong - Leaves them be, he dosn’t understand their grief.

X6-88 - Expresses his regrets and helps them with burying, but doesn’t really comfort them.

freakinamask  asked:

I wish you would write a fic where it's basically pirates of the Caribbean with angels and demons because why not it seems right up your alley.

betwixt the devil and the deep sea

(His name was not always Jack Sparrow.)


He claws his way up from Hell blindly, not so much running toward as running from. (The cold slush of the third circle follows in his bones, a reminder.) He runs to the edge of Hell, where the ice gives way to the skin of the world, stretched thin as a drum. It breathes, in and out like a living thing.

When he steps onto the trembling skein it gives under him, and—

The feeling is alien and he is choking on it, lost in it, dizzy with the warmth all around him. He struggles to find which way is up and around and here. To understand where he ends and the-warmth-that-is-not-him begins. He has never died (he isn’t sure he can) but it might feel like this.

His sight clears slowly, and he is up to his neck in water, only water. He has never known water to be warm; its currents rock him, and he flails to keep his head above the waves. In every way he looks, the horizon circles him like arms. (When he breathes, the air is warm.)

The sun refracts on the water, scattering light into his eyes. All is quiet.

(He is so blinded, grateful, it takes him a while to notice the pain stealing under his skin with the tide.)

By the time he scrabbles to shore, his flesh is bubbling, peeling away blackened strips. Later, he learns it’s the salt—it makes the sea something close to holy water, a bulwark for the Divine Enemy’s precious apes. The ocean is a thing evil cannot touch.

He sits there and watches the tide come in and out, picking at his skin as it scabs over. His whole being aches, salt in his eyes and mouth; he is shivering and alone beneath a sky too wide to wrap his arms around, but it is not Hell. None of it is Hell.

His first attempt at laughter comes out grating and startled, waterlogged, choking. It sounds like the crash of the tide.

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kalashia  asked:

For the prompts, #35 for stevetony? :)

Here we go! This is a universe idea I’ve been thinking about for a long time, so I thought I would give it a try! Hope you like it. :D

There is a cut!

35 – “You don’t even have a clue about the things you do to me.”

Steve stretched slowly, reaching his forelegs out to grab at the blankets and pushing his hips back, tail swishing in the air and jaw cracking open. He shook his head, ears flicking. Next to him, Tony shifted in the nest of blankets. Steve rested one paw on Tony’s chest and dropped his weight sideways, landing half across Tony’s stomach and hips.

“Uhg, Steve, what –” Tony groaned and shoved ineffectually at him. “How do you manage to be heavier as a cat than as a six-foot person?”

Letting out a chuff of amusement, Steve twisted to rub the top of his head against Tony’s cheek. Tony shoved at him again, so Steve shimmed over further until he was laid out fully on Tony’s chest.

“It’s like four in the morning, Steve, go back to sleep, or I’m going to stop letting you on the bed.”

That wasn’t very likely. Steve flipped over and shoved his paws into Tony’s side, gently opening his paws so the tips of his claws tickled at Tony’s skin. Snarling, Tony shoved out from under him, crawled over him, and flopped onto the other side of the king bed. He wrapped himself up in the sheets, turning to face away from Steve. Dropping on to his stomach, Steve pressed his ears back and glared at Tony’s back. Tony twitched, getting himself settled, and Steve perked up. He ran his tongue over his teeth and watched Tony rubbing his feet together under the sheet. Flicking his tail against the blankets, Steve launched himself at Tony’s feet.

Yowling, Tony shot upright. “Steve! You’re a hundred and eighty pound panther, not a tabby, what the hell?!”

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School days
@wendigobros Ricardo had heard alot about the seemingly sleepy town if Beacon hills California. It is said to be the up and and coming place for teens, they left out the rash of murders and psychotic supernatural creatures. It seems that most of the humans had left and the only ones there were family to the supernatural creatures. This was the first year that beacon hills was all supernatural and the classes reflected that. The school board approved it as long as scored were high and the creatures were contained. Ricardo had just moved to the cities he had no idea about the supernatural treaty juat knew that his parents naught an house decorated it and left him there to survive. Today was his first day, all be was told was to be good and go to school. “ this is going to suck” as he walks into the school. The town had an odd energy but this school had that power in spades just alot more irratic.

robotsquid  asked:

All right so I never hardcore shipped Usagi/Mamoru when I was a kid but we're rewatching the 90's anime since I got the DVDs for Christmas and omg this last episode she heals him with the music box and tells him he's not alone that she's always going to protect him and just omggggg KILL ME DDDDD:

Time to talk about my ridiculous UsaMamo feelings?  Trick question, it is ALWAYS TIME to talk about my ridiculous UsaMamo feelings!

When the ‘90s anime got things right with them, it really did a lovely job, and that scene was incredibly touching.  In those final episodes, you really felt her desperation to reach him and I just keep thinking about the struggle both of them were under in that moment.  Usagi, knowing that this wasn’t him, that he was forced into this, that this wasn’t his choice, she knows that.

More and more she’d been backed into a corner about what to do, she didn’t want to attack him, but her pleas were falling on deaf ears, even knowing that her Mamoru was somewhere underneath there.  And I will always be touched that it’s this moment of utter gentleness and protectiveness that heals him, that it’s not about busting through to him with her sheer power, even though Usagi has that power in spades.  It doesn’t matter that she’s this huge powerhouse, because her heart is all about love and protection, she holds out the music box and reaches him with her feelings because she loves with her whole heart.

And then I think about Mamoru struggling under the Dark Kingdom’s power over him, that this isn’t him at his core at all, that this isn’t his choice at all, that they put everything they could into him (because Mamoru’s always been open to psychic power, because he’s more “open”, I think he’s more susceptible to that kind of thing) and he’s drowning under that, he has no sense of himself left.

Not until this gentle girl that he loves reaches out with her heart, not until this gentle girl reminds him that he’s not alone and that she’ll protect him, not until his life finally has that missing piece that he lost when he was a kid in the accident, someone that’s really and truly there with him, that he can be together with, not until then does he find the strength to break free of all of that.  To reach out to the music box locket because nothing, NOTHING can shake either of them from the foundation of how much they’re connected to each other at their very cores.  Whatever else you pile on top of that, you can’t take away that Usagi and Mamoru love each other to the very bottoms of their hearts.