power of soshi


☆Alpha Exhibition ① to ⑤☆
Sora: Alright~, today is the long awaited Alpha! Super eyeglasses at the fully opening power!

Morihito: Super eyeglasses~! Let’s have fun whether the eyeglasses have power or not. (wry smile)

Soshi: I’m wearing eye-gla-sses…

Ren: If you called it like this…! I’m not nervous or anything. I will do my be-best!

Nozomu: It’s summer~! It’s Alpha ☆ Everyone, let your voice out loud, okay ~

☆Alpha Exhibition⑥-⑨☆
Koki: Fufu. Do you want me to have in Alpha?

Kensuke: Eyeglasses…somehow I’m shy (haha) Everyone, it’s really fun

Ryota: Preparation with this are perfect. There are Ayashii next to me.

Mamoru: Fuwahahaha! Alpha! -pha! -pha! It’s finally going to be held!

☆Alpha Exhibition⑩☆
Everyone: Welcome to the Alpha! Everyone, please enjoy!

huge thanks to yoongbella@ssf for making the above graphic for me! 

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Misunderstood members(Taeyeon)

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Taeyeon is another member of Girls’ Generation who is misunderstood by many people, 

When taeyeon debuted, she was very bright and energetic, she loved to play around with her members, she was very confident but things started to effect her badly,

Taeyeon’s life changed the most in 2014, with two scandals, taeyeon was accused of kicking jessica out of soshi, and also critized for falling in love with exo’s baekhyun

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Taeyeon suffered a lot during this time, by those who hated her, exo-l fans spammed her instagram with hate comments, she was shouted at in public, forced to apologize, she cried so many times, taeyeon became someone who wasn’t the kim taeyeon we all knew

instead of her smile, we saw tears, instead of her energetic self she became tired, and her depression sunk in deeper,

She was criticized for that to, many said she was faking it, or just exagerrating ,I’m sorry but depression can be different for everyone, so don’t act like you know it all,

And you know what, despite going through all those hardships, she continues to smile and perform for her sones, because sones are everything to taeyeon, just like her members are, 

I don’t care what people say about her, Taeyeon is one of the nicest sweetest girls you will meet, she is human and is allowed to show she’s going through pain, wouldn’t you?, 

You always say she is a bad leader, I disagree taeyeon always tries to make sure her members are all okay and well, a leader can only do so much, in terms of taeyeon should of done more about jessica, taeyeon has the same amount of power as soshi do, and that can not go up against sm, sm are the ones who decide all the huge decisions, not taeyeon

She never said she didn’t like jessica or hated her, you just spectulated this all through some pictures or videos, without even knowing the story, if you watch them, you’ll see taeyeon does like jessica she just didn’t know how to express herself sometimes

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If you want to know more about taeyeon, don’t read the media, or people’s rumours, watch her individually, or with her members, listen to her music, and you’ll know who exactly kim taeyeon is, her emotion while singing tells her story

She’s a very warm and loving girl who becomes lonely because of what she’s went through, even if you don’t like her, respect her and don’t write hate comments all over her instagram,  and one more thing, taeyeon is NOT fake.

let us continue to see her beautiful smile

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