power junction

Setlock Recap, 7.10.16

Setlock Recap, 7.12.16

  • Benjamin Caron gave us a warning about a tripping hazard. He also posted a picture later in the day of a power line junction, but as the picture was untagged and uncaptioned, it’s unclear if it relates to filming (perhaps today’s location) or not.
  • Nic Pringle also gave us an unconfirmed setlock pic of a warehouse-type building that could have been from today’s filming location.
  • We got a brief quote from Toby Jones, saying “About the only thing I’m allowed to reveal is that I’m indeed a baddie… I think that even, I’d say, I’m really bad.”
  • Richard Crehan, one of the supporting actors playing a fisherman in Tenby, said he was headed back to Cardiff, but it’s unclear if that’s for more Sherlock filming or not.
  • Supporting actor David Kirkbride’s CV updated to list him as playing a policeman in episode 2.