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Star Trek + Social Commentary (context in the captions)

Men, especially cis straight white men, saying “what if it was the other way around huh?” with literally zero concept of power dynamics or historical context is one of the most boring things in existence

Kiss of life


Doctor Who + Out Of Context DnD Quotes

Bonus Best Enemies:

I went to see TGC for the nth time yesterday, and it made me remember back to when we were all so fkn thirsty for the deleted so-called “breakfast scene” from TSS. Remember how gutted and pissed we all were that Vaughn decided to cut it? We all agreed, myself included, that it was a terrible decision.

But now that I’ve seen how he’s used the scene in TGC, I am so so thankful that Vaughn did cut it out from TSS. He may not have cut it for the right reasons at the time, but damn, that scene inserted into TGC now becomes 2000% more powerful in the context as one of Eggsy’s most treasured memories of Harry. Such a beautiful scene would now seem wasted if it had been used in TSS as merely another training sequence between Harry and Eggsy.

Seeing Eggsy being choked up with that memory was worth the long wait to finally see the “breakfast scene.”

And Taron Egerton absolutely nailed it.

The Power of The Piss Bucket

Context: I DM for my boyfriend and his dad. In our first session, my boyfriend (a dragonborn paladin) found a piss bucket in his cell, carried it around with him, and subsequently broke it. He collected the shards of the wooden bucket, stubbornly insisting that they’d be important later. A few sessions later, the party arrives at a forge that was selling overpriced weapons.

Paladin: I pull out my piss bucket shards and hold them out to the woman. I tell her “These shards hold immense magical power. Many a scholar have told great tales about these wooden shards, and people would kill to have them.”

DM: …roll persuasion

Paladin: *rolls nat 20*

DM: *sigh* you somehow convince this woman that the shards hold immense power. She gleefully trades with you, and gives you not one, but two +1 weapons.

Blacksmith: thank you, kind sir! I can’t believe you’d trade me such amazing, powerful artifacts for only two measly weapons!!

Paladin: yeah I can’t believe it either


I grew up an only child in a suburb of the city
Spent my days alone my only friend was a stray kitty
Called Sardine
I thought it was hilarious to call a cat a kind of fish
She played hard to get, hissing while she scratched me
What she was trying to say was, “Ogie come and catch me”
I learned quickly, that perseverance stood between
A cat and her new best friend, me!

Moana + Musical Theatre Part 2/?: Never Ever Getting Rid of Me, from Waitress

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hey, do you guys have any good reccomendations for protest music? thanks !

White People for Peace- Against Me!

Democracy- Adolescents

Riot- Dead Kennedys

DESTROYA- My Chemical Romance

Fables of Faubus- Mingus Big Band

Victim of Me- Descendents

Hot To The Touch, Cold On The Inside- Fall Out Boy

Rebel Girl- Bikini Kill

American Idiot- Green Day

y’all are free to add any other songs

-mod kip

i’m tired

@motorcyclegirlfriends  sorry but homophobia, racism, etc. don’t need intention. discrimination happens with or without “i didn’t mean to.” the harm happened anyway. the cast portrayed blatant ignorance towards the fandom. not knowing about the impact of wlw ships and lgbt+ rep in media when you are an actual actor / actress on a show with a huge lgbt+ fanbase and canon gay and feminist stuff in it since season 1 is nothing more than ignorance and even ignorant towards comic book history and meanings and the literal context for this show. or why else would gail simone also raging about this shit?

they knew about supercorp for months now and to imply they only reacted that way because they don’t know about any lgbt issues on the matter is not only far reaching and a contradiction against their own half ass ally claims but furthermore an excuse to some straighties who cannot get over themselves because some fans are rude / annoying because their favorite ship isn’t gonna happen in canon. it also undermines the fact that fans are (mostly) rude because of the ongoing racism, homophobia, abuse and sexism in the show and against the characters, the female lead in particular. they have every right to be rude towards any of the people on sg responsible for the horrible writing and white straight male self-insertion and supremacy fantasies that was season 2 and probably not stopping in s3. if the actors on that show are not able to divert the emotions from fans from the content and statements these emotions and critics carry then they are just ignorant straighties portraying internalized homophobia and misogyny. 

the context for what happened is the constant mistreatment of wlw and lgbt+ in general (as in fans, actual content in the media and actors_actresses) and the ongoing unsolidarity from (mostly white) straight women who fail to solidarize with other women because of their internalized sexism, (racism) and homophobia called heterosexuality. (i’m a bit salty, but i mean it 80% of the time). it’s a fact that there will never be such a thing about a straight ship while romantic dynamics between two women aren’t even recognized (let alone represented in canon) because women don’t get to have any agency and freedom from the male gaze when it comes to desire, sex and love. and to further add to the context: please consider everything else happened and said on these two days from the cast members for one minute.

if you want to interpret the situation without the given context, fine, but don’t tell other people what’s homophobia and what’s not and don’t tell us to give the cast a free pass just because you are able to let this disrespect slide. we all know that homophobia and heteronormativity is real life canon all the time but that is why we seek a safe place in tv shows and fiction and can expect that actors and actresses are doing their job in a professional way. 

yes we all make mistakes and hopefully learn from all/most of them but this doesn’t deny the fact that some of the cast members behaved like lesbophobic shitheads and didn’t even react in a respectful and empathizing manner afterwards. this alone is harmful enough but please leave me alone with that patronizing splaining of the sdcc2017 shitshow. 

Friendly reminder:

When poc say they hate white people, they are expressing frustration from living in a white supremacist society. Don’t take it personally. If you are white and say you hate poc, you come from a place of more power and you encourage violence. Context matters. As such, poc cannot be racist because the systems they live in don’t allow them to hurt white people.

This has been a psa

DM Powers

Context the d&d party I was DMing was getting really bad rolls, only two or three rolls over 10 and theyve been lots of fights and other shenanigans

so they are sailing to a new continent and nobody has a sailor background so i roll for their journey

rolls nat 1

Me"lets try again" rolls nat 1

everyone “snickers”

Me"one last time" rolls nat 1

I then proceed to move the dice “there it’s a nat 20 you have a pleasant journey and swear the ship is magic as there were no troubles whatever" 

The ones who aren’t on phones Laughs

APH Germany 1945

Ludwig, das Symbol der Deutschen, wird durch ungünstige Umstände dazu gezwungen, die volle Verantwortung für die Ehre seines Landes auf sich zu nehmen, da sich der König als unfähig erweist. 

Ludwig, symbol of the Germans, is due to unfortunate circumstances forced to take full responsibility for the honour of his country, because the king proved to be unfit. 

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Do you think Rhaegar would have made a good king?


What little we know of Rhaegar’s political actions display mostly that he’s got a tin ear for the whole damn thing. Take his crowning Lyanna at the Tourney at Harrenhal - needless to say, in a society where marriages are an important part of gaining and consolidating power, it’s a bad idea to make romantic overtures to a powerful man’s daughter in front of her powerful fiance, in a context where it’s expected that Rhaegar would honour his wife! It’s not just callous, it’s foolish.

More damning in terms of politics (distinguished from the many scummy things he did in his personal relationships in the name of prophecy), I think, is this:

Rhaegar had put his hand on Jaime’s shoulder. “When this battle’s done I mean to call a council. Changes will be made. I meant to do it long ago, but… well, it does no good to speak of roads not taken. We shall talk when I return.”

- Jaime I, AFFC

Really? Really?

Aerys was a menace and a tyrant and Rhaegar’s words here would indicate that he knew this. Worse, he’s got a plan worked out. A plausible plan of action to have his father set aside and get some sort of consensus in the realm, and he’s neglected to, you know, act on it. Don’t know whether it’s laziness or cowardice or complacency or what - the key point is that Rhaegar knew his father was dangerous, knew he could do something about it, and failed to do anything about it. Lives depended on Rhaegar’s political initiative. Too bad he didn’t seem to have any.

In this very scene he’s just heading out to fight for his father and his father’s right to burn people alive without trial for accusing Rhaegar himself of rape. That’s not what he meant? How can anyone tell that’s not what he meant? Why would anyone believe that’s not what he meant, when his actions give the lie to his words?

No, Rhaegar’s not demonstrated much understanding of politics at all thus far, and he can’t be a good king without that.

  • Right-winger: Leftists call everyone fascists and it completely removes the power and context and evil of the word.
  • Right-winger: No need to silence my free speech with your criticisms, feminazi.
  • Right-winger: *holds up sign of Obama with a Hitler mustache*
  • Right-winger: All this demonization of the rich is literally the same as Kristallnacht.
  • Right-winger: Nazism is a socialist ideology, so all socialists are actually nazis. And seeing as most of the left today is made up of socialists, they're all actually nazis.
He ran with the power of soiling himself

Context: There is a Druid, a sorcerer, and a rogue(me) on a heist to steal unjust spoils of a corrupt tax collector. I was hired to send an intimidating message back.

DM: roll for intimidation

Rogue: rolls. 17

DM: he stops for a moment and you see him fall into fetal position. He has soiled himself.

Sorcerer: *casts sleep*

Druid: let’s both hold him down so Aerith(me) can do her thing.

Rogue oOC: I start carving the Sofia into his arm.

DM: roll a strength check(to the Druid)
you get advantage because you are being assisted.

Druid: *fails*

DM: uhmm okay and you?(rogue)


DM: you start to carve the sigil but as you go for the initials he sticks his butt into bey(Druid) s face and the smell of his soiled pants is enough to make you both let go of him. He runs away crying.


i want you so bad, it’s driving me mad