power heavy metal

Photographs according every sub-genre of metal

Heavy metal: motorcycles and hot babes.
Thrash metal: dumpsters and abandon places.
Black metal: cemeteries and forest (corpse paint also axes or knifes).
Power metal: fake dragons and princess over unicorns.
Folk metal: Woods, hills and booze (a lot)
Gothic metal: victorian clothes in black & white.
Viking metal: swords, battles, ships, warpaint and also booze.
Death metal: blood, corpses and bad ass faces.

  • Trini: jumps a gorge, does yoga in a suitable calming location, has to be tricked into jumping or going anywhere with the others
  • Zack: calls her crazy girl because ???
  • Fandom: she's so wild!!! so reckless!!! go crazy girl!!
  • Jason: leads a bull into a locker room, gets into a speed chase with police laughing manically, regularly disappoints father with reckless behaviour, drifts a truck and then a mini van, casually hands Billy the wheel knowing the kid can't drive and climbs in the back in the middle of ANOTHER speed chase away from security, opens the side door, "are you crazy?" "yea I am" *is turned on*, leaps into the water right after Zack, signature move is a bitch slap
  • Fandom: Jason's the least reckless of them all

“PANTERA” - Vintage Album Designs

created by: Minimal-Pulse-Art [minimal-pulse.tumblr.com]