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2013 Collector’s Edition Power Morpher $49.99

So from what I can read off of there:

  • SIZE: bigger than classic toy (110%)
  • LED: 4 (Red)
  • SOUNDS: Morphin’ Sound and Dinosaur Roar (5 Patterns)
  •                Classic “Go Go Power Rangers” Melody
  • Diecast Parts: 8 (medals, Covers, Grip)

So when they say Collector’s Edition…they really mean it.

Power Morpher From Mighty Morphing Power Rangers - Released by Bandai of America back in 1993

To kick things off, I’d like to start with a review of one of the most iconic pieces of 90’s history ever produced as a toy! THE MIGHTY MORPHING POWER RANGERS - POWER MORPHER!!! 



The first release of this toy was exclusively for Japan back in 1991 by Bandai called the Dyno-buckler. It came packaged with a belt buckle attachment and 5 ranger coins, namely, the tyrannosaurus, triceratops, mammoth, sabertooth and pterodactyl coins. They also released a second version which had all the accessories of the first one but had gold painted face plates and was packaged with the GREEN RANGER COIN! This version of the morpher remains to be one of the most sought after pieces of super sentai merchandise because this was never released internationally.

Bandai of America released their version a bit later, around 1993. The American or international version, the one most of us are familiar with, came packaged with the blade blaster and the 5 ranger coins. In Japan, these two toys were released separately. The American version though, did not include the belt buckle attachment that the Japanese version came with. Another notable difference was in regards to the decals. Firstly, the American version had the words “Mighty Morphing Power Rangers” as the japanese version had “Kyoryu Sentai Zyurangers” - for obvious reasons. And what was particularly weird with the American-International release was that the orientation of the morpher was flipped. If you remember watching scenes from the series, they had the morpher the other way around!

My morpher is a restored American / International version. You may have noticed, I had my decals made to be screen accurate with the words being only “Power” on top and “Rangers” at the bottom.


External image

The main gimmick of this toy was it’s pop-open feature that was accompanied with blinking lights and a continued “pewewewew” sound once you press the red button on the side of the toy. The coins were interchangeable so you could morph into the Power Ranger of your choice! It was pretty simple compared to the toys we have today but in my opinion, it was just perfect! I really love how retro it sounds… “pewewewewew" 

External image

I love this toy so much! My first one, I received decades ago from my parents back when I was in grade 2! I loved it so much back then! But being a kid, you eventually get tired of things so it was given away along with a bunch of my toys. (Hopefully though, the kid who got it after me loved it as much as I did :D) It was only years later that I got back into the whole super sentai shabam that I regretted having given it away. Fortunately though, I was able to snag myself one earlier this year (and for cheap too!) and had the chance to restore it just recently!

This toy remains to be one of the most iconic and sought after toys of our generation! and for good reason! It’s simplicity, detail, and nostalgic appeal makes this my favorite toy to date! 

And before I forget; POWER RANGERS celebrated it’s 19th Anniversary just yesterday! Happy Birthday Power Rangers! 

Next Entry - Power Morpher Restoration Tutorial! 

Wasting time at work so ill post my power morphers/bucklers!

Three 93’ power morphers two with metal plates (Saving up to grab a silver one online) two with Zyuranger stickers one with power rangers.

Also with weathered power coins, tribe coin included.

And one legacy power morpher!

I plan to get twomore morphers…hopefully. One 93 to make into Tommy’s morpher and one legacy to keep mint. :3


Ladies and gentlemen, presenting…the new Power Morpher. Let the hunt begin! This one was found by RB member Danakin in Nevada. Start checking stores near you in the coming days.

Can I like, not get any red envelope money and just have this for Chinese New Year instead? XD I’m going to wind up spending some of the cash I get every year at some point anyway…