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DL Lost Eden Vol. 01-04 Covers [Cleaned]


So I made a Spongebob Comparison meme based on Power Rangers. I’m sorry but I had to. Do you get it? x}

Me to The Clave:

Сhapter 522

Gray: Therefore, I know I do not even care about my life
I am not gonna die for everyone’s sake so easily
Zeref: This… This magical power…. Lost attribute!!?
Gray: That’s right…. No one will remember me
I will erase my existence from my friends’ memories
I will erase all of my life, existence, memories about me, and my magical power
Lost Iced Shell!!!! 

Сhapter 523



Saban’s Power Rangers

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers premiered 23 years ago, on August 28, 1993.

  • Stiles, fidgeting: I have a confession to make.
  • Derek, eyebrow raise: Okay.
  • Stiles: I’m telekinetic.
  • Derek, earth-quaking sigh: I’ll bite. Show me.
  • Stiles, drops fries & licks fingers: Ok, prepare yourse-
  • *smirking at Derek's jeans*
  • Welp, that worked quicker than anticipated.
  • Derek, growly blushing: That’s not telekinesis, Stiles.
  • Stiles, smirking: Telekinesis...TeleKINKnesis. Semantics. Works for me.

theme: african american/black rangers


22 Years of Power Rangers

APH | seborga and monaco

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anonymous asked:

Does Diego have any quirks from being part dinosaur that are weird or make life harder?

DIO: He has taken to stalking my son and the neighboring pets in spare time.

DIO: Sunbathing or just napping on the roof of my car. 

DIO: Oh and lets not forget the worst of his quirks anonymous fellow. Luckily I, DIO am spared this one. He seems to go to that one crippled boy with offerings. I do find this to be amusing.