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the 'queers' stole and totally mucked the original meaning of heteronormative... now its 'homonormative' and queer(str8) is trendy and cool. i am so angry this is so dumb. this is practically gaslighting..... (my spell check wanted to correct homonormative to 'homonormativity' how does my spellcheck know this fake word im so angry!!!!!)

The majority group will often co-opt the culture and language of the minority group. This is a colonization process. Being part of a group in power often leads you to fundamentally misunderstand that things don’t belong to you.

And here is the other thing: if you are the group in power, you think of yourself as the standard of humanity. If you believe that you are the blank state, you must rob from the disenfranchised in order to differentiate yourself.

So that is why they made us an aesthetic and colonize our spaces. Those in power always do.

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Could you do a Muse of Breath? :D

The Muse of Breath

A Muse inspires action of their aspect or inspires action through their aspect

Breath is the aspect of freedom and direction

While Muses are characterized by being the ultimate passive class, I envision a Muse of Breath as inspiring through example. They’d be a completely free spirit, free from obligations, loyalty, and relationships. They’d be perfectly content to glide around and cater to every ridiculous whim they’d possess for the rest of their lives. By doing so, they inspire others to follow their example and leave behind their obligations. They’d inspire a wave of people eager to do nothing but be freed from the demands of society and their friends. Whether this is done maliciously to undermine powerful groups or positively to encourage personal growth over stagnant relations depends on the Muse, their influence would spread beyond themselves and reach everyone their disciples would come into contact with.

Plus, they’d be flying high in their incredible outfit!

How Papillon Will Be Defeated
  • Papillon: I have taken all of your Miraculous! What will you do now?!
  • Chloe: *nudges Marinette*
  • Marinette and Alya: *lean closer*
  • Chloe: *covers mouth with her hand*
  • Papillon: What... what are you doing?
  • Alya: *covers her mouth and murmurs back*
  • Papillon: What are you whispering about?!
  • Girls: *look at Papillon and snICKER*
  • Papillon: WHAT'S SO FUNNY
  • Chat Noir: *tackles him from behind*

For Everyone Who Is Afraid of the Future

Blacks, gays, immigrants, women, Muslims, disabled people - we are the members of the ‘other’:

We are the powerful group of humans who can recognize pain because we are born with an affinity for it.

But we have to remember that we have each other’s backs and we have to lift each other up.

We have to say something when we see something.

The women’s march next weekend has me feeling motivated despite all the recent garbage. I made this poster in honor of a beautiful group of powerful individuals marching together. 

The full size is 18′’x24′’ if anyone wants to print out something to hold while they march. I won’t be able to make it to Washington, but I’ll be representing here in KC! 

213. Nobody can prove it, but everybody knows about the secret society of Slytherin girls, an elite group of powerful, intelligent witches dedicated to standing with their fellow Slytherin sisters who can and will hex or poison you leaving no trace. Trans girls, plus-size girls, girls with mental illnesses or disabilities, girls who are insecure, girls with physical flaws - every single Slytherin girl is under their protection, no matter what. God help you if you manage to piss them off. submitted by anonymous

Race science is not salvageable for any decent purposes and its very existence is a threat to the safety of marginalized communities, and included under the category (I am aware that “race science” is a loaded term and should remain one) are such innocuous things as DNA heritage tests, other biological tests to establish genetic differences between races as if those are naturally existing, and so on. Drop them all. Not only are they not even scientifically sound but they are actively dangerous both ideologically inasmuch as they present their own case that the races are naturally different (an obviously ideological claim when heard from white nationalists but somehow not so clearly noted from anyone else) and in terms of real safety because they also present, in the hands of powerful groups, their own justification for racial separation and, almost inevitably, stratification.

“You objectify yourself by dressing/acting/behaving that way-” No. Objectification is not an action done upon oneself. It is at its very core an act that is done upon someone and always perpetrated by someone in power, or someone from a group in power. Women do not objectify themselves, they are objectified by societal and cultural ideas that we are raised with. A woman wearing a revealing outfit, a woman dancing in a sensual manner, or a woman who takes sensual photos of herself is not objectifying herself. People who view her and see her as a consumable product to be used or abused are the ones who do the objectifying. There has to be some sort of power play relation for it to be objectification, When women are objectified, it is meant to invalidate their opinions, concerns, thoughts and actions down to a mere object to be seen instead as a human to be listened to. A woman who enjoys sex, dancing, or tight clothing is not reducing herself to a thoughtless item. She still has all of those things. It’s the misogynistic society which sees her that way. PSA: NO SUCH THING HAS OBJECTIFYING YOURSELF. 


“What was it? Hm? Did you not trust me or something?” You sobbed while stuffing things into your bag. Clint was the only one left that had anything to say to you.

“They didn’t, I did though. (Y/N) think about this. The Avengers are a very powerful group and they don’t want wrong information falling into the wrong hands,” Clint tried to reason but you stormed pass him. 

“Don’t bother trying to contact me - it’s not like they’ll try anyway. I don’t want anything to do with you or your stupid team.” You demanded before walking out.