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smaller-scale  asked:

is there a scientific reason that hockey players have such bulbous asses?

I am so glad you asked because I just got to do a lot of research on what makes a hockey butt.

Now, as we’re all aware, hockey players do indeed have the best buttocks in sports. While some argue that it is the padding that makes them so gloriously large, we all know that underneath it all is truly an ass of god like proportions. 

But why does our sport lend itself so well to behinds that would make Nicki Minaj proud? It comes with the very act of playing. Skating works your glutes tremendously. Anyone who has spent an afternoon on the ice can attest to this phenomenon. But there is more than that. One of the articles I found says, “your rear-end muscles, just below your lower back, that provide the body with enormous amounts of power when skating and are also active stabilizers when holding off defenders or battling for pucks in the corner.” So, the very fact that they play hockey gives their bums an advantage. As with any athlete, strong glutes help power motion; the more gargantuan the derriere the more power you’ll have skating from line to line, the better you can defend yourself, and the better balance you’ll have.

But skating isn’t the only thing that makes a fantastic fanny. According to sports writer David Fleming, “Any act of throwing or hitting is a byproduct of the rotational torque created by the uncoiling of the hips, core and torso – a kinetic catapult that begins and ends, you guessed it, with the butt.” So those slapshots we all love to see? Powered by and crucial in forming that junk in the trunk.

So the very sport itself helps form the backside we all love to see, but time in the gym sculpts it into the majestic tush characteristic of an NHL player. Google any player + workout and you’ll more than likely see them doing some sort of exercise which engages the glutes. Crosby has a whole photoshoot in which he is balanced on a bosu ball which works, that’s right, his famous posterior. These guys spend hours in the gym cultivating those rumps.

As we can all see, while padding and genetics may play a role in creating a league of the biggest badonkadonks in sports, no other sport is better for booty watching than the NHL. We hate to see these guys go, but we sure do love to watch them leave.

(And for anyone who cares, these are the articles I used: http://espn.go.com/espn/story/_/id/8132777/david-fleming-importance-athlete-butt-espn-magazine and http://starfactoryfitness.com/whats-hockey-butt-want/


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