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Anarchie’s Mega Goth Post #1

I only have, like, 5 fucking ass fucking McFucking fucka-fuckbutt-dickfuck fuckfuck fucktures of Muriel and Malfiore, so I don’t know how on Earth I’m getting away with calling this a “mega post”, but I guess you can consider this the first of many. 
Currently, there’s more to come. Not immediately, but soon.
If you two(edit: back down to one) freaks who follow me recall, I credit @pan-pizza with the concept behind these two. Anarchie was always going to get a goth girl or two just by the nature of the story, but I baptized these two with Pan’s Unholy Liquid. 

Drawn by @alouissever

Drawn/animated by @spookyfishcakes

Drawn by @nicolas-px-art

Drawn by @alouissever

Muriel Morash and Marie “Malfiore” Evans. Undoubtedly going to be part of more stories than just Anarchy in Prague. Like, zero more. Because I’ve only just completed the first draft of Anarchie.

Fun facts!

  • Muriel was born in Dublin, Ireland. Marie was born in Birmingham, England.
  • As with many other things in Anarchy in Prague, their names are references to ‘90s media. Muriel Morash stems from Muriel Bagge (elderly woman character from Courage the Cowardly Dog) and Rodney Morash (protagonist of GTA: London 1969). Malfiore has two references to Ed Edd n Eddy— her name “Marie” being the name of a character in the show, and her clothing being very literally a gothic version of Ed’s.
  • Malfiore lives in a sewer palace as an homage to Cube, a character from the Jet Set Radio series
  • Muriel’s design comes as a cross between two characters— Tatsumaki from One Punch Man, and Sebastian Niccals, father of Murdoc Niccals of Gorillaz fame.
  • Malfiore casually uses nadsat, the fictional slang of the violent youths in Anthony Burgess’s 1963 novella, A Clockwork Orange.
  • Though they are part of separate musical groups, they both form a two-goth dark cabaret group. It doesn’t have a name and they’ve never recorded a song or advertised themselves; if you want to hear them, you have to seek them out.
  • Muriel, when she’s not gothing around, works as a librarian and erotic writer. No one knows how Malfiore makes a living, however.
  • Though they are allegedly lesbians, they may also be bisexual. They have a massive fetish for nerdy Latinos.
  • Only Muriel describes herself as a goth girl. Malfiore describes herself as a “doom girl”. 
  • Muriel’s theme song is Joy Division’s “Dead Souls
  • Malfiore’s theme song is (unsurprisingly) Electric Wizard’s “Malfiore (aka Flower of Evil)”. This is where she got her name.
  • <p> <b></b> [The gang playing spin the bottle Truth or Dare version]<p/><b>Kim:</b> *spins bottle* *lands on Trini*<p/><b>Kim:</b> Truth or dare?<p/><b>Kim:</b> **wiggling eyebrows*<p/><b>Trini:</b> *gay panicking* DARE!!?!<p/><b>Kim:</b> I dare you to *gets closer* order us a pizza<p/><b>Trini:</b> *dies*<p/></p>
Theory TIME!

Wow has been a while since the last, hasn’t it? This time: Star vs the Forces of Evil (Spoiler alert!) 

Sooo I just watched all the new episodes and this is just something burning in my mind. Is Toffee related to Star?

Like okay. Let’s start at the beginning. In the Episode “Baby” it was revealed that Star is the most powerful in her ancestry since Eclipsa. In “Into the wand” we learned not only that Toffee was immortal. I don’t now how many generations lie between Star and Eclipsa, but with Toffee immortal this is not relevant for my theory. Which is: Toffee might be Eclipsa’s son. Or at least was really close to her. Why?

Toffee had in the season 1 finale the chance to claim the wand for himself. Instead he told Star to destroy it and became part of the “evil wand” (as we learned in “the hard way”). What I always was wondering about was, how did Toffee know the whispering spell or that it was the first spell she had learned from her mother? My idea: Eclipsa told him. Maybe it is tradition that the first spell you learn is the whispering spell. If that’s true Eclipsa must have learned it the same way. When she ran away with her monster boyfriend she probably had to leave the wand behind (to have some peace maybe?). But that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t tell her child about it. 

My other point is kinda silly but stick with me here okay? 

I have the feeling we will get LOTS of parallels between Star and Eclipsa. At the end of “Baby” the shot from the portrait of Star to Eclipsa’s kinda made that obvious. Both look very somber but as we know that’s not how Star really is. So what if Eclipsa is not “The queen of darkness” like the stereotype but kinda Star’s future if she goes the path of “evil”.

That’s Eclipsa’s husband (?).

That’s Star’s ex.

They seem to have the same type don’t you think?

Star had her moment where she realized that the monsters are not purely the bad guys. They have been wronged too. 

Then there is the dark magic stuff. The only chapter in the spell book about it is in Eclipsa’s chapter. Which is ALSO the chapter Ludo looks at when Toffee takes over.

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(attention! Huge spoiler in the next paragraph!)

We have seen that Eclipsa is frozen in a crystal. She’s not dead. So I’m 99% sure we get to see her soon. (With the crystal loosing it’s power. Pizza guy was freed trough a punch) And I think we will see a more matured Star in her. Still silly, but she understands the world more and sees through all this good vs evil lies the Mewmans believe. 

In “the hard way” we see Ludo’s minions rebuilding a place “his wand told him about”. So probably a old base from the war or something that belonged to Toffee or Eclipsa and her husband. We also learn that Glossaryck knows Toffee.  He can tell who he is only by hearing his voice, so he even seems to know him pretty well. He belonged to Eclipsa once so maybe he kept an eye on her even when she left Mewnie?

I also think it’s fascinating that Toffee seems to be his real name (I thought he told Ludo a fake one till that point). Don’t you think Toffee is a really stupid name for someone so sober? It can’t be a name he choose so it must be his birth name. You know who loves silly names? Star. 

If Eclipsa really is the “evil Star” like I suspect than it would make sense for her to look at cute little baby lizard and be like “He looks like a Toffee!”. 

I don’t know anything about monster anatomy in Star. But I’m pretty sure that that 

IF it can reproduce, doesn’t make sexy lizard mans. So maybe he was adopted when he was little? Like all alone and sweet Eclipsa took him in? That would explain his devotion to freeing her (I suspect that’s his goal with all the foreshadowing).

The man BLEW HIMSELF UP for crying out loud just to get into the wand. Why he did that and didn’t just take the wand I don’t know. But I’m sure his plans will make more sense after some more episodes. Also I’m 90% sure his goal is to free Eclipsa. I don’t know why else they would show her in her prison. 

At last he fought Moon in the war. 

Look at the skulls. They have the same symbols on their cheeks (?) as all the lady’s in the butterfly family (and miss heinous, but that’s another can I won’t open).

Maybe he did that to look more menacing to them? But STOP look who also has spades on her cheeks:

She would be probably frozen at this point so maybe the monsters are trying to get her back and fail because Moon and the wand? The diamond skull representing defeating Moon and the spade-skull the trapped Eclipsa?

I don’t know. I’m tired and exited and overthinking things. But I think it would be really neat if they really go down that path with this show!

(EDIT: probably way to late but I changed the error with calling Eclipsa’s spades clubs. It was 4am and they are not called that at all where I am from okay? Even if nobody actually cares about it except one person and me)