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I want Knights of Ren who couldn’t give a single fuck about Snoke but would burn the galaxy to ash for their Master Kylo. 

I want a group of young Force sensitives, not Jedi, but not Sith either, playing at an ancient order that they only know about because young Ben Solo found them in some old holocron unearthed from a Jedi temple. 

I want them to be proud and naive and maybe just doing this for shits and giggles. 

Or maybe they cling to each other because a galaxy that doesn’t believe in the Force anymore is not kind to it’s chosen. So when a handsome young man came to them and promised them power and protection they jumped at the chance. Rey is spectacularly powerful in the Force, but offering to teach is something Kylo Ren does to every frightened kid he comes across.  

Pastel boyfriends (code names: Milk and Meat Bun)

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DO YOU KNOW ANY POWER BOTTOM FICS?? (and don't give me that straight shit I only do gAY)

Leave it up to me to take 6 months to reply to an ask

Camboy Meets What? - Some Jikook; camboy!Jimin, power bottom Jimin

Gifts and anniversaries - yoonseok; power bottom Yoongi

 I’m Good With My Emotions (And Really Bad at Dealing With You) - A/B/O yoonmin; power bottom Jimin

wanna jump up in my lamborghini gallardo - Jikook; power bottom Jimin

 Quiet - Taekook; power bottom Tae

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consider: misala, or mila and sala, the real yuri on ice

 -they meet a figure skating competition in florence, mila, the favoured skater by all, sala, the underdog with a bright future. its rivalry at first sight, both of their competitive streaks not fading for a second as they move onto the ice. mila is sure in her abilities, in her sheer strength in power in her jumps, but she isnt cocky. the moment shes left the kiss and cry, shes watching sala as she skates onto the ice, confident despite not a spectator outside her country knowing her name. and she watches in earnest as sala pulls off a performance with grace she can only dream of, watches as the crowd is silenced into adoration as her program ends after what feels like a millennium that had passed in seconds. in seconds, all rivalry is thrown out the door. she comes in second that day, but spends the entire night drinking in her hotel room and asking if italian cuisine is as good as its said to be. 

 -they hit it off from there, phone numbers exchanged, skype calls and text messages sent during times not on the ice. sala is one part cheer and two parts cheek, teasing even mila, whose known for her antagonistic mannerisms, to a flush in seconds. it doesnt stop mila from retaliating, from sending the girl who exists in bright smiles and beautiful into looks of shock and surprise when she spends a competitions earnings to visit her and sweep her off her feet for real. sala doesnt admit it, ever, but she loves how strong mila is, how she can pick her up in seconds and lift her with ease. you shouldve done pairs, sala teases, poking her cheek. only if you join me, mila responds, sing-song with a wink.

 -friendship turns to romance before either girl has an inkling of whats happened. touches become frequent at competitions, either girl leaning over the boards during programs and watching with glee as the other performs, mila, hollering with excitement, sala, silently beaming with pride. the first time sala notices her eyes lingering on mila’s thighs as she jumps is the same day mila kisses her in the halls. she’s just gotten off the ice, hairline slicked with sweat, smile wide and cheery across her face. when she spots sala, she bolts, tackles her into a hug and brushes their lips together before the other has any idea of whats happened. they’re practically the only ones there, and sala cant even bring herself to worry about cameras when mila is lifting her by the waist and smiling against her lips. ive wanted to do that for ages, sala tells her. mila laughs, says, at least one of us had the balls. 

 -michele, as much as sala loves him, is an idiot. she receives daily compliments of such good friends! and im glad youve connected with another girl instead of fooling around with those boys! sala snickers onto the phone with mila, laughs as her girlfriend (she bubbles and prides at the word, cant imagine being in love with someone this perfect) as she impersonates her brother. it must be so late for her, sala knows, but still stays up until the dawn breaks to hear her voice.

-in the end, nothing really changes besides shared rooms and yuri plisetsky frustrated glares when he realizes hes dealing with two couples instead of one. mila doesnt think theyre that big on pda, but she wont lie: they hang off each other and flirt at any given moment, laughing and catching eyes from across the ice.

The most expensive pocket watch in the world made for Marie Antoinette

This watch was originally designed by Breguet himself and has more pieces (823) than an iPhone. It’s self winding, has a minute repeater, perpetual calendar, equation of time, jumping hour, power reserve indicator, and a bimetallic thermometer – everything but MMS messaging. It took forty-four years for the original to be constructed and Breguet and Marie Antoinette both died before it was completed. Ultimately, the original watch disappeared, never to be seen again. When Swatch acquired Breguet, an Indiana Jones style quest for the watch began. When they came up short they reproduced the watch using only the images of the original. Breguet has received offers in the eight digit range, but still refuse to sell.


Ok so i revamped a couple of my old oc’s a lil! This is Kyroe and Sebastian Arlon. Not much in Ky’s case is different but Seb has changed quite a bit bodywise. 

Tehnically yea theyre anthro dragons but the reason theyre anthro is actually relivent to their stories. Because of the rules of magic in the oc verse they exist in theyre anatomy got kinda fucked up in jumping through worlds. Kyroe was a human in the human world but at some point he crossed over, and in order to enter the other world one’s form must change to suit. So he became a dragon, but because he was a human first he maintained some of his human anatomy, hence why he’s a biped in a world full of quadruped dragons. Sebastian, Ky’s adopted father, is another story. He learned the secret to immortality a long time ago during his research into the decay of the between world space-time balance, and along with it gained the power to jump between worlds. However the constant shifting of forms between human and dragon put a lot of strain on his body and it can no longer recall where it originated, so he’s trapped somewhere between human and dragon constantly.

A Review of the Year - Writing Meme 2016

I was tagged by @earlgreyer1. Here we go!

Total number of completed stories: This is surprisingly hard to pin down. Do I count stories started in 2015 but finished in 2016? What about tumblr ficlets? And when I do prompt fills, I actually don’t track them separately, I just lump them all together in my spreadsheet, like “Tumblr bits: fluffy 2017.” That’s eight stories but one entry on my spreadsheet. Urk.

Let’s go with 35, because it’s somewhere in the middle of all the various numbers.

Total word count: 320,196 (wow, that seems way too high, but I’m pretty careful about tracking words written…and it was 453,064 in 2015…so I guess it’s right…)

Fandoms written in: almost exclusively Dragon Age, with a tiny bit of original fiction and an equally tiny bit of MCU

Looking back, did you expect to write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you’d expected?

Given that I’m completely floored by my own word count, I’d say I wrote way more than I expected. For a shitty year, and given that I barely wrote anything for almost two months, I actually did better than I thought.

What’s your own favorite story of the year? 

It doesn’t have a title, because it was a prompt fill on tumblr that never made it to AO3, but it’s here. The prompt was for Bull x Cullen, “things you said while we were driving.”

Did you take any writing risks this year?

I participated in the Black Emporium Rare Pair Exchange (you should totally go check it out if you haven’t already), and there were times when that made me stretch. Writing pairings I’d never considered at all, let alone considered writing, was hard at times, but I’m glad I did it. By default, I tend to write the characters that I feel are most like me, so learning to write from other perspectives was great.

Do you have any fanfic or profit goals for the new year?

Fanfic goals? FINISH POWER OF TWO. Oh god do I need to finish it, for my own sanity if nothing else.

As for profit goals…I guess I do, sort of? I’ve been thinking about revising some stories to make them less obviously fanfic and then making them available for anyone who wants to download them. Then I would steal an idea I’ve seen used a couple places, where people can pay whatever they want (or can afford). I keep hesitating, though, because it feels weird to ask for money for something I’m making available for free. I dunno. Still thinking about it.

Best story of the year?

Not sure what defines best, especially since “my favorite” and “most popular” are covered elsewhere. Anybody want to vote?

Most popular story of the year?

Omitting Power of Two, since it isn’t finished, because otherwise it would be the top on all of these…

By hits: “Talk is Cheap”

By kudos: same

By comment threads: “Jump In” (aka the tumblr WIP)

By bookmarks: “Jump In,” though “Talk is Cheap” and “A Favor for a Friend” are very close behind

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:

Probably “All Hawke’s Fault.” It’s femslash and about obscure characters, so I understand why it doesn’t appeal to most people, but it was interesting to explore what Kirkwall would have been like in the first few weeks after Hawke disappears. And of course the Jennies!

Most fun story to write:

That’s easy: “Something That’s Good For Me.” Complete and utter crack-fic (and NSFW). I kept giggling to myself as I wrote it.

Story with the single sexiest moment:



This one’s so subjective. Sexy is in the eye of the beholder, and I’d probably answer this differently if you asked me again in a week, but for today, I’m going with “Names”, which is part of the Off Label series (NSFW link, in case that needs to be said).

Most sweet story:

Really anything I wrote for the Fluffy New Year thing. That was kind of the point. :)

Holy crap, that’s wrong, even for you!” story:

I feel like this question treads the line on kink-shaming, but I guess “Knight-Commander” (NSFW)? It’s not the kind of story I normally write, but it was fun to explore the idea. And it prompted an idea for a longer story that I’m now toying with. We’ll see if anything happens there.

Most unintentionally telling story:

Another one I never posted to AO3, though oddly enough, it actually has a title: “Tomorrow.”

Hardest story to write:

Hard in terms of what? Most emotionally demanding? Farthest outside my comfort zone?

Honestly, I think the hardest ones are the ones that aren’t done yet, and that will probably always be my answer. Another question where I’d have a different answer if you asked me again in a couple weeks. They’re always harder when they’re not done.

In terms of stories y'all have seen…Power of Two is probably the hardest, just because I can’t wrap it up. I’ve also been working on a new Off Label story called “Drifting Roads” that just won’t cooperate. A piece of it is here, which will give you a clue how cheerful it is.

The Fairy Tales Christmas epilogue is also kicking my ass. Been working on that for over a year now, so it’s almost as bad as P2.

Oh, and how could I forget “Dance with Me”? The plotless smut that missed the memo on plotless. That’s coming up on the one-year mark, god help me.

Biggest disappointment:

Not finishing more stuff, particularly Power of Two. I want to finish it so much, but it just keeps getting longer and longer. Zeno’s paradox for writers…

Biggest surprise:

The way the story ideas just keep coming. I mean, I’ve written more than 750,000 words of Dragon Age fanfic in two years, and I keep waiting to run out of ideas. That’s a lot of words, all in one fandom. But the ideas aren’t stopping, so I guess I’ll keep writing!

As for tagging other people…I’m always terrible at this part. If you want to play, feel free to say I tagged you!


i’m calling it haikyuniverse and i’m sorry to have brought all this sin into this fandom you deserved better

the signs’ superpowers

SAGITTARIUS;  Fire Transmutation - Power to transform matter into fire.  

LEO; Memory Manipulation - The power to control memories.

ARIES; Regenerative Healing Factor - The ability to heal rapidly from any physical injury.

CAPRICORN; Ergokinetic Cloning - The power to create duplicates of oneself out of pure energy.

TAURUS; Earth Infusion - The power to infuse earth into objects (usually a weapon), beings or powers.

VIRGO; Technology Manipulation -The ability to manipulate electronics and machinery.

PISCES; Enhanced Jump - The power to achieve great rocket-like jumps, while having hassle-free landings.

SCORPIO; Water Generation- The power to generate water.

CANCER; Emotion Manipulation - The ability to manipulate emotions.

LIBRA;  Super Speed - the ability to run at a high speed.

AQUARIUS; Air Generation - The power to generate air.

GEMINI; Persuasion - The power to control people with your voice.

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Do you ever think the Teen Titan's are a bit protective of Tim? Like they know he can handle himself, but knowing that he doesn't have powers makes there instincts jump a bit. I can't imagine his height or size helps any.

I think they are, like they know RR is awesome and kickass but he’s just human. For all his brains and his tech and his skills, One bad blow and he could actually die. They were probably big mother hens and first and Tim put a stop to that but they always try to find a balance between giving him his space and independence but also keeping an eye out for him. It’s exhausting being friends with a Bat, they’re absolutely crazy and they never take care of themselves. the human dude should not be throwing himself off a building with no grapple, no belt, no comms to call for help and only his bo between him and death. Kon has had 1000 heart attacks since knowing Tim. You’re going to make him bald, son.

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Are you still planning on at some point writing the reader into bloopers/comic con scenes/other stuff? Just curious bc if you are, I was wondering if we could submit suggestions for it?

ONE DAY. I don’t mean to keep abandoning this little side project for so long–kind of like how John Winchester abandoned his kids. (Coughcough, terrible joke.) . I would very much appreciate suggestions from you guys! I feel like the bloopers would be most easiest to start off with, if there’s something specific, that always helps.to give me a general aspect of how to write the actors. If you get what I mean?  I mean, I’ve been watching this show for three plus years and I would be scared shitless if you wanted me to write about Jensen, Jared or Misha. I never watched an interview of them or been to a con (despite how much I would love to!) I would probably start off with the bloopers and we can work our way up to better things!

Anyway, if you guys have any suggestions you want to send my way, it would be very much appreciated! ^_^


The German bros in the Hetalia superhero AU. Ludwig has the ability to change his skin into organic steel, like X-Men’s Colossus. In this form, he has superhuman strength and durability. Unlike Berwald, he can only transform his whole body rather than parts of it. Gilbert has the ability to mimic others’ powers, but only one at a time. He can only mimic the powers of those in the same room/within close proximity. In the drawing, he’s mimicking Lud’s, Mathias’s and Emil’s powers. (from asks: x, x)