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No-one objected to Moneypenny being black because public were not told, says Naomie Harris

“I think I was very lucky that it was never revealed I was Moneypenny until the movie was already out,“ she told Town & Country magazine. "People didn’t have a chance to say, ‘Oh no, we don’t want a black Moneypenny,’ because they didn’t know she was coming.”

And when they saw the film, they thought, hopefully, ‘OK, we can live with her.’ So there were no objections, which I’m really happy about.”

Harris has also spoken about the nuances of her character’s relationship with 007 in the latest Bond outing, SPECTRE.

She said: “I feel as though they have a much stronger and more mutually respectful relationship. The great thing about Moneypenny is that she’s not willing to cross that line, because for her the job is more important than the man. There’s something really powerful about that decision.”

Ms Harris also refused to consider nude scenes as part of her role in the latest installment in the Bond series. “I don’t feel it’s part of my job, I don’t like this sexualisation and objectification. It’s not what I’m about at all,” she said.

“I have always felt that kind of mission, I was never going to play stereotyped roles, and I was always going to show women, and particularly black women, in a positive light… I’m a feminist, and it’s very important to me to reflect that.

“Sam talked to me about his vision for Moneypenny and how he wanted her to be completely modernised, really different, a woman who women in the audience could identify with and admire.”

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Head cannon: kim being jealous cause now that Trini is out in school (assuming she did that) girls are hitting on her and she can't do anything because they're not dating (just acts overprotective), so onetime she does and Trini is like relax dude I'm totally into you.

Ignore the fact that I’ve never actually felt jealousy lmao.

Listen, she’s happy for Trini. Kim’s so glad that Trini was ready to come out, that she’s no longer feeling the need to hide that part of herself. Honestly, Kimberly is absolutely delighted about that.

The problem, though, is that now every wlw is hitting on Trini. At first, Kim brushed her annoyance and intense need to tell them to fuck off as simply looking out for her fellow Power Ranger. Of course, such a lie can only last for so long.

Usually, all Kim lets herself do is be…slightly overprotective. She’ll walk in on some girl flirting with Trini and she’ll say some shit like, “Oh, hey, Trini! Jessica, how nice to see you. Weren’t you supposed to meet Jake earlier? He’s looking for you.”

And, honestly, it’s pretty pathetic, but at the very least, it works. Most of the time, all Trini will do is quirk an eyebrow so Kim likes to think she’s being subtle about it.

One day, though, Kim can’t take it. Trini spends the entire day at school surrounded by beautiful, and most importantly, sapphic women. There’s no way she could get them to leave without being overtly suspicious and so Kim spends the entire day stewing in her annoyance and wallowing over her situation.

When the bell rings and the two of them are walking to the spaceship to train—Trini finally without her gaggle of annoyingly dumb fangirls—Kim explodes.

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Most/Least Psychopathic Professions

The most psychopathic professions, on the left, are thought to attract psychopaths due to the power involved and the tendency to reward objective, non-emotional decision making.

Those on the right, on the other hand, offer little power and need feeling-based decisions.

(Stats gathered from Time.com)


Prescilla is a jerk and also her entire crew is full of enablers! 

Moon Water

New Moon: Use for personal improvement, any kind of new beginning, health and protection. Use in spells, that will reveal secrets, money and employment.

The Dark Of The Moon: The last three days of the lunar cycle or the night before the new moon. Use for healing, renewal, divination, psychic spells and inner self meditation.

Waxing Moon: Use for healing, courage, luck, motivation and inspiration. Use when you want to draw something to you.

Waning Moon: Use to rid addictions, illness, and bad habits. Use when you want to release or send something away from you.

Full Moon: This is the time when the moon’s energy is the most powerful. Use for healing, guidance, decision making, completion spells, and more.

Looks like were not cool enough to be made into a Power Rangers team *sigh*

Yeah we know how it feels guys our wristbands even said “It’s morphin time!” we made it so easy for them.

At least they didn’t steal one of your members and all your shit while you weren’t looking.

Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out
The Antlers
Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out

every night my teeth are falling out | the antlers

one bad night i’ll hold the glass
until the glass can hold me down
and one bad night i’ll spill and spill
until my feet begin to drown

“Zeno s prophecy”-Soo Won s aim - a battle between humans beings and gods?

1.” Zeno s prophecy”

Zeno has sometimes the habit of spouting out predictions that you can easily think of prophecies….(Just that I am not sure, if they actually are prophecies…)

According to the little blond dragon, that lived for quite a while…

The peace between Kouka and Xing can not be achieved with “ordinary means”…

Conclusion: You need the “heavenly help” of the “Dragon Gods” that love King Hiryuu (or the young Red Dragon Yona)

2. Soo Won s aim

Zeno s trust in the “heavenly actions” is the clear opposite of Soo Won s point of view…of Gods that just watch….

Soo Won s reign depends much on the “power of the people”

His decision was answering Kouren s

and his own wish

Excluding any possible way to solve the problem with peaceful means…

So the party s solely basing their powers on the “human factor” met a dead end or (didn´t try to search for a peaceful solution….)

On the other hand…Zeno s prediction may come true…

Shortly after Zeno s words…it started to rain…as if the heaven would disagree with the battle…

After all on a wet ground it is harder to battle…..

I didn’t choose to break up - that was your decision.
And for the longest time I felt completely powerless because of it. Everything felt out of control…. I was out of control.
I cried all the time, I either slept too much or not at all, I struggled to work and my relationships suffered because I didn’t want to see anybody anymore. The pain of everyday life became so overwhelming I just wanted to lock myself in a dark room and never come out.
I hated that feeling of powerlessness … Knowing there was nothing I could say or do to make you change your mind. You were gone and you were never coming back… and worse still - I couldn’t even control my own emotions any more. It felt like everything was slipping away … like I was losing everything because I’d lost the one person in the world I’d loved the most.
But then I realized I could change it all with the power of a single decision… A choice I had the power to make; that I alone was in complete control over….
I could either give up on ME or give up on YOU.
It really was that simple.
Either give up on myself and let my whole life fall apart just because one person left it… or give up on you by realizing that if you didn’t care about me anymore – then you weren’t worth the love I was putting into you.
But I WAS worth it. 
And that’s when I decided to give up on YOU…. and learn to love ME instead.
Imagine Your Brother, Jim Gordon, Learning That You're Dating Jerome

(This was requested a long time ago. Sorry for it being so late!)

Jim Gordon was your older brother. But he also had guardianship over you. That meant not only was he super overprotective, but he always held all the power in making decisions for you.

Jim didn’t know you had a boyfriend. You weren’t allowed to date until you were eighteen. But there was something about Jerome that made you want to break the rules.

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Umm, how do I address it? I don’t. I mean I don’t address it because those people don’t have the power to make those decisions, and thankfully so. Otherwise, our comics, all of our stories would look the same for generations and generations and I find that terribly boring. Terribly boring. So thankfully the people that are in charge, Geoff Johns– who know’s what he’s doing, you know he’s created a lot of great comics that people enjoy–so when someone like that gives me their stamp of approval it’s not ‘for the sake of diversity’ it’s for the sake of, he knows that Iris West will be done justice. For, you know, it’s the same thing when he’s casting Wally West, it’s not ‘for the sake of being diverse’ it’s for the sake of creating a great television show.

It’s important for comic book generations to come, kids to see themselves in story lines. It’s really important. I can’t tell you how many people come up to me and say they see themselves on TV for the first time as a leading lady, as a heroine, as an ingenue, as the beautiful woman. That doesn’t happen often, it’s important that young Black girls, young Asian girls, young Indian girls and boys get to see themselves on TV as not just stereotypes.

So it’s extraordinarily important, and to the comic book fans that don’t want to see that happen, I hate to be flippant, but ‘too bad’. There’s going to be more of it. There’s going to be more of it.

Candice Patton [x]

The question was: “ On social media whenever Flash was going to be reintroduced and it was announced that you were going to be playing Iris, and then more recently you have the new kid who’s gonna be Kid Flash, there was some discussion that some of the old time comic readers, like me, has been talking about diversification of characters for the sake of being diverse. How do you as an actor address that? So that way, whenever a die-hard comic book person says ‘that character can’t be Black’, ‘that character can’t be gay’, ‘that character can’t be Asian’ because they’re always white in the comic?”