power negi

Drunk as fuck, dancing with odd girls. Interview with Jake from Power Negi Records!

So first just say a bit about yourself and what you do.

B Well, my name’s Jake and  I “run” Power Negi Records, I also do a distro with it too. I’m a whole 21 years old, about 6ft 2" and I have brown hair…
I also just started a degree in Fine Art in Nottingham, so I live here now as it’s amazing. I do a zine called Teenage Negligence and sometimes (rarely now) I put on shows. I’m also playing drums in a new band called Bad Dicks, expect something terrible!

A What made you want to start running a label?

B I started this label in late 2006 basically to put a name on releases I was doing for my band at the time, Moby-Dick. We did a split with German band, Ding Dong Dead - those guys play as Lentic Waters now and just had a new 12" out on React With Protest. Another thing that helped me start was the help of two people: Matt of Circus of The Macabre Records/ After The Last Sky and Alex the vocalist in Krupskaya - my favourite band of all time. Alex recorded our demo and our split and told me what DIY was about, until then I didn’t know much about it. Anyway, I loved the idea of a DIY ethos and decided to start my own label with the same ideals… so I did!

A What’s been the most satisfactory part about it all?

B The fact that I’ve been able to meet so many amazing people who I can now call my friends. I’ll reel off a few that have helped me out/ just been rad dudes to party with: Bastions, Goodtime Boys, Kasa, Ravachol, We Came Out Like Tigers, and The Long Haul. Some of those people have even been nice enough to take me on tour with them, thanks dudes!

A What’re your plans for the near future?

B I have a few plans release-wise, I guess I’ll use this to tell everyone what’s coming out in 2011/2012 - Ravachol “Great Moments In The Void” EP re-release (tape), Pine Barrens “demo” re-release (tape), Sloth(NL) EP (tape), Kasa/ Daighila split 7" and perhaps some other stuff. I don’t know how long it will all take, money is the only issue really but I’ll struggle on, making things as cheaply as  possible!

A If you could work with any three bands in the world, alive or dead, who would they be and why?
 B I think I’d just work with some of the bands I’ve worked with in the pass cause they’re such awesome dudes. One band I would have loved to release music by would have been Call Me Betty, the best band to come out of Germany. Another dead band would be 25 Dollar Massacre (people are always shocked when I say these are one of my favourite bands)

A What records have influenced you the most?

B Musically/lyrically my favourite records would be the three newest Punch records, they blow my mind. As well as that everything Daughters have done makes me buzz with excitement.
I get inspired by amazing artwork and packaging too, my friend Konsti at Gafas Del Rigor does the best looking tapes in the world. People might know him as the guy who did the Throats discography tape.
The packaging for the Moby-Dick/Ding Dong Dead split was inspired by the Ergon Carousel demo packaging, so thanks Holy Roar/D!L!P!R! for that!

A Is dancing with ‘odd girls’ something that you like to do or just something that comes with the job?

B Haha, I decided it was best not to reply last night as you might have got some drunken rubbish. I was drinking beers, watching fireworks on some sketchy fire escape “balcony” then dancing to terrible music with odd girls who were actually really nice. I like to do it, I don’t think they like it though…

A Would you prefer to be interestingly boring or boringly interesting?

B Are they not both the same? Would you like to be a robot with a human brain or an ant the size of a cat?

A And is there anything else you’d like to add?

B Erm, I was gonna list off some bands but maybe just go here: http://powernegi.tumblr.com/ and check all the bands/labels in the “rad dudes/rad bands” sections
And thanks a lot for this little interview, now I’m inspired to do some label work. I’ll probably just go to the cinema and watch the Sigor Ros film though…

The interwebs...

I have said this before and i will reiterate again now. We are terrible at using the internets, all of them. So apologies for the lack of updates, ever.

The first matter to address is the European Tour with the Long Haul…it was a bit good. We had the best time with the best of people. I wont go into too many details, but the shows were great, the promoters where great, the bands we played with where great. In all it was great. great. Thanks to anyone and everyone what we met, played with, and that put on a show/fed us/gave us a bed for the night.

Also an extra special thanks to Power Negi, Pennie, Toby and of course The Long Haul. SICK FIST!

To stop this turning into a ridiculously long post with too much writing the next few points will be a bit shorter.

The show with Suis La Lune & Pianos Become the Teeth was insane. i will re-blog a review of the show in a moment. both bands totally blew us away. had a smashing evening catching up with the Kerouac blokes again.

the not too distant future?…we are taking a little break to write for TWO actual records that will really be released.

1. A split with Goodtime Boys should be happening. followed by what will be the best tour ever, fact!

2. An ep/short record is planned, will be written and recorded and hopefully released by the years end. Touring will be done in support for this also.

various members will also be out and about with their other projects. Catch Porter playing with Ravachol. Luke paying with Holland and Thom playing his solo stuff.