power of salad


パワーサラダと ハッセルバックポテト☆☆

豆腐、豆、ひじき、野菜たっぷりの サラダは ボリューム感あり、オシャレサラダ。

スェーデン発の ハッセルバックポテトを 新ジャガで 作りました。

ベーコンを 挟み、ガーリックオイルを かけて カリッと仕上げに。

かえりちりめんと縦割りアーモンドで、アーモンドじゃこを 。
オヤツにも 最高 ‼︎

6月 梅雨時、パワーサラダで 体調管理 OK ♪♪♪

Grand Blues 765 Sutera and the Power of Girls

[Sutera has come to the mixer in order to work on her Girl Power.]
The Sharpshooter of Spring, Sutera: “At this party, I hope to learn about the Power of Girls from everyone!”

Su: “At this table, the one who seems like they’d have a lot of the Power of Girls is…” /glance

Rosetta: “If it’s about Girl Power, then leave it to me!
Su: “Ooh! Rosetta-dono! I would love if you were to teach me!”

Ro: “Well then, first is the basics of Girl Power! Divvy up that salad!”
Su: “Understood. Ah, but there’s no tongs, are there…”
Su: “Excuse me, I’ll quickly ask a waiter…”
Ro: “Hold it!!

Ro: “At times like these, a good woman is…”
Ro: “Always ready with tongs already!”
Su: “Personal Tongs!?
Su: So this… is the Power of Girls…!!

anonymous asked:

Why haven't we gone on a date yet? I'm caring, well-educated, and most importantly I make some amazing vegan stir frys, power salads, and açai bowls.

All I read was stir fry & I’m sold

My salad💚

I love to fill this bowl (which is larger than my face) with an assortment of kale, cabbage, sprouts, raw veggies & top with avocado +kimchi/sauerkraut.

Yesterday’s bowl featured kelp noodles, cherry tomatoes, tahini & snap peas.

I love these salads and eat a variation of this for lunch & another for dinner every day without getting bored. Some days I even eat salad for breakfast, I just love it so much!